Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 05

Orange, you glad you love zombie themed anime?

Welcome back to another hilarious episode of Kore wa zombie! So far I have really enjoyed the overall progression of season two, but I will admit I want to see the real plot make an appearance; hopefully something ends happening real soon… Anyway onto the review! Please enjoy my thoughts on the episode.

Plot this week follows Yuu getting sick, but from what mysterious underworld virus!?

Haruna-“Leave things to me, I promise we won’t blow up the house…”                   Seraphim-“….”

We start our weekly Ayumu adventure with Seraphim leaving for some super secretive ninja vampire meeting. This leaves Haruna to watch over the house and protect Yuu from danger. Surely, nothing bad could happen with Haruna in charge, right? Wrong! Because shortly after Seraphim leaves the house, Yuu suddenly catches a “cold” forcing Ayumu and Haruna to work together to take care of the sickly Necromancer.

Plot seems a bit tight this week on Kore wa zombie.

Yuu-“What in the world could Ayumu be thinking about this week?”

Yuu-“Stop posting half nude shots of me….oh fine this is the last one!”

Ayumu-“Mmmmm very nice daydream…wait why are you holding a sword, Yuu!?”

While Yuu lays on the floor, Ayumu attempts to remove her armor, but fails horribly because he wore a blindfold…naturally Haruna walks in on him to find him trying to touch Yuu, which ends with Ayumu getting his ass kicked by the magical genus… After that Ayumu calls his good friend Anderson-kun for some advice on how to cure Yuu. However, Anderson-kun gives him the wrong advice, which basically trolls his zombie friend hardcore! I mean would you believe you have to strip dance to cure a friend? Seriously, Ayumu, why so easy to troll yo?  The episode wraps up with Haruna getting sick and Seraphim walking in to witness Ayumu attempting to pull off Haruna’s clothes! Nooooooo!! Such misfortune for Ayumu…

Anderson-kun-“Muahahahah trolling never gets old.”        Ayumu-“EHHHHHHHHH!!”

After getting his ass kicked again by Haruna, Yuu ends up sharing a bed with Ayumu at night and it makes Haruna all jelly of him…then again she kicked him out of his own bed just so she could cuddle up with Yuu! D’awwwww there was so much cuteness from those two girls. The following morning Anderson-kun arrives to suggest other “cures” for Yuu to try out, but he reveals the reason she got sick was from eating a lot of tangerines because Haruna said if the denizens of the underworld eat the forbidden fruit, they develop a fever, and marks appear on their bodies. Basically the pit of the tangerine is known as Adam and Eve’s forbidden pith, but they have no idea how to cure it so they end up trying random ideas until Yuu eventually recovers.

Ayumu-“I swear if that is Anderson-kun dressed up I will stab a kitten…”

Ayumu-“Crap you found my number one weakness! Kitty paws!”                  Haruna-“The set comes with cute ears and a tail.”

Sarasvati-“I haven’t investigated your ASSassination skills, Seraphim.”             Seraphim-“….Hell…no…”

Beware of sickly Haruna! She will give you more than a Hnnngggg attack.

Extra supernatural themed fun

Dat dancing Ayumu! Enjoy my awesome gif

Coolest fan-service scene of all time.

Don’t make any sudden movements, Ayumu, or Yuu will snap your neck.

Haruna x Yuu is the best pairing. Sorry Ayumu…

Anderson-kun-“This toast is FABULOUSLY AMAZING!!!” 

End thoughts

Very interesting episode of Kore wa zombie this week, but the whole plot was basically spent on Haruna and Ayumu taking care of Yuu after she got sick… Even though the whole episode was borderline dull with a simple plot! That said it really had plenty of WTF moments provided by Ayumu acting like a complete idiot and then we had Haruna pulling her usual “jealous mode” over Yuu and Ayumu getting extremely close.

So, there were small hints of an actual plot coming soon with the Ninja Vampires getting together to start investigating the strange events all over the town and around Ayumu, but I really wonder what types of strange events they are actually talking about? I bet it has something to do with Chris-chan, Kyoko or maybe Anderson-kun is hiding something from everyone? I would love to see Anderson-kun revealed as the big boss character of this season! There is just something about him that sends off those “possible bad guy feelings” or the obvious villain the evil magical girl Kyoko.

