Sankarea – 03

Being Chihiro is suffering.

The Noitamina slot (also on Thursdays) is amazing, but somehow I’m more excited for Sankarea than even Kids on the Slope and Tsuritama. Sankarea has impressed me, to say the least, and I can’t wait to see more. ;D
Seeing that preview, I’m more than excited for episode three now. Let’s hope the relationship between Rea and his father will be severed in this episode since I just can’t stand the father’s very existence.

Sanka Rea wakes up from her “suicide,” tricked into thinking that even the world doesn’t allow her to die without knowing the true nature of the potion. Rea continues her daily morning façade with her parents but later finds out that her father commands his subordinate to cut off Chihiro’s manhood as warning. Wanting to save Chihiro, Rea sneaks out to warn him, not noticing that her mother sees her escaping. Thankfully, Rea’s mother said nothing to the pedobear father.

This goes beyond “dysfunctional.”

While Rea is looking for Chihiro (even to the extent of going to Chihiro’s school and talking to Chihiro’s friends), Chihiro tried to calm the undead Babu with numerous tricks. However, Chihiro ends up having to follow Babu into numerous strange places (and leaving Wanko in the middle of a shaft, only to end up being at the cliff where Rea almost fall. Turns out that the cliff is nearby Rea’s house! Babu also starts eating hydrangea leaves, giving more surprise to Chihiro. As if that’s not enough, Chihiro sees Rea walking at the path of the cliff.

“Don’t look at me like that, this will totally work …”

Rea is planning to wait for Chihiro in the abandoned building, explaining her walking on the path. Suddenly her father appears out of nowhere behind, telling Rea to go back home. Rea snaps and slaps her father’s hand away, begging him to give her daughter freedom. Unfortunately pedobear refuses and tries to drag the struggling Rea. Babu comes to the rescue, hissing and all to Rea’s allergic father. As the ecstatic Rea “talks” to the undead Babu, Rea’s father takes out a whip and tries to whip Babu away… Only ends up whipping Rea because Rea shielded Babu.

A sharp branch injured Rea as she falls from the cliff, opening her stomach. While the three (Chihiro, pedobear, and pedobear’s butler) are shocked for a while over Rea’s dead body on the ground, Rea slowly gets up and approaches the confused Chihiro. Having red eyes now, Rea demands Chihiro to take responsibility over her change, which Chihiro replied with a “yes.”

“What have you done … m-my hydrangeas are ruined!”

Here’s your zombie girlfriend Chihiro, NOW LOVE HER. :<

Zombies and Stuff:

This might be the last fanservice you ever see considering she’s trapped in a pipe somewhere.

I want to blame him, but he’s too cute. (╥﹏╥)

Sankarea just keeps getting more and more intense, delivering one of my favorite episodes of the week. Anaaga brings up a really good point in her thoughts that also crossed my mind this week when I noticed Babu eating the hydrangea leaves. I remember last week it was said that Chihiro’s grandfather enjoys hydrangea leaves, and to be honest the old man looks REALLY zombie-like with the green skin and his weird personality, so like anaaga said that would probably mean Chihiro is partially a zombie as well … I guess. That scene led me to doing a lot of speculation, but who other than zombies would eat poisonous flowers! ><

One thing I’ve been enjoying a lot so far is the animation/art direction. They’re using a TON of lens flare effects (I believe that’s what they’re called) and I really enjoy the way it looks, especially in brighter scenes like at the end of the episode. I don’t see that often in anime, unless I’m missing it or it’s not as prominent/in your face. This episode was beautiful though! Especially the ending I was in awe at how amazing everything looked, DEEN I think you just won over a new fan! One criticism however would be the censorship … I recall back in episode one we got too see some gore in all it’s glory, but now it’s being covered up, I don’t get it!

Since anaaga touched on Rea’s father, I’ll talk a little more about her mother since she proved to be a more interesting character this week than last. I’m still unsure if her feelings towards Rea are of pure jealousy or a mixture of that and hatred. Can a mother really HATE her daughter for a reason like that? Doesn’t she see that it’s not Rea’s fault her husband is a creep, but it’s actually his own fault instead? The scene where Rea’s mother tried to get her husband’s attention while Rea was escaping was peculiar because it brought up three opposing possibilities, either she was trying to save Rea from her father finding her missing, OR in some weird way she’s happy that her daughter in becoming more independent and free from her father’s grasp, OR she was taking advantage of the situation and trying to get him to show some affection. I’m leaning towards the latter, though I would love to believe in the former, but at this point I’m thinking Rea’s mother views her daughter as a rival, not as family, which is really sad.

