Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 06

Chris-chan’s rainbow puke in 3D is truly a sight to see.

Well, I missed out last week due to me not paying attention, but here I am for this week’s KoreZom! This season has really been dishing out the humor (at this point I’m even going to go as far as to say that it’s better than the first in that regard). Will this continue for the rest of the season? Hopefully.
Woooooo it is time for some more fun with Kore wa zombie! Sadly if you are tuning in every week to see some sort of plot development, however I have high hopes for the plot to show up soon! Anyway time to enjoy some random fun with Ayumu, Yuu, Haruna and Seraphim.

Plot follows Mystletainn getting repaired and Ayumu attending a school festival.

Dai-Sensei enjoys a good bubble bath while chatting with Ayumu.

Starting things this week, we catch up with the famous Dai-Sensei taking a bath while she is on her “phone” talking to Ayumu about the latest news on Haruna’s chainsaw of doom finally getting repaired at last! Of course she uses Mystletainn as her own personal bubble bath machine; yes apparently you can use a chainsaw to create a relaxing bathing experience. After receiving this news, Ayumu heads to school where he runs into a strange man wearing a lab coat who pukes up a lot of blood! He also passes on a special ring to Ayumu for some strange reason… Yes accepting random rings from strange men is totally normal right?

Ayumu-“I can’t read that, Yuu, but whatever it is I will always Hnnnnggggg for you!”

Scientist-“Will you become my first husband?”          Ayumu-“I have enough weirdos after me so no thanks!”

So Ayumu takes the ring and heads to school for the all-important cultural festival! You know what that means right? Haunted houses and every damn café you can think of, but Ayumu’s homeroom invited Haruna to assist in the festival and they decide to run a haunted café as their theme. Whoa is that original or no? Just kidding, anyway the next few days Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim help setup the various festival booths. During that time Ayumu uses Mystletainn to wipe out every memory of his cross dressing from episode one! That sounds perfect right? However the next day he ends up wearing a wedding dress! Damn I don’t think our zombie hero can escape the fate of being a cross dresser…

Ayumu-“I can’t resist the drunken moe powers.”                 Chris-chan-“Hic…I know right?”

Ayumu forgot to wear his awesome glasses this week.

Haruna-“You will become the bride of a super genius magical girl!”              Ayumu-“I hate my life…”

After the class puts him through hell. Ayumu meets Yuki and they end up outside together just in time for Yuki to enter her “confession” mode. But everything goes horribly wrong as she triggers a random trap that knocks her out triggering the release of a giant fire monster that lives inside of her… Yeah, I forgot about that random fire creature from season one. Thankfully the strange man who puked up blood arrives and tells Ayumu to use the rings to seal away the monster; however, Yuki freaks out and assumes they are officially married thanks to the wedding rings.

D’awwww would you look at the happy couple?! Congratulations Yuki x Ayumu.

While Yuki freaks out over her new rings, Haruna rushes over to Ayumu to inform him of a pair of Megalo appearing at the school and the two of them transform and defeat the monsters. Hooray double kicks of death… After that Haruna gets a headache using Yuu’s magical powers to transform…the episode ends with a non-drunk Chris-chan watching Ayumu and Haruna very closely.

Haruna-“Dude are you ready to kick ass!?”                   Ayumu-“Yes I am so ready to wear another dress! Er wait no!”

Enjoy the super awesome transformation sequence!


Chris-chan-“Silly mortals! You have no idea what I am preparing…muahahahahaha!!”

Extra zombified fun

Someone get this guy a truck full of tissues or maybe a real doctor?

Chris-chan-“Fetch me some top quality liquor and then maybe we can get serious.”

Haruna rocks the glasses look quite well, don’t you think?

Ayumu-“Daaaum girl you is gangster.”                  Haruna-“I KNOW RIGHT!? I GOTTA SCREAM!”

