First Impression Kore wa zombie desu ka? of the dead

Are you ready for some undead action!?

Your favourite zombie is back! What do you want him to do this time except for getting kicked, abused, cross-dress, fight and simply make an idiot out of himself? Hey wait, isn’t that too much already? Have some mercy on him guys!

It’s that time of mahou shounen again. Unlike Fosh though, I didn’t love it that much. Probably because of a certain, well more like two, character. I hope this won’t stop me from enjoying season two. And perhaps, I can finally find out why Fosh loves this thing so much.

I asked for it last year, and I got it! A sequel to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? I don’t like the name of the series, but whatever. Let’s go!
At last the first episode of the brand new season is here! I am so excited that Kore wa zombie has returned to make us laugh our asses off, but I have my sights on the newest cast member joining the vampire ninjas, magical girls, necromancer and zombies! What supernatural character could she be? Anyway it is time to start this ultimate tag team post with Kyokai, Jrow and Anaaga.In this episode, Ayumu returns to his life at school where he meets a strange pink haired girl and defeats a giant squid monster de geso.

Indeed it is, Hellscythe…

Starting our first undead adventure, we return to the familiar setting with Hellscythe, Seraphim, Haruna and Ayumu having breakfast together like a happy family of supernatural friends. After breakfast, Ayumu heads to school and stares out of the classroom’s window, but the sun quickly dries him up causing a friend to carry him to the nurse’s office to rest. While Ayumu rests he catches a mysterious pink haired girl dressed in white clothes, however she panics and retreats rather fast. Congratulations, Ayumu, you have successfully discovered the all-important pink haired anime character of this series.

Ayumu-“I pray that this food does not contain explosives.”                 Seraphim-“Go to hell, you lolicon.”

Chris-“I must make haste! There is a sale on cute clothes.”                   Ayumu-“Take me with you!”

After school, Ayumu returns home and discusses his findings about this new girl, but all of the girls have their minds set on him being some ultra-pedophile or your everyday crazy lolicon thanks to some selected words from Seraphim. Ayumu thinks this new girl might be a ghost because no one really knows who she is… Also, the cast of supernatural girls don’t believe in ghost? That seems to be a little strange to me, but it was hilarious to see their reactions.

Haruna-“Ghosts? Yeah right, like those are real.”                   Ayumu-“They are real! Like your bottomless pit of a stomach.”

The following day Ayumu has lunch with Yuki aka his “waifu” thanks to that kiss they had in season one, but our zombie friend has to stay at school for the entire day before he can go home. That blasted sun is keeping him from going out during the day, but really is there anything fun outside anyway? Before he leaves he smells something cooking and goes off to investigate finding the pink haired girl again. While talking to this girl named Chris; Ayumu also notices she is completely drunk, but he humors her by sitting and listening to her ramble on for a bit. However, before he has a chance to continue talking to Chris she vanishes! Maybe this girl is actually a ghost after all?

Ayumu-“Hello again, Mr. Sun… You are my greatest rival of all time! I SHALL DEFEAT YOU!”

Pro tip! Do not eat anything cooked by Chris or you will literary puke rainbows.

Gentlemen you may start Hnnngginh for Chris-chan in three…two…one.

To make matters worse, there is some guy wearing a huge trench coat walking around town hunting for magical girls! Even the class starts to find pictures of someone running around dressed as a magical girl in some local magazine. Ayumu escapes the classroom and he runs off to find Chris, however he runs into the trench coat man who transforms into a giant squid and starts to attach Ayumu. Haruna enters the room and attempts to transform, but sadly she doesn’t have all of her magic right now. Damn girl you need a serious power up soon. So Ayumu fights the killer squid aka Megalo and saves Taeko. Though, saving her life means he had to expose himself to the entire school and attempts to use Mystletainn to wipe out everyone’s memories but breaks the chainsaw instead, ending the episode with Saraswati staring at his bare ass.

Ayumu-“Did anyone order some fresh monster sized squid for lunch?”

Ayumu-“Bitch, tell me I am ultra-cute.”                  Haruna-“You are OMEGA-CUTE! TURN IT OFF! NOW!”


 Sarasvati-“DAMN THAT IS ONE FINE ASS.”                  Ayumu-“Is that all I am to you? An ass? Oh…wait.”

Extra fun with zombies

Haruna is a bit out of shape since we saw her last.

Haruna-“Hey, Mystletainn, we sure like to cut up a lot don’t we?”                      Mystletainn-“Cut that out, Haruna…”

Chris-“Are you squidding me? This is the best inking thing I have ever tasted.”

