Kimi to Boku 2 – 02

Commencing gross fangirl sobbing in three…two…one…~

Even though the wait for Kimi to Boku’s second season wasn’t extremely long, I still needed something Kimi to Boku to fangirl over. I actually ended up reading the manga (with art that’s OH SO CUTE) and read this chapter. I just…I can already feel the tears coming…

It’s a rainy day on this episode of Kimi to Boku, which leads in the start of a chain of events, starting with Kaname. As he comes out from a student council meeting, he catches Masaki looking for her umbrella that was unfortunately stolen. He offers to share his umbrella, but she feels that he’ll hog it. In the end Kaname forces her to share and as the two walk together, two girls walking behind them get the wrong idea, leading to a rumor of the two dating. They quickly try to prove otherwise, but that doesn’t stop Chizuru from tackling Kaname.

As Chizuru casually walks around a department store, he comes across a store selling accessories and finds a cute pink ribbon that he thinks would suit Masaki perfectly. However, he decides against buying it, thinking it’d be weird to buy her a present; that is, until two girls find it themselves and he quickly snatches it away. With the bought present in hand, Chizuru ends up catching Masaki buying a present for Shun. The two talk outside, and even though Masaki tries to say it isn’t a Christmas present, Chizuru can see the happy look she gives the present. It begins to rain again and the two are stuck hiding out under a tapestry.

Just as Chizuru finds the courage to give her the gift, a shop owner offers them an umbrella to share. This quickly reminds Masaki of the rumor with Kaname, and she declines to share so Shun won’t get the wrong idea. Chizuru accidentally says he wouldn’t even care, making Masaki angry enough to run away.

At school the next day, Masaki comes by Kaname’s, Chizuru’s, and Yuki’s classroom to find Shun. Two boys take the present away and try to open it, thinking it’s for Kaname, but Chizuru saves it just in time.  Though she has the present back, Masaki isn’t happy. Thanks to girls in the classroom, Chizuru realizes the problem and runs after her in the rain. Finally catching up to Masaki, he takes the present and decorates it with the ribbon he bought for her. With a push, she runs to give it to Shun, leaving Chizuru alone in the rain.

The two meet again at the entrance to the school, present successfully given. As Chizuru once again helps her, this time with her hair caught in her umbrella, Masaki offers to share her umbrella. Excited, he tells her to wait and hurries to grab his bag~.

Viva Christmas in April, everyone! Heh, anyway, I don’t know why, but I just suddenly busted up laughing at Kaname’s evil laugh. It was just the funniest sound I ever heard from this show. Speaking of things I find funny, Yuta and Yuki’s sneaky remarks/jokes are becoming more and more hilarious. I love how they’re sort of hidden in their normal conversation and when you catch them it’s just great. My real focus though, as was the entire episode, is Chizuru’s crush on Masaki. So glad they’re quickly going right back on track (sort of) from last season. The beach scenes towards the end were thoroughly enjoyable, but I’m still trying to exactly find their meaning. I have such a lackluster talent for finding these sort of things…

BUT CHIZURU, SWEETIE, WHY DO YOU DO THIS? The first time I read this I didn’t know how to react to him using the ribbon he bought for her as a decoration for Shun’s present. I still don’t even know how to react! It’s just so…sweet, but so tragic at the same time, exactly like their relationship from Chizuru’s point of view. Has no one seriously caught on though? I think the twins are catching on, but still…Then again Chizuru tries to is very subtle about his crush. He’s usually very silly, loud, and out-going, but when it comes to Masaki, he’s a lot more quiet and calm, almost mature even. Because of that subtle-ness, it’s always a treat to see Chizuru blushing and smiling when he imagines, talks, and thinks about Masaki. I honestly think Chizuru’s becoming my new favorite character now. Not only do I love his liveliness, but I love how despite the love of his life his crush liking one of his best friends, he doesn’t try anything extreme or nasty to get her to like him instead. He does his best and hopes that maybe one day she’ll see. Chizuru definitely is starting to feel like a more noble character this season.~


THE BOYS ARE IN SANTA SUITS. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Looks like Christmas shenanigans will be going on next episode…even though it’s the middle of Spring! Until next week then~!!


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8 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 2 – 02”

  1. drowse says:

    I cried for Chizuru.. T_T

  2. berrish17 says:

    awww Chizuru ur such a sweetie <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~He is, it’s almost ridiculous!<3 Why aren’t there more guys like this

  3. tatsuya says:

    i like this type of anime ~~remind’s me of usagi drop and Honey & clover …oh and poor chizuru ~ \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I do as well; it’s very nice and calming after a stressful week<3 Wah, I miss Usagi Drop...!

  4. ceejhay♥ says:

    What is the background song on this ep. on the part where Chizuru and Masaki are talking I want to Download that song ^_^ thanks

  5. rockwell says:

    I love this manga and the anime is just pure joy, its just so much fun to watch and each character is highly developed. I highly recommend this for everyone

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