Third Initiation Party of Senpais

Another first-year graduation is in order! This time to celebrate and give some love to the third batch of senpais~

Our four year anniversary is just a few days away and what do we have here? Another one-year party of our awesome senpais. I rabu them for doing what they have done (not only being awesome anibloggers but awesome people as well), and I’m sure a lot of our regulars feel the same. The Metanorn boys and girls are very special and they are first friends than team members, who have strengthened the fun fiber that is our site. Every new hiring has added a new flavour to the team and every year, I just marvel at the things we have achieved.

However, in particular, we are here to celebrate a big milestone of one year for Jrow, Kara, anaaga and Zabo. I moseyed down the memory lane of how these four have grown and contributed to Metanorn. Like their predecessors, they have built examples for the ones who followed in and for this special occasion, I went back a year for highlighting their posts and added awesomeness. The rest of the team has also pitched in with their congratulations with some very personal messages. Let’s begin!

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Words from the Boss: We have talked about how Jrow applied to Metanorn on his new blood podcast but I have to say, it was a good moment because who else would edit MetaVerse?! I quit after two episodes man; it’s tough and I have too many things going on anyways. Be it MetaVerse or simply a random live watch, chatting up Jrow is always fun as he’s awesome to hang out with. He’s the cool bro, you always associate with and my special high five for being in the prestigious 20+ club! Seriously, passes are required to enter and most of you are underage; go stand below a tree! Ahem. So, Jrow, ‘Gratz man! I remember the writer’s block did bug you in the initial phase but the way you conquered it and moved onwards is nothing but brilliant. Your posts on Mawaru Penguindrum and the recent Sakamichi no Apollon proves your continuous learning phase and adapting to the new trends. I highly appreciate your dedication towards Metanorn, even when you have double hosting duties along with Anivision. Keep rocking on~


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Words from the Boss: For certain circumstances, you haven’t seen her much around the site recently because she was buried under exams and a hectic semester but starting this month, you will be finding more of her posts. No, she’s not creeping around like Ness because she’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She’s definitely around when you need a hug and few words of cheering up. Well, Zabo and her waifu are the official cheerleaders of Metanorn for a reason. So, Zaboooob~ You free swinging person, you! I haven’t come across such a positive person in the ‘sphere. I mean, seriously; your energy is so awesome and it definitely rubs on the other person, the same way. You did great on ANTM reprisal and I definitely commend that you finish all the series that you start. Thank you for your contribution to Metanorn and let’s party ONNNN~


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Words from the Boss: Technically, anaaga has been with us since late 2010, because even before publishing her first post on 10th April last year, she was a regular commenter and involved in collaboration for the ~Met’Amour~ project. She really put a lot of hard work in the many drafts of different character arcs for our dating sim. Accepting her into the team literally felt natural and she gelled well into the team almost instantly. You would see some of her comments being pessimistic that she might not be talking to all teammates but she’s the one making a lot of effort in getting a lot of discussion going and of course, trick every Tom, Dick and Jane into reading yaoi, which is her lifelong goal. Anyways, congrats, you awesome girl, you! If it weren’t for Miyu, you would be the youngest in the team but hey, it’s awesome that we can still put you in a suitcase and cart you around the world. If I exchange the most emails with Ness, you are the next person who I tweet to the most. We definitely can go on tangents and share ‘stuff’ with our endless discussion. Keep rocking with your fangirl pride. Woo~


Series Finished: Maria†Holic Alive, Sket Dance (for 2 cours), Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%, Blood-C, Dantalian no Shoka, C³, Chihayafuru, Persona 4, Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kira OVA, Toradora! OVA, Kyousogiga ONA and Rinnge no Lagrange
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Words from the Boss: You think, you won’t see it on Metanorn but you will because Kara will blog it! I like how she challenges some series that no one would even think of reviewing and coming up with funny explanation for her review. I mean, go read Hatoful boyfriend; I had a stitch in my stomach, just reading it. Not to mention, the Touhou initiation. This Otome Gamer dropped with an awesome application one day and I just couldn’t say no. Kara has been dedicated with all her series and even picked up some tough ones till the end. Also, it’s just awesome that our tag reviews become ‘Kara no Kyokai~’ Pfft. So, our beautiful megane-chan, congrats on completing your first year at Metanorn! Boo yeah! I highly appreciate your dedication and the time that you spend in coming up with different post topics and playing the many otome games for reviews. We definitely need to hang out more on IRC and same for podcasts because you are too much fun! Let’s keep partying on~