Haruna-“Fear not humans! I will save you! Trust me I am a professional…I think…maybe.”

Random man service shot of the week.

End thoughts:

Like I was talking with Fosh the other day, this episode was literally like meeting some old friends. Of course, some of them are more violent or even ruder than others but still just because you like them, you get along with them. I was sure DEEN would throw the transformation sequence in the first episode and I wasn’t wrong but adding more flowers to Ayumu’s injury? I mean, isn’t his transformation gaudy enough that they pull out even more flowers and veil and what not. Poor Ayumu, his life is suffering and now even more that his entire school has seen him transform into that form. I’m sure by the next episode, Dai-sensei would get things fixed along with Mysteltainn hopefully.

The animation has definitely taken a right turn with this new season and seems like the staff has learned a lot from first season for highlighting those characters who have more fan following. Though, does anyone else remember the blondie who helped carry Ayumu to the infirmary after he dried up for the first time? I mean, you have to remember that silly blush but who’s the guy? If he turns into another cross-dressing masou shoujo, things would get made around here! xD The pink-haired girl is an interesting addition and I’m sure she’s an older character not showing her age, while doing everything silly. What’s her purpose though? We’ll find out soon enough.

I died in laughter with all the yaoi jokes in this episode. I want you, boy? While Ayumy covering his ass? LULZ. Of course, the squid tentacles didn’t help either. Though the return of the Mysteltainn kick was pretty awesome and the original shoujo should power up quick rather than just eating around and adding more recipes to her eggology project. Overall, this was an entertaining episode with the return of all characters including Saraswati. Man, Ayumu should run after her life now that she has her eyes on his eyes. Like I said, poor Ayumu’s life is suffering and we enjoy watching it just because.

Well, I have to admit, it was an interesting way to start the series. The narration of the first season is definitely different from lots of anime, considering this is a DEEN anime. Like, DEEN, seriously; where the main character usually starts the second season with monotonous narration of the first season. Unlike the first season, the first episode didn’t start with something extremely ridiculous which is GOOD. DEEN toned lots of things down here, such as Ayumu’s random dying gag, Seraphim’s nasty lines, and Haruna’s ADHD activities. I still think that Seraphim needs to die somewhere in a ditch, but Haruna was pretty tolerable… Well, in the first episode. Let’s hope that she stays that way throughout the whole season. Basically, the comedy is not over the top like season one’s, which is good. Also, is it just me or the animation is actually better than the first season’s? Everything seems to be cleaner, and the colors weren’t as dark as season one’s. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been downloading the LQ version of this? Yes yes I know I’m not supposed to do that, but still! Either way, I like the animation better here, and yay DEEN for making it all pretty. Now if they do that to their yaoi titles…

Now for the story. I expect it to be somehow twisted like the first season’s, but I have a feeling that the improvements made in the second season, especially the story execution and gorgeous animation, will definitely make it more entertaining. And duuddee, having people finding out your identity on the first episode? That was surprising yo! I didn’t expect it to start like that. The pink-haired drunkard loli seems to be one of those know-it-all characters based on the words that came out from her mouth (“I can’t offer drinks to kids,” “You [Ayumu] should live up to your name”), not to mention the unlimited charisma she has which makes Ayumu feels extremely comfortable of her (a stranger!) to the point where it’s unhealthy. Not only I’m interested to know more about her, I’m also interested of how Ayumu will handle his social status, now that everybody knows who he is. By the way, Ayumu gets drunk from water? He should totally “drink” with Yuu from Persona 4: The Animation, and both of them should do some kind of hot yaoi sex when they’re “drunk.”

This first episode gave me a better first impression than first season. The very very first episode of Kore wa Zombie gave interesting details of the story and the main characters, but unfortunately it was kind of messy. To be honest, I didn’t like Kore wa Zombie at all when I watched the first episode. Ayumu’s transformation made me watched the second episode. However, second season’s first episode feels somehow neater, and it was able to lay out some of the “stupid stuff” (eg: Ayumu’s transformation etc.) without making them look stupid. Maybe it’s just me, but somehow this episode looks as if it was given more effort, unlike the very very first episode. I have a feeling that this spring’s mahou shounen will be good.

A significant part of why I wanted a season 2 is for Taeko, and if she’s around more this season, doesn’t have to be as often as with episode 1, then I’ll be satisfied with this series. She surely is the most true romance option for Ayumu and goes the total opposite direction of the girls that live with Ayumu personality-wise. Segueing to those main girls… like anaaga, I want Seraphim to die or for her character to actually say something interesting. She’s just a one-joke character who’s run out of clever uses for that joke. I still like Haruna the most out of the 3, and I do like the “Ayumoron” name she used this episode. Eu is Eu. Sarasvati has it bad for Ayumu’s ass and she should buy him some tight jeans.

