Mirai Nikki – 21

“Oh, darn…I’ve fallen in some strawberry jam…”

 Oh, man. It feels like I’ve been gone for years. Big thanks to Kyo for filling in for me while I was away, I’ve missed my weekly animu~

As Yuno continues to hack away at people, Yuki is still scaring everyone with his new “just as planned” attitude. Ninth bids farewell to Nishijima, and says that she’s not ready to quit being a terrorist yet. Well, obviously. I mean…the perks are great, right? Her and Yuki chase Eleventh further into the building while Yuno frees the others. Eleventh locks himself in a vault to give himself enough time to assume the appropriate Bond villain pose, while Yuki tries to crack the code. Ninth gets impatient with him, and turns her gun on him, really just wanting to avenge Nishijima more than anything.

Maybe if she was more shooty-shotty and less pointy-pointy she would have made it to episode 22

While Yuki evades her Ninth has a flashback and tells him about her childhood – so clearly she is going to die before this episode is through. She pokes holes in his desire to become God to restore his parents, but Yuki doesn’t take the bait. Yuno finds the room where Eighth is being kept and is surprised to find her murder attempt thwarted by Akise!


Back at the stalemate, Yuki actually manages to outsmart Ninth – though to be fair she is heavily wounded and not working at full capacity – and the two have another heart to heart as well as a scramble to shoot first. Inevitably Ninth can’t shoot Yuki because he reminds her too much of her younger self, so he fires first. With another notch on his rifle, Yuki advances to the final boss.

At least she’s good at the bleedy-bleedy…

Ah, but wait! Ninth is taking a page from Lelouch’s book and has attached a heartbeat activated bomb to herself. She decides to use it for a much more selfless purpose though and use it to open up a path to Eleventh for Yuki. She crushes her Future Diary, killing herself and setting off the bomb. Yuno appears to back Yuki up and he sets off to destroy the HOLONs. Eleventh only has time to be briefly surprised as Yuno appears and shoots him through the head. Well, that was…sudden. Yuki gets the message on his Diary and is quite puzzled by this as well.


Another jarring turn of events …cut to a sunny day at the Amano house; ow. That brightness is a bit much after the note we just left on. Anyway, Yuki wakes up to find Yuno in bed with him, harr harr, insert breast groping scene here… Across town Aki is having more interesting conversations than “have you had your pants off the whole time?” and is considering handing Eighth over to Yuki, figuring he’d make the better God. He also has an interesting flashback that half explains Yuno’s sudden appearance in the locked room where Eleventh was living out his villain fantasies. Yuki passed a sign in the building early in the episode that read “Gasai Bank”, and the flashback shows Yuno using an untampered with retina scan to gain access to the vault. Akise and crew are interrupted in their musing by…uh,…the Langoliers? Huge balls of twirly black, deathy stuff start eating away at buildings [C] style, so it seems Deus is dying quicker than expected and as such the world is falling apart. Eighth teleports onto the astral plain where Deus is and brings Akise with her.


The end is nigh!


So you’ve read those doujins, too, huh?

Oh, suck it up you pansy!

I think you mean Sexy McSexALot

One of these things is not like the other


Yuki’s alter ego is still the most enertaining thing to come out of this final stretch. I like how he can only keep it up for so long before he has to have a little whimper, you know, just so he doesn’t disintagrate from the sheer effort it takes for him to be badass. It keeps him in character at least, unlike Ninth. I really didn’t like some of the mushy parts of her final send-off – especially that “I just wanted to be saved too.” line. But it was still a great scene, I really like Ninth and as a whole I thought her departure was aptly timed and well handled. It’s hard to imagine her ever being like Yuki, but alas apparently it happened!

