Mouretsu Pirates – 10

Count me in for this! I will throw my wallet at you, Captain Chiaki.

The adventures of captain Marika sure are getting exciting lately, but with every passing episode it leaves me wanting so much more. And yes there have been a few dull episodes of Mouretsu Pirates here and there, but that is to be expected with any long anime series. In another news, I finished a fanart of Captain Marika and this time I gave her a bunny girl outfit.
Plot this week involves Chiaki filling in for Marika’s pirate duties, while the Bentenmaru search for the golden Ghost Ship.

Chiaki-“Avaste ye! Give me everything, even your children YARR!!”

Did you notice anything different with the start? As in Chiaki saying let’s start some Piracy!? That is the best quote to start things off with. So, we join Chiaki once more only this time she is wearing a full pirate uniform. Why you ask? Apparently she is covering for Marika and acting as the captain of the Bentenmaru, while the real captain searches for the Golden Ghost Ship out in space. Chaiki on the other hand takes it more like a job, but she appears to actually enjoy herself a lot! She does make an interesting captain, even when pretending to be one.

Marika-“Sorry guys, I am too busy on this Tumblr to do my captain duties…”

Chiaki-“I-it’s not like I want you to continue taking screenshots of me or anything…”

While Chiaki plays captain for a bit, Marika and the real Bentenmaru deal with some crazy space weather and Coorie uses some of her tech aka tiny space probes to search the area. Those tiny robots reminded me of the red robots from Outlaw Star…even though these ones do not talk. Before Marika can give orders and do her job as captain, Misa pushes Gruier and Marika out so they can eat and get some sleep, because they can’t make students work more than eight hours a day. Damn that must be weird to throw your captain out for working too long…at least the two girls shared a nice moment to bond! I keep waiting for Gruier to refer to Marika as onee-sama.

Kane-“Anyone, dare me to do a barrel roll? Come on…I am so bored right now.”

Coorie-“Well hello young girls!”             Gruier-“She scares me.”              Marika-“Don’t stare too long at her.”

The next morning, Marika and Gruier return to the bridge and talk with Coorie about what she found with her advanced tech aka buoys. She managed to create a map with lots of coordinates that can help her locate the Golden Ghost Ship, but she figured out Gruier’s bloodline might be key to finding the exact location of the ship as in her name, age and any other information about her family. This just means her family is very special or her blood has some freaky space power. Before the girls can discuss more about this new discovery, the alarms go off warning them of a new threat aka other space ships in the area! These are not just any ships though, but ships from Gruier’s home planet.

Maybe that bread is radioactive? Coorie might want to change her diet.

Sandaime-“OH MY GOD WERE IN HELL GUYS! AHHHHHH!”                Misa-“Quiet, you! Get back to work.”

Easy, Marika, he would get plastered on rum right about now.

The Bentenmaru goes from one freaky storm, right into another. This time it was more like fire all over the place versus dark and gloomy. While they tried to stable the ship, they suddenly picked up the three serenity ships and engaged them in combat. Sure, they didn’t exactly blow them up; instead they just knocked out their radar and computer systems. Gruier on the other hand panics after the Bentenmaru landed their attacks because those were people from her planet.

Marika-“Quiet loli blonde girl, the pirates are talking about booty.”                      Gruier-“…….”

After running away from them, Gruier begs Marika to contact them but the captain simply says no because everyone assumes she is aboard the Odette II. Marika calms Gruier down and tells her they can’t let everyone know where she really is until later. That is smart thinking on Marika’s part after all with the princess aboard the real Bentenmaru, they can use her for leverage much later. The episode comes to an end with the Bentenmaru flying off to continue the search for the Golden Ghost Ship.

Marika-“I can’t slap that cute face…so how about I hold you close?”               Gruier-“Wait! I am not prepared for yuri with you.”

Marika-“It’s time we act like pirates!”                Gruier-“Why? Were we ninjas earlier?”

Extra pirate raids

Sound all the alarms! Chiaki is one sexy pirate.

Marika-“Follow me, I have a brilliant master plan!”                     Gruier-“Alright! Captain.”

Marika-“First I’ll do some dramatic pointing and shout some pirate words.”