Other than the possible plot sneaking in soon, I died laughing with Ayumu’s ultimate dance to cure Yuu’s sickness! Damn why does Ayumu have the best dance moves? I really should make a series of dancing gifs of Ayumu…other than his dance moves, I like watching every day dream of Yuu. There were seriously a lot of them in this episode. Oh yeah the other hilarious event: Ayumu and the whole molesting the fan scene; for some odd reason that scene made me laugh so damn much. Anyways, the whole fruit thing was kind of strange and random, but I guess it was interesting to use that as a way for a supernatural character to get sick. Overall, this wasn’t the best episode for the new season, but it had plenty of hilarious moments for me to enjoy.


Behold the ultimate power of Yuu times four! CAN YOU SURVIVE THIS LEVEL OF CUTE!?

More supernatural stuff to enjoy next week with Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 05”

  1. Karakuri says:

    Sorry Fosh! I’ll join you again next week…. But yeah, that dancing was the single most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen in a looong time. It was almost UtaPri level. Almost.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I’m relieved there’s indication of plot development coming from the vampire ninjas. They have strange taste in attire. It’s either a cloak covering their clothes or a complete maid outfit. Hot spring scene FTW!!! I’m itching to see Kyoko again.

    Don’t these people clean up their house? Ayumu gets the crap beat out of him from Haruna and Sera, leaving blood stained walls and none of them cleaned it up.

    Of all the things for a supernatural character to get sick. I mean, there could be magic seals, curses and other spells but a simple thing as a fruit bringing down a necromancer? I admit that I didn’t see that one coming.

    Poor Ayumu. He’s being treated as a pervert when he’s one of the purest male character in ecchi animes I’ve seen (Well, not exactly pure with that little display with the fan). Anderson is the ultimate troll so far. I don’t care how pure you are. If you strip down to your underwear and blow gently on a girl that’s asleep, it’s going to be taken the wrong way. Sera’s drop kick attack was epic.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Yeah I always thought it was strange to see the vampire ninja dressed as maids, but the final episode of season one they busted out a epic concert to fight the monsters! I can’t wait to see them do that again…agreed Kyoko where the heck are you?! ESCAPE ALREADY.

      Pssshh nope! Seraphim is in charge of cleaning I guess, but we really never see them “clean” anyway…poor Ayumu he gets kicked around all the time and that stain on the wall was so hilarious xD

      Well sick Yuu = hnnngggg along with Haruna <3

      Ahahaha I died laughing when he molested that fan like that! That fan is the new OTP for Ayumu, but yeah he is one of the kindest male leads in a harem sort of like the main from C3? Anyway yeah that dance was amazing and Seraphim arrived at the worst time ever...OMG Anderson-Kun! WHY YOU BE TROLLING? Still it made for some good laughs for me and he is slowly becoming a interesting side character like Orito was in season one.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It was strange seeing them dressed as maids and that concert last season was epic. But who ever heard of vampires playing classical music, let alone play in an orchestra? Aside from hoping for Kyoko’s quick escape, what I want to see is Sera biting someone like she did Haruna last season or at least see Yuki or Saraswati take a bite out of somebody.

        If Sera’s in charge of cleaning up, it’s a safe bet she has the routine militarized given that she’s so strict. Ayumu’s body must be frail if he lets out that much blood whenever he makes contact with something.

        I don’t know if you know yet but there’s an extra episode. Episode 00. Which is strange because I didn’t realize there can be an episode 00 for any show. http://www.cyber12.com/page-Kore_wa_Zombie_Desuka_2.html

        Healthy or sick, Yuu always makes us go hnnngggg and Haruna makes it even better. Loved the part with both of them sleeping together. Yuu x Haruna FTW!!!

        Ayumu and C³’s Haruaki are the few leads that stand out among harem male leads. Sera has perfect timing. Perfect for her but hazardous for Ayumu. Her arriving at times like that should considered as the hour of judgment and she will dish out their punishment.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah I can’t wait to see Kyoko escape and finally show up! Lol classically trained ninja vampires oooh yeah the whole “recharging” thing Seraphim did to Yuu and Haruna? Good times.

          Poor Ayumu T___T

          Yeah the 2nd OVA came out not to long ago in fact I think it came out the same week? I wish it was out before OTD started since it looked like it bridges the gap between season one and two…it did have plenty of fan service and of course Yuu/Haruna acting so cute together.

          I can agree there Yuu is quite cute.

          I still want my C3 x Kore wa zombie crossover to happen…oh yes! They would match up so well I think ahahaha just imagine Fear meeting Yuu or even Haruna? Good god my brain would explode from all the Hnnnggg or maybe my heart? Either way.

  3. skylion says:

    Orange, you glad you love zombie themed anime?

    Quite pithy of you there…

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