Kore wa zombie of the dead – 03

Haruna-“Good news! This operation will not be included in your bill Mr. Crackers.”

So another week of zombie love~ So this week look like… I have no idea. Maybe more Kyoko?
Well, hello, Korean zombie desk car aka Kore wa zombie desu ka!? Are you enjoying this off the wall series as much as me? I sure hope so. I mean with characters like Chris-chan, Haruna and Seraphim running around, what more could we want? Anyway onto the review of episode three with my epic tag partner Kara! Enjoy.

Plot this week has Yuki learning to dance from the master Ayumu along with Haruna-chan.

Sorry, BUTT, I don’t celebrate national vampire ninja holidays!

Starting this episode, we follow Seraphim and Sarasvati together as they chat about Ayumu’s butt where Sarasvati openly confesses her love for his rear or “butt love” as she calls it! Just what is this girl even thinking?! Anyway the following day Seraphim is completely quiet as she takes a few random glances at Ayumu’s butt to see why her rival ninja vampire is so interested in him. Also Haruna’s Mystletainn is currently stuck in recovery mode for a while and Ayumu has a phone call with Dai-sensei about the repair process. Sadly he finds out it will take a long time; however, that does not stop Haruna from taking it apart and attempting some emergency surgery with Yuu as her special assistant to repair her magical weapon.

Haruna-“Welcome to pimp my magical weapon…today I will pimp this thing out with spinners and bling!”

Haruna-“I CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!”                 Ayumu-“It hasn’t even been five minutes…”

Haruna works throughout the entire night to repair Mystletainn and successfully completes the operation or does she? Because Ayumu tries to erase the students memories to clear his name of any popularity, but instead of saving his reputation, his attempt destroys Mystletainn all over again… Way to go zombie bro! Thankfully Seraphim was around to kick his ass; which magically sparkled in the moonlight for some strange reason…

Seraphim-“I must…look away…his ass is way too powerful…”

After that bit of strange fun, Ayumu goes to school and deals with his friend Orito who has been acting very strange lately. And by strange I am referring to his new found “love” for the great Ayumu, but he isn’t the only guy acting odd around him as in Anderson-kun, that random blond kid from their class…I think that mysterious character might be way into Yaoi? And naturally Ayumu runs away seeking out Chris-chan to listen to some of her drunken advice about courage. Yes sweet drunken courage for the freaking win!

Chris-chan-“The answer is easy! KILL ALL THE UNICORNS!”              Ayumu-“Uh…sure…let me find a unicorn.”

While Ayumu deals with his unusual life, Yuki is alone doing some dance training with Sarasvati because Yuki is going to become a background dancer in one of her concerts, but she is struggling with this new steps that causes everyone around her to get curses and pass out from the affects.  So, Haruna and Ayumu help Yuki practice her dance, however when it comes to the actual live performance, the cursed dance causes the audience to fall into a trance where they start to dance just like Ayumu, Yuki and Haruna…even Yuu and Seraphim are unable to resist the strange side effects. The episode ends afterwards with Dai-sensei interrogating Kyoko for information on the King of Night. I wonder if he will rise again. All I know so far is Kyoko desperately wants her revenge!

Seraphim-“If I had the energy, I would kill you two…”                Yuki-“This is the dance of JUSTICE!!!”

Orito-“Dude…this towel is the towel of my true feelings for you.”                 Ayumu-“Thanks? I guess?”

Yuki-“That dance floored me so hard…”                  Haruna-“This stage sure has clean floors.”

Sarasvati-“Live on my sparking ass of destiny…live…on.”

Kyoko-“So, are we doing a scene from Guilty Crown?”             Dai-sensei-“OH HELL NO! I AM SO OUT OF HERE.”

Kyoko-“Come back! I have to show you my greatest COOOOOL!!!”

Extra undead fun

Haruna-“Now hold still…this might hurt…kukukuku.”

I need some anti-HNNNNGGG shots stat!

Random man service shot of the week! Enjoy.

I want to be your other friend, Chris-chan.


Serasvati-“Your ass is not hot enough for me…”                   Yuki-“Noooooooooo!!”

End thoughts

OH MY GOD, THE DANCING. W-Why was Ayumu so good at it?! ( …What does it even have to do with the storyline?) Once again, Korezom just kind of… throws things in there. Sarasvati’s concert was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t really serve a purpose other than prove that Ayumu wants Yuki to stay, Yuki and Haruna can’t dance, Ayumu can dance like a MOFO and Sarasvati has an extreme obsession with Ayumu’s ass. …Oh, and throw something in there about Ayumu being extremely helpful/ selfless. …So the plot isn’t advancing whatsoever (or at least that’s not what they’re focusing on), but at least the dancing is fabulous. There was also that BL scene which came out of NOWHERE. The randomness is funny for the most part, but it still seems like the flow of the story has fallen apart since the last season…

I don’t know about any of you, but I had forgotten that Haruna was a self proclaimed genius, so this episode was a reminder that she IS actually talented. Though of course, she forgot an important part during the repairs, so Ayumu is still SOL. Typical. Surprisingly enough this episode, Sera wasn’t her normal self thanks to her conversation with Sarasvati.  …Does this mean that she might actually get character development? If that’s true, it would be amazing since she’s been the most static character of them all. There’s also the possibility that she was just subdued this episode to have her around without having her overshadow Yuki and Haruna, but hopefully it means character development. Character development over contemplating someone’s ass fetish… Yeah, that sounds about right for this show.