So the ending was quite the shocker, well maybe not in a plot sort-of-way, but the direction it took was a surprise to me. I honestly didn’t think Chihiro would actually witness Rea being … eh, “opened up” right in front of him. Her death was probably inevitable, at that point I would say Rea was suicidal anyway, but man, I didn’t think it’d happen like that! So that leaves me with a big question, where will the story go now? I’m assuming Rea’s father will remain a villain, with the added necrophilia, and perhaps we’ll be getting more into the “romantic comedy” aspect that I’ve heard is a part of the story. Whatever happens, this show has been outstanding so far and I’m excited for more! Until next time, later!~

Before you read my end thoughts, please note that I am writing under the influence of heavy medicine from my doctor. I am sleepy, and my mind is not straight right now. So if I write something weird, I AM SORRY. Now moving on…

Ah, Sankarea made my day. Another great episode of it which makes me more curious about what’s going to happen. Still the flawless animation, although it’s not as memorable as last week’s animation. The animation highlight for this week has got to be that moment where Sanka Rea falls from the cliff. The windy effect given around her falling body gives an early impression that it’s going to hurt. That moment where Chihuaro’s face lookf as if it’s being split into two? The “blood” in the middle? The different expressions split Chihiro’s face had? The sound effect? I actually squirmed when that scene happened because the animation triggered my brain to imagine the same thing happening to me. I gotta say, imagining your own intestine coming out from your own stomach ain’t pretty at all.

One thing that baffled me the most in this episode is Sanka Rea’s father way of wanting to punish Chihiro. Cutting Chihiro’s manhood? Really? Does it have to be that extreme? I can’t help but thinking that Sanka Rea’s father feels inferior about himself. First, he wants to dominate his little daughter in every way possible no matter what. Second, he wants to cut Chihiro’s manhood. Is he… Is he impotent ineffective sexually? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much. Maybe he is just a pedobear.

Speaking about Chihiro, I officially believe that he’s a zombie. Babu eating hydrangea leaves is a proof of that. Well, more like Chihiro’s father eating hydrangea leaves… Chihiro’s father looks like a normal human though, so maybe Chihiro is half-zombie? How the hell can a zombie marry human? Welp, this is anime after all. Either way, Chihiro said that he’s going to take responsibility of what happened to Sanka Rea. How is he going to do it? Marry her? Make her live with him? I’m curious now.

Preview: With Rea brought back to life Chihiro will not only have to find a way to heal her gutted body, but adjust to living with a zombie too! (That’ll be a tough one to explain to the family …)


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19 Responses to “Sankarea – 03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This is the most emotional episode yet. I continue to hate Rea’s father the more I see him. Not only was he a pedophile but he was controlling, even with what he planned to do to Chihiro. I would’ve loved to throw that bastard over that cliff instead. The mother is a bitch for seeing the situation and doing nothing but getting drunk. I would say she was jealous of her daughter the moment the husband lost interest in her.

    The grandfather was suspiscious to me from the first episode with the soul-less look in his eyes and the pale green skin but the fact he was eating the same leaves as Babu makes it more believeable that he is a zombie. But other than Rea, who’s just been brought back, I think he’s the only one in the house since Chihiro looks normal despite his necrophilia. I can’t say about the sister, though. She seems more like a ghost than a zombie.

    Rea’s death to resurrection was graphic. What could be worse than being sliced open like that, and by a tree stump? Her transition was quick as if almost instantanious. The bummer was that her wound was censored when it was uncensored in the first episode. Chihiro’s reaction of disbelief was well executed. I wanted to know what was on his mind. Now he has his zombie girlfriend. How will things go from here?

    • skylion says:

      Her wound was not technically censored in the first episode; just framed in a creative way. It was defintaly, and foolishly censored here. Bummer barely covers it for me; steamed up is more like it. I despise this form of censorship; especially since the staff will gleefully give in to a silent majority of folk that refuse to either a) build some tolerance to the not at all real thing on the tv box b)not watch something that is billed as zombie c)change the channel. Then the staff can double dip with media sales.
      I mean I hate most pop music, but you don’t see me whining about blanking the screen and going mute when stuff I don’t like comes on American Idol. I either a)tolerate it til it goes away and forget about it b)don’t watch. Sometimes, I have to cause…well, GF likes some of it.

      Steamed off now.

