First Impression – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Being dead is the new moe

If not vampires or zombies, it’s ghosts. Can’t high school boys find normal girlfriends these days? Is this really the number one choice these days? As much as I love the supernatural, I’m not sure how I’d feel about dating one…
Hooray! Dusk Maiden has arrived to haunt our hearts, but this means this is the last of the supernatural themed shows with dead characters because we have double series involving zombies! I remember reading the first few chapters of the manga for this series and loving every moment between Yuuko and Teiichi together…so can the animated version recreate those moments? I sure hope so.
…So we meet again, SILVER LINK but this time I have the upper hand! Mwahahaha…ha. Well once again, OC and I are here for the FIs of the latest SILVER LINK show and Fosh is joining in as well! Like Fosh pointed out, this seems to be the season of dead people, and if the manga was any indication, Tasogare is going to fit in rather nicely. …So let’s get on with it.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia opens with a character named Momoe in the school’s paranormal investigation club room writing about paranormal activity that people have reported. As she write her report though, mysterious thing keep happening in the classroom… However, she’s too dense to notice them for the most part. Finally, the main character, Niiya shows up and Momoe tells him that she thinks something paranormal went on. However, Niiya is too busy talking to thin air to pay attention.  Niiya strongly denies that there’s anything in the room. Things escalate from there though, as Momoe starts thinking in her head and Niiya seemingly has the ability to read her mind (since he already has a 6th sense or something and can talk to ghosts). While Momoe tries to figure out if he can read minds or not, another member of the club shows up. Her name is Kirie and there’s obviously something in the room that Niiya and Kirie see, but Momoe is totally clueless. Finally, the club starts it’s activites, but the club president is nowhere in sight (Momoe has never met her either). Niiya then gets a ‘call’ on his cellphone and tells the club that the president is sick.

With that, the club goes to investigate the paranormal activity. Today’s subject is a lunch cart that moves on it’s own. There’s a rumor that a student died from having his neck caught in it and that he now haunts it, but before the team can investigate, it starts moving on it’s own. Momoe freaks out and clings to Niiya, but then Niiya is shoved in the elevator himself.


Take two! It’s the exact same scene that the episode started with, however, along with Momoe is another girl. She’s the one that moved everything and that Momoe never saw. She’s also the one that Niiya was talking to when Momoe thought he could read minds. Kirie can see her too, though it’s apparent that she views the ghost as more of a slight annoyance than anything else. Also, the ghost is the club president, thus why Momoe has never directly met her…. Since she can’t see her.

On to the lunch elevator. Yep, it was Yuuko (the ghost) who pressed the button. She was also the one who kicked Niiya in there out of jealousy that Momoe was clinging on to him. Yuuko joins him in there on the ride down and inside we learn that Niiya was the first one who could see and touch Yuuko. He sympathizes with her and this somehow leads to boob groping (to be fair, it was dark in there, but still). Kirie thinks he’s a pervert and Momoe thinks that Niiya has been to another dimension. …Right.

To end off the episode, Momoe talks about Yuuko’s grave. Yes, Yuuko is the name of a ghost who is in a lot of paranormal rumors around the school. However, we find out from Niiya that the Yuuko who hangs around him is a ghost with amnesia and who’s body is hidden behind a door in the club room. She doesn’t remember her life or how she died at all, but the sunset view she takes Niiya over to see feels nostalgic. Under the grave, Niiya finds a mysterious bell and from his end monologue, he hints at something more sinister to come.

Speaking of SHAFT (no, not really, this is SILVER LINK)…:

Neko mimi mode de~

Oh hi there, Senjougahara. What are you doing here?

…Araragi needs more work.

End Thoughts:

Dull, dull, dull. That was a terrible first episode in terms of keeping me entertained. It was bad enough having to sit through a long scene with a slow-witted, spastic character like Okonogi and be expected to laugh at the poor attempts at humour. Anyone with half a brain could tell that a ghost was doing all that, and that Okonogi was the only one being left out. However, they felt it necessary to show the same scene. Again. Except this time they actually put the ghost in so we could see it from the perspective of the other two. I get the effect they were going for, but it didn’t work. I didn’t gain any new perspective on the events from seeing them transpire yet again, but with the ghost being visible. Natsume Yuujinchou handles the whole “I can see things that you can’t” thing much better. Ahhh, I wouldn’t have even sat through the whole thing if I didn’t agree to write the first impressions. What were they thinking when they doubled up on such a dreadful scene? I wish they had just left it to our imagination, because I’m sure we could have easily made up our own ghost scenario.

