Acchi Kocchi 08-09

Vote for Metanorn in ABT and you’ll see more than Io’s chest!

Acchi Kocchi is on hiatus this week, and it’s no coincidence! God is definitely telling me to concentrate in my study. And to do that, I need to finish episode 8-9 post! Uwooooooo!

I realized it’s impossible to take Acchi Kocchi seriously, so I just went with the flow as I watched episode eight and nine. Because of that, I was able to enjoy it better. Unfortunately, since it has no proper plot whatsoever, I can only write the amount of fangirling I had in these two episodes. And how disappointing some of the animation scenes are, but I’ve learned not to expect too much from anime that are based on 4-koma. The gags in episode eight are decent, but the ones in episode nine are PRICELESS. The whole death flag joke is the best I’ve seen so far. The balloon gag is leading after the death flag game because it was just SO CUTE. Reminds me of UP too.

Death Flag

The interactions among the characters are entertaining as usual (god knows how many times I’ve used this same exact sentence), but episode nine did it better than usual. Man, this post is all about episode nine. Other students in their class finally have voices as their own (commenting on Mayoi not using her lab coat). The anime crew should do this more often. They’re making it as if the world only revolves around Tsumiki and her group.

Background characters matter too!

My favorite though will always be romantic aspect of this anime, especially the Tsumiki x Io moments. The progress between the two isn’t slowing down. Both of them are getting closer and closer. Tsumiki is more expressive showing her fondness to Io, and Io is giving more special attention to Tsumiki. Man, my wish to see them hook up with each other might come true. There seems to be some chemistry between Sakaki and Mayoi too. The only one that’s left is Hime. This is the part where I decide to ship Hime with the Yotsuba look-alike.


I ship these two

Episode 8 Picspam

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Preview: Something to do with a bear cosplayer? Possibly the bear in the OP


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  2. Cholisose says:

    Nice to see the boys in traditional garb at the summer festival (usually it seems just the girls go for the kimonos for some reason). Ep 9 was very cute in general, and had lots of little things that made me laugh and/or smile. (For example, Hime going to the very back of the line to put sold out stickers on their crepe shop sign probably amused me more than it should have.)
    Ep 8 was great too, with Tsumiki enjoying Io’s fluffy pillow a little too much (LOL). Definitely the funniest moment though was when Io was asleep, and Mayoi gave Tsumiki the lipstick to draw on Io’s face… only for Tsumiki to think she was supposed to actually kiss him with it. XD The way she lunged into the folded-up futon to hide her embarrassment left me laughing so hard, I had to pause the anime.

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