End thoughts

Crossdressing Ayumu! Oh how I’ve missed you! Haha, he just can’t escape his fate of being a crossdresser. Having Haruna back (simultaneously!) is cool too. …Is it just me, or is this season trying extremely hard to give the characters more equal screentime? I swear, pretty much everyone in Ayumu’s harem has had a pretty equal amount of attention (though Yuki seems to be getting a lot more than anyone else). Hell, even that normal girl in his class who’s name I haven’t bothered to memorize has had a ton. I wasn’t even aware that she was all that important. On a side note too, ultimate tsundere girl and Orito seem to be getting along rather well (HOLY CRAP! Character development that actually stayed developed!). Potential side pairing? Hell yes.

Oh man, that guy who keeps coughing up blood and talking about what his doctor said is a great addition to the cast. Hell, I think he’s effectively become my favourite character and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who the hell he even is. …Though on that note, I have no idea wtf was up with Yuki this episode either. What was with the tree? Am I forgetting something or was it as vague as it looked? Also, how the hell do you plan on getting married if you’re too embarrassed to kiss a guy? Sigh, anime girls. The developments with the ring were cute though. I’ll forgive this anime for having zero lasting relationship progression… this time.

W-was that a hint of plot I saw there?! In any case, it looks like it will be Chris’ time to step in sometimes soon if her increasingly frequent character appearances and more serious scenes are to be believed. …I still REALLY regret reading and effectively spoiling myself on her character. There is so much going on now that I could speculate about… But yeah, it’s going to be a great reveal for sure.

Wow this episode was better than the previous week! This time we have Mystletainn getting repaired at last and Dai-Sensei acting like her old happy self, but who is that new blood puking scientist guy anyway? I swear I thought it was the King of Night when I first saw him standing outside Ayumu’s house…sadly it was not! But he did help Ayumu with those rings so I don’t think he could be a bad guy. And what the hell was going on with the adorable Chris-chan? When she wasn’t plastered she actually started to talk normally, but she did not last long before downing another full bottle…after the end of this episode I wonder what she is plotting or is she even evil at all? They certainly are setting things up for a decent plot at last.

Other than a brand new character introduction, we have more romances popping up between Ayumu and random student aka Taeko; however I think she always had a thing for Ayumu anyway. But she really is not the only one that likes him! Because we have Sarasvati and Yuki after his heart, but who will he choose? Probably no one and I know we all have our own pairings we love in the Kore wa zombie universe. Personally I like the pairing of Yuki and Ayumu or Yuu and Ayumu? I know Haruna in past season was practically head over heels in love with him…maybe you prefer the extreme butt love of Sarasvati instead?

It was nice to see the return of magical Haruna and that double Mystletainn kick used against that dumbass monster of the week; seriously where do they come up with these monsters? This monster was asking the girls for their cup sizes! LOL-WUT? I guess they are running out of ideas for different Megalos? So yeah there is some decent plot in the background at last because we only have six more episodes to explore this world, but I hope we jump right into something exciting soon.


These face reactions are basically how Fosh looks like after every episode…

More undead adventure time next week! Prepare yourself for something awesome…I hope so anyway!



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29 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Finally some plot development!!! And I hope it stays that way until the end. Not that I don’t mind the random absurd comedy. We also get a little megalo intrusion after so long.

    Mystletainn didn’t just get repaired, he got a full makeover. First, he sounded like a weary old man living out the rest of his days and now he looks upgraded and trying to sound macho quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back!”

    Yeah, I could’ve sworn it was the King of Night but it turns out to be a guy in a lab coat randomly spewing blood. Apparently his doctor told him not to do a lot of things because every split second, he spits blood out. At the rate he’s going, he won’t have any blood left in his body. The way he suddenly appeared out of nowhere giving Ayumu the ring and telling him what to do with it felt like an Oshino Meme moment.

    I don’t know who Ayumu should be paired with: Taeko, Yuu or Yuki. But so far, Yuki is taking the lead. She’s already “married” but hesitant to confess? Poor girl. Her minor klutziness makes her more adorable. I knew last season wouldn’t be the last time we would see her Susano’o. Good thing blood projectile guy was there with the save. Yuki mistook the sealing ring as a wedding ring. Hahaha, Ayumu can never catch a break.