Now Chris is an interesting one for sure. A moe drunk that can puke rainbows, wow! She also seems to disappear conveniently, so I wonder if she works for Dai-sensei or even worse the Megalo. Her parts with Ayumu were my favorite of the episode and I hope she come around once in a while to get him drunk with water. I’m reminded of the movie Space Jam…

They kind of pushed most of the season 1 jokes in which I feel indifferent about. I don’t remember Mystletainn talking in season 1, but I did think it was funny to see a chainsaw talking. I also liked how Ayumu was caught in the magazine and how social networking has ruined the ability to erase memories. Does this mean he has to go to school with everybody full-well knowing that he’s a cross-dressing perv who’s 1000% pretty! Anywhos, it’s good to see Zombie desk Ka back. I liked the s’life-style episodes of the first season myself, so I’m hoping for a few of those.

Wooooo what a great starter episode for the fresh season of Kore wa zombie, but in a lot of ways this episode mirrors the events in the first episode of season one…I mean we have Ayumu fighting a random ocean themed monster and he is forced to transform in front of the entire school? However, it was just as hilarious this time around too. I was quite happy to see the character interactions were pretty much the same with Seraphim calling Ayumu a pervert and lolicon, but the best memories from this series always come down to Hellscythe’s notebook and how Ayumu’s imagination runs wild with thoughts of her talking in different voices.

I really love the newest cast member Chris, voiced by Hitomi Nabatame; drunk Chris was really SO FREAKING CUTE I mean just listen to her talk…wow…anyway I think she might be a ghost character. After all what other supernatural creatures are left like werewolves, demons or maybe some random angel characters? Oh man I think they should stick an angel themed character into this series at some point, but I am sure there are lots of other supernatural things they could throw or combine together? Like demonic wolfs! That sounds like a great combination.

So what else happened? Oh right new opening and ending songs and a special ending with Hellscythe talking to other “self” at the end? That was some fun stuff right there. I almost forgot Haruna! She had some great moments in this episode too and I guess eating lots of food is her way to recharge her magical batteries? I thought she got all her powers back? Oh well I guess Ayumu will have to continue fight evil! So did anyone else crack up when he started to get ultra-cute? GREATEST LINE EVER! Stop getting cute! I hope this season creates something fun for everyone to enjoy.



More adventures with Ayumu and the other supernatural characters.


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27 Responses to “First Impression Kore wa zombie desu ka? of the dead”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    FINALLY IT’S HERE!!!! I couldn’t wait any longer. I was about to pop. Absurdity? Check. Unpredictability? Check. Perversion? Check. Hearing the phrase “That’s not a kick”? Definitely check.

    The setup for this episode was very much like the first episode for season one but the differences are that the megalo is a squid instead of a crayfish this time around, the entire cast is already here along with some new characters and the last time Ayumu fought a megalo on school grounds, he erased their memories right after. This is a way of saying “That trick won’t work twice”. I’d die of embarressment if I were in his place.

    There’s something I’d like to know: Who was the near suicidal fool pushing his luck who got that picture of Ayumu in his Masou Shoujo outfit while he was in the graveyard? Because I’m absolutely sure that was the time he was fighting Kyoko after learning who she really was.

    Ayumu’s harem is unbelieveable:
    A Necromancer.
    A Magical girl.
    3 Vampire Ninjas if you count Yuki and more recently Saraswati (Arrgh, DAMN YOU, Ayumu!!!!).
    That pink haired girl Chris who’s either a ghost or a fairy.
    And he even has space for the human girl Taeko.

    Seraphim seems more easy-going this time. She hasn’t resorted much to her insults. I’ve come to like her a lot more than before but something isn’t right. She made breakfast and no one has gagged or passed out. I thought she couldn’t cook to save her life. She and Haruna threw me a curve ball while they were speaking to Yuu. LOL. A Vampire and a Masou Shoujo, two beings of the occult yet they can’t bring themselves to believe in ghosts. They went over my head.

    Saraswati is officially a pervert!!! LOL. I thought that bit in the OVA about her falling in love with Ayumu just by staring at his ass was just a crude joke. I didn’t think she was serious and her vampire impulses even spiked. Watch your back Ayumu!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      HOORAY!! More Korean desk car for us to enjoy and the gang of supernatural oddballs has returned <3 <3

      Yarrrr this episode is very similar in style to the first episode of season one! Yeah different "sea creature" themed Megalo...I really need to get into the habit of using that instead of monster. LOLOLO Yes poor Ayumu he has to deal with a lot at school not to mention having his cover blown as a cross dressing perv...

