Mirai Nikki – 22

I think Queen said it best.

Tissues at the ready, people. This is one helluva bloodbath.

Picking up from where we left off, Akise has gone with 8th to challenge to Deus’s Survival Game. He figures something out and tries to make it back to tell the others when Deus nabs him, revealing Akise’s true purpose. He is the Observer; an existance created by Deus to record all of the events surrounding the Survival Game and the Diary Owners. Basically, he’s a bunch of data. And wnfortunately for Akise this means he can be easily dismantled and sent back to the Archives of TEH UNIVERSE – which is exactly what Deus starts to do.

As Akise’s body crumbles he starts to argue with Deus, saying that everything he’s done up to this point has been his own will and nobody else’s. Deus explains away all of Akise’s most headstrong actions, and says that if he can’t come up with even one act of free will then he’s doomed. In the end he does have an emotion not willed by Deus; his love for Yuki. Deus doesn’t accept this but luckily 8th has a backup plan. She turns Akise’s diary into an apprentice diary so that Akise can go and marry Yuki has control over his own future.



Meanwhile, Yuki and Yuno are heading to Akise’s place to find and kill 8th when Yuno stops them. She asks Yuki what he’ll do if the others betray him, and Yuki is ademant that they won’t betray him. They get there to find the guys missing and Akise waiting for them. Yuno wastes no time in stabbing him, and they spot 8th and the others getting away. Of course Akise is one step ahead of everyone and was prepared for the stabbage; with the help of his Detective’s Diary!

– On Loan from Kudou Shinichi

Yuki’s confusion as to why everyone is protecting 8th makes him think they have in fact betrayed him, leaving him more suseptible to Yuno’s plans. He’s quite aways ahead of Yuno who is wrestling with Akise at this point, when he comes across Hinata. She tells him he won’t be able to bring anyone back even if he becomes God, needless to say this rattles his garters somewhat. This is not helped when Yuno ring him claiming that Akise is trying to kill her – after she’s stabbed herself.

This is the final straw, Yuki looses it and shoots Hinata. Mao, heartbroken as you’d expect, starts mouthing off at him. She calls him a coward, and tries hurling a rock at his face – so he promtly shoots her too. Well, that’s two of the best friends dead, who’s next? Oh, looks like it’s Kousaka. At least he gets to tell Yuki what he really thinks of him at the end. Having killed all of his best friends Yuki assends the rubble in tears ready to kill 8th.

Akise catches up with him to try and talk some sense into him like the others had, but Yuki is pretty much catatonic by this point. Akise drops the bomb that Yuno plans on klling Yuki, too. Yuno appears, bloody and in bad shape but still armed with a rather dangerous machette, and tells Yuki to get away from Akise. Akise announces that he won’t let her have Yuki and promtly kisses him, casting a rubbing-it-in-your-face glance at Yuno which is bound to drive her crazy. She lets out her best yandere roar and Akise jumped down to her level for the two to have their face off.


                      Akise – “Be mine, Yukiteru-Kun!”                                                     Yuno – “OH HELL NO.”

Akise – “OH HELL YES! Take that, biyatch!”

Despite his diary having predicted her death, when Akise’s breaks her Diary she doesn’t get sucked into oblivion. Quite the opposite, she flashes a yandere grin and slices into his jugular. Akise collapses from the wound and as he watches his shiny bloody waterfall over the rubble he can’t understand why the broken diary in front of him didn’t kill Yuno. He also gets a look at it and sees that Yuki is called “Amano” in this Yuno’s diary – not Yuki. His mind flashes back to the third skelenton in Yuno’s garden.

Akise – “…t-totally worth it…for some Yukiteru sugar…”

 Yuno kills 8th while the dying Akise continues to ponder the two Yuno’s. DNA evidence proved that the third skeleton was of the “real” Gasai Yuno, so the one with Yuki now is definately a fake. But their diaries make no sense. The two future diaries with matching entries, only one refers to Yuki by that name and the other is more formal…calling him Amano. Just then Akise has an epiffany, but with his throat too damanged to speak he relies on his Diary, of course staggering forward at a snails pace does give a certain yandere ample opportunity to thwart you. Yuno slices Akise’s head off…but amazingly his body keeps walking. It seems nothing can stop him getting the truth to his beloved Yukiteru-Kun~



Everything about this episode was HUGE. Everysinglegoddamnthing. Yuno has got Yuki so warped right now – to kill all his friends? Jesus. I’ll give him credit, though, at least he stuck to his guns. The impact of loosing his parents, and mere idea that he wouldn’t be able to bring back all of the people he’s killed up until now just fried his little brain up like tempura. He was just a puppet in this episode, and while I think the motives they gave him for not listening to everyone was actually better than most motivations in these types of senarios, I have to raise the point of why he would even trust Yuno in the first place. I’m still sticking with out of fear/possibility of getting laid, but honestly Yuki…wake up and smell the corpses already.