    I knew something wasn’t exactly right about Chris. She’s there for some reason and I doubt the school is aware of her presence since Ayumu seems to be the only one in contact with her. Her speech before getting drunk was ominous and her eyes were glazed, as if she’s holding a grudge. And it’s suspiscious that she’s suddenly in the area when Haruna is inexplicably in pain.

    • skylion says:

      I’ve always shipped Ayumu x Harua; cause’s she adorable.

      Yeah, Chris really had that, “There will be blood” face on….

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s a bit hard for me to ship those two together. I can only see them as friends and more recently, battle partners. It’s easier when it’s Taeko, Yuu or Yuki because they showed a lot more affection towards Ayumu. Even Seraphim is starting to warm up to him and she’s an ice queen. Haruna is very tsun tsun.

        There was a lot of hate in Chris’s eyes when she was talking about the feeling of being saved by a comrade who fought at your side and that it carves deep wounds into the heart. By that analysis, I say she was betrayed by a close friend.

        • skylion says:

          I default pair battle partners like that; the fact that it is obviously not so, is what makes it so very romantic to me. I’m a hard luck kinda guy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      @ BB– Yeah I know right? DAT PLOT! I am happy they are finally pushing things into story mode, but yeah I am a sucker for the comedy levels of Kore wa zombie <3

      LOLOL Yep! I was like wait a minute Terminator references? ILL BE BAAAACK! Good stuff from the newly repaired Mystletainn I guess he became manly and buff while he was away?

      Ahahahha I died laughing every time he said "My doctor told me I shouldn't do..." That always made me laugh! And puking blood? WTF he fits in so well with Chris-chan's rainbow puke of awesome or the girl from FMA:Brotherhood? YES!

      Pairing wise I definitely like Yuki x Ayumu the most, but I am a huge fan of Yuki's voice actress so maybe that helps things for me? I know everyone has a pairing they love like Skylion for Haruna x Ayumu! I don't mind that pairing, but I already know how things will go as in the friendship route...

      YEP! Chris-chan is up to something, but is she on the good guys side? or possibly on the side of evil!? I wonder if she has a connection with Kyuoko? Yeah I agree whenever she was "normal" her eyes were saying something and her short speech? YEAAAHH Something is up...I CAN'T WAIT!

      @Skylion- YARRRR I can support a world with Haruna and Ayumu get together! Ahaah yeah Chris-chan does appear to be hiding something...

      • BlackBriar says:

        I didn’t mind the comedy, I’m a sucker for it also but I’m so glad the story is kicking in.

        Mystletainn is barrowing Terminator references just as Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is lending from everything else. Sounds like a competition might start.

        The blood puking guy is a nice plus. Can’t stop laughing every time he mentions his doctor. I don’t think he’s normal or even human for that matter. Someone with a condition like that would’ve died from blood loss in a short amount of time. And him giving Ayumu the ring saying it’s a maso ring, he knows about the maso shoujos.

        For me, Ayumu’s pairing can be either Yuu, Yuki or Taeko. But if Taeko comes in, she’ll have to know what’s really going on, meaning the supernatural. Seraphim is slowly working her way in seeing she has become a lot more tolerant with him. It can go either way. She and Yuki really are proving the ninja part because Yuki’s yellow monster reminds me of Itachi’s Susano’o. Speaking of Naruto Shippuden, I gotta catch back up. I understand the episode that recently aired is when the ninja war begins!!

        Yeah, Chris is turning out to be a character of interest. I don’t know whether her motives are good or evil but it definitely looks like revenge. Kyoko is a rogue maso shoujo so I don’t think Chris would bother with a single outlaw subordinate. If I had to guess, her quarrel goes straight to the top, meaning Dai-sensei. At the end of the episode, her line of sight was probably directly at Haruna.

        Man, I must be a conspiracy theorist. There are so many possibilities that I want checked out.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep! I am excited to see where the story decides to take us I hope we get something soon!