Marika-“And then we punch them in the face! YARR!!”

Gruier-“Oh what a wonderful plan, captain Marika!”

Marika-“Just kidding, bro! Peace all the way…”                          Gruier-“Awww that is no fun at all.”

End thoughts

Great episode this week! Every moment was fantastic. I have to say that short bit with Chiaki at the start was wonderful and equally hilarious. Just to see Chiaki acting totally different than her usual self was great! Remember a few episodes back when Chiaki made that comment about never acting that way? I guess she quickly ate those words, huh? Still, fake captain Chiaki-chan was amazing and yes she looked quite cute dressed up in the full uniform. You could say this is a preview of how she might act as a captain? Of course her father is still alive so it might be a long time until Chiaki can become a real pirate captain…unless her father dies in some epic battle mid-season and she takes over.

Besides moe captain Chiaki, we got to see the Bentenmaru in action and the CGI… Oh man, that CGI was actually great to see. Usually I tend to hate on CGI in most anime, but this was nicely done and I loved the storms or “rough waters” the ship had to travel through. That gives this show more of an overall pirate feel and the sound effects? I almost swear the Bentenmaru is actually made of solid wood because the way it creaked made it sound more like a real boat. Those were great and Coorie was amazing! She finally got more screen time. I do enjoy watching that character a lot. She’s easily my third favorite character to watch next to Chiaki and Marika, but Mami is great too…

So, that preview next week? Who in the world is that second blonde character? I think that might be a sibling of Gruier like a brother or a sister? I read on a few blogs that some people have the idea of clones as well!? That could fit in Mouretsu Pirates…after all we have cyborgs, space travel, and advanced technology. So, who do you think it might be? Siblings, clones or possibly something different? I know some space travel can always slip in random moments of time traveling…I have seen a few science fiction based series both anime and TV.


Gruier-“What the hell is this?! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE BLONDE LOLI.”

More mysterious blonde people in space!? And who is this strange new character?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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37 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 10”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I think cloning is quite possible. I still don’t know what is at the root of everything, though. Obviously there is some turmoil back at the palace — maybe the reigning King/Queen is dying? For some reason they need to find the ghost ship, I’m guessing it has to do with genetic material in some way.

    • HannoX says:

      I think that it may be that an ancestor of the Serenity royal family is aboard the ghost ship in cold sleep.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! I can see cloning actually fitting in quite well thanks to Coorie’s comment about the bloodline and “special” family stuffs…yeah I am thinking the same thing now maybe the current queen is suffering and they need something off the ghost ship to save her? Either way there might be some DNA theme next.

      @HannoX- Yeah I think there is someone asleep on the Golden Ghost Ship that Gruier needs to wake up.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think cloning is a good guess. Maybe to assure and continue the Royal Family bloodline. Whatever Gruier is looking for, she’s hoping it’ll be on the Ghost Ship. And it must be very valuable given that everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to get there first.

  2. HannoX says:

    Chiaki really got into her role acting as Pirate Captain Marika. Of course, maybe her enthusiasm was because Marika promised her all the chocolate parfaits she could eat for impersonating her.

    Perhaps Gruier is key to finding the golden ghost ship because a sample of the royal family’s DNA is needed to locate it or to unlock the ship’s security systems to allow anyone aboard. I believe that technology is under development now so they could certainly have it in the future.

    Once more the animators put in a lot of work depicting space. Their view of space is so much more interesting than a static background of stars. They depict it as a dynamic medium that adds so much to this show.

    I had to laugh at the sound of the ship creaking. I almost expected to see a lantern swinging from a beam as the ship rolled!

    Can’t wait to see where this show is going! And it’s great knowing there are 16 more episodes to go. This is my favorite anime of the season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL! Chiaki was amazing I can’t wait until she becomes a real captain eventually <3 Ah! Yessss I can picture Marika promising that to Chiaki if she helps her out? Free chocolate parfaits for life? xDDD

      I think you are onto something very interesting DNA, Frozen person or I was thinking some old school weapon? I would guess a ship that size might have some over powered mega canon...but yeah the tech is old so what else would anyone want? Weapons, treasure or access to that bloodline.

