Accel World – 04

The Ice Queen actually has a heart.

‘Ello readers, another weekend and a barrage of shows to watch because well, this is one of the best spring seasons in the recent years after all. Not only the season is busy but the anisphere is abuzz with Aniblog Tourney and Metanorn’s own milestone is round the corner. You can say, I’m busier than a bee! But my shows deserve my time too. I’ve been experimenting with my blogging recently so from now on; you will get less summary and more thoughts from me.

As I said before, Chiyu is not Cyan Pile but simply a pawn being used by him via backdoor hack. However, rather than investigating things further, Haru comes under the quandary of Kuroyukihime’s affection towards him. Hell, almost every watcher of this show had pegged her as a manipulative bitch, who’s using Haru as a pawn due to his potential. So, I’m sure the declaration of love came as a complete surprise to everyone. Not to mention, she also showed a big streak of jealousy and bared her heart to a very speculative Haru.

This development couldn’t have come at the worst time because just as they were resolving it; a speeding car came crashing towards them on course for a collision. And the only way to get out was to use a temporary Burst Link to strategize against physical impact. At such a crucial moment, Kuroyukihime showed a never before seen sweet face, confessing her love to Haru along with sacrificing her 99% Burst Link points for a Physical Full Burst, which basically lets the physical body accelerate. She saved Haru but got injured mortally in process. Help came quickly with proper medical assistance but her survival is still uncertain.

Things don’t end here because we finally discover the identity of Cyan Pile and it is indeed Taku, who shows his face in the hospital to stalk Kuroyukihime yet again. There’s a catch though, Haru has been lying in wait for him and stay tuned for an epic battle in the next episode.

Extra Acceleration


Haru’s harem has grown exponentially from zero.

Reporters, “FUU– Kuroyukihime, I heard you were more than friends with that hottie Taku!”




Uh… this episode was definitely not what I was expecting with so much progress at an early stage. I thought I would never see this but the cold shouldered tsundere face of Kuroyukihime was pretty amusing and I was almost agape at her confession. I had pegged her as the Ice Queen but it seems like she has a heart too. Though, all of it could be an elaborate drama but this is not Code Geass and second guessing didn’t do anything for me as the usual suspect actually turned out to be the real suspect.

Things sure ended with a cliffhanger last week but as we predicted, the identity of Cyan Pile was finally revealed and it was just too easy. I am disappoint; no really. I would have liked some more chase and depth in this and now can only hope that more things are in making and Taku is just another stair for a level increase for Haru. As I commented in the previous review, there has to be a reason that Taku’s going after Burst points. Easy answer is to win the upcoming Kendo Nationals, while another could be to get revenge on a bigger boss (part of the remaining five kings?) of the game. I wanted to give him a benefit of the doubt but I guess, I should keep my good intentions to myself for this series because everyone seems to be chasing after something and most of the times its Burst Link points.

This brings me to Kuroyukihime’s words and how she connected with Haru’s super zealous acceleration skills. To tell you the truth, the confession was just too fast and as a viewer I’m having a hard time connecting just a few days of stalking to love. The only explanation I can come up with other than this-is-anime-world-and-such-things-happen; is Kuroyukihime seeing herself in Haru. It seems far-fetched but hear me out: they are actually two sides of the same coin. In one hand, Haru hates himself and has lost his confidence due to obesity and everyone looking down on/pitying him, while on the other hand Kuroyukihime hates herself for betraying her so-called nakama because it’s against her values to be just glad of things when she can achieve more. Both have found a form of escapism in their other life’s persona but are still not satisfied and have very low self-esteem. They share the want-to-achieve-something-more feeling and even if their connection seems too fast, it still makes sense somewhat. I did DAWWW at Haru’s reaction of trying to be the protector of Kuroyukihime and she wiping his tears away; I would definitely look forward to his vengeance. Other than the unexpected development, I’m liking the BGM more than OP/ED combined; in emotional scenes specifically, I keyed in even more just because of music. Animation has not gone derpy and that is always a plus.

If you were wondering, who the hell is Araya driving the car, check the first episode again because he’s the red-haired bully after Haru. Though, why his face was hidden by beam-chan is another question altogether. I’m sure it was on the gorey side because the car’s front seemed to be totally smashed and even from the eyelevel view that part was hidden by a grey-beam-chan, so the dude died pretty badly. Though, I have no sympathy for him and good riddance. Was he another pawn in Cyan Pile’s scheme of getting at the Black Lotus? 70% chances of yes, for sure.

Will Kuroyukihime die? I don’t think so; though, her coma stage can be elongated. Usually in shounen stories, the hero has to suffer some form of pain or loss for his character to grow. Losing something precious hardens one’s heart and I’m sure this is that catalyst event, which would make Haruyuki even more MANRY in leveling up the Burst Linker ladder. I wish to see Taku’s face punched into the floor and all of his points taken because I have no place for a bad friend in my heart or even anime. With 20 more episodes to go, I wish to see some action and good plot pacing. This was an okay episode overall and I can only hope for Haru to not degrade to mush any time soon.


Things will heat up between Cyan Pile and Silver Crow as they fight it out; one for revenge, while the other for points gain. Friends turn foe should be interesting. Till next time, ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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12 Responses to “Accel World – 04”

  1. Reaper says:

    Definitely a bombshell that I didn’t expect this early with Kuroyukihime’s confession, as well as Taku’s appearance as Cyan Pile (not that it was a surprise but it was a bit…disjointed). Poor Haru, not wanting to hope because of the fear of experiencing disappointment again, ah love, it is not bittersweet, but just bitter…anywho, not much Chiyu after their oh so coveted link (Kuroyukihime’s reaction was pretty hilarious too; dat power walk!).