Wishes from the Team

Karakuri: My wonderful imouto and partner in crime has been here at Metanorn for a year! Congratulations on surviving this long! You’ve been working hard writing up drafts and trying to slip in anime between exams and God knows what else – you deserve a little praise from your fellow writers now. Keep up the awesome work at episodics and those amazing otome game reviews. Especially that Hatoful Boyfriend review. Oh man, I’m so glad you decided to go through with that AHAHA. I could live out my pigeon-dating through your experiences, and it was great. It takes me ages to beat a game, so I don’t know how you go through them so fast. By your second year, I bet you’ll turn me into a hardcore otome gamer. It can’t be helped, with all of our video game discussions (all of the games you play sound so OUT THERE!). Such a bad influence on an already bad person! Anyways..*ahem* let’s keep rocking together for even longer – you, me and Meta team – okay? <3

Jrow: I’ll have to watch how nice I am to you or else your ego will explode from all these girls congratulating you! We don’t want you to REALLY think you’re a pimp, after all. Still, I will say the obligatory CONGRATULATIONS and sprinkle confetti on your head for being with Metanorn for a year! I remember we were quite eager to snatch you up given all your past work with Anivision. Even now you manage to work magic on two separate sites without a single drop in quality. Impressive stuff for sure! Ahh, it’s a good thing we stole you away. I can’t imagine Metanorn without the charismatic Jrow. I still can’t believe you took my recommendation and bought Persona 3 and I’m flattered every time I’m invited for an Anivision podcast. Oh, er..I said I wouldn’t be too nice but I just about reached my limit for compliments. WELL, ENJOY THE INFLATED EGO! You deserve it, bro :3

anaaga: Congrats on being at Metanorn for a year! Or rather, a WRITER for a year. I recall you commenting on posts for quite a while before actually applying to be a writer. Now all the younger writers can look up to you with your 12 months of experience…about fangirling over yaoi and porn. I’m…not so sure what kind of influence you’re going to have as a pervy fujoshi role model but it can’t be all bad! …But really, you’ll do fine as a senpai. You like Sengoku Basara, which inherently makes you an awesome person. 😀

Zabobobo-bo bo-bobo!!! Guess what?!?! ONE YEAR OF METANORN AWESOMENESS!!!! Although, you’ve been awfully busy with school. I feel you, though. I know the sciences are brutal. I just wish you would grace my eyes and brain more with your eloquent writing! Come back to me, Zabo baby! I’ll just have to go through your old posts or something to get a taste of your wonderful writing style. While I’m being nostalgic, maybe I’ll go through those ANTM posts. Man, brainstorming those challenges was fun. You always replaced my bad ideas with good ones and turned my good ideas into masterpieces. Well, as masterful as a passage of writing about stripteasing gets. Cheers to a great first year at Metanorn! You’re a seasoned pro now.

Kara!!~ Happy first year, Metanorn’s beloved megane-chan! ヽ(・▽・)ノ Time flies by so fast, it doesn’t even feel like a year since I first read your Dantalian posts :’) I’ve recently realized that we share such similar tastes in anime, mysterish horrorish and (not-so-secretly) fluffy shoujo and all, we definitely need more fangirling sessions together hehe! Thanks for all your otome game recommendations, I always enjoy them (hopeless romantic is hopeless)… and I need to actually get around to trying them out soon! xD Thank youuu for all your sweet comments and I look forward to much moar fun with you in the many years to come~

Jrow Congratulations on completing your first year, Jrow!  (^▽^) You’ve been an awesomeee podcast host and editor, and you’ve given everyone here at Meta (ME!) something new to look forward to! >D It was fun recording with you for my very first podcast ever (marked on my list of lifetime achievements HAHA), and I hope we’ll have many great experiences to come hehe. Continue being ever-humorous, and I’m sure the time ahead is gonna be a fun, fun ride here with you and the rest of the team!~

anaaga IT’S BEEN A GLORIOUS YEAR! You are hereby disallowed from calling yourself a n0obz anymore – promoted to senior crazed fujoshi fantastic Senpai already! TSUN: I-it’s not like I really liked you as my mentor or anything. DERE: Thanks for all your guidance and warmness (and of course yaoi advice/recommendations) anaaga I rabu you!! :’) We need to tag soon, why is there no cheesy BL to blog this season?! Also, I will never forget your hilarious drunk tweets on Twitter, I laughed so hard my sides hurt. xD This kouhai is forever grateful!~♥