I would have been happier if her character development had been a bit more subtle, but when her eyes start welling up when she sees the vision of her chibi self with her parents I’d be lying if I said mine didn’t get a little misty, too. So much happened this episode but the pacing kind of killed it at the end. Eleventh’s sudden wipeout was unexpected, but it happened a little too quick for it to really sink in, and the fact that Yuno just used her Batcave trick to get in completely negated Ninth sacrificing herself.

The note they ended on I loved, btw. Akise appearing like a boss was brillaint! He has a look of total “I’m gonna handle this guys, take 5.” Sneaky bastard has something up his sleeve as always, which I love. I’m getting anxious to see Yuki kill (or at least attempt) to kill Yuno. I wonder if he’d put her name on his little list of people he’s going to bring back to life after he remakes the world? At any rate, I’m excited to see what unfolds in these next few weeks. If it’s anything like the rest of the series the finale promises to be jaw-dropping.



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9 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 21”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Now I am curious as to how the final 5 episodes will lay out. Why the Gasai family would give their daughter a free pass into a high security bank vault is anyone’s guess.

    I do wonder, though: why is Akise in favor of making Yukiteru the next god, when he still has Eighth? I mean, he said that Yukiteru had a valid reason for bringing back his parents and restoring things to normal… but can’t eighth do that as well? He seems to forget that Yukiteru also has the makings of a psychopath and is incredibly emotionally unstable. The reason for Akise’s fixation on Yukiteru should become clear in the next episode.

    Minene’s death scene is actually kind of sad. Not crying buckets kind of sad, but she died without any regrets and it worked pretty well when she suddenly started to relate to Yukiteru and realized the similarities they had..

    Ah, it’s nice to see the psychotic relationship between Yukiteru and Yuno growing. Waking up to groping a hot girl, thats the way wake up!

    Yuno really does crack me up sometimes. She pulls the most demented expressions, in particular, her joyful smile and the gleam in her eyes as she peered around the door at Bacchus and shot him through the head. Yuno’s smile before she killed eleventh was really cute yet terrifying. The essence of a yandere.

  2. Rakuen says:

    Actually, I thought Ninth was not only in character, but definitely like Yuki. Ninth is Yuki with about a decade’s worth of time to build up the persona. Time spent becoming jaded with the world. You don’t just become a terrorist overnight, after all. It’s difficult to remember that people we see as monsters used to be “humans” once, too.

    On the other hand, Eleventh definitely died way before his time. On the other other hand, they pretty much wrote him off a cliff. They could have completely defocused from him for a few weeks, but just knowing he was sitting in that bunker would have bored me.

    And right about now, I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The pace is definitely a bit quicker than I expected. It’s good though, it keeps me guessing. 🙂

  3. tatsuya says:

    damn !! i really hate that old faggot because his diary is special !!

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    Heh. I KNEW that ‘imposter’ stuff was bullshit. Now all that’s left is to reveal where Yuno got her mad time-leaping skillz from.

  5. Kyokai says:

    Anytime, Hime! Hope you had an awesome trip! :3

    Now, Minene! I knew her time was almost up but I’m satisfied with the way she went; a well deserved end. I’d love to know what Akise’s up to and why the end of the world has been escalated? Has Deus started something on his own? I’m still stuck to my theory about Yuno and her not being a fake in definition.

    We have five more episodes to figure out what the hell will go down.

  6. kirayume says:

    seeing minene’s crying is somewhat painful…

    i hope the final episode will be more exciting..:D

  7. Overcooled says:

    There were some times when things felt off and Minene was too soft, but overall they did a good job with her this episode. I know seeing the child of herself was super cheesy but ugghhh it felt so RIGHT! SO SAD! I really liked this episode, especially Akise’s badass moment.

    A side note…How was Yuki surprised that the bomb didn’t open the second door when it didn’t even scratch the first one? <_< Yuki...<___<

  8. Alynn says:

    Tears ;_; Ninth was my favorite character.
    Though I knew it was going to happen I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the whole time ;_;

    Now that the ending is soon, I’m excited for when things finally get wrapped up about Yuno.

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