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Ah, youth

HAH! I CAUGHT UP! TAKE THAT, DOUBTERS! There’s a reason for my taking forever to catch up. I really hate writing summaries. But it’s Acchi Kocchi, so yeah… I’ll just write my end thoughts now. Besides, who writes summaries in Metanorn now anyway? Shit is boring. (I do). Also, sorry for not replying the comments from previous post. Was busy last week. Not to mention that post is about two weeks old *sob*

Episode 6

So, finally it’s summer in Acchi Kocchi time. I always like it when an anime takes its time to actually bother with the season change. Seeing the little changes in the characters’ wardrobes and things like that is very pleasant for my eyes. If the introductory scene looks familiar, it’s because it’s a carbon copy of the first episode’s scenes with little modifications (such as the uniforms and the additional scene of Io blushing). While the similarity makes me feel nostalgic, I couldn’t help but feeling disappointed because of the similar feeling. I wanted something different. But oh well, at least I get to see Io blushing because of Tsumiki.

This looks familiar


Repetitive joke is getting on my nerves now. Guerilla game, Tsumiki being as strong as Hulk. All of that with the generic summer fanservice of cleaning the pool. My god, I wasn’t laughing at all. I even find the whole “Sakaki-san” thing to be lame. Episode six bored me…

… Until Part B, especially where the girls study at Io’s house. YYYYEESSSSSSSSSSS. YEEEEEESSSSS. The king of moe is finally alone with his harem! Seeing a ticked-off Io was definitely refreshing, but the highlight was Tsumiki! I just love it when a tsundere is having her bold moments. Since she’s a tsun, it makes the whole scene cuter. And since bold Tsumiki is cute, so of course, umbrella scene is definitely THE BEST of this episode. Tsumiki was acting super cute, and it’s the moment that I’ve been craving since episode one. I begged for some development between Io and Tsumiki, and they gave me!

Acchi Kocchi, where stalker behavior is totally alright

I want to be Mayoi


Definitely the best scene in this show so far. So yeah, Part A was boring, but Part B was worth every second of my life. Another plus of this episode is how expressive Io was. He’s more than just a lady killer with a generic moe face. His character is more alive now, and I like it.

Episode 7

Isn’t it a rule in anime to have at least one beach/hot spring episode? I was really surprised when the group decided to go to a village instead of beach. WHOA, they’re going to a VILLA! A little bit disappointed because I didn’t get to see Tsumiki in a bikini and Io half naked, but alas, god doesn’t want me to turn into a pedophile, so it all works out for the best. Considering how this is an all-age anime with a little romance, that’s probably the reason why this wasn’t a beach episode. Still, it was pretty refreshing to see anime characters barbecuing meats instead of barbecuing their skin- I mean, tanning. Me gusta.

They’re not sunbathing!

Since this whole episode is all about the group being a bunch of naturalists in a secluded area somewhere in a mountain, there was no Part B. Well, I think. I forgot. But yeah, I like how the anime crew decided not to divide this episode into two parts. Honestly, why can’t they do that in every episode? This is always the problem when a studio is animating a 4-koma manga. Sometimes I wish that this show has a proper plot to make it less random. But hey, if that happens, this won’t be Acchi Kocchi so I shouldn’t be complaining (I just did).

Things anime characters should do instead of going to the beach

This episode was entertaining because of its new setting, but my favorite part will always be those Io x Tsumiki moments. I am REALLY GLAD the last two episodes have been focusing more on the relationship between the two. Tsumiki is getting braver and braver, and Io has been showering Tsumiki more attention than he did before. With Io giving special treatment to Tsumiki, I am sure as hell that he genuinely likes her. I’ve always doubted his feelings for Tsumiki. However, remembering his answer when his friend asked him in episode six what he wants in a girl (“I want to see her smile”), now I’m convinced that he likes Tsumiki (Tsumiki was showing her usual poker face when Io looked at the girls). I’m so happy that there’s BIG PROGRESS between the two, and I hope they can be more than just friends by the time this anime ends.

Small but precious moments

Preview: Err I was too distracted with the kindergarten stuff. But hey, it’s going to air in two more days (and I’ll write about it two weeks later *sob*)

VERY distracting


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5 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi – 06 – 07”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    *adds more manga to my ptr list*

    Shoujo-ai isn’t my favorite thing in the whole world, but I’ve had Sasamekikoto on my plan-to-read list for a while because it looks so sweet. I’ll probably go on and begin reading now after hearing someone’s opinion on it who’s I know is trustworthy.

    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun isn’t my favorite manga in the world, but it’s pretty good so far. I especially got excited after hearing about the anime. Especially since Brain’s Base and Kimi ni Todoke’s director is going to be doing it! Now I’m super excited! I swear, not enough shoujo anime gets released. At least, not noteworthy ones. Ah, but I love opposite couples too~ Haru and Shizuku are super adorable!

    Read the first couple of chapters of Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi a few months ago and it’s certainly got a unique premise. You would think that something with a premise such as that would be smutty, but it’s actually pretty sweet. I’ll have to pick it up again.

  2. skylion says:

    If we don’t vote this the best show of the season, something is seriously wrong with us.

  3. Kyokai says:

    The cuteness levels have fabulous maxed!

    • skylion says:

      Not quite yet, with the track record of each show topping the last, I would say fabulous max is getting closer…

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