      Great show, good pacing, all the drama in the right places. I felt the dude chest rub was a bit in the wrong place. What the F was that? If it’s character development, then awwwwkward. But then, Meiko gave off some rather feminine vibes. Could he be a she?

      Yeah, we are pretty much designed not to have a single shred of mercy or forgiveness for PapaPedoBear. Which is something I really don’t like in a narrative sense. It makes his character rather flat, and what Rea rebels against more or less diminished. It’s almost too unbelievable. Dude has to have something that makes him a human being.

      • anaaga says:

        Framed… that’s the word!

        And I thought you’re married?

        It’s hard to see Pedobear as a human being seeing how he treated Sanka Rea. I’m pretty sure there is something though, and that something is probably the one that triggered his actions (to Sanka Rea)

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    This season’s romance shows are kinda weird. Ghost girl, drool girl, and officially now Zombie girl. Who will win by the end of this season?

    • anaaga says:

      My vote goes to the zombie girl because she’s the most intriguing so far. Ghost girl had her chance, but the pace of the anime maker her somehow boring at times. And drool girl… Sorry, but ex-diplomat’s daughters and drools don’t get along well

    • Hawthorne says:

      Only watching this one atm so I’ll have to go with zombie girl as well! (Definitely will be checking out drool girl in the future, probably not ghost girl though.)

  3. lvlln says:

    I think Sankarea takes the title for dark horse hit of the season. Did anybody predict this show being this good? As you say, Hawthorne, the art direction is and has been superb, filled with eye candy that makes this show fun just to watch. It was at its best during Rea’s fall as you said, Anaaga. Great sequence of shots and sound effects, turning what could’ve been just another predictable death into a spectacle. I did feel a little cheated at first when Rea woke up not having died, but this death scene proper made up for it easily and then some.

    Also, anyone else think that Rea’s mom is a dead ringer for Kagenui Yozuru?

    • anaaga says:

      WHOOAAA I just realized how Rea’s mom look alike with Kagenui… Somehow. Maybe this is why she has a screw loose in her head. They might be related somehow (implying that CLAMP’s theory about other worlds and the existence of another self is true)

    • Hawthorne says:

      Woahhh … nice comparison, the eyes are especially similar! (I like Kagenui’s hair better though. xp)

      I definitely did not expect this show to be this great. I was really only tuning in because I heard the mention of zombies, and being zombie-fan I had to check it out! I’m glad it was much more than I expected though.

  4. tatsuya says:

    F ..just because this picture ..i have to read fakku

  5. Iiwakenokuma says:

    I’m going to be honest; this series really intrigues me. I want to watch it, yet cannot bring myself to. Why? Because I relate to the tortured female main all too much. Having the same sort of possessive sire who demands you as his property instead of your own person. I’m almost 30 and only now have broken free of his grasp so I feel Sankarea’s sorrow and agony to the point reading about it makes me tear up recalling similar situations.

    And yet this sort of reaction is one of the marks of a truly powerful storyline.

    • anaaga says:

      Thirty years is a long time.
      It’s ok for you not to watch this anime. Anime is supposed to be something that makes one feel entertained instead of sorrow. Maybe when you’re ready later, you can watch it.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Thanks for sharing that liwakenokuma, it sounds like you had a rough time in the past and I’m sorry for that, but I agree with anaaga on this, if it only brings up sorrow than maybe now’s not the right time! Anime is supposed to bring up happy feelings right? ^^

      • liwakenokuma says:

        Thank you for the kind words 🙂 It’s currently a bit of a morbid interest at the moment (will probably continue reading about here on Metanorn), but I really do think it’s a fantastic story for inciting such strong reactions from so many people–not just myself!

  6. Jrow says:

    I think this is an interesting time for Sankarea to see if it truly can keep up. With so many anime being lauded at this early stage in the Spring season, Sankarea has had its big moment happen in episode 3. I figure that the animation style will keep consistent (hopefully), but once we’re more used to Rea as a zombie, will the show be as compelling as these first few episodes have been? I prefer to label my thoughts as “cautiously optimistic”.

    • anaaga says:

      In a way, maybe she will. As a zombie, we’ll see how she passes her days and how she beahves. Sanka Rea will become a test subject for the audience I guess?

    • Hawthorne says:

      Hm, for me I think that depends on how drastically the zombie virus affects Rea’s personality. It gave Babu a pretty obvious change, so I have to wonder if she’ll still have that innocent, sheltered demeanor! I’d love it if the virus influences Rea to get back at her creepy father though.

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