Since so much time is spent repeating that one scene, we don’t get to know a lot about the main characters. I get the feeling they could be more likeable, but the limited exposure thus far has me wishing the plague upon them and their family. Okay, well, it’s not that extreme, but I certainly don’t feel attached to them. Okonogi is the most irritating of the bunch, overreacting to just about anything. Kirie is alright, but seems flatter than a piece of paper in terms of personality. Likewise, Niiya only has one facet to his personality, and that’s being the same male lead we’ve seen in anime time after time again. I think this is just a bad first impression though, and I expect the cast will grow and improve over time. Miss amnesiac ghost seems the most likely to be interesting…although she’s still quite a nuisance at the moment.

The only thing of note that I enjoyed in this series was the art and direction. Silver Link is known for having a style very reminiscent of SHAFT, and that definitely shows in Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. There are plenty of creative angles and effects being put to use. Just look at the elevator scene. It was a clever little trick that made the scene more tense, alluring and dramatic. The art itself looks quite nice, so it’s definitely not a strain on the eyes. Too bad everything else is a strain on me. I’m dropping this unless someone grabs me by the shoulders, shakes me, and insists that the next few episodes are vast improvements over this one. Until then…keep your invisible girlfriend to yourself.

Hohohoho this episode was so good! Even thou the first half was straight up “normal-ish” anime following Momoe; a member of the Paranormal Investigations Club while random objects began to float around her. I have to say those moments made me laugh because Momoe was not even paying attention to her coffee cup and floating paperwork, but she finally reacted when Yuuko dropped her keychain doll on the table! And then Teiichi’s comments towards Yuuko got crossed over into Momoe’s conversation and her inner thoughts making it seem so perfect.

The second half was by far the most entertaining when the animators added Yuuko into the beginning scene! Thankfully it appears like Yuuko is somewhat happy around Teiichi even though she can kick his ass…I almost forgot that Teiichi was physically able to actually touch Yuuko like that and the same goes for Yuuko right? Still that opens doors for lots of ecchi moments, but I can only think of that ghost character from the To-Love-Ru series…anyway I died laughing whenever Yuuko would do something to Teiichi like mess with his hair or when she kicked him into the elevator! I swear those scenes left me laughing.

What else…oh right! The opening song!? Whoa that is such a fantastic opening it has the right amount of awesome and creepy thrown in; I really loved the visuals random rock guitar theme? I think it might become my top opening of this season…I can’t wait to see what the official ending song is like! So overall this was a great first episode, but I am waiting for the serious parts to come next or more random Yuuko fan service? Either way next episode where!?

Well quite a few differences from the manga (aka Kirie is there and I swear he found a comb instead of bells under the grave), but I like it so far. I can’t say that I appreciate Momoe being the main focus of the first episode since she’s my absolute least favourite character of the entire series, but I guess they had to introduce Yuuko being invisible somehow. It’s cute how they used the same scene twice with Yuuko visible and invisible and I guess it gives you a feel for what Niiya has to deal with on a constant basis. It’s hard enough trying to pay attention to two conversations going on at the same time, let alone having to keep track that one person can’t been seen by the other party. Yeah, he’s the 100% stereotypical shounen, but give him a chance. …Bonus points, he wears glasses. Not that I’m biased or anything.

I’ll admit that I remembered this as more of an ecchi story than a horror one, but the anime totally screamed ‘horror’ thanks to the OST and visuals. …Speaking of visuals, I might not like the character art, but wow SILVER LINK has upped its animation budget. …Or maybe this is because this lacks the action scenes that C3 had, but still. I didn’t have to cut out any derp from the screencaps I took. They also got pretentious again with some of their more stylistic shots, but hey, they looked damn gorgeous. Especially that last part with the tree and the sunset. I had to restrain myself for capping the crap out of Yuuko’s hair in the wind. I also absolutely love the OP (Choir Jail) to this. So much so that I did some research into it and HOLY CRAP Suzuki Konomi (the girl who sings this) is only 15 years old. God Japan has talented teenagers. Were you that talented when you were 15? I sure as hell wasn’t.

…I can’t wait until they get further into the story. There were some parts that genuinely frightened me in the manga and if the ending of this episode was any indication, then SILVER LINK is going to abuse the crap out of those parts.  I don’t know how they’re going to try to fit this all in 12 or so episodes, but I look forward to seeing how they handle it now that they’ve kind of introduced the main characters.