      I know right? Impressive space design and yeah the space effects look so much better than just blackness...

      LOLOL Yeah that creaking sound was great and truth I was waiting to see that happen with the lantern.

      Same here! I am so excited to see more of this series.

  3. skylion says:

    So, first off we get the bog standard introduction we’ve come to expect. Only this ends with Chiaka in the Captain’s Garb declining “let’s start some Piracy” Awesome, cue the OP!

    Then, my jaw drops. Ooji-sama? Chiaka does her job as an ooji-sama?! Oh, to be on that crew for that raid.

    Good episode, but then they all have been rather great.

    Oh, who could that other blonde be? Clone Loli? Please let it be Clone Loli. I mean we could play bingo with the loli’s that have been shot out this season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! Chiaki should always start the show like that, it reminds me a bit of Yuru Yuri with that whole Akarin! <3

      LOL Ooji-sama <3 <3 I can't wait to see when Chiaki becomes a real pirate captain it will be amazing!


      CLONED LOLI ARMY GO!!! I mean what could possibly be better than that? Imagine over a thousand Gruiers running around...damn I don't think this show could handle that many xDDD

      • skylion says:

        Ah, yes, let us clone an army of 13 year old princesses, what could possibly go wrong?

        I just meant the one. An army would flood the bingo board.

        • Foshizzel says:

          I know right? It’s not like they would try to take over the universe or anything…well maybe >.>

          Loli army! Attack!

      • BlackBriar says:

        It sounds like a good idea at first but we’d have an epidemic on our hands. Overdoses of moe would be too much to handle and would be the end of us.

      • HannoX says:

        Yes, an army of blonde loli clones! Who could resist them? The entire galaxy would fall before them! Planets would be begging to be invaded.

        • skylion says:

          Planet Araragi has had some interesting run ins already. Much resistance has been met on the ground. Thou details are scare, the rumours are vivid. Something about a super weapon that drains a victims energy. Thou to fast to be seen, the blonde hair in unmistakable.

          • HannoX says:

            Araragi soldiers reported fleeing from the battlefield saying, “I can’t do it! I just can’t shoot something cuter than kittens!”

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Marika has turned out to be a surprisingly level-headed and decisive captain, which has turned out rather well for the Bentenmaru as of now. While most would say that she needs more experience to be a good captain, the fact that she is doing an excellent job as it is indicates that she won’t really need to mature much in the experience department. She doesn’t really have any notable character flaws either, which makes potential character development a bit tough to imagine.

    Pirate captain and princess and they’re still being treated like kids/students, with a curfew, no less. LOL. How undermining is that? Chiaki is such a tsundere, acting that she didn’t enjoy masquerading when she obviously does. She acts very much like Kore wa Zombie’s Seraphim.

    The chance of a power struggle unfolding in a Royal family is never a good sign. Especially when the hostiles this week were ships from the royal military. Gruier, herself, seems to hold more uncertainty with the situation at hand, and considering her mysterious past linked to the royalty, there is probably much more to learn of her personality.

    Lately, Mouretsu Pirates has become more focused on the actual plot as opposed to the characters, which isn’t bad as long as the story is good. This episode was quite fantastic with the way in which it is slowly building up the potential enemies and archrivals. The slow story buildup is working out quite well, and I suspect will lead into a major conflict in the upcoming episodes.

    Marika and the Gruier may be disguising their absence from school for now to find the Ghost Ship, but I get the feeling that, at the rate the story is going, they might not be able to return to school for a while or maybe not at all.

    From what I saw in the preview, the other blond girl is a princess as well. There’s more than one princess? Where’s this story heading?

    • Foshizzel says:

      I love watching Captain Marika so much! Every time she puts on that hat I keep waiting to watch her do something crazy, but yeah she probably needs more training and experience. Right she doesn’t have any flaws right now, but I expect something will happen sooner or later. If you watch Rinne no Lagrange Madoka has gone through several “emotional” changes in the past three episodes xD

      Yep! Pirates in training can’t work for eight hours…wait what? That part was a bit strange for me, but it kind of makes things funny. LOL! YES! Chiaki does act a lot like Seraphim doesn’t she? I remember the cat ears scene.

