Kore wa zombie? Of The Dead – 02

Chris-chan invited Ayumu, Rea and Yuuko to join in her supernatural drinking party.

Well, I missed out on the first episode due to… technical issues, but I’m here now~. How will Ayumu deal with having his true identity exposed (in more ways than one)? I have no idea, but it’s bound to be hilarious.
Hooray another episode of Kore wa zombie of the dead to watch! This series always brings a huge smile to my face; however, I still wonder when the actual story starts to pick up and where are all the bad guys hiding!? Then again I do love the random jokes and Ayumu getting owned by random monsters.

In this episode Ayumu becomes famous on the internet and school, while Yuki invites him to go look at some stars.

Haruna-“Yo! I demand you bring me some cookies or some cake! NOW!”

We star things off this week with Ayumu in shock as Haruna and Yuu stare at a fake youtube page with Ayumu becoming famous overnight thanks to Haruna for uploading his video… I see she is taking advantage of his wardrobe malfunction from the previous episode. After that Ayumu heads to school even when he finds himself terrified at the possibility of everyone making fun of him, but the total opposite happens because the students start calling him amazing! Even the local magazines have models wearing his magical girl outfit; however, Ayumu freaks out and runs away to have a short chat with the drunken Chris-chan, yet again.

Students-“Ayumu is amazing guys!”         Ayumu-“Uhhh what the hell is going on here!? You people actually like me?”

Chris-chan-“I can only help you if you beat me in a drinking contest.”                 Ayumu-“Challenge accepted.”

After getting some strange advice from Chris he bumps into Yuki who invites him to go hiking and to look at some stars. He agrees, but the other girls decide to tag along as well. I guess when you stay home all the time like Yuu, Haruna and Seraphim you would jump at the chance to leave the house. So, the hiking adventure begins which gives Yuki a chance to have some alone time with Ayumu resulting in a terrible case of constant blushing and by blushing I mean every damn scene with her and zombie boy; still those scenes were very cute to watch. While these two share some feels with each other, Haruna gets chased by a swarm of bees, but she uses Ayumu as a human shield and throws him into the swarm of bugs and he manages to find a giant angry bear in the process… Good job, Ayumu, way to use your body to shield the girls from danger.

Ayumu-“Watching you struggle is so cute…”          Yuki-“Whhaa wa..wa.wait! I am not squidding ready for this!”

Haruna-“Help me out, bro! Destroy that killer bear!”            Ayumu-“Sure…wait what BEAR!?”

Ayumu-“I hope I can survive this encounter.”              Haruna-“I have all my money on the bear winning.”

Ayumu survives the bees and random bear attacks thanks to his super zombie skills. He joins the others to finish this hike and the group watches a few shooting stars together; oh and Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim also inform Yuki they think of her as a close friend. The next day at school Ayumu sits in the classroom signing autographs all day! Life is tough for this undead superstar; however, things are looking up after Saraswati confesses her feelings for him or his ass? I couldn’t tell…wait…someone confessed to actually loving Ayumu!? I guess that counts as plot development? After school ends, Ayumu has a chat with his best friend Orito, but he is having a hard time dealing with his friend being so damn famous…

Haruna looks so peaceful right now.

Yuki-“You mean you all like me!? I am so touched!”            Seraphim-“Leave the touching to me please.”

Who will become the next top zombie lover?! Guys or girls?

Before this episode ends, Haruna and Yuu mess around on the computer again and they discover someone managed to create a website dedicated to Ayumu. Who could do such a thing? None other than Sarawati of course, aka his number one fan or maybe his number one stalker instead? Finally the last moment brings us to Ariel aka Dai-sensei who has a chat with Kyouko. It looks like a certain evil magical girl will return to get her revenge against Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim really soon.

Kyouko-“I am itching for another fight with that lame zombie boy!”

Extra supernatural fun time.

Ayumu had no idea becoming famous on the internet meant he would gain millions of stalkers.

Ayumu-“Will…this…increase…my….followers??”               Haruna-“You look so pretty while dying, Ayumu!”

Yuu-“Hmm so you stole my panties huh, Seraphim?”            Ayumu-“AH HA! GOTCHA!”         Seraphim-“You…are…so…dead.”

Even vampire ninjas need hobbies.

End thoughts

…Since when has Yuki been such an appealing character?! I didn’t think much of her last season, but I found her extremely endearing this episode… Probably because she’s the only source of dere so far (no, yandere doesn’t count xD). She’s just so refreshing after Seras’ constant insults. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that the other characters tagging along slightly ruined the episode for me (minus Yu because she has the amazing ability of never pissing me off). Yuki and Ayumu were absolutely adorable until Haruna came along with her bees (…I don’t even want to know how that happened). …Though her “boy’s be ambitious” line had me laughing. Another absolutely refreshing character is Ayumu’s ‘fairy’ friend Chris. There’s nothing quite like watching a loli get drunk and I absolutely love her hair. …Too bad I spoiled myself on who she is while trying to look up her name. Yeah, don’t do that. The reveal is ruined for me now.

