Meta Mash – 02

Another five recently airing anime for quick hits. Part 2 of 3, this week.


Accel World – Episode 08

 Haru-“Well, this is going to be a long freaking battle…”
Even before watching this episode, I had heard a lot of the loli because well, every harem has one. And damn, they are known to leech off a lot of screen time. I wasn’t surprised when 80% of the episode was around her and how she almost hoodwinked Haru in believing her to be a distant cousin. I’m just glad she wasn’t his imouto because that would be SO WRONG and cliche. It was innovative of the Red King to go out of his way in revealing his real loli-identity to Haru and rebellious Kuroyukihime but seems like she has a purpose to the whole hacking and meetup plan. Those cookies and happy-go-lucky attitude were too good to be true to begin with. Oh, that OreImo reference was lame, just sayin’.

What I liked is the time-skip with Haru already level-four, rather than painstakingly following every upgrade he made. Installing an illegal patch seems dangerous but I like how he’s trying more than his own capabilities to power up rather than moaning around in a corner of how he’s at a disadvantage of being shot down. Finally we have a decent fight. I mean, how awesome was that Immovable Fortress? It was pretty cool how she summoned it ala Fate-verse’s Noble Phantasm. If Haru won against her, it would’ve just been laughable and I’m glad vice versa happened because she is strong and seems to have worked hard in getting the top boss position in the red faction. It was amusing to hear the sweet Rina Hidaka (Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS, Last Order from Index and Mizuno from Star Driver), act all bitchy and yandere over Haru. However, that last bit with a berserk duel avatar interests me the most. Seems like she’s keeping tabs on the movements of that particular avatar. Why? Is he a rogue Burst Linker (is there even such a thing?), Ghost of the previous Red Rider…? Maybe she’s his sister and trying to save him? Was Hime involved with him romantically? Too many speculations but we’ll find out soon enough. I’ll have some news to share about this franchise; a mini-project you can say, next week too. Ja ne~


Fairy Tail – 132

Hey guys Phi brain called and they want their puzzle time back…
So continuing the filler arc …stuff happened. The events of this episode are all over the place and so far a lot of it has been comedy fights. The new character (Michelle) is great and her bonding with Lucy over the past few episodes has been pretty adorable. I also like the fact that they’re having an arc dedicated to Lucy (kind of), since I hope she gets screen time to do something undeniably badass like her fight with Angel. She’s a key character in this arc no matter how you look at it, so hopefully she gets a great fight or two near the end.However, on the down side of this arc, I’m undecided about the bad guys in this.I mean, the enemy seems to be the church. C’mon. Really? …Though I guess it’s better than just filling in another evil guild for the hell of it. They’re even recycling old villains (and swapping genders for no reason whatsoever). They have a flying octopus and one of them is a pink bear. I’m still undecided whether that’s badass or just plain stupid. Though on another note, Michelle is really suspicious since Lucy doesn’t remember her. Plus since she’s a filler character, chances are that she’ll leave at the end of the arc for whatever reason so she doesn’t interfere with canon. So yeah, it’s not terrible (unlike episode 145 or so. ….You know the one) for filler. Hell, if I wasn’t reading the manga, I wouldn’t have even recognized that this was filler.


Upotte! – 08

Hey Jrow, when do you want to transfer to this amazing school with me?
Upotte!! is back on Metanorn for now anyway… So, what has happened so far with these cute girls err I mean moe-guns? Just in case you haven’t been watching this random yet addictive series you haven’t missed a whole lot. However, they just wrapped up an “arc” with the girls battling another rival school in a giant tournament! So yeah that was really cool even though most of that was pure WTF?! That said I would call this my guilty pleasure series for this season…Episode wise we are in the usual cultural festival theme filled with maid cafes and spooky haunted houses. But in the world of Upotte!!, you still have the normal booths and club activities; however, everything is pretty much militarized as the school is filled with tanks, jets and army themes like the menu for the maid café in which the girls use MREs for the meals… I tried some of that before and damn you really can’t be picky when it comes to them! Other than the interesting booths, one thing that stood out was the random camel farm… just what the hell was that about? I give them credit for trying something new at least. Another great moment was Ichiroku’s amazing made outfit. I guess I will always be a sucker for that camouflage look…that and she is my favorite character from this series. GO AMERICA!!


