First Impression – Acchi Kocchi

NNGGGHHH. S-so cute!

To quote anaaga “people suck and they don’t like moe cute stuff”, so it’s just me and her for first impressions. …They don’t know what they’re missing out on. This looks absolutely ADORABLE and I can’t wait to see how it turns out~
True Kara, because people don’t have fabulous taste as ours~ I mean, look how cute these characters are! They’re missing lots of cuteness here.

Tsumiki’s feeling for Io is obvious because she purposely waits for him at the station in cold weather. Unfortunately Io has no clue about Tsumiki waiting for him, and Tsumiki gets caught trying to reach for Io’s coat by her friends. The rest of the school day has the same pattern of Tsumiki trying to get closer to Io with him being oblivious about it. Of course, there are little things too, such as klutzy single teacher, pen spinning accident, cafeteria battlefield, technology greatness, etc. etc. Io and Sakaki make a plan of going to the arcade after school, but the whole group ends up tagging along. Not that this is the first time for Io and Tsumiki since they’ve been to the arcade together before. *wink wink*

I would react the same way too if Tomokazu Sugita pats my head. Probably worse.

Thank god this is just anime

The group plays lots of games in the arcade, such as the intense air hockey battle between Tsumiki/Io and Mayoi/Sakaki (they kept playing even after the time was over) and the claw machine (Io is strangely good at it). Before the day ends, Tsumiki (after gathering lottss of courage), asks Io to take a picture with her in the photo booth.


Just make ahoge babies already





That moment when you realize that you’re a klutzy 2D anime character

Io’s a badass geek

BWAHAHA Hime got thrown into the laser war!

ASDFG!!!! THAT WAS ONE OF THE CUTEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN EVER. Tsumiki is adorable!!! ….I’m not quite seeing the tsundere there (besides the ending), but her crush on Io is simply adorable. …Does he know, or is he just dense…? Anyways, yeah. This was so cute. Tsumiki wasn’t too bad of a tsundere and her way of showing her emotions was cute. Io was cute too with the way he knew how to deal with Tsukimi. Hime was your typical dojikko and Mayoi was…. uh… well I found her annoying, but that’s mostly because I had a friend like that (that annoyed me to no end) in RL, so my animosity just kind of carried over. I did find her occasionally entertaining though (like with her first PA announcement about the wall). This was pretty much your cute slice of life romance series in every level, though what surprised me was that Sakaki, the stereotypical male friend, actually told somewhat dirty jokes. An actual panty colour joke in a cute slice of life romance anime?! Surprising.

That crane scene! If I wasn’t already shipping hard from the first 5 minutes of this show, I’m definitely shipping hard now. Io is already such an agreeable character and he seems to understand Tsumiki’s character so there won’t be any of those annoying “I don’t realize that she’s not being honest so I’m going to waste half an episode raging on a stupid misunderstanding!” episodes. …Or maybe they will, but I like Io, so I won’t be annoyed. I can see how some people could get bored with this easily, but miraculously, I wasn’t bored in the slightest. The moe was at a sufficiently entertaining level. Sure I can’t imagine this being a major hit, but it’s cue and calming to watch.

Animation was cute too. Especially the ending. Tsumiki’s ahoge of death kind of weirded me out at the beginning, but I just kind of stopped caring about it halfway through the episode. The OST was cute too (and surprisingly good)… You know what? Everything about this was cavity inducing. It was great. ….I’m not seeing how this exactly qualifies as Seinen, but then again, I didn’t see it with Inu x Boku either until it turned into an anime. There was nothing that went beyond my expectations here, but this didn’t fail me in any way either, so I’d say this was good. Anyways, yeah, I really enjoyed the first episode and I’ll be sticking around for a while xD

HOLY SHIT BRB DYING FROM ALL THAT CUTENESS….. OMG SO CUTE CO SUTE SO CUTEEEEEE AAHHHH *pant pant* Sorry, but I can’t help it. THAT WAS SO CUTE. I had to cover my mouth when I was watching it so that I won’t squeal in my aunt’s house, and right now my foot is kind of painful from banging it too much on the edge of my bed. It. Was. Just. That. Cute. The summary is right; I can totally feel the friends’ pain seeing them like that. Right now, I just want Tsumiki and Io to HOOK UP WITH EACH OTHER ALREADY.

The one thing I don’t like though is the character designs. I know each one of them represents a stereotype, but making them somehow too similar with some characters from other anime? Blond pervert who sucks at literally everything? It seems that Sakaki is somehow related with Sunohara from Clannad. A brown haired klutz who can’t even do a single thing? Just how many characters in K-ON are klutz and also pretty stupid? I haven’t watched Lucky Star yet, but I swear Tsumiki is like a duplicate of the long haired girl from Luck Star, one of the twins. While of course it’s not uncommon for characters from different series to have similar features, it’s saddening how some people would call these similarities as being “unoriginal” (such people do exist).