      Ohhhhh yes! Who is the mystery photographer? I have a feeling we have a new rival for Ayumu in the future? Either that or someone is trolling him? Yeah maybe it was Kyoko's doing? I hope we see her again because she is in the opening.

      I love Chris-chan! She is just pure awesome, but only after she has had a few drinks...right I think she is either a ghost or you could be onto something with the fairy idea.

      Seraphim is probably out of insults to use and I can just picture Ayumu completely ignoring her, but she still wins in my book. I KNOW RIGHT? Ghosts HA! They are fake but vampires, magical girls, zombies and necromancers are perfectly fine? Good trolling girls.

      Sarawati fits in nicely with Ayumu and the rest and she loves his ass? Ahahahahah that is so freaking hilarious.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, this is going to be great. But things are going to get potent because Taeko is human, she has a bigger part in the series and she has no idea what is happening while being dragged down into Ayumu’s secret life. Like Koyomi from Bakemonogatari, if she’s exposed to the supernatural, there’s no turning back to a regular life.

        But honestly, damn!! Kids these days and their technology!! Ahaha! Ayumu barely started his transformation but everyone has their camera phones out taking photos and blogging on the internet as if they suspect it was him in the graveyard before it was confirmed. The live stream comments while he was fighting were also hilarious!! 238 million viewers? That’s impressive. His rep got seriously damaged and he’s ruined for life. Imagine if this was Facebook.

        What is also different is that Mystletainn seems to be able to interact with Ayumu and Haruna in a responsive way and is later given the voice of an old guy. Whatever Chris is, she certainly isn’t a figment of Ayumu’s imagination. You don’t just put in a character and have her barf rainbows and then call that a figment of one’s imagination. She looks pretty funny, especially as a raving alcoholic and it’s going to be a wild ride with her as part of Ayumu’s harem. I’m pretty sure that she’ll play a huge role in this season. And the fact she’s older than him makes things even more interesting. Is he into cougars by any chance?

        I really hope Kyoko makes a return because she was in the OP and it looks like she hasn’t learned her lesson from being carved up into pieces. Maybe Ayumu won’t be so lenient the next time they see each other. Not just that, there’s a faint glimpse of the King of Night standing against a wall wearing a bright red sweater. Apparently Chris isn’t the only new character around. In the OP there’s a girl with long brown hair covering her face and has a body and bust similar to Sera.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ohhh for sure! I hope we get to see more Taeko/Ayumu alone time I would laugh if those two got together, but I don’t really see a lot of couple material for our main lead sadly this is more about the lulz…well I can’t say that 100% The had plenty of Hellscythe/Ayumu moments <3

          Ahahah yeah those pictures are going to be the death of Ayumu good thing he is already dead, but that has to suck! LOL Twitter has been popping up on anime lately I like that.

          Yeah they gave Mysyletainn a voice finally? Chris is awesome I really want more of her drunk moments! Ahahahh that rainbow was so damn hilarious just like Gintama...anime characters that puke for some reason make me laugh, but I hope Chris is a combination like a ghost of a fairy? Awesome idea if I say so.

          YES! Kyoko needs to return she has plenty of reasons for revenge of course yeah king of knight was around in the opening, maybe they are on Ayumu's side this time? That would work for me they were great in season one.

  2. skylion says:

    Utterly and completely ridiculous. Pretty much more of the same from it’s first outing. This is not a bad thing. I would hate for DEEN to try and change the formula. They love to toss us stuff from so far out of left field that it starts to resemble hockey, only to shatter the glass on a wild puck, making a touchdown.

    But, this March brings us Raindow Puking Maybe Fairy Maybe Ghost Drunken Loli. This. Just This. I want Chris to have her own show. As Fosh states Hitomi Nabatame is in rare form here (As expected from Margary Daw…bad ass drunk). If you haven’t had the pleasure, you can witness her on full display as the resident tech fetishist genki girl in Acchi Kocchi. Her own show. Fosh, we should start the mail bombing of Studio DEEN right away.

    I know full well that being the absurd comedy series it is, that any shipping is likely doomed. But I still want an Ayumu X Haruna development. They gave us some leads in the first series, and that moment when both their names appeared on Mysteltain (during the Boss fight at the end) clinched it. At least for this shipper.

    Remember, never take this show seriously. Why would you?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Aye more of the same stuff we loved from season one of zombie deskcarrrr and more! Oh for sure I am glad DEEN kept up with the random feel of this anime.