Kuroko no Basuke – 08

Dude-“Hold still I want to use this for the new ball.”                        Taiga-“………..”
I was considering attempting to squeeze this into my regular blogging schedule as well, but I realized I never had much to say aside from “kyaa, hot guys being overly affectionate with one another!” Err, that hasn’t changed, but at least you only have to suffer two paragraphs or so of fangirling. The matches are going by at lightning speed now, which I suppose makes sense since the real highlight of the series is supposed to be the Generation of Miracles team members. We got to see (well, hear) all of the Generation of Miracles guys this week, which was exciting if only for the fact that Kamiya Hiroshi is voicing one of them. Still, I quite like the “filler” teams like Seiho because they actually have personality, and even their own specialties. Most of the time you find well-rounded sports teams in real life, but it’s more fun to have teams who focus on particular techniques so that it seems like a super power. I mean, come on, how awesome would it be for a basketball coach to teach their members MARTIAL ARTS TECHNIQUES to improve their energy-conservation? I don’t know a lot about namba running, but I do know that I subconsciously carried over a ton of martial arts into basketball when I was playing, and it paid off a lot. In other words, Seiho’s secret weapon is pretty believable, although it would be hard to play man-to-man that tightly for an entire game no matter how much energy you conserve.

Watching Kagami struggle against their first iron-wall defense team was pretty cool. I like how Baldy smiles while on defense, and seems to have some mild sadistic tendencies. I can’t wait to see how he steps it up to beat Kagami. This is an important game to keep Seirin’s love for basketball alight, although I really can’t find myself caring about that at all. I just want to see Kuroko and Kagami pull off some awesome teamwork =w= Even if Kuroko got a bad horoscope prediction, he should be fine. The match is only just beginning, but it’s already quite exciting. My only complaint is that I can predict what strategies they’ll use to beat their opponents beforehand because there’s only so much you can do in basketball. If someone is up in your grill, of course you’re gonna fake them out and drive. From there, only good things can happen, because at least one person is going to end up being free. CRUSH THEIR DEFENCE, SEIRIN!


Hiiro no Kakera – 09

Remember to drink your milk if you want to have fantastic hair like this dude!
Oh ma Sugitan there’s finally some progress in this anime. Hiiro no Kakera and progress are usually not in the same sentence, but it seems like both of those words will get along well from now on. Tamaki is actually being useless more than usual right now. She actually found some stuff during her research. So, there’s a record of Tamayori Hime Offering and another book that records about the events in that village. The records in the Offering book are pretty much repetitive, and the other book mentioned about “one person for others’ happiness” and “blood for all,” something like that. Ashiya mentioned something about Tamaki being used for a reason and told Tamaki (indirectly though) her theory about her grandma is wrong. From all these hints, I can only guess that Tamayori Hime are offerings to seal the so-called Onikirimaru (also mentioned in the book). And thinking about it again, that’s a logical theory. Grandma hasn’t told Tamaki shit, and the books gave hints of it. This leads to the question, why did Takuma’s hand glow? I suspect that he’s somehow related to this Onikirimaru thing. That’s not really hard to guess since his name is Onizaki. Oh, hints.

This episode turned out to better than I expected. No, not in a nice way; just decent (for those who are watching Hiiro no Kakera, you know what I’m talking about). The progress is definitely its biggest point since the pace is so slow. I’m glad that Tamaki managed to make herself useful. I’m not trying to say that she’s not. Considering her sudden unfortunate role, she actually handles the situation pretty well, not to mention the pressure from everybody even though nobody told her anything. Buutt there’s always that annoyed feeling when the female protagonist is not doing anything. Anyhow, Mahiro’s character is toned down now FINALLY because he was getting on my nerves. Except those two, the other characters haven’t been improving at all. I just hope that the anime explores all of the guardians better and improve the interactions among the characters (especially between Tamaki and the guardians) because it’s just that bad. Except that (and how weak the mountain god is even though he’s a god), everything was decent in this episode. Passable, thanks to the improvement in Tamaki and Mahiro’s characters. I hope that next week will be better (not expecting too much from DEEN here). Also, where the fuck is Ryou.



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23 Responses to “Meta Mash – 02”

  1. Karakuri says:

    b-b-b-b-but anaaga (´;ω;`) Mahiro is the best character of the game.

    • anaaga says:

      He’s going to have a high blood pressure with that kind of unstable emotion >.< Also, Takuma FTW! All hail Sugitan! fufufu

  2. Kitty says:

    Not caught up with FT because of certain fansubs, but that is okay because then I get marathons! But I have to say, while enjoying the fillers I was rather upset. Mostly because I was looking forward to Rogue and Sting which would have been the next ARC!!! Whose looking forward to the movie~~~~

    if I wasn’t reading the manga, I wouldn’t have even recognized that this was filler.

