Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 07

Dai-Sensei has been in the same bath for a long time! Must be relaxing.

Yo~! I’m here again with Fosh for another episode of KoreZom! …As for Tasogare, I’ll most likely be combining that with the next episode that’s coming out. I’ve been busy preparing for an upcoming event that I’ll be covering for Metanorn hopefully (yeah, I’m being vague. Deal with it). …Not that you care about any of those things. You’re here for the crossdressing (and everything else that this show throws at you).
This series keeps chugging along at a steady and easy going flow, but I notice we are getting very close to the end and it makes me sad! Ah well all great things eventually end right? I hope the next few episodes crank up the jokes and of course the all-important plot.Plot this week follows part two with Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim taking part in the school festival.

Everything is backwards…

I want to be taught by the awesome Haruna-chan! Don’t you?

Yuu-“Try not to daydream too hard about me, Ayumu-kun.”            Ayumu-“HNnnngggg…so…cute…”

The start of this episode really knocks us for a loop, I mean both Haruna and Yuu have somehow switched spots or “roles” if you want to get technical; what roles do I mean? This episode forces Haruna to act just like Yuu and not speak or she gets a hardcore headache, but Yuu on the other hand is able to freely talk without any issues of her magic going crazy. While this isn’t anything brand new to the Kore wa zombie because we have seen this happen in season one towards the end. However, Haruna somehow adapts to her new role quite nicely! I assume she has spent enough time around the necromancer that she picked up on those habits? So yeah Yuu can talk and she sounds just as adorable as I remembered from the final episode and special OVA; not only does she speak, Yuu actually sings a great song too.

Extreme festival fun part two!

Ayumu’s fantasy mind is cranked up to two hundred and fifty percent this week.

Orito-“BEST NIGHT OF ALL TIME!”                  Seraphim-“Please go die, you piece of crap.”

While the Necromancer and genius magical girl switch “spots”, the daily lives of the normal background students continues to roll right along with no serious issues, however there is something very sneaky around the school that the vampire ninjas seem to be fully aware of. Besides the plot monster lurking in the shadows; there are a few adorable moments with Yuki acting like her usual Hnnnngggh-blushing-madly self around her beloved Ayumu thanks to the ring she received. And he is also forced to have some strange fantasies about Yuu and Haruna! Yes I know even Haruna finally gets her own Ayumu fantasy, surely that can’t end well for him; after those interesting set of fantasies the two girls leave and explore the rest of the festival with food and crazy adventures.

Hiding in plain sight

Chris-chan-“Tee hee hee I am here to destroy you!”                  Ayumu-“Chris-chan!! Why so cute? Er wait destroy?!”

DAT WINK OF DOOM! Poor Ayumu you can’t resist Chris-chan this week.

Ayumu versus Chris-chan

So what happens when your mysterious drunken loli goes missing from your life? Naturally you search everywhere for her right? This brings me all the way to Chris-chan, because she is a unique character for this new season! So why is she missing? The truth is she was cursed or should we just say trapped instead? Yes indeed she was trapped inside one of the random teachers at Ayumu’s school, however due to some unique turn of events following the appearance of Yuki’s new ring, Haruna’s mana sapper device and Yuu’s powerful magic, Chis-chan is now free. Also we learn she is indeed a magical girl who trained the famous Dai-sensei who instantly feels her magical powers returning, but what is the motive behind Chris-chan’s curse? Who did it and why? I assume she had a fight with Dai-sensei or maybe it is tied to the King of Night somehow? Personally I don’t get the impression of Chris-chan being an evil character; however she did abuse her powers on the students along with Yuki, Haruna, Yuu, Seraphim and along with a short battle against Ayumu before pulling a tactical retreat.

New possible alliances formed?

Dai-Sensei-“If I let you go, will you promise to not murder anyone?”      Kyouko-“I swear…alright maybe…”

Near the end we are treated to some plot filling with Kyoko as she overhears Dai-Sensei talk about Chris-chan’s magic returning. I guess there is some important information that Kyoko wants to share with Dai-Sensei, but what kind of data does Kyoko have on her anyway? I mean she is the one locked up right now. For now I can picture Dai-Sensei letting her loose just to track down Chris-chan, however we all know she will probably hunt the others down instead or just maybe she will turn over a new leaf and assist them? Just kidding! She has way too much rage inside of her to help anyone right now. Still it is awesome to see the gears turning with the plot development.

Extra fun times at school

Haruna displays her artistic talents this week with a purple cat drawing.

Chris-chan-“Yes you can fly, but I haven’t figured out the landing part yet.”

Orito has been defeated by cat ear cosplay.


Chris-chan activates her drunken loli transformation spray attack!