More ghost antics next week. Hopefully with less Momoe.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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39 Responses to “First Impression – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Very nice. Even though the first wasn’t what I thought it would be, I completely enjoyed it. Watching the second half after watching the first was like looking at behind the scenes features. I wonder how Niiya and Yuuko first met. How was Yuuko able to drink the tea she took from Okonogi even though she’s a ghost and it should have went through her ghost body? More importantly, how could Niiya and Kirie be able to see Yuuko but not Okonogi? Maybe it’s like Ao no Exorcist and you have to be stigmatized to see them.

    The elevator scene is certified perversion. A conversation in a cramped spot where you don’t know where you’re putting your hands? Why does that sound kinky? And Niiya and Yuuko’s position once they got to other floor. He suffers what so many other male leads suffer: The awkward, perverse situation you’re put in with a hot girl, followed by being labelled a pervert. Oh, do I feel sorry for them.

    The character designs and scenery were beautiful and SILVER LINK did great creating an eerie atmosphere in a school that seems completely abandoned but there are still students attending. The best part was the OP “Choir Jail”. I downloaded this episode and replayed that part constantly. It’s an awesome song and I can’t wait to get the soundtrack. This anime is well deserving of this song.

    @Overcooled: LOL. Your thoughts at the beginning had me cracking up. I don’t think they should look for normal girlfriends because it might turn out dull. Having them as something else sounds really fun. I think the human x supernatural being relationship has a bit more edge to it. It makes it at least 100 times more interesting. Personally I can’t really get interested in normal romances, so having the “one person as a human and the other who isn’t” gimick is a big plus. Be honest, what do you would happen if you met any one of those species and took them as a companion?

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh, comparing it to behind the scenes is a good idea… Actually, I have no idea about Niiya, but Kirie has her reasons for being able to see Yuuko. They’ll probably cover that if/when they do her introduction episode.

      Ahahaha to be fair, I don’t think that Niiya had any other place to put his hand since it was a tight place. At least it’s only Kirie who saw them though as opposed to the whole school xD

      Yeah, I liked what they did with the atmosphere as well. Hopefully it plays in their favor to make the paranormal stuff that’s going to happen creepier. Ahaha I definitely downloaded the TV size for the song xD.

    • Overcooled says:

      I just assumed they could see her because they had a strong 6th sense, but Kara knows more so the explanation probably isn’t so simple ^^

      Heh, I was mostly just joking about how many boy-meets-supernatural-girl anime there are lately. So many! When it comes down to it, i actually do prefer these kinds of romances. like you said, it has more edge, and it makes what is usually a totally unwatchable genre for me (romance) into something more in my territory (horror and supernatural). I guess I don’t like normal romances either!

      Hmm, as for a real life other species lover…it would depend what they are. I don’t think I could ever love a zombie, for example. I’d be most likely to stick with a vampire or a werewolf. As for a ghost like Yuuko (except, obviously a male version) I wouldn’t mind, as long as I wasn’t keeping them tied down to earth instead of properly passing on. Gah, so many possibilities!

      • BlackBriar says:

        True. Maybe they were born with a certainly ability that only few can have. However, Kirie seems like she has something against Yuuko. Maybe something personal because she keeps giving that icy glare.

        The most irresistable parts for me are the human-meets-supernatural being anime. They are the most interesting things out there and since it’s anime, it’s not limited by reality or your imagination. So pretty much anything goes which makes it a lot more fun when you get into dangerous situations which in turn, makes the romance, which I’d rarely get into, a lot better and bloodier.

        And when they’re in that kind of relationship, the Hybrid Theory kicks in. Like saying “Okay, these two are two completely different species so what’s going to happen if they have children? How will they turn out, looking deformed or completely human?” Because we already have the vampire/werewolf hybrid from Underworld, the vampire/angel hybrid from the Bloody Cross manga and a few human/demon hybrids like Ao no Exorcist’s Rin, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho’s Yusuke Urameshi, Nurarihyon no Mago’s Rikuo and Blood-C’s Human/Elder Bairn hybrid Tadayoshi (And that particular prospect is still creepy as hell).

        Vampire or werewolf, huh? Hahaha, I’m hardly surprised about that though I’m sure you’d go with the vampire as I’m sure it would be problematic for you if you were with someone who turns into a snarling beast for a few moments and then later changes back but has no change of clothes ready.

        And if you did choose the vampire, I’d be a nervous wreck because he’d turn you and given your sadistic tendencies in your Shiki and Deadman Wonderland posts, there would be no telling what you’d do for fun. There would be big cases of genocide all over the place. I’d totally put Karakuri in the same boat if she made the same choice after how great she blogged Blood-C. Especially with the human blender incident. You both are into bloody stuff and things that provoke insanity so that would fit you two perfectly. Not just that because remember, compared to humans, vampire emotions are significantly more potent, causing many vampires to become violent, gluttonous for blood, and very often sexual deviants. And that they are primarily seducers.