      I wondered about that why are her own people after the Golden Ghost Ship anyway? I guess Gruier is hiding something still from Marika! Either way there is something related to Gruier’s family line.

      I love the story progression so far it has been very entertaining and more world building is always a good thing.

      Sad but true! They are missing a lot of school, but I really think the school stuff gets in the way of what the fans really want as in space piracy! YES <3 However I do enjoy watching how Marika acts in school vs being a captain.

      That new girl is either a sibling or a clone of Gruier, but we will find out soon and I can't wait.

  5. Kitty says:

    This episode rocked!!! But one thing has been bugging me! There is NO WAY Gruier gets all that hair in those four little braids!! Come on do they honestly expect us to over look that 0.o <— sorry its driving me crazy! Chiaki ftw!! I wanna see more of her as a pirate.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Chiaki is always fun to watch! Especially with this episode! I agree I can’t wait to see more of her as a pirate…LOL I have no idea how Gruier does it…maybe she really is the moon princess!?

      • skylion says:

        It’s obvious. The Serenity family, along with cloning technology has the secret of Fabulous Hair Decs, Baby!

        Must be one hell of a salon on the Ghost Ship.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Gruier is not the only mystery where hair is concerned. Remember Mayo Chiki’s Subaru? She has long hair but manages to have it braided to make it look like she has short hair.

  6. Hawthorne says:

    Chiaki acting as Marika was hilarious, I agree with you that it was great getting to see her in a new light. I hope she gets all the chocolate parfaits she’s ever wanted for helping. xD

    When I saw the preview siblings was the first thing that popped into my mind, but clones would be way more interesting. The other blonde character looks really serious, so I think the dialogue between the two would be pretty funny if they really are clones.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Chiaki was amazing as the fake captain Marika! I died laughing watching Chiaki act that way…I wonder how many free chocolate parfaits she will get for helping out?

      Yep! That preview damn who is that other blonde loli? I hope it is clones or cyborgs? Just kidding! I like the idea of possible cloning in this series it might make it more fun.

  7. HannoX says:

    Didn’t Gruier earlier say she was the seventh princess of the Serenity royal family? Here’s a wild idea–the royal family are ALL blonde loli clones! Naturally, the original would be aboard the ghost ship in cold sleep.

    Jeez, can you imagine what it’d be like to have a succession of loli princesses and queens sitting on the throne?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah she did mention being the 7th princess somewhere, but if they turn into clones I would laugh xD

      yesssssss this could happen.

  8. Ying says:

    I think they are probably distant relatives. not as exciting as clones, but it could be that when the ghost ship was first launched a member of the royal family was put in it, and this person is related to that one.

    I don’t Chiaki would act like that if she became captain. She was just impersonating Marika after all, but the rich people (with some exceptions) seems to be idiots in this anime. How do you confuse Chiaki with Marika visually, and not go “uh wait this isn’t right O_O?”

    This episode was great, the CGI looked amazing, and we got to see an actual fight for the first time (I don’t count the one on the Odette). I can’t wait till the next episode

    • akagami says:

      Most people don’t know how Marika looks, beyond she’s a young female pirate captain. So if you have a young female pirate, you could probably fool most of them, especially if they’ve never met.

      • Ying says:

        Really? But I thought she’d gone on a bunch of space raids already which is why she was so behind in school?

  9. akagami says:

    Captain Chiaki HNNNNNNGGGGHHH so cute!

    Aside from tat, the episode was pretty lackluster. The mahou shoujo uniform change made me laugh… though they only showed the sleeves. I demand a full mahou shoujo transformation!

    I didn’t think of cloning however, though after reading the comments that somewhat makes sense. But if you’re going to close, clone sexy bishoujo & bishounen, not lolis!!! *prepares evade skylion skill*

    • skylion says:

      I will bide my time…

      BTW, thanks for making me remember the transformation scene, I had forgotten it. Such is the power of the Serenity Clone Loli powah!

  10. Mushyrulez says:

    Y’know, when Chiaki says, “Give me all your money! And your children!” does that mean…

    ..she’s raping someone?

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