Akise stole the whole show. Not only was his existance a neat little twist, but his dialogue and actions throughout the episodes were fantastic. Of course I’m going to be for him homolusting over Yuki, but it was actually handled really well. It was very subtle and sweet, and also proved Akise’s humanity. I am extremely upset that he’s been killed off, it almost seems like he hardly had any screentime at all – I have to wonder where he found the time to fall in love with Yuki in the first place? But he will be remembered! And the not he left on will without a doubt steer the show into even more murky waters. I’m dying to know his revelation, as I have no clue.

As a whole this episode was a climax in itself. I honestly don’t know how they are going to top it when the real ending comes around. Trainwrecks are so exciting to watch when they are done right and this had perfection written all over it, not to mention abject horror. I was so emotionally invested in what was going on I was literally a bag of nerves after I watched this! Such a fun experience. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; when Mirai Nikki gets it right, it gets it so right.



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17 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 22”

  1. Alynn says:

    I loved Akise even more after this episode. ;_;
    Yuno is the best yandere ever. I can’t wait for her secrets to be revealed.

  2. KarenMizuno says:

    I wish the “Marry Yuki” thing was real ._.
    Leaving that aside, I really liked this episode (the kiss) and finally Yuki and Yuno will have their “HAPPY END” soon.

    Even so, I prefer AkisexYuki better…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I feel so sorry Hinata and the others had to die to convince someone as thick-headed as Yuki. That was the most painful part to watch. Why does he trust Yuno to such an extent, or did he forget he’s following the same psycho yandere who had him strapped down a holed up in an abandoned building for who knows how long?

    Just what is the mystery surrounding Yuno? The chances of two people existing with the same exact DNA is slim to none.

    • Shey says:

      “The chances of two people existing with the same exact DNA is slim to none.”

      I guess it has something to do with time travel. Maybe the Yuno we know is from another timeline.

      I also felt sorry for Hinata. I didn’t like his ‘friends’ at all, tbh. Their friendship seemed really forced to me and they weren’t all that helpful. But Hinata was in love with Yuki and really tried to convince him that they were his friends and that they want what’s best for him.. And then he just shot her 🙁 Through the heart even!

      • Hime says:

        If it has something to do with time travel I will literally rage. I think that would be too much of a stretch, even within this series.

  4. Tofu says:

    There just HAD to be yaoi… OTL

  5. Hime says:

    I think the fangirls deserved it since every female in this series has flashed their boobs/panties at least once.

  6. Kyokai says:

    Akise is my hero. Seriously, this dude walks on even with his head cut off? Major props man.

  7. Rakuen says:

    See, this is how you set up a finale. We are four episodes from the end, and I have abso-fucking-lutely no clue what’s going to happen at this point.

    Akise didn’t fall in love with Yuki of his own accord, that’s why Deus finished erasing him. It was willed by Deus. However, if you have no evidence to the contrary, even if you’re elaborately controlled you will still perceive it as “free will.” He still had those expeirences too. So, even after breaking free of Deus’ will, he chose to embrace the person god had made him into. That’s how I see it anyway.

    Yuki is a puppet in this episode, but it’s also a good way to describe his entire character. Pretty much everyone we’ve met in this series has tried and/or succeeded to play him in one way or another. It’s a wonder he didn’t kill them all sooner…

  8. Puffin says:

    I am unsure if everyone has glossed over the obvious about the whole Yuno thing, but could she possibly have had an identical twin? The first twin was the one that was loved by the parents after adoption and the second locked up in the cage. Once the second got out, she locked up the parents and assumed the firsts place right before she fell for Yuki.

    As for the multiple diaries, I am chalking that up to her writing two different diaries about Yuki; one formal and one informal.

    • Hime says:

      I was starting to think that actually, after seeing some fanart. It’s a possibility!

  9. Silverpelt says:

    Even though it’s been almost a year since anyone’s posted anything on this, I have to say something. Yuno had 2 diaries because her other world self came to the 1st world and already had the powers of immortality. Her other world self didn’t love Yuki so she called him Amano instead of Yuki. When she got to the 1st world and was about to kill Yuki however, 1st world Yuno’s feelings transferred into her or something like that and she loved him then. It’s something along those lines but I know for a fact that it was 2nd world Yuno that kills Akise :'( In my opinion, he shouldn’t have died. Yuno should’ve been the one to die because she made Yuki go through all that. Akise really did love Yuki and I think they should’ve ended up being together(and I’m nto just saying that because I love yaoi)

  10. Silverpelt says:

    O.O I keep watching the video of the kissing over and over again 🙂 they’re just so smexy together!!!!! X3

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