    Yay, Araya’s gone (in a very grisly manner or so it seems), though I still wonder how Kuroyukihime got that wound on her chest when the car was coming towards her head…must have been a severe twist off…saa, Haru, what will you do now when your precious, incapacitated love (who would otherwise slaughter everything in her way) is threatened by this two-faced friend? Destroy him of course!

    • Kyokai says:

      After discussion with the people who have read manga, I guess, the anime sped things up because in original source her confession actually makes sense. So, I guess, I’ll just go with that.

      I finally liked Kuroyukihime in this episode and her tsun face was pretty amusing. I hope Haru bashes Taku in because he deserves it. Though him being Cyan Pile totally blows.

  2. Overcooled says:

    I thought the confession came too soon as well. I was preparing for her to betray Haruyuki, so it’s weird to see that she was actually telling the truth all this time. I can’t help but see her affection for Haruyuki as superficial. It’s like, if anyone else got a high score at online squash, she’d probably fall head over heels for them as well. :/

    I really hate how this show is handling the romance aspect (although I generally dislike that sort of thing to begin with) but I did quite enjoy how the episode ended. We all kind of knew Cyan Pile would be someone we’ve seen before, but it was a tense scene nonetheless. I look forward to the action…I’ve had enough talking!!!

    Ah, and I like your style of blogging a more opinion-based summary. I really don’t read summaries unless there’s something new I can glean from them such as what you’ve done here =w=

    • Kyokai says:

      I heard that manga dealt with confession better but oh well. At least it was a surprise than a let down. We have too many of them lying around. >>

      I look forward to the action…I’ve had enough talking!!!

      Here here! This is going the typical shounen path but I’m still sticking around for Action.

      And thanks for the format; lately, I’ve been on experimental mode and this suits me better than blow by blow summary. Waste of time really.

  3. skylion says:

    Par for you own personal course, Boss-lady, another very well met review.

    Goodness. If anyone is still comparing this to Guilty Crown…Stop right now. This episode just left that one in the dust.

    The confession: It came right when she needed it the most. Black Lotus has been a Burst Linker since she was how old? Seven? One can only imagine how that would effect a very young person. Oh, I think she is a devious one. A confession, a compulsion, and a life risking effort all in one go. She’s investing on so many levels.

    When the time comes, put Princess Snow Black on the top of the Best Characters of 2012.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you, skylion! <3

      I agree! This is going on way better pace than GC ever did. Please move along and try to appreciate good things, people.

      I was so with you on the manipulative observation but seems like she was that serious about everything. I guess, you can check the manga to see some depth in her emotions.

      And hell yeah, she’s definitely going into the female lead characters of this year. ^^

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This was unexpected. I didn’t think the ice hearted Kuroyukihime had a dere side to her. I thought she was all business and manipulative. I agree that her confession was too quick. It could have waited a few more episodes. But I’ll say she was pretty bloodthirsty for a rich girl and all to climb the ranks. I seriously doubt she going to die. If that was going to happen, it would have to be done much later.

    It was no surprise that Taku was Cyan Pile but the revelation was way too quick which makes it kind of anticlimactic. Your most worst enemy is usually the one who is always close to you. Emphasis on “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”.

    Haruyuki still has to work on his self esteem. He has a good thing going for him right now but he’s beating himself up questioning his good fortune.

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here man, what a surprise. I wanted more oomph from her! And yeah, she can’t die yet, Haru still has a long way to go; though, I’m sure he’ll do better because he’s catching up fast.

      Your most worst enemy is usually the one who is always close to you. Emphasis on “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”.

      That was my thought and degrading Taku as your average villain with that smirk was just too low and convenient. I was expecting more from his character.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I liked this episode, and think the upcoming battle should be interesting. I agree that Kuroyukihime’s confession was fast enough that it was difficult to believe, but that made Haru’s (and Chiyu’s) suspicions quite understandable, so I guess that was a trade-off. I don’t feel I know KYH well enough to guess how she thinks, so I’ll leave the speculation aside.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was a too good to be true thing but Kuroyukihime’s actions proved that at least she was honest about her feelings. Speculations with this series are a complete hit or miss so let’s see how things unfold. I definitely need an epic battle next episode!

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    My God. SO MUCH MELODRAMA in that damn car scene. It got to a point where I was just like: “Shut up and die already!” even though I quite like Kuroyukihime and I’m glad she’s not dead.

    Obviously, we were all prepared for Taku being Cyan Pile. What I wasn’t prepared for was his incredible level of douchebaggery. He’s in the OP and he’s Haru’s best friend so I kind of assumed he was going to turn out to be an okay guy who’s just on the wrong side right now or something. But NO! It transpires that he is a massive dickhead. Yes, my friend. You should be seeing someone being CRITICALLY INJURED and left in a comatose state in the hospital as an opportunity to attack them in order to win points in your favourite fucking video game. Cunt.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was too much on our face and it ticked me off but oh well, I heard manga is better so I might just catch up to it.

      I was not expecting Taku to become a generic smirking villain. I mean, he looked like a respectable fellow with his kendo and all serious posture in OP but I guess, that was the smoke screen for us to keep guessing about his motives. I agree with everything you said above. He orchestrated the whole accident to make sure she would be unable to fight for her points but dude, you know what? She has no big points anymore because she sacrificed them all. Go die in a ditch, or rather get smacked to kingdom come next episode by Haru, you douchebag.

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