End thoughts

So the dude who was coughing up blood didn’t appear, so this is far from what I’d call the best episode yet. However, there was table flipping, so that’s just about on the same level. But in all seriousness, this episode is probably the most serious of this season so far. So yeah, it’s out now. Chris is actually a middle-aged man when she’s not drunk. I ruined this bit for myself weeks ago, but I’m sure that if I hadn’t known it already, I wouldn’t have been extremely surprised. It came out of nowhere. I’m impressed that they kept up the comedy (…and fanservice) in this episode with all of the ACTUAL PLOT DEVELOPMENT going on. On another note, the effects with the sake that Chris threw (blew?) looked awesome. I think I’m almost beginning to possibly consider partially respecting DEEN between this and Sankarea. Now if only they gave a crap about Hiiro. I guess otome games just aren’t as important as lesbian zombies and wtf harems (the truth is depressing).

YUU IS TOO CUTE. I ALMOST HNNNNNGED MYSELF TO DEATH (…I keep reading that as “hanged”. Yes. She’s so moe that I almost hung myself. That’s pretty damn moe if you think about it). Moe levels that high need warning signs or something. It’s a shame that she couldn’t talk more. I should have known it couldn’t last long, but on the other hand, Haruna getting her mana back means no more crossdressing Ayumu and that’s like this series’ selling point (…or it was for me when I first started).

I’m surprised at how easy Ayumu just let the ring go. I mean, there were flames coming out Yuki’s back last episode for heavens sakes (I still don’t know what that was all about). Though on that note, there are a ton of things going on at the moment (Chris, King of Night, that guy who coughs up blood) so maybe it’s all part of one giant plot movement? I’d like to see the dots connect here and with this episode, it looks like that might happen soon. …Though in all honesty, I would be perfectly okay if the problems weren’t connected in the slightest. I’m still impressed that things are actually happening at this point.

Oh damn I just have to say this is one of the best plot themed episode of Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD thanks the super cute character Chris-chan; however I always had my suspensions over that character from the start. So do you think is she the main villain or is she just misunderstood? Then again I bet she is something else that has yet to reveal about her backstory. Part of me really hopes she turns out to be on team good instead of team evil; either way it really won’t effect how I feel about her because every time she appears on screen I always start to laugh and grin especially during her drunken-moe-talking scenes with Ayumu.

Speaking of Ayumu! That poor zombie has to deal with creating a special Haruna fantasy!? I did find her oddball fantasy to be really hilarious even when she was hacking that tree up. I have to mention Yuu of course because she actually got some speaking parts this week resulting in HNNNGGGGGG-OVERLOAD! They really choose the greatest voice for original Yuu, but I wanted her to sing again ah well maybe next time right? Overall I really had a blast watching and reviewing this episode because finally there is something happening! I was getting worried there with only a few more episodes to go.


Original Yuu-“Soon my army of mini clones will take over the world.”

Next week Kyoko’s grand arrival!?


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12 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    Yes, this one had a plot; the given value of the word plot is being stretched out like no one’s business, but a plot none the less.

    Good review all around.

    I can only add my own layer of Chris-san love. DEEN has made a pretty unique character here, and I cannot wait to see her in the middle of the soon to be insane ongoing conflict.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAYYYY PLOT! I am so excited <3

      Thanks Skylion!

      Chris-chan forever and ever I really have enjoyed watching the progression of that character and her reveal as a pro magical girl? Indeed...

  2. Kyokai says:

    Finally some plot you guys were looking so hard for! xD

    Btw, is it just me or others can’t see the gifs?

    • BlackBriar says:

      True, I’ve noticed lately that the gifs aren’t showing. Maybe something is going wrong?

      • Kyokai says:

        Fosh, either compress them under 2MB to upload on meta and if you are using a public server, check the link if it’s showing the image on browser first or not? I don’t think pics on dropbox can be directly called?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooooraaayy plot development!

      Oh I haven’t figured out how to shrink them…the first one is 16MB and the other is over 20+ MB also I use dropbox to host the images cause I have a paid account, but the only thing I can do is stick to small/short gif files.

      I shall research and research more on how to make them better I promise! Well once I get a hold of some programs >.>

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Your reviews are still awesome!!

    Whew! We get a little more plot progression. I was wondering why Haruna was in pain last week and now I know. She does adapts to her new role quickly and quite nicely. I guess you gotta learn something for all the time you spend among the other girls in your home because she doesn’t adress them by name but by what they are (Necromancer, Ninja). Only Ayumu gets the luxury of a first name basis.

    Yuu’s voice and new dress!!! HNNNGGGGGG-OVERLOAD!! *flatlines* CLEAR!!! *zaps!!* Ok, I’m back. I think Ayumu would fantasize about her whether she’s disabled or not and I had to laugh when she asked for it but Haruna forced it because she’s competing but doesn’t want anybody to know. It’s thanks to that Maso Shoujo genius pride of hers. And here I thought Vegeta had the biggest ego around.