So long story short, what’s bugging me the most about this anime is just one gag after another with little to no relevance to the plot (…though I’ll admit, the gags are funny).  Back when Ayumu was trying to find his murderer, the story had some kind of direction, but these days it’s just one mini event after the other. Last episode was great for Yuki’s character development, but this one was… questionable unless you count Orito’s little speech near the end. I’m still waiting on Kyoko to finally get her revenge and Chris to play a bigger role since that will mean plot progress, but until then this plot is going nowhere fast. …Maybe I’ll get over it next episode, but it’s unlikely.

Fufufufu this episode was a lot of fun this week! Why? The fantastic dancing! I almost forgot about season one when Ayumu tried to dance for Yuu, but this time he brought back some new dance moves. Maybe he trained under the great TK from Angel Beats? Anyway, zombies are great dancers and what the hell was with Yuki’s strange cursed dance? That dance is so powerful it literay makes you want to join in just ask Ayumu…I did laugh watching Yuu’s arm shaking and Seraphim fight the urge to pass out a few times! There is something hilarious when you see an anime character laying on the ground after an epic face-plant or maybe when a character suffers a nosebleed from an ecchi themed onii-chan quote?

So, yeah we had plenty of smooth moves from Yuki, Haruna and Ayumu…so just what the hell is wrong with Orito? I swear at any moment now he is going to openly confess his ultimate love for Ayumu. Not to mention Anderson-kun who is not helping matters; however, the ladies need their random BL moment with all the breast physics you can find throughout this episode so it evens out right? I did enjoy my weekly dose of DRUNKEN MOE GIRL! Yep good old Chris-chan is always around to offer some off the wall advice to Ayumu, but I am waiting for that character to do something else other than looking cute, while drunk off her ass…or do you think she is just the newest gag character in the series?

Haruna’s operation scene with Yuu was so hilarious! I loved the fact that Haruna actually played along with her for a few moments, but the reactions from Haruna were priceless to watch. So what do you think Dai-Sensei is really up to with Kyoko’s interrogation? I know Kyoko is hiding something very important about the King of Night but what? And is Dai-Sensei going to come out as this season’s big boss character?! I would kind of laugh at that, however that character doesn’t look to be “evil”; then again I really had no idea that Kyoko would get revealed as a midlevel boss from the previous season; so anything is possible especially from this series.


Soon we will run out room for all the tiny Yuu’s!

Go home master? Ayumu who are you calling master!? Probably Haruna…


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15 Responses to “Kore wa zombie of the dead – 03”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Oh god, this episode. So much LULZ.

    • Foshizzel says:

      ahahah yes! There were so many lulz moments in this episode like dancing and random BL moments? Good stuff for everyone.

  2. skylion says:

    Plot? Other, far weaker shows, always go for that Oh So Obvious plot development route. They do not have half the courage of OTD.

    Like Haruna’s personality, this show refuses to be anything else but itself. It’s like any idea by the committee is automatically approved and done. If that committee were composed of: the tiny people that live under my chair, the moldy, yet quite intelligent, tuna casserole stuck in the back of the fridge, and former President Bill Clinton (Hey, ya’ll should have a hot chick dig a guys ass. Makes her a hot vampire chick. I dig vampire chicks…you guys read Twilight?).

    Thanks for the review guys.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, OTD pushes the envelope farther than most would dare to go. That’s what makes so enjoyable because it isn’t afraid to cross certain bounderies.

      If that’s how things get approved and done, I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve. Forget such things like committees and what not. Haruna has a one track mind and combined with her arrogance and pride, once she get’s an idea, no one can tell otherwise. She has the makings of an iron fisted dictator. That’s why she’s one of my favorites.

      And the Twilight thing you mentioned. I haven’t read the books, my female relatives have (obviously). But I saw the movies and in retrospect, it’s not as innocent as the fans so strongly insist. I guess they’re too busy swooning over the lead characters to notice what’s beneath the surface like the development around the girl. What I think she was trying to gain after meeting her vamp lover was sex and immortality.