So, uh, how the hell did Ayumu gets so popular after being ‘exposed’?! Is there some kind of supernatural crap going on, or what? This was probably the least likely outcome I would have come up with and yet this is what Kore wa Zombie gives us. …Fair enough, I guess (hey, I thought his legs were pretty too). Though I have nooo idea how Ayumu is going to patch things up with Orito (or how the hell they managed to come out with a magazine article that fast). In any case, I think I’ll mention now that the animation isn’t all that bad. Man, if I didn’t know that this was DEEN from season one, I never would have guessed.

Well if there’s one thing I can say about this, it’s that this season has lived up to my expectations for comedy thus far. This season is just as entertaining as the first… Hopefully it will go even further (or at least further in action) since Kyoko had an appearance at the end of this episode. The world needs more insane, bloodthirsty mahou shoujo. …I’m also looking forward to Yusa Kouji’s return as well (…though I don’t know if the world needs more of him or not).

Hilarious episode this week! Who would have guessed Ayumu would become so famous on the internet and at school!? Surely something must be wrong with these people, right? Maybe this season is all about building Ayumu up? After all we have a few characters that generally like him like the class friend BLANK and recently Sarawati who openly confessed to him through a letter, but out of those two, Yuki seemed to be the special highlight of this episode even though she didn’t confess her feelings; they are still technically “married” thanks to that special ninja vampire law or something like that. Another question, what was up with Ayumu’s best friend? I swear I think Orito was about to say he loved Ayumu!? Those two always had a strange bromance between them either that or he can’t stand how popular he has become?

Chris-chan was back for more cute-pink haired-drunk-loli action! And by action I seriously mean straight up trashed…one day she will be able to use a complete sentence without slurring her words together, but until then she will always be so damn cute! Anyway it looks like they were really hitting up the whole Ayumu and Yuki pairing a whole lot; however, thanks to Haruna’s antics with the bees and random bear it seemed to end Yuki’s chances rather fast leaving me to scream at my monitor like NOOOOOO!! Don’t you dare give up now, Yuki! You can do it girl! If I remember correctly wasn’t Haruna in love with Ayumu and she was a love rival to Yuki? I guess they are leaving that alone for this season for now anyway, but there are plenty of girls after Ayumu this season.

Sooooo Kyouko returning!? I am so excited to see her again; of course they did show her running around fighting Ayumu in the opening so it was only a matter of time until she showed up again. I am curious to find out what she has been up to after Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim kicked her ass in the previous season. If they are brining Kyouko back, I wonder if Dai-sensei is going to turn out to be the next villain? I would laugh if that happened, but I think that might be a bit unfair because isn’t she the most powerful magician in this zombie universe? I wonder if the king of knight will come back to assist everyone; now that would be interesting to see or should he stay dead? I loved that insert song for this episode and the rest of the music of course, like that song they played for every Yuki x Ayumu moment.


Yuu-“My mind is filled with myself talking to myself… Yes I am losing my mind.”

Stay tuned for more zombie filled adventures with Ayumu and his many supernatural friends.


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22 Responses to “Kore wa zombie? Of The Dead – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Hold on a minute. Do these school kids have a screw loose or something? First they scold and label Ayumu as a crossdressing pervert and now they’re kissing up to him like some kind of celebrity? I blame the media or simply the power of anime that capable of turning things upside down.

    The hike up the mountains was well done. Yuki is becoming a cuter and more wife-like. You can’t look away (Damn that crossdressing zombie and his amazing harem). They’re all in the forest so they should have expected a possible appearance from pedobear. Just look at how docile he was Haruna. That’s proof that he likes lolis. I think Sera has become somewhat tolerant. Exposing someone’s underwear deserves more than eye gauging. Last season with the swimsuit wish, she proceeded to drop kick followed by stomping Ayumu into the ground.

    Saraswati raising the bar on being a stalker is becoming scary. A whole website dedicated to her obsession with Ayumu’s butt is extreme. “People of the world, see how wonderful my darling is!”. But isn’t she the leader of Sera’s vampire clan? If she is, at the rate she is going, her stalking should be a violation of her own rules. Not to mention that Ayumu is already “married” to Yuki. I guess she wants to be his mistress and she has also surpassed Sera in the insults department.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Seriously right? At first they hated him and now everyone at school freaking loves him so much! I guess Ayumu’s fame is getting to them? Yep! Just blame the interwebs and photographer xDDD

      Yuki was greattttt! I love watching her getting all nervous around Ayumu, but it looks like season two is pretty much X character falls in love with him…it feels strange or is it? He is finally getting some much deserved love. Agreed he has one of the best harems so far! I mean we can now add drunken Chris-chan to the list right? Ahahah how will he ever top the swim suit wish? I wonder…

      Lolol Saraswati? Yeah she is turning into the scariest stalker of all time and she is totally into his ASS! LOLO that cracks me up all the time and her quote was amazing! Yeah if I remember right she is the leader of that group, but things might get interesting if Yuki ever found out the truth.

      Yeah Seraphim and Saraswati are somewhat “rivals” I think…

      • skylion says:

        Can you ship body parts? srsly? This is part of the rules?