But bleh, screw those kind of people. This anime is cute, and so is the main couple. I expect Tsumiki as an annoying tsundere with a loud voice, but I was surprised at how different she is from my imagination. She has a small voice, and her tsundere level is below mild. I expected Io to be one of those dumb-oblivious guys, but he’s actually pretty normal…. Anyhow, this anime can be predicted easily, but it started with surprising main characters already. Maybe this anime will have something unexpected later on in the future? Whatever it is, I’ll be watching it until the end. It’s too cute to be dropped. Also, all hail Tsumiki x Io.

Preview: My sixth sense tells me it’s about Io and Tsumiki.


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31 Responses to “First Impression – Acchi Kocchi”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    I-I think I died from cuteness overload and squealing too much. This. Was. So. Freaking. Cute. Tsumiki is adorable and she’s the kind of tsundere I like. She’s not the “I’m going to beat the crap out of you because you did something nice for me” type. Io was so sweet~ And he’s a megane. Oh, yeah. Megane~ I don’t really care for the other characters, but the fluffiness between the two main characters is enough to keep me watching. So fluffy~ Anyway, I enjoyed this so much more than I was expecting to. I mean, it’s not like it’s something super innovative or unique, but sometimes you just need some light-hearted fluffy anime.

    • anaaga says:

      I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN OH MY GOD SOOO CUUTTEEE. And yep, this is a perfect anime for relaxation because of HOW CUTE IT IS. And I just want Tsumiki and Io to date already. JUST HOOK UP WILL YA!?

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    So much cuteness. Sadly that is kinda the only positive thing I can give to this show since everything else is kinda simple and not much depth to it. Sorry but after watching a few series of interesting depth and high hitting comedy, this show can’t stack up to the ones I’m watching.

    • anaaga says:

      Nuoooooooo ;_____;
      Oh well, I’ll keep blogging this… And wait for your return… ;___;

    • skylion says:

      Not much depth? The scene where she bumps into Io, and just meows speaks volumes!

  3. Moni Chan says:

    One look at Mayoi and she became my favorite in the anime

    • akagami says:

      Hime! Hime! (starts pulling out the banners)

      • anaaga says:

        Sorry guys Tsumiki > everybody (except Io)

        I actually don’t like Hime that much though >.<

    • skylion says:

      You know, the VA for Mayoi also voices Chris-fairy-chan in Zombie Desa Ku OTD. So +5 for Mayoi our Genki Tech Fetishist.

  4. akagami says:

    Didn’t know what I was getting into since I only saw a pic of Tsumiki in the previews (was reminded of Konata from LS☆). My first initial impression was meh (I don’t like cats or cat ears), but Kikue-sensei and her banana peel got me started. By the time I saw the hallway dash, I was sold.

    Ahhh, 4-koma goodness. Just hits the spot.

    Definitely going to be following this. From my short to-watch list, this is my favorite of the ones that have aired (Natsuiro Kiseki, Sengoku Collection [unplanned]). Still have Zombie and Accel to check out, but I’m pretty sure I won’t drop those two so I can procrastinate. Oh and Haiyore which aired today.

  5. Rakuen says:

    The Street Fighter parody was possibly referencing this:
    If Daigo missed any one of those parries, the chip damage would have immediately killed him. B)

    Unfortunately, this series is provisionally dropped for me. There’s too many other things I’m interested in for me to devote time to what will essentially be another Lucky Star. But, if enough other things get dropped, I may come back to it. There’s still hope!

    • anaaga says:

      NUOOOOO another audience lost ;____;
      I’ll always be waiting here… In Metanorn… *wave goodbye*

    • akagami says:

      Lucky Star was is awesome.

      Of course, these shows are not for everyone, but that’s what I like about anime. It spawns all across genres and niches!

    • Dan-go says:

      I think you misunderstood what is meant by parries in streetfighter 2, by simply holding backwards on the directional pad, you “block” this is where chip damage is derived from, because you take reduced damage, A full parry is achieved by moving into then out at the exact moment of impact, and requires your character to be on the same plane (ie Daigo’s jump to match the high kick finisher on the super art) It was that awesome a feat.

  6. Liza says:

    This show is so cute. I think I was dawww every couple of scenes. Hopefully the two will get in a relationship as soon as possible.

    • anaaga says:

      I want that to happen too, but if that happens, I bet this anime won’t last even for one cour.

  7. tatsuya says:

    Acchi Kocchi …i have heard this word a lot of time …and love the quality of the anime by the way~~~
    wait …another anime that resemble’s to shinryaku ika musume when musume was a little squid girl T_T~~so sad

  8. Namika says:

    Kawaiiiiii *~* Can’t wait to get some time to watch this :3

  9. Joojoobees says:

    :Vomits: Okay, I usually don’t have such a bad reaction to anime. I think one episode was my limit on this one.

  10. skylion says:

    This show just made me want to hug someone.

  11. Dan-go says:

    Absolutely loved the daigo reference Its an exact copy, from the parry on the super art to the high kick finisher parry, I lold so hard

    • Dan-go says:

      Probably just about one of the greatest comebacks in the history of gaming

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