      Here’s what I remember:
      – Second movie, she was complaining about growing old and dying so she insisted on being turned but he left trying to “protect” her. She used the wolf boy for comfort and when she saw one of lover’s relatives, she saw it as a sign that he came back and ready to drop the wolf on the spot.
      – Third movie, she was trying to get the her boyfriend in bed and have sex but he said he’ll do that and turn her on the condition that she marries him. Sounds like entrapment, doesn’t it?
      – First half of the last installment of the franchise, they got married and wasted no time getting into bed and started fooling around (at least 3 times, tearing the bedroom apart in the process each time) and at the end of the first half, she got what she wanted (immortality) and became one of them. Sounds like pure ambition to me.

      Uh, honestly, what was so innocent in that whole bunch after looking at it in that angle? Are they serious? The only thing that raised the eyebrows for me was that she was drinking human blood while pregnant and still being human.

      • skylion says:

        Oddly, my reference to reading Twilight was a question asked by my fake President Bill Clinton.

        I already had plenty to do with that franchise when it was called Buffy the Vampire Slayer; which I should have had my fill of when it was called Dark Shadows.

        Oh, crap, I just laid down the hipster, didn’t I? ::sigh::

        But, I like my vampire-ninja’s just fine in Desu Ka. Especially when they dig that sweat ass-love.

        Haruna would make a fine waifu….

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah I have a feeling the actual plot is on the way in the form of Kyoko eventually breaking out of magical girl prison or the return of the king of night? Either way I hope something is in the works.

      LOLOLOL yep! Gotta love those crazy ninja vampires <3 <3 at least I find them to be entertaining even though one of them is all about dat undead ass.


      • BlackBriar says:

        I think the plot has a big part waiting for Chris as well. I don’t think they’ll keep her constantly being drunk and there might be more to her than meets the eye. This is a wild guess but I think she knows Dai-sensei and knows a few things about magic.

        YES!!! I do love those vampire ninjas!!! They’re addictive. Each one has something that makes them likeable even if one of them is continually stalking a guy’s rear end.

        • Foshizzel says:

          You know what? I think you are right! I would laugh my ass off if Chris and Dai-Sensei were working together or we learn Chris is actually the mid boss character? Then again she is so drunk it probably doesn’t work so well…I still need to know what she actually is!

          Yep! Gotta show the vampire ninjas some love.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Saraswati has become more twisted than I thought possible. No interest in his face or whatever, just his butt. The creepiness continues to rise. I wonder if she would go as far as cutting Ayumu up in his sleep just to get his butt. Because that might be slightly more deranged than Gasai Yuno’s obsession because when she wanted Yukiteru, she wanted the entire package, not just an item.

    Haruna and Yuu are playing doctor and nurse? Oh man, I pity Mystletainn’s misfortune. Such misfortune!!! The way he was screaming from being opened up sounded like he was being violated. And that cursed dance with Haruna and Yuki was hilarious. I loved seeing Sera and Yuu’s expressions of despair at the sight of them. No need for wars and weapons. Just dance and you’ll bring down entire civilizations.

    I want to see Kyoko on a muderous rampage again. Out of all the psycho girls other than Yuno that I’ve seen in other shows since season one of Kore Wa Zombie ended, Kyoko is the one that always sticks in my head. And her prison cell, isn’t Dai-sensei going a little overboard? I know Kyoko is dangerous but her cell and the way she’s presented screams S&M elements with Guilty Crown void atmosphere mixed in. It reminds me of Kirika’s explicit little S&M display in C³.

    And why does Dai-sensei want to know about the King of Night? I thought he died last season after he asked Yuu to kill him because he was tired of living. Him being in the OP means something’s probably happened and I’d like to know who’s that other new girl in the OP who has long brown hair covering her face and has the same sized bust as Sera.

    • anaaga says:

      YEESSS King of Night! I want to see him again! If that’s possible

      • Foshizzel says:

        @ Anaaga AGREED!! King of Night for the win <3

        @ BlackBriar - Seraswati is hilarious lately! Season one she was more of a bitchy side character that gave orders to Yuki and Seraphim, but this time wow she is all about Ayumu's ass!

        Oh god Haruna and Yuu playing doctor with Mystletainn was so random and amazing! I really laughed hard watching Haruna play along with Yuu, but yeah that cursed dance was also very fun to watch.

        AGREED! I want to see Kyoko continue her crazy rampage, but right now they are building up to her final "escape" from that magical prison...LOL who knows maybe Dai-sensei has a M side to her?

        I think Dai-sensei wants the king of night for his magical powers? I know season one they shared a few words, but nothing dramatic of course cause Dai-Sensei is one cool headed character <3 Either that or he stole something that belongs to her? I could see that maybe the secret to creating zombies or living forever?

  4. anaaga says:

    As much as I love the humor and yaoi aspect of this show, I want something to happen because it feels dragged now

    • Karakuri says:

      YES. My thoughts exactly.

    • Foshizzel says:

      SOOON! SOOOOON! I think Kyoko will manage to escape and fight the Ayumu and the others who knows maybe the king of night will come back? I do agree they are dragging their feet with something happening besides the character development aka Yuki/everyone else crushing on Ayumu.

      Hopefully soon <3

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