        How will he ever top the swim suit wish? Easy mate, endless nyotaimori buffet!

        • Foshizzel says:

          In Ayumu’s case? Yepppp you can! I hope Saraswati doesn’t cut his ass off when he falls asleep or something scary like that! NOooooooo!!

          Ahahahah wow true xD

          • BlackBriar says:

            Since she’s a ninja, it’s highly possible that she’ll try some sort of surprise attack. Remember, stalkers will do anything to get what they are after so if I were Ayumu, I’d watch my ass (Pun definitely intended!!!).

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think once something becomes a trend, they’ll conviniently forgets their past transgressions. Ayumu’s exposure proves there’s no longer such a thing called privacy. Harem powers are pretty scary and I have to say no harem lead has had to pay as high a price than Ayumu. I couldn’t have taken all that he’s gone through in this.

        Chris!! Why so cute even when you’re drunk as a bat? Watching her antics is addictive. If Ayumu starts drinking, she’ll drink him under the table.

        Yes!!! Kyoko is back!!! Her return means things are going to get serious. I suspect our favorite serial killer hasn’t been able to do anything but lay low since she lost all her hard worked extra lives (I must be a sadist for saying such a thing) to Ayumu and was carved up into pieces. I do wonder what kind of information Dai-sensei wants from her though. Especially since she’s the most powerful maso shoujo on record and it’s like she couldn’t care less about the fact Kyoko was murdering people for power.

        Saraswati has intense blogging skills. Fosh, I think you and the other bloggers should be threatened if she ever crossed your path. And I realized her attitude is like an amplified tsundere version of Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS. Her stalking skills puts Rosario + Vampire’s Mizore to utter shame. She puts so much enthusiasm to it. She’s now at the top of my stalker list.

  2. skylion says:

    As BlackBriar paraphrases above: this anime really takes the extremes of no-logic and just runs away like a headless chicken.

    Geez, I can’t make heads of tails of any of this; other than these are the steps you take if you want to make a harem family work. Everyone seems to know their places and act accordingly. I wonder if they are going to work on that “special magic” angle that Dai-sensei mentioned in the last series? I ship Haruna x Ayumu pretty hard.

    Chris! You wonderful drunken-loli-fool you. I swear you tie one on just to give Ahikamaaaaaa-kun the worst possible advice, or at least the worst possible angle to passable advice. Make mine a double.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HELL YES! And I love that about this series <3

      I really hope we get to see more scenes with Dai-sensei because she was really cool back in season one even though she really didn't do a whole lot. BEST SHIP! Ayumu and Haruna, but lately it appears to be Ayumu x Yuki or Ayumu's ass and Saraswati? And don't forget random school friend x Ayumu or his best friend Orito for the BL angle for the girls out there...good...god he has so many possible pairings.

      CHRIS!!! I can't get enough of her and agreed her advice was not the best ever...use caution Ayumu you have no idea what Chris will suggest next.

      I have to drawwwww a pic of Chris chan! SHE IS SO damn HNNGGGGGG......

      • skylion says:

        She drinks sake, she pukes rainbows and skittly stars, and has incredible fashion sense. In my imagination she is plying the Hime-sama Serenity loli’s with fine drink; remember a dirty mind is a creative mind.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Whahahahah that is a great idea right there xD

          • skylion says:

            Would Marika or Chiaka be able to resist the power of Rum Cakes?! Get the party started!

            • Foshizzel says:

              My money is on Chiaki cause she lovessss chocolate!

            • skylion says:

              Bourbon chocolate balls, Parfait ala Brandy Alexandre, Godiva White Chocolate Mouse with Vanilla Vodka drenched Raspberries. Should I invite Tsumuki? She can bring Io, I don’t mind….so long as Karuta and Watanuki double dates….

              Creative mind….

            • BlackBriar says:


              Just beware of party crashing gluttons like Index and Hanagai’s Maria. They’ll eat you out of house and home.

        • akagami says:

          Is there a centipede in the rainbow?

  3. tatsuya says:

    hahaha ..base on all the comment ~all it wanna say is that the episode is awesome !!!

  4. akagami says:

    10,986,521 views in a few hours, Ayumu you manly man!

    Tae-chan is slowly growing on me, not sure why though. Her blushing is pretty cute in the ED.

    Yuki gets my vote! She’s slowly rising up in my list, though Sera is my favorite. Nothing beats Sera’s verbal abuse while you’re getting drenched in the rain with people snapping your pic after a hilarious exhibitionist escapade.

    Double-Eu! O(≧∇≦)O so cute!

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahah yep! Very manly views there Ayumu and I bet Saraswati image tags are DAT ASS for every picture on her blog…

      Yeah Tae-chan is indeed cute for a side character! Agreed Sera is a great character even if she trash talks Amuyu all the time; Yuki is fun because I loveeee her voice actress Ika/Yayoi/Grunhilde and so on.

      Double Eu is always the best! Soon that final shot will have 12 different voices…that reminds me of the all of the narrators for Nichijou! One for every episode.

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