      Chris-chan is so amazing! I want more of her drunk talking omg…she made me laugh and hhhnggg at the same damn time! Not to mention that rainbow puke scene? HILARIOUS <3 as for what she actually is? I think Ghost or like some have said a fairy themed character? Maybe Ayumu fairy godmother? Yeah I have seen her in Shana as margary xD

      Lots of shipping options here <3

      Good point! This series should be enjoyed and not taken serious 😉

      • skylion says:

        It would be just like Ayumu to get this type of Fairy Godmother. Shameless, off her nut, ineffectual, and blatantly oblivious. Of course, she has an unspoken attraction to him. Because you can’t get within five feet of the boy and not be attracted in some way. Does being a zombie make one ded sexy (:} Should Ayu and Sanka Rea hook up?

        • Foshizzel says:

          It totally would! Just his luck to have a drunken fairy godmother, yeah it appears she has some sort of attraction to him

          Best cross over shipping Ayumu and Rae <3

  3. The_Magus_Killer says: – Sarasvati is now my favorite ninja-vampire. “Horetazo, kuso darling!” XD

    Sarasvati x Ayumu (or his posterior) XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lololololol yes <3

    • BlackBriar says:

      She’s become one of my favorites as well. I think Saraswati has discovered a new part of herself falling in love with Ayumu (or his posterior, we got to make sure of which). I’m curious as to what she’d do to him if she got her hands on him alone. Not only were her eyes glowing but they were giving a very sadistic expression.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah Sarasvati did this in the OVA! She was staring at his ass and Chris made a quick appearance if I remember correctly…

        Sarasvati and Ayumu’s ass = best pair

  4. Liza says:

    I really loved this episode so much. It reminded me how much I loved this series in the first place. The jokes were all spot on and greatly reminiscent for the first season. And I loved how poor Ayumu transformed in front of the school again but got more cuter this time around.

    Poor him though. I wonder if he can ever go to school ever again. Chris I found to be very interesting. To me, it’s obvious that she is a character that knows way more than she’s letting on but I guess it will take a while to figure out what.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YESSS! I was so happy to see another season, but like you said it really reminds you why kore wa zombie <3

      ahahah yeah poor Ayumu forever a perv in the eyes of his fellow students xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        What got to me is that Ayumu’s classmates aren’t shocked by the fact there’s a giant talking squid among them on school grounds but they’re extremely disturbed that he’s crossdressing. That ridiculous situation lacking common sense is right up there with the mech fight in Rinne no Lagrange where the people who were caught in the crosshairs were out in full view cheering Madoka and the others on instead of being evacuated for their safety.

        But at the same time, the classmates were so ungrateful. Ayumu throws away his pride just to save his classmate and the rest of them and they all label him a pervert when they’re all in range of getting killed.

        • Foshizzel says:

          I know right? Forget the killer squid that is wrecking the school! Ayumu in a dress is the main focus right now. I guess they were in shock? I would have liked the whole school cheering him on, but dude in a dress is more important.

          Ayumu is a boss!

  5. tatsuya says:

    i’m not in to this ..~~~ wait ..what the hec …like it ,love it (´・ω・`) don’t worry about me ..i just got excited by reading this post ~~

  6. SPIRAL says:

    I cried when I heard the line I wanted to hear for such a long time…


    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah I bet everyone screamed that phrase when Ayumu jumped into the air and said FINAL ATTAACK! Damn that is always the best.

      • SPIRAL says:

        Second episode was good as well. Love how he got so much attention, but I do wish they developed Yuki and his relationship. She tries so hard…

  7. akagami says:

    Yay, more zombie fun and Ayumu mahou-shoujo fun! How I’ve missed Seraphim calling Ayumu disgusting.

    But wtf was up with the Dyson advertising? Don’t get me wrong, the Dyson fan is an amazing (even if it’s a very overpriced but awesome technology fan), but I didn’t need to see it 5+ times (and in one scene it was blocking Eucliwood %#[email protected]?!)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Part of me missed listening to Seraphim make fun of Ayumu because those moments always make me laugh.

      Ahahahah that fan! Yeah I guess they have to get creative with their censors?

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yes, I missed Seraphim verbally abusing Ayumu with “disgusting” and “piece of shit”. It’s one of the many reasons I love this show so much. They make me laugh a lot. It’s pretty good for an anime that doesn’t have much of a plot and most of the time, it’s pure randomness.

  8. Tofu says:

    I still stand by the fact that Chris is a shape shifter because if you watch episode 12 of the first season between 22:10 and 22:30, that is my proof.

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