        Just to push my curiosity, I even found this quizz on “Which Vampiress are You?”:
        There are some answers here that wouldn’t surprise me if you took them. LOL.

        • Overcooled says:

          Ah, true. The bloodier the romance, the more likely I am to enjoy it.

          Anything goes in the world of anime, and the kid could have a WEIRD mix of powers. The magic of genetics! There are tons of weird half-breeds (or even…thirds…try a golem/demon/human on for size!) out there, because it’s always pretty cool to take the best from both worlds.

          Eh, I wouldn’t mind a werewolf. It’s only on a full moon that they transform, right? I could just follow them at a distance (I’m talking binocular distance) and make sure they don’t…die. Or just lock them up until they turn back to normal. Whatever they prefer!

          Aww, Briar, you make me blush with your praise of my ability to massacre people. (✿◡‿◡) You really don’t shy away from sadists, huh? Could you be…a masochist? Although I wouldn’t go too crazy, or else people would catch me during the day. Sneaky kills is the key! I don’t know what kind of vampire Kara would be, but I could see us having fun screwing around with people together and trolling them. XD

          Oh my gosh..that quiz…I’m scared to take it. I would tell you to do it first but its for girls OTL

          • Karakuri says:

            Trolling people would be awesome for sure. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

            …Lol Briar should take it anyways.

            • BlackBriar says:

              If that ever really happened, I’d have to watch my back. Hahaha, well played, Kara. I’ve heard OC’s side, now I wonder what you’d do if you ever became a creature of the night.

            • Karakuri says:

              Kukuku, that’s easy. I’d kill off a few well chosen people who wouldn’t be missed for money, buy some old mansion and live out my dream of being a vampire NEET xD.

      • Joojoobees says:

        I’m shipping Overcooled with the Chupacabra.

        • Overcooled says:

          The first time I’ve ever been shipped with something and it’s…oh my god, I don’t even know what that is despite going through a bunch of pictures when I looked it up. XDD

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    I feel like Silver link can’t do their first episodes right. I feel the next episode will do the series justice. Also f-ing Choir Jail, my god that was good!

    • BlackBriar says:

      The next episode should do better. The repetitive thing came out of nowhere. High five on “Choir Jail”. It’s probably gonna be one of the best songs of the season. One must ask: When is the actual song going to be released?

      • Karakuri says:

        Er, I think I read April 25th is the release. May 23 for the ED (not that we’ve heard it yet)

        • BlackBriar says:

          And it’s not just “Choir Jail” that’s great music. If you’ve seen the first episode for the second season of Phi Brain, you’ll love the OP “Now or Never” from Nano. It’s purely awesome. These two will surely be on my song list.

    • Karakuri says:

      ….No kidding. I don’t think there’s been a single first episode that they’ve done that I’ve liked how they’ve done it. But since this is over now, hopefully this gets back on track… In theory. (YES Choir Jail ftw!)

  3. Samantha Zan says:

    This idea does seem very cool. Though the perspective idea was kind of meh, I really could have just skimmed through it to Yuuko’s part. Though I really do want to know what happens next, since being a person didn’t read the manga, it really does suit my interest

    Oh and that opening!!! So beautiful, from the fall leaves, and the music. Gotta love it :). Oh and the cinematography at the end! HNNNNNN I want moar please X3

    On a side note, does anyone else thinks Yuuko looks a little bit like Sanka Rea from Sankarea? Guess it’s just the hairstyle xD

    • Karakuri says:

      The manga has been really good, so hopefully the anime reflects that… Yeah, I don’t know why they decided to do the whole perspective thing. It just wasted half the episode…

      I hope the ED is just as good!!! This anime seems to have the theme of fall leaves… Which is weird because the manga didn’t have any of that anywhere. Oh well, it looks good.

      Hmm, a bit. Yuuko really reminds me a lot of Yuuko from XXXHolic (same name I guess) so I don’t see Rea as much.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the idea does seem very cool! I am hoping they tone down the laughs and focus on the dramatic parts? Then again we always need a laugh here and there to make things fun right? I think so! I read the first few chapters long ago, but I can’t remember to much of the story aside from the ecchi moments.

      LOVE THAT OPENING! Wooooooo!!