          Ohhhh right! Between Kore wa zombie and Haiyore it does seem like they are trying to out reference each other. Do I sence a possible crossover in the future? Zombies and Cthulu girls for the win!

          Blood scientist was easily one of the best moments for me I swear every time he puked I busted out laughing…but yeah I have a feeling he is also of the “supernatural” world! Maybe he is a verse vampire? Pukes blood instead of taking it? I blame Aqua teen hunger force for that idea.

          Ayumu could end up with any of those girls, but which one do you think he deserves to end up with!? Being that he is a zombie id say someone that is from the supernatural world, but in the anime world anything is possible I mean look at Sankarea for instance.

          HNNNGGG Chris-chan! If she is after revenge man she has been hiding her true side for a long time! I hope we find out soon.

          LOL I feel the same way <3

  2. skylion says:

    In a series that has become famous for what the F inserts and developments, I never thought I would see that blood puking dude. Cheers DEEN.

    And is it just me, or does the Oppai for Justice Megalo team need their own series, or what?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I know, right? Just when you think they’re running out of tricks up their sleeve, BAM, insert blood puking dude. The last winner for WTF moments was Chris and her rainbow barfing. First rainbows, now blood. What’s next?

      The raccoon megalo was great. “I can’t reach the trigger”. Wow, that sounded cute. The gorilla only looked like a puppet to me though, letting the raccoon be the boss of the duo.

      • skylion says:

        What’s next? A trio of accordion players that puke hammered dulcimers. And by hammered, I mean drunk…

        • BlackBriar says:

          Now that would be messed up. I couldn’t think of anything that can beat that.

        • Foshizzel says:

          I want some devils or angel themed characters to appear!

          • skylion says:

            Suddenly an angel appears, puking aged rock stars, or neutron stars…

          • BlackBriar says:

            Ok. We have a zombie, a maso shoujo, a necromancer and a handful of vampires. What we’re missing now are werewolves, ghosts, demons (hopefully Hanekawa’s type from Bakemonogatari. I loved Black Cat), angels, sea monsters, aliens and maybe a phoenix. There is a lot of possibilities that can fit in.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I forgot to add mummies.

          • Foshizzel says:

            OH! Right werewolfs! I forgot about them, but I would like some demons to appear LOLOL Aliens, a phoenix and a random mummy?! WE HAVE JUST CREATED SEASON THREE <3

            • Karakuri says:

              LOL we can call it Kore wa Nichizombies in Space Blade desu ka?! or whatever we came up with during that Queen’s Blade watch. XD

            • skylion says:

              No, No, NO. They obviously have to team up and invade both the Underworld and Haruna’s home dimension. Of course, most of it will involve Eu sipping tea, Sara punishing Ayumu, Haruna building a great weapon that leaves herself, Ayumu, and the rest of the cast naked (our resident zombies gets the shit kicked out of him), and a beach episode. IOW, more of the same. Why mess with such a winning formula.

              Oh, Oppai for Justice Squirrel and Ape must be the token whipping boys…I demand this.

    • Foshizzel says:


      • BlackBriar says:

        I’d be afraid to be in front of this guy having a conversation. The way he pukes looks lethal and should be taken as a weapon.

        • skylion says:

          Can you imagine being between this guy and Hime-chan from Acchi Kocchi (when Io starts petting Tsumuki).

          Petting? ::nose spurt::
          Oh, my doctor told me to avoid moe ::blood puke::

          • Karakuri says:

            Moe is dangerous in large doses, coughing up blood or not.

            • skylion says:

              Those that dare, Win!

            • BlackBriar says:


              The question is, skylion: Do you dare?

          • skylion says:

            I usually pretty bored, so yeah…I dare…

            • skylion says:

              Speaking of moe, and zombies, and demons, and awesome young inventors….

        • Foshizzel says:

          @ BB—Ahahahhaha yeah! I don’t want any part of anyone who is able to puke fountain of blood anywhere near me…

          @Skylion— LOLOL

  3. D-LaN says:

    Wow this is even crazier than I thought…..

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