Dearest Zabo, you’re officially one year old now! (*^ワ^*)YAY lots of cakes and love are heading your way >D Hehe I loved reading your Another/Anohana posts, and I look forward to tagging with you… SOMEDAY. It will happen. Thanks for being so naise here on Meta and on Twitter too! HOW CAN ANYBODY BE SO NICE AND WELCOMING ahhh I just really appreciate you for your thoughtfulness and sense of humor. Ganbatte senpai! For many awesome times ahead ♥

Jrow: Woooo congratulations on making it through your first full year at Metanorn! I remember when you first joined and started posts on Sengoku Otome…wow has time flown! Aside from blogging and editing our podcast, we share a love for One Piece and of course the love for ecchi themed anime! Hahaa. Soooooo again congratulations to one super cool dude! -brofist- Stay cool dude and thanks for all the hard work you put into Metanorn.

Kara! Ku Ku ku! Congratulations on completing your full year here on Metanorn! Remember when we tag teamed up for my all time favorite Rinne no Lagrange? It really has been a lot of fun working together, but it goes to show we have some stuff in common as far as our choices in anime goes like Mecha well maybe…and now we are working on Kore wa zombie? OF THE DEAD! So anyway congratulations!! I hope to work with you even more coming up soon and keep up the excellent work here on Metanorn!

Helllloooo my good buddy, Zabobo!! It really is hard to imagine you have been with Metanorn for a entire year so there are some congratulations in order! I remember when you started blogging Ano Hana and how passionate you were about that gem of an anime, but you also took over for Hidan no Aria braving through that horrible series… Anyway I hope we can work on something together in the future, until then stay your awesome self oh and take care of anaaga fufufufu. I hope you continue doing your best here on Metanorn <3

anaagaaa! You have been with Metanorn for a whole year!? CONGRATULATIONS! I remember when we tag teamed your favorite Yaoi series together for a few episodes… oh man those chats and posts always make me laugh so much! I tell you it was fun even though I was completely lost just jumping into season two. I hope we can find another series to tag team together on so again congrats for all the hard work you put into Metanorn! Stay cool anaaga and have yourself a party with Zabob <3

Kara: Ah, fellow megane-chan, congratulations on completing your first year~!! I actually still remember the quite long and interesting (and maybe only lengthy, lol) conversation we had on MSN way back when! I enjoyed it very much, especially learning more about you. Maybe one day we can have a nice conversation like that again (*´▽`*) Anyway, you’ve done an amazing job here on Meta, and even though I’ve only played one otome game in my life, you’ve nearly convinced me a few times with your great otome game reviews to actually play one again! I hope you continue to grace your Meta with your reviews and continue on for many more years~!

Jrow: First of all, congratulations on completing your first year here at Metanorn! You’ve done an absolutely spectacular job on Metaverse and I commend you for working at two sites! It was nice getting to know you through the 50 Questions post, as well as on twitter, as you’ve probably been the member that I haven’t been able to talk to too much aside from the podcast ^^; I have to say I do admire the way you write your episodics, which are always very in-depth and well-written; I’m actually still very fond of your Mawaru Penguindrum posts~ Anyway, happy to see that you’ve completed a year, and I hope you’ll be with us for a second! Congrats~!!

anaaga: Congratulations on completing your first year, birthday buddy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  I’m going to be a bit cliche and say it feels like just yesterday we were fangirling/tag-teaming about Sekai Ichi. Good times, good times~ Anyway, I’ve been enjoying our occasional, mini conversations about Kpop on twitter as well as those pretty awesome links you occasional send my way~ Hopefully we’ll get another chance to tag team to have some more fangirly-fun; Kimi to Boku, maybe? Again, congrats on making one year, and let’s head on for a second~!

