Shirokuma Cafe – 02

While you’re asleep in the morning, pandas are doing tai chi in their backyard.~

Is it just me, or does the opening for Shirokuma Cafe sound like a Kpop song? There’s something about the sound and the lyrics that screams Kpop to me; I have no idea why. Anyway, let’s get back to these exotic animals that casually eat at a cafe!

It’s another lazy, crowded day at Polar Bear’s Cafe and Panda and Penguin talk about their ideas for their own cafes. While Panda wants to have a very panda-esque cafe that only serves variations of bamboo, Penguin wants a cafe (really a sushi bar) that serves fresh raw fish and the best sake. Llama gets into the conversation by proposing his own cafe where customers feed llamas and adore them. In the end, Polar Bear decides that Llama’s idea is the best, while Miss Sasako’s idea for a cafe never gets discussed…

Seeing the cherry blossoms fall, Polar Bear proposes a cherry blossom viewing party to which the whole gang, including Sloth, attend. Penguin feels that no one gets the point of a cherry blossom viewing party as they are more considered about eating then anything. As he drinks, he tries to get them to do activities for fitting for the party, and soon gets drunk. When they finally do more fitting activities, Penguin has already passed out.

Penguin wakes up and goes off into another tangent. He reveals to everyone that he likes another penguin named Miss Penko, who works part-time at a bakery, then starts reciting poems and confessing his love to Panda, who he thinks is Miss Penko. The two go for a walk, but Penguin passes out again. At sunset, the gang goes home, with Penguin being carried by Llama. Sloth finally makes it back to the tree, but everyone has already gone, except Polar Bear. The two sit under the three and quietly admire the night blossoms together. The new morning, Penguin comes into the cafe still not knowing what he said the previous day, until everyone starts easing him about his crush on Miss Penko~.

Extra lulz~

Because a panda wearing a panda suit makes so much sense…

Even this show ships Kamiyan and Ono.

Polar Bear is so punny (LAME CAPTION I KNOW)

Oh silly Sasako, only exotic animals can own cafes! It’s the show’s law! Anyways, thanks to this show, I want to experience a cherry blossom viewing party as well. I think it’d be interesting! Though I’d probably end up like Panda  (who I’ve officially declared as my spirit animal) and care more about eating than anything else. Episode-wise, I did like that section of the episode more than the first one about their ideas for their own cafe, but more on why later. So, while we’ve gotten to peak of Panda’s life, and a little bit of Penguin’s, I’m waiting for a peek at Polar Bear’s life! Polar Bear seems like a mysterious character to me. He’s quite quiet and very little is shown of him outside the cafe, other than that sweet clip of Sloth and him watching the night blossoms. I feel (or maybe want to) believe there’s something more to Polar Bear; like, why did he open the cafe? Is there some philosophical idea behind it, or did he just want to do it? I think I may be reading too much into this now…

BUT GUYS, DAISUKE ONO IS A LLAMA. A LLAMA. These seiyuu-animal pairings are getting better and better, but unfortunately for me, the comedy isn’t so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this episode, but I’ve only been slightly entertained, tittering very closely on the edge of being pretty bored. While most of the jokes fell flat for me, but I did find the whole Mr. Penguin being drunk thing hysterical! Watching drunk people is already funny as it is, but seeing a penguin being drunk is even better (especially along with Kamiyan’s voice). Where the rest of the comedy fails for me, it at least makes up for in creating a nice, relaxed vibe, just like a cafe where you can sit quietly and enjoy some coffee would have. The episodes themselves feel like a soothing cup of coffee I can relax with after a long week. I’m still getting used to Shirokuma Cafe’s pace amongst the more faster paced and fangirl-y shows I’m watching along with this, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting their next adventure that will hopefully give me a few more laughs than it did this week~.


So this is going to be one of those shows were the preview actually doesn’t show a preview, but instead some lulz-y commentary? I can live with that! Until next week then~!!


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9 Responses to “Shirokuma Cafe – 02”

  1. Kyokai says:

    This is made of so much win~

  2. tatsuya says:

    ……(x-_-)..can’t think well ~~

  3. Karakuri says:

    …I actually found this episode funnier than the first one thanks to the drunk penguin xD. Also, I would totally support a llama cafe if they were all voiced by Ono Daisuke. Even the female one. xDD

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh god, drunk penguin. Best part~

  5. Gecko says:

    I think you’re right- the opening is like a kpop song! Lots of auto-tune, Engrish, and crazy hyperness.
    Mr Penguin being drunk ended up being pretty funny, although I didn’t really laugh… This show’s relaxed vibe is just so relaxed that I can really only watch and sigh happily. I’m really seeing a lot of Aria vibes coming along, except it’s with a cafe instead of gondolas. I’m hoping for a little bit of adventure somewhere in this show, although I have no idea where this show is going…
    I’m going to keep watching. I need the chill out vibes as my big tests come up once again this year~

  6. Joojoobees says:

    I liked the Panda wearing a panda costume as the best joke, but if screen caps of drunk penguins were money I would now be a wealthy man.

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