    Ayumu holding middle-aged guys hand= Best WTF moment. Poor Chris. That had to be the worst curse imaginable. What kind of sick punishment is that? Yes, my theory about her knowing Dai-sensei hit the nail on the head but the surprise was that she’s Dai-sensei’s superior. Ayumu is once again branded a pervert but he was attempting to steal Touma’s thunder trying to hit Chris. Leave that to the Imagine Breaker.

    YES!! Kyoko ‘s finally getting in the story. I miss that psychotic muderess. Her sadistic expressions just pull you in.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha thanks! Yay teamwork!

      Yep at last the plot is developing somewhere and Chris-chan revealed her true colors at last! So yeah at least we have some story to build off on.

      LOLOLOL Yeaaaah Yuu is awesome and her cute levels were off the charts and Haruna I agree she was a bit forceful in her desires for Ayumu to have a fantasy about her.

      Indeed! That is a pretty messed up curse, but I want to know why and who did such a thing to Chris?! I wonder if Dai-sensei trapped her inside that guy or maybe it was someone else?! Either way she has a grudge against someone xD

      Lulz Ayumu’s imagine breaker was stopped by a bottle! That and Chris-chan’s magic > Everything else.

      AGREED! I missed seeing Kyoko’s crazy expressions xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, Yuu was way more adorable than before. This is my imagination but I think she enjoyed manipulating Haruna since she couldn’t speak. She smiled at her in a somewhat unusual way at the crepe stand.

        It wasn’t only her cuteness showing, Yuki was shining as well. She blushes anytime she gets near Ayumu and he isn’t as flustered as before when she says that she’s his wife and all she’s focusing on is the ring.

        Sera’s wearing cat ears again!! We need more parts of her dere side. Just look what they did for Orito. Sera certainly has changed. She’s not as unbearable like the beginning of last season. I wonder where the story is going to go with her.

        Hahaha, and there is some injustice going around. Orito is the bigger pervert but Ayumu is always the unlucky one getting the label.

        Dai-sensei is not the one responsible for the curse. Chris explained after regaining her true form that she was cursed by the Queen of Virie. That’s a sick, depraved, cruel and unusual curse if you ask me. I don’t know what is Dai-sensei involvement in all of this but she’s definitely part of it since they’re teacher and student (Chris being the former teacher) and she’s worried that Chris recovered her powers. And I think that guy vomiting blood has something to do with it too since he came out of nowhere helping Ayumu by giving him a Maso item. That’s too much of a coincidence for me to accept.

        Yep, Ayumu’s imagine breaker was stopped by a bottle! Chris obviously went easy on him because she thinks of him as a drinking buddy and the way she was petting his head. I count that attack as less than 1% of her power. Did anyone notice that the magical spells that she was chanting sounded like the transformation sentences but going backwards?

        AGREED! Kyoko’s crazy expressions somehow make her look sexy. Things are going to get interesting. Kyoko is going to get loose and she knows Chris’s weakness? Arrgh!! I can’t wait for next week’s episode!!

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yuu so cuuuteeoooo! Yeah Haruna probably enjoyed her short time with Yuu, but you could tell Haruna likes the role of big sister rather than the little sister.

          Yuki will always be one of my favorites from Kore wa zombie that and Ika Musume voice makes me grin like a crazy person in a good way.

          Sera’s cat ears are dangerous and her tiny school girl outfit? Damn I wonder how much blood Orito lost! At least he had a good site before blasting off.

          Ohhhh right I guess I forgot that part, but yeah that is a messed up curse for Chris-chan to deal with huh? I guess it explains why she drinks away all her problems? What if the blood puke dude was a one of her students? LOLOL That would be perfect.

          I would rather hug Chris-chan than take a swing at her! Ayumu had to at least try to fight her, but I think she might be hard for anyone to actually fight unless Dai-sensei challenges her? I want to see that happen.

          Kyoko <3 <3 <3 the world of anime needs more evil magical girls like her and I wonder what kind of weakness Chris really has? I assume it is related to getting drunk?

  4. Liza says:

    I loved this episode so much. It was really hilarious and there was plot development! I loved adorable cute Yuu, especially in those braids of hers. I wish she could keep her armor off cause she was so cute. Alas, that probably won’t happen again anytime soon.

    I was actually really shocked to find out the teacher was Chris. It just came out of nowhere but a good nowhere. I really would like to know if she is the villain or a good guy that likes to have fun. I’m thinking more of the second at the moment though as she didn’t kill any of the students or technically “harm” them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeppers! Lots of plot development and Yuu being so cute! Agreed I liked her without the armor for this episode, but yeah it wont last forever T___T

      That was the best plot reveal for Chris-chan! I never saw that twist for her character, but yeah I really hope Chris is either is for team good or bad…

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