Zabo: WHOO~ CONGRATS ON COMPLETEING YOUR FIRST YEAR! I’d also like to congratulate you on completing your first year of college! That definitely deserves some whipped cream, heh. Anyways, Zabo, you are just so friendly and cheerful that I honestly didn’t know how to be around you at first (being the awkward, nervous person that I am), but I quickly warmed up to you and I’m glad I did. Hopefully I can talk again with you on MSN soon instead of just passing by your reblogs on tumblr (lol), as well as get to read some more of your fantastic posts~ Enjoy your break and celebrate, gurl~!!

Kara: Woo!~ Congratulations on making it a whole year Kara! I loved reading your thoughts on Chihayafuru and Lagrange, two of my favorite shows from last season and sharing your pain over the terrible sales of that karuta masterpieceeee. D: Good luck to you in the future of your blogging at Meta!

Jrow: A whole year!? Awesome!~ Congratulations on the anniversary of your blogging at Meta, jrow! You do an amazing job with the podcast and your posts (I’d never be able to stay on top of all of that ><), and I really like the style of posting you’re currently doing with Apollon. Anyway, congrats again! ^^

anaaga: My Sankarea tag-team partner, woo~ Congratulations to you! XD Your posts are always hilarious and I love reading your captions, mine pale in comparison. >< It’s been cool getting to team with you this season, and I look forward to blogging the rest of that crazy series together. So congrats, and thanks for entertaining and informing us for an entire year’s worth of anime!

Zabo: Heya Zabo! Congratulations on blogging for a year, I’d say that’s impressive! (Since I’ve only been here a few months. ><) I had a lot of fun following your Another posts, you always picked the most insane, perfect pictures every week, and I loved reading all of your speculation! I hope life outside of blogging is treating you well, and that’ll you be around for many more seasons to come. ^^

Jrow: What would MetaVerse be without you? It would probably be overrun with Fosh’s horrific background noises or Kyo’s motorcycle sound effects. Surely, MetaVerse would not be where it is today without your pro podcast skillz. My how time flies by, it doesn’t feel like it has been a year since you’ve joined the gang but it’s actually here. I remember when seeing you on the list of applicants last year, I already had a good opinion on you joining the team due to having already listened to Anivision. I felt back then that you had (still do) a interesting opinion on things and your likewise fandom for mecha had me looking forward to working with you. Happy Meta-Blogger Anniversary, J-aniki ^^/ One day we shall join forces on some reviews but until then, I look forward to more awesome works from you. Grats~!

anaaga: Oh the Yaoi Queen has made it to her first year anniversary at Metanorn. CONGRATS~! And now we parrrtaaaayyyyy. By the way, just so you know… I am not 31! It’s 13.5 XD and next year, I shall be 14… yes. But to not get off topic, congrats again… I had no doubt that you, the wise one in all things BL would make it thus far. When you express your… excitement for BL, it just about almost makes me want to join in on the fun in expressing my own deep… dark.. I mean, it’s so amusing when you talk about BL. Right. But with that aside, I’m looking forward to more of your wisdom in the future.

Zabo: Wow, a year has gone by already and there’s still so much that we haven’t done together… I mean, we still need to team up and get to know each other.. I mean, FRIENDS YES WE ARE! But really, as I write this… I wonder what else can I say to such a cool person. My how we’ve been busy people this past year. I remember your app to join (I still have it XD), for sure I voted for you. Not because of your cool looking pic but because of your awesome reviews that have good humor and interesting content. But yeah, congrats on having made it to your first year here. Keep up the fantastic work and take a day off in celebration. :3

Karakuri: Wooo! Happy Meta B-day to you~! In honor of this celebration, I shall wear my glasses for the entire day… Even as lay down to sleep, I shall continue on to wear my glasses. I will even read a BL manga with them on in honor of anaaga and you. To make things even better, I will listen to a podcast episode with J-aniki’s soothing voice while reading that BL, wearing my glasses and dozing off to show off Zabo’s signature sleepyhead skills. All this shall be in honor of this wondrous occasion. Other than that, I mean, good work and I look forward to more from you in the future. Man, we need to chat more XD Today shall be wear your megane’s day part 2 (1 being your b-day XD). Congrats again~!

Kara, you’ve been in charge of some of my favorite shows during my short tenure here, and I’ve especially appreciated the insights you could provide on Dusk Maiden of Amnesia this season as someone who’s read the manga. And on top of your consistent blogging – I know doing episodics week-in week-out can get grueling at times – I’ve also enjoyed being exposed to more niche subjects thanks to your posts on things like Touhou and Otome games. I look forward to reading more of your work in your coming 2nd year.

