Acchi Kocchi 04-05

Yes, that’s a cat catching Frisbee


Gah, I’m totally behind now. Sorry >.< I’ll make sure I catch up with the latest episode this week/next week.

Episode 4

For some reason which I forgot already, the school was empty earlier than usual that day. I think it was because of last-minute self-study or something? Anyhow, since the school was empty, Mayoi suggests to play Kick the Can. Everybody gets pretty excited about it (except the traumatized Hime and indifferent Io-Tsumiki couple). Kana-Hime-Sakaki-Io make the Kicker team, while Mayoi-Saki-Kyouya-Tsumiki make the Guard & Catch Team. And as Hime feared, the game turns into a war that no normal human beings can survive. Because of some trickery, Io manages to kick the can, so Mayoi’s team loses. Of course, Mayoi had to do the “There’s-still-another-can!” gag, which the rest reply with big “NO!”

Kick the Can is srs bsns

Io and Sakaki get invited to be the guests of school’s radio’s daily break session. Nothing much happens except that Io and Sakaki don’t answer the listeners’ questions properly. The host did the same thing, so I guess it’s a normal routine? Oh, and also, Io made the entire female students body suffer nosebleeds. That’s nothing new. He made me nosebleed too.

“Hey, anime characters! You’re watching anime right now!”

Obviously not the best advice for love confession

Episode 5

Yearly checkup time! Something I’ve never experienced since my school never did that. Ehm, it seems that Hime is growing sideways, and Tsumiki’s chest is larger. Mayoi had to bring up the no-difference-can-be-seen comment on Tsumiki’s chest, so let’s just say that Mayoi isn’t feeling so well after her comment. Oh, Mayoi’s chest is literally growing, but it’s pretty obvious. Also, Io and Sakaki are taller now.

Time for another guerilla game now. Io’s pretty fired up for this volleyball since the loser has to buy the limited edition breads from the canteen. Io’s secretly a glutton. Poor Tsumiki couldn’t get into the same team as Io’s. After an inhuman game and lots of accidents, Tsumiki-Sakaki-Saki team is declared the winner. Too bad, Io.

Not even Tsumiki can makes Io this fired up (I’m sorry, Tsumiki)

This is what volleyball should be all about

Like how it was mentioned in Part A, Tsumiki and her close acquaintances are having a picnic at some unnamed park. The guerilla game this time is Frisbee, where Sakaki and Mayoi are taking the blows a little bit too much, but it’s fine because that’s the very reason of their existence.

The group is supposed to be eating, but somehow they’re distracted with Io’s fans that happen to be cats. They’re friendly but kill when one pets them too much. Mayoi learned this the hard way. Tsumiki gets jealous because Io keeps petting the cats, and that somehow leads to a NNGGHH scene. Anyhow, it seems that cats are Io’s slaves since they’re willing to do anything for Io. Even catching Frisbees.

Next thing you know, the cats will take over earth


Moar Cats:

What Io does to the girls’ hearts every day

Being Hime is suffering

Obligatory tsun Tsumiki

That moment where anime characters find out that they’re anime characters

Hang in there, Mayoi!

Er, yeah, half-assed effort on the summary. But who cares? Everybody watched it already, and last week too. *sob* Just like Rakuen said in the previous Acchi Kocchi post, episode four was great. The guerilla game is getting better and better, with the characters powering up more than ever in every new episode that has guerilla warfare. It was definitely entertaining to see the characters creerunning (creeping and running) on the walls, just like Spider-Man. I know they’re very illogical ad lame somehow, but hey, that’s the whole point of this! Acchi Kocchi has been doing a good job of engaging the audience with its stress-free material. No drama, no angst, just pure fun!

The character highlight for episode four and five is obviously Sakaki. He’s just SO AWESOME with his lame jokes and advices. No, seriously, I am not kidding. Sakaki’s jokes are pretty refreshing for me because it’s been a while since I see an anime character that’s as creative as Sakaki. I find his jokes to be original somehow because this is the first time I’ve come across them. At least, one won’t find Sakaki’s jokes in every 5 anime.  Man, Sakaki is just plain awesome.

Now, the bad of Acchi Kocchi. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s stress-free. The guerilla games are definitely fun. Unfortunately, it’s getting too repetitive. I’m laughing at how the characters are playing games right now. However, if I see the same pattern in every episode, I’m seriously going to slap my laptop because by then it’s going to be boring. Heck, it’s not even as funny as it was now. There needs to be new materials, new jokes, something new to hook the audience. Also, what the heck is up with the relationship between Io and Tsumiki? I want some progress, damn it. It’s been five episodes and there’s no progress at all. I hope there will be some progress in episode six, no games and better animation!


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5 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi 04-05”

  1. Gecko says:

    I agree, Io and Tsumiki need to hurry up and get something moving already. Seriously, Mayoi and Hime should be helping Tsumiki instead of fangirling over Io with her. They stress me out for some reason. And Sakaki should be helping Io understand what’s up with Tsumiki.
    Although I have to say that Io is kind of annoying. He says all these things that make us think “Oh, he’s great!” but then he’s clueless about Tsumiki. Seriously, how can he be that clueless? All she does is blush around him.
    As for the animation, I agree that it’s not amazing, although their arrow design patterns are well-thought-out for this kind of show. I just wish the characters would do more and maybe stop being chibis constantly. Oh well.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Why is this anime so HNNNGG? I mean, cute faces make me melt. WTH is dis!

  3. skylion says:

    There has been progress; it takes it’s time, and the steps are very slight, but they are there.

    And, if you haven’t seen the seventh; prepare for the best one yet. I won’t get your hopes up, no real change, but Io finally stands a bit taller in his feelings for Tsumiki. It’s a perfect blend of fuwa fuwa and comedy.

    And it goes without saying, despite the apparent lack of relationship progress, this remains near the top of my fave Spring 2012 shows.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Oh my god the kick the can episode was freaking hilarious and great because of a certain green haired character(Kana Miyama)voiced by Konno Hiromi aka Hakase from Nichijou! <3

    This series was slow at the start for me but damn after the first four or five episodes I was hooked! I guess it is all the cute character designs and lovey dovey feel from the two mains together.

    Blood all over the place, but in a cute way <3

  5. lvlln says:

    Sakaki is good, but Mayoi is just such an awesome character. Her way of escalating things is hilarious to watch.

    I was disappointed by the presentation of the disc tossing in this episode. The basic throws aren’t very complicated, and it would’ve taken them 30 seconds on YouTube to figure out how they should look. Believable depiction of sports is not something anime is known for, but I wish that weren’t the case.

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