    I like that you said this Karakuri because its one of the reasons I like the FT anime. Unlike with Naruto and Bleach fillers that make you wanna pull you’re hair out. FT makes it flow and work. I find some of the fillers rather funny. Like Natsu and Gajeel trying to fight Laxus XD Oh back to the classic I’ll kick your ass.

    GO TEAM SEIRIN!!! *does a little cheer*

    • Karakuri says:

      I marathoned it and totally regretted it since I have to wait weekly now for the new episode. OTL

      Ahaha, even if it is great filler though, I still want them to move on with the storyline sometime soon. …I WANT TO SEE LUCY’S FIGHT WITH FLARE SOOOO BAD. Also, the Erza and ‘Mystogan’ stuff is priceless!! щ(゜ロ゜щ) ALL OF MY SHIPS.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Fairy tail is always fun! Even though this is lame ass filler with nothing related to the manga arc currently I am still enjoying it…hopefully this arc is something short like around twenty five episodes? Just kidding! We all know this will hit in the fifty or one hundred range.

      Thankfully Lucy is one of my favorites so I can stand a arc based around her <3

      • Kitty says:

        ALL HAIL LUCY!!!! I will watch anything as long as Lucy is in it XDDDDD and Levy, I love Levy. Lu-chan and Levy my two favorite girls!! Also the filler ARCs like to rack up the Lucy x Natsu points, which I support, so here’s to some 50+ eps of fun!!!! Shoot me

  3. Rakkyo says:

    Upotte!, teaching you guns way better than CoD or BF.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wuahahahah indeed! Upotte! Teaches us about the important stuff in “life” everyone should watch! Alright maybe not everyone…

  4. tatsuya says:

    i wonder why is fairy tail on the first~~

  5. Jrow says:

    I would’ve loved to have gone to a Gun School like this!

    The desert scene was pretty funny and Galil is just as super-kawaii as ever with her busting the wall. America and M16 ftw! ^^

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sign us up! WOOO HOOOOO!!

      I liked that desert scene as well because we have never seen a camel farm for a theme in the everyday cultural festival xD

  6. Moni Chan says:

    Kuroko no basuke. Win sauce

  7. skylion says:

    who gave the angry loli a mech? She got it herself. Remember: Burst Link rapes your brain reads your mind and dreams. Then it creates your avatar from your personality; a complete subconscious decision. This girl was mad for armour. Wonder if she’s a tsundere? It would have made the “little sister” act not so much an act….

    • Foshizzel says:

      For once I actually had a lot of fun with Accel world I know Kyokai is probably like WUT? YOU LIKED IT!? Ahahah but yesssss it was great as far as the “action” goes…the story is there but again semi boring characters even the new loli girl was predictable for me as the angry little kid character.

      Yeah she is probably Tsun/yandere rolled into one fufufufu

      • skylion says:

        I don’t think she’s really a yan…..wait. Damn, did I just have a Yuuki moment. “Yuna?! You’re insane!”

        • Foshizzel says:

          Wuahahahah possibly! Yuna rhymes with Tuna…mmmm hunger…

        • BlackBriar says:

          She’s a total yandere. She didn’t beat around the bush when she said “I’ll murder you!”. Not to mention her twisted smiles.

        • Kyokai says:

          Yandere through and through. I mean, did you see her comeback?! xD

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: I’m beginning to like Kuroyukihime’s idea of world conquest. It’s been growing on me and I hope she reaches her goal.

    I like Haru’s enthusiasm to get stronger even though he’s already leveled up. That was an intimidating training app. A time-skip was nice but it also makes you sometimes ask what happened in between.

    Moe and psychotic. That’s the best kind of loli there is out there. Who would of thought that little girl was the Red King? she was so cute although a little crazy. Did anybody notice the pattern on her sweater? That’s Freddy Krueger’s sweater pattern: Red and black stripes. Personally, I like yandere females in anime. Whenever a new anime is out, I hope to find that type of girl lurking around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yarrrr I have a feeling the angry-red-loli is going to ask for them to help her defeat that monster in the jungle! After all she is in the opening standing with the other main characters.

      Haru is getting there for me, but he has a long way to go until I am impressed! Course this is only the 8th episode out if what 26? So I guess in those terms he is doing alright even though he trusts people way to easily! STOP THAT ARRRGGHHHH >.< LOL Moe Freddy? THAT IS SCARY! Red king is an interesting character but like I said to Skylion I sort of saw the yandere side from a mile away! I mean take a look at Kyoko from Kore wa zombie s2? Yeah we all know her from s1 but still she acts all cute and gets angry super fast! Either way I can see her joining team Haru for his strange little harem...

      • skylion says:

        I just want a sweeet loli that makes cookies…..damn, fell into the trap again. I just keep dying….

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