Jrow, I have no idea how much work it takes to edit those podcasts, but handling that for multiple sites while also keeping up with the grind of the regular episodics on top of that is impressive. Congratulations on your 1st year. I really like the new style you’ve implemented with the latest Kids on the Slope post. And recording the latest Metaverse podcast was fun; I’ll definitely joining you for more in the future.

anaaga, congratulations for completing a year of blogging at Metanorn. I must admit I haven’t read too many of bishie and yaoi related stuff, though it’ll be fun discussing and enjoying Acchi Kocchi together this season. I know it can’t be easy so consistently writing quality content for a site like this. Here’s to many more years here at Metanorn in the future.

Congratulations, Zabo. Really loved your post for us in the aniblog tourney series, on our first round opponent, The Kotatsu. It was classy and thoughtful. Hope to see even more of your writing in the coming year.

Come on and join in the weird dance partying to wish the senpais many such more years~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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54 Responses to “Third Initiation Party of Senpais”

  1. Vivi says:

    yay!! Congrats everyone! Major props to Jrow for editing the MetaVerse podcasts, it seems like tough stuff!

    • Jrow says:

      Thanks Vivi! ^^ When I get to chat and have fun with Kyo, Fosh and the others, it’s pretty fun to do the post-production stuff with music and listen back to them.

  2. xochandaox says:

    Woohoo happy Metaversary everyone 😀

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Congratulations Karakuri, Jrow, Zabobinator and Anaaga on your first year. Oh, how time flies. So the freshmen are now upperclassmen. That picture that Kyokai put up with everyone drinking looks intimidating. Don’t overdo it guys!! LOL

    Karakuri: The Lady Megane-chan and one of the sadistic queens of Metanorn (imouto = Overcooled). I love reading your blogs on shows most would think would never be watched (Blood-C) and when you’re tag teaming with OC. There’s a lot of admiration for the balance you put between blogging and getting through with your exams. I should’ve known they’d honor you with a picture of Saya. A beautiful vampiric girl with blood red eyes and glasses definitely suits you. Ku Ku ku! I’m still surprised you took up my recommendation on Trinity Blood. Any more recommendations? Just ask.

    Jrow: The mastermind of Metaverse. I hope you take pride in being part of such an awesome thing because it’s really well done and I like hearing the cast’s opinions on anime, manga and games. You’re the rockstar of the podcasts!! When I need a specialist on ecchi anime, I know who to consult (High School DxD).

    Zabobinator: Congrats to you and we want you to know that we understand why you haven’t been around much. School exams are a killer but at the same time necessary, so it’s all good and best of luck with the results. I did have fun with the posts you did get through with, like “Another”. Hearing you say that you’re uneasy with horror had me thinking “how much more can you handle?” LOL

    Anaaga: It seems you’re more of an upperclassman than the others since you were just a commenter at first. Though I’m not into yaoi (I’m afraid of your ambition to conquer the world with it. LOL. Should I get down on my knees?), I like your opinions on the anime that you tag on. Keep an eye on Zabo. I wish you both the best!! Hahahaha!!

    • Jrow says:

      Thanks man!

      I’m an ecchi guy, but the closest thing I did to ecchi was Sengoku and Amagami, which barely cross the line thanks to a couple DVD scenes in Sengoku Otome. Shows like Natsume and Apollon are so far detached from ecchi, it’s insane. Maybe I should do something ecchi for Summer. 🙂

      • BlackBriar says:

        No problem!! Don’t ever stop doing your job as a podcaster!!

        You being the ecchi guy, I know you’ll find some more anime that will cross the line. High School DxD and Queen’s Blade have already crossed it without effort and they both were uncensored.

    • Zabobinator says:

      Thanks! I’m working on it hehe. Time management is harder than I thought haha…

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my posts. More coming up! xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        You’re welcome. It’s always a pain to find balance between shchool and fun.

        Your posts are great and I look forward to more!!!

    • Karakuri says:

      Thanks Briar!

      I seem to have the most fun with things that aren’t that popular and tagging with OC was great (we’re doing it again soon!!) xD. I don’t have that many exams since most of my classes are studio based though, so I don’t really have that much to balance in the first place. I wasn’t expecting Saya to be honest, but it is pretty fitting (the megane!! xDD). Yeah, I’ll definitely ask you for recommendations again! Trinity Blood has been great so far (still working on it).