      Yeah hime hair cuts for the win! I love that style, but yeah Yuuko looks like a older sister to Rea! Maybe we need a triple crossover with Ayumu from Kore wa zombie? Rea and Yuuko…oh…my…god I would die <3

  4. Kitty says:

    mmmm I was interested in checking this out, but the reviews don’t seem good. I think I might put it in the ‘hold’ section. No one needs another Guilty Crown or Brave 10 XD

    • Karakuri says:

      I’d give it the 3 episode test. SILVER LINK absolutely sucks at making good first episodes, but it’s always improved 3 episodes in (…thus far).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Give it a few more episodes and I am sure you will have a blast, as far as it being another GC I don’t think that will happen…who knows…

  5. skylion says:

    Well, we kinda got two nearly-half episode’s with some other bits in for the price of one show. But no, really we didn’t. It’s a keen idea to revisit a scene from a new perspective, but to re-show the entire thing, from the same angles? Less is more. They could have easily picked one part, just one part, and it would have made the second time around work so much better. Neko-kimmi would have been my choice, because not giving any new real information on the scene, a cheap laugh is where you go.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah first half was zzzz but the second was goooood! Well that and Yuuko got to have lots of fun xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        The second half was a lot more because we got to see all of Yuuko’s antics around Okonogi instead of just seeing things move around. Yuuko shows she can be brutal when opportunity presents itself after the the way she kicked Niiya into the elevator.

  6. lvlln says:

    I rather enjoyed the gimmick they pulled to start the show, though it was something they could’ve done a lot better. For example, not make it blindingly obvious that there really is a ghost and have us the audience just as curious as Momoe as to whether or not the supernatural was occurring.

    Still, fun enough to watch the 2nd time around, being able to hear Yuuko and see exactly what she was up to. I liked her playfulness. And Misato Fukuen as Momoe sounded so much like Emiri Kato. Now that I think of it, I guess they do have similar voices in general. I could see Kato playing Miyafuji in Strike Witches.

    • skylion says:

      Just thought of this. The gimmick would have worked really well in reverse. Have the replay as the first scene; audience is curious as too why no one is exactly synching up, then show the reveal as a replay. What ya think?

      • lvlln says:

        It might be difficult to properly do the 1st scene, to make the audience confused about the situation instead of immediately recognizing that Yuuko is a ghost. I suppose they Momoe was alone and also not explicitly researching the supernatural at the time, it might be something that could be pulled off.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahhh yes! That would have made things a bit interesting huh? I guess they did ruin the whole are ghosts real feelings…

      YEP! Second half was the highlight for everyone because we could see and hear Yuuko, but agreed I loved watching how playful she got around the main cast.

  7. anaaga says:

    I don’t know whether I should be mad or not seeing how this turned out into a comedy instead of a true horror. I want my damn ghosts killing bunch of people.
    I would’ve skipped the second scene if I weren’t that curious of what the President said.

    What the hell Momoe. She’s nominated as The Most Annoying Character of this season. Just… Look at her!

    And lol, Choir Jail

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I have my fingers crossed for some horror to appear soon, but it appears this might be more comedy for now…hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be all about the laughs versus the horror.

      Lolol poor Momoe it seems no one likes her.

      <3 this OP

    • Karakuri says:

      I-it gets more horror-ish, I swear!!!!! OTL

      But yeah, they pretty much wasted the first episode on Momoe. WHY????

  8. HannoX says:

    Put me down as another one who didn’t care for their showing the first part over again, but from a different perspective by adding Yuuko. That wasted time that could have been better used in character development or advancing the storyline. Only a minute or two of Momoe “alone” before Teiichi walked in and then reshowing it would have been sufficient. Hopefully they won’t use that gimmack again.

    I agree that so far Momoe is annoying and Kirie’s character so thin as to be damn near invisible. I’m afraid Momoe’s character won’t change, but hopefully they’ll flesh out Kirie much more. Right now there’s less flesh on her character than Yuuko has. Yuuko is the most interesting character so far. A ghost with a mischevious sense of humor and ammensia is an interesting concept.

    While this episode was played for comedy, I can see the series getting much more serious and the supernatural/horror aspects coming more to the fore. How did Yuuko die and why has she lost her memmory? Was there something so horrible about it that even a ghost doesn’t want to remember it? Since Teiichi knows where her body is, why hasn’t he “discovered” it so she can be given a proper burial? And who erected that memmorial stone for Yuuko and why?

    Lots of potential here. Here’s hoping it won’t disappoint.

    • Karakuri says:

      Hmm, I’d like to promise that Kirie’s character gets development, but it all depends on how much they animate and what they choose to do. She has some great scenes in the manga, but who knows if the anime will get to that.

      Yep, there’s a ton of potential here. I hope they don’t disappoint too.

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