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s the unexpected animes that turn out to be the great ones. I always grin when you and OC tag team a post. Yeah, Saya is fitting for you and so far she’s the only megane vampire I know. Just ask for more recommendations and I’ll be ready. I encourage you to continue Trinity Blood. Trust me, it’ll get better in the second half.

        What I’m wondering is when the adaption of Bloody Cross is going to come out. I’m sure you’ll be all over that.

      • Overcooled says:

        Awww, I’m glad you like our tag teams XD. We’ve only tagged one series and we’re already a hit?! Good to know. Such nice comments for everyone, Briar. You really know our team well! One thing though…Kara is younger. She’s the imouto whether she likes it or not!

        • BlackBriar says:

          You both are impressive especially when you’re blogging stuff that you know personally like Persona 4. The other Tag Team I like is Karakuri and Foshizzel. Thanks for saying so. I’m happy I found this blog, even if by accident. Yep, I’ve come to know the team well. Looks like these 18 months of research have finally paid off.

          Oh, true, she is the younger one. I guess she tends to challenge the big sister’s authority, huh?

          • Karakuri says:

            Ahaha… thinking about it, I don’t think there’s been a season (minus last spring) that I haven’t tagged with Fosh. Glad you enjoy it though! 18 months… that’s a long time.

            Nah, I enjoy being the imouto. In theory, it works better since my Onee-sama can beat people up for me. I can’t imagine it being the other way around. xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              Mayo Chiki and Rinne no Lagrange are the ones I remember you tagging with Fosh before Kore wa Zombie: OTD. Yep, 18 months. It doesn’t even feel like so much time has passed. Maybe it was because I was having so much fun commenting with everyone.

              I see. You have a bodyguard Onee-sama. Nice!!!

    • anaaga says:

      Thanks Briar! I’m so glad you like the stuff I wrote. I thought that nobody likes them uguu~ I’ll try my best to improve myself! And make you read yaoi of course! I’ll make sure you read yaoi!
      Zabo’s the one who should keep an eye on me 😉

      • BlackBriar says:

        No problem. You’ve done a great job with the posts you’ve made since I started commenting. I’ve been hearing good things about Nurarihyon so I need to catch up. There’s no doubt you can still improve. LOL, sorry but I don’t see that happening but continue to do your thing. Zabo’s the one who should keep an eye on you? The question is: Who’s really watching whom?

        I’m busy myself trying to do everything I can to turn Karakuri into a fellow vampire lover. So far, it’s beginning to work. I understand you have a thing for them too so I’ll be asking for backup later on. LOL

  4. Foshizzel says:

    HOOORAAAYYY! And congratulations everyone! YOU ROCK! <3

  5. Kitty says:

    Congratulations everyone!!

    Jrow: My comment hero XD Loved your coverage of Penguin Drum. Sadly I will forever picture you as Kanda. Every time you talk about One Piece I move a little closer to watching it!! Looking forward to your future works!! Good job on surviving a year.

    Zabobinator: Unfortunately I haven’t watched much of the anime you blog, but your random appearance in Seikaiichi was hilarious! Good job on lasting a year, maybe we’ll anime-bond more in 2012!!

    Anaaga: Anaaga~~~~~ My yaoi queen!! My Victorian Lit wiki guide!! And Nurarihiyon buddy!! So happy you blogged that series, not many appreciated Rikuo’s intense sexyness. Final verdict was Wuthering Heights, maybe after I read it we can talk about it. Yay! For lasting a year!!

    Karakuri: I’m glad a magalomanic like you exists at Metanorn! So I can get my sadistic fix when I need recommendations! Blogging of Blood-C and Higruashi was fantastic!! Good job on not killing everyone on Team Metanorn in your first year!!

    Congrats again everyone!! Here is to more fun for another year! Cheers!

    • Jrow says:

      It only seems appropriate that I save this comment as well! 😉 Thanks so much Kitty! ^^

      Hopefully we’ll find a way to bring back Meta Jump so I can talk One Piece some more, and I’m thinking of doing a monthly manga recap.

      • Kitty says:

        *just died laughing* If wonders could amaze! Thanks again, you can’t ever leave Metanorn less my comments forever become lost in space… like Rinoa XD

    • Zabobinator says:

      We shall definitely anime bond! I assure you! xD

    • Karakuri says:

      Nah, I wouldn’t kill the Metateam. They’re way too awesome xD. But I’m glad that someone else enjoys sadism as much as I do! xDD Yay for the misfortune and suffering of others!

    • anaaga says:

      Bwahaha you chose Wuthering Heights in the end! You won’t regret it 😉 I hope… xD
      And yes Nurarihyon needs moar love. I just hope they make a third season for it!

      • Kitty says:

        I don’t know how the DVD sales did in Japan, but I pray for a third season! I think we might get one after the manga pulls ahead *fingers crossed*

  6. Rakuen says:

    These came in on the truck this morning, and I think the four of you deserve it:

    (I am so proud of the Internet for this one)

  7. Gecko says:

    Nice job finishing one year, guys! I think I’ve followed you all on one series with the start of this season. 🙂 And of course, Jrow gets props for blogging Penguindrum on which I finally started commenting on Metanorn.
    (Loving the Hetalia image at the top. 🙂 )

  8. Zabobinator says:

    Awwww, thank you guys so much! It’s been a wonderful year. I love you all! 😀 <3 <3 <3


    *KISS FOR WAIFU* *chu*

  9. Samantha Zan says:

    Happy 1 year you guys! Keep up the AMAZING WORK at Metanorn! 😀

  10. Jrow says:

    I’ve never seen that Luffy pic before. That’s pretty bamf!

    Thank you all so much for the kind words and for making this year at Metanorn a fun one!

    As Kyo mentions, I did kind of hit a wall there, but I’m glad it didn’t take too much for me to bounce back and I’ve been starting to feel much more comfortable with my dual membership at Meta and Anivision over the past couple of months. It’s been fun to edit/host the podcast, so you’ll be hearing plenty more from me! 🙂

  11. Karakuri says:

    D’awwww thanks you guys!!!! I’m so happy that I’m indoctrinating convincing you all to play otome games and wear glasses. I feel so accomplished. >w< Maybe I can become like anaaga with her yaoi.

    Kyo, I’m so glad my terrible pun has turned into a thing xDD. All of you are awesome for putting this together!!! GROUP HUG!

  12. Tofu says:

    Congratulations Jrow, Anaaga, Zab and Kara~!!! ^^ I hope that Metanorn will continue to be a special place for you all and keep up the great work guys! XD I definitely haven’t been commenting much but I have definitely been lurking a lot it’s just that nowadays I don’t have the same freedom I used to have in the past where I could comment to my hearts content 🙁 But hey~ Don’t focus on the negativity too much, this is a special celebration and also a hidden contract that will bind you to Metanorn FOREVER! >;D MWAHAHAHAHA! You ain’t ever gonna leave….. are you? *yandere mode*

  13. Toori-chan says:

    Congratz to all of you for surviving a year, making Metanorn fabulous. Do continue to make Metanorn more fabulous~

    Thumbs up for Karakuri for writing the Touhou post.

    Double thumbs up for Jrow. As an occasional audio editor, I can understand all the hard work over editing the podcast. Not to mention that you have to work on Anivision’s as well. Keep up the good work~

  14. anaaga says:

    Uwaaa~~~ this is so wonderful *tears of joy* Thank you so much guys, this one year has been great! I love Metanorn more and more now <3

  15. Reaper says:

    Great work mina~! Congratulations on surviving the fatal gauntlet known as Metanorn for one year, and may you survive the many more years of the future! >:D JK, but as a fellow regular, keep up the awesome work team!

  16. foomafoo says:

    Congratulations everyone! How nice of your kouhais. I’m starting to wonder how they hid this entry in the drafts.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, Foo! And you don’t know the stuff we write as our post headings when in draft…. :3 #Metaleaks

  17. Moni Chan says:

    It’s been a year already. Sugoi. Omedetou

  18. Namika says:

    Minna-san omedetto~ ^O^ It’s amazing how time flies.. ** another anniversary is so close

    I feel so left out because I haven’t visited Meta for a long time TT^TT The thing I just HAD to ask – Where the hell is the chatbox???? I know, Will was working on a new one. But the old one worked fine as well ><"""""

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