Brave 10 – 12 [END]

Fabulous max episode for a fabulous max anime (not really)

Finally it’s the lasto episode. Not that I’m excited over it since the preview didn’t look interested at all, but I just want to get this crap–er… anime done with. To make the last post merrier, I kinda dragged Kara to tag with me. But really, who doesn’t want to be dragged into a post full of bishies? Although that’s the only good thing about Brave10… Bleh. Isanami better do something good here.
You know what’s fabulous max? Brave 10 is fabulous max (…and so is anaaga for letting me tag the last episode with her)! Sure my attention span for this show might have, uh… disappeared somewhere between episodes 8-11, but I’ve caught up again and I’m ready to see Isanami do something for once! Yaaay!

Trying to make the summary as short as possible here. Isanami makes a spherical black barrier (that literally spits darkness) around herself and floats on the sky inside it. When Rokurou and Yukimura arrive at the scene, it’s too late. Kushi-mitama, necessary for Isanami to control her power, is with Hattori, and Saizou is all “dying” on the ground. Wanting to control Isanami, Hattori gives the Kushi-mitama to her… which doesn’t work. The black barrier turns Hattori’s hand into ashes and sucks the rest of his body inside. Very climatic right there.

Isanami is such a badass only physically

Karma is a bitch

Rokurou then remembers that someone with a “brave and clean heart” (LOL) should sacrifice himself. Yeah, Rokurou just indirectly offers his life to calm Isanami down. However, Saizou saves Rokurou at the last minute before the black sphere sucks Rokurou. While mumbling about Isanami being Isanami or whatever it is, pissed Saizou tries to breaks into the black sphere with his glowing sword while he himself is glowing. Apparently, as long as people glow, everything will work out. Just look at Saizou, he manages to break into the sphere.

Insert lame Knock Knock joke

At the same time, the other Braves suddenly INSTANTLY RECOVER and defeat their enemies in less than five minutes.

Inside the black sphere, non-badass Isanami is bawling like a baby, saying stuff that she’s useless, not human, etc. etc. while crying. But don’t worry, tsun Saizou with his smooth talk to the rescue! And believe me, it actually works. Isanami calms down, and the spherical black barrier disappears. The other Braves are back when Yukimura hugs Isanami, a gesture saying that she will always be welcomed. Add more bawling here.

DAMN IT, SAIZOU! You should’ve let Isanami fall instead of catching her! Now she’s alive!

Anastasia gets her family heirloom, which turns out to be a forge. Jinpachi talks to her, saying that only the Master (Yukimura) can decide whether she’s guilty or not (another way of saying that she’ll be forgiven). In the Ueda Castle, Yukimura finally tells his bishie friends about Isanami’s power. Mitsunari, surprisingly, refuses such dangerous power and wants to defeat Ieyasu with his own power… And allies of course, which Yukimura involuntarily joined. In Oshu, Date (finally) decides that he’ll make his move.

After few days/weeks/time skip, the Braves with their master are having a relaxed time at the castle’s garden. Suddenly someone mentions something about choosing a leader for the Braves, and everybody nominates Saizou as the leader. Saizou is all tsun about it but accepts it anyway, because he finally has a place where he belongs.

Of course he posed

Extra Screenshots: 

I’m grateful towards this scene

“I-it’s not like I’m trying this hairpin or anything like that!”

Stepping on the thing you risked your life for? K, Anastasia, that’s just smart

Poor guy, getting an ugly rape face already in his third appearance

….Uh, okay, so at least we can add “looking badass and killing one ninja” to the small list of things Isanami has accomplished. But really, that’s it? I was kind of expecting the blood of thousands to flow without end, but she just kind of sat there in a giant ball of darkness the entire episode. Sure the whole devouring the ninja thing was cool, but imagine if she went on a rampage. As for the other Braves, holy Sekai’s win was cheesy. He was saved by a shota and flashbacks. Fabulous. I would have liked to see these battles go on as well, but time restraints I guess. …Plus that buff woman (…was she even a woman? After Yuri, I can’t tell anymore in this series) and those bugs really freaked me out, so maybe it’s better that this didn’t go on.

There wasn’t really even a FINAL final battle, it was just the other 8 winning the battles that they were losing last episode (Yuri was awesome xDD) , Saizo telling Isanami to stop being emo and Isanami going “lol okay”. Needless to say, I’m kind of disappointed. Does the manga go on? There’s no way it just ends there, right? This ending feels more like the end of a long prologue as opposed to the end of a story (…though maybe that was the intention). There were so many loose ends, it’s hard to keep track of them all. The characters all needed more screentime desperately. Hell, it even implied that Ana had a costume change (…again), but all we got to see was her hair. Did Yukimura ever forgive her? Wtf is she going to do now? How the crap did Sasuke survive having a bug attempt to eat his heart? Arg, I have too many questions. I might as well go read the manga. …Eventually.

They totally left that ending open ended. I hope there’s a season two since Date still seems to be a problem (plus historically, doesn’t Yukimura lose in the end…?? I want to see that). Overall, I really enjoyed this series (minus this really inconclusive ending). The action was good, I enjoyed the characters for the most part and it had a pretty interesting plot set up. The only downfall is that I don’t think this anime was long enough to go from good to great. I mean, they just found the final member and suddenly the series is over. I wanted to see more!!! (Though if the manga ended there, it’s not really the anime’s fault) …Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

It was a mistake to think that Isanami would do something AH.MA.ZING this week. Her origin must have been “Bawling” or “Useless” or “Even More Worthless than Enjou Tomoe” (those who have watched Kara no Kyoukai will get this), because that’s her only highlight for straight twelve episodes. Every. Single. Episode. She cried. Forget everything I said about how she balanced out Saizou’s emo attitude. I don’t care if she subconsciously did that too. She’s just USELESS. Kara is definitely being nice by counting Hattori’s death as one of Isanami’s good deed. I think it was pure physics. How? I don’t know. But I am NOT counting that as one of Isanami’s work. Besides, Rokurou could’ve taken Hattori out anyway if Isanami didn’t do that. Actually, yeah, why didn’t Rokurou do that? Being sick is not really an excuse since he did manage to make that ball thingy when he sacrificed himself. So yeah, Rokurou, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING!? YOU TOO, YUKIMURA!?

It was also a mistake to expect decent battle scenes in this episode. I should’ve known that they would use INSTANTO recovery since this is the LASTO episode. Instant invention of super gloves by a shota… LULZ what the hell was that? While this is to be expected, the disappointment is more to the previous episodes’ battle scenes. If you do notice, the battle scenes degenerate from “decent” to “awkward” to “whut the hell” to “barely any fight.” Talk about being so obvious in cutting budgets. C’mooonnn, the battles were great in the manga! Why did they became so crappy in the anime!? Damn it, I expected too much from you, *insert studio name which I can’t even remember*

Overall, it was a BIG MISTAKE to get excited over this anime. I should’ve never done that. But I know I wasn’t wrong for being excited over it. Why? The manga is good. The characters are not stiff, the battle scenes are great, there are less derp smiles, and, most important of all, HOMOLUST EVERYWHERE YO. But the anime? LAME. Derpy rapefaces, Stupid battle scenes, tedious execution of the story, and HOMOLUST WHERE!? With this, I don’t know whether the studio (what’s the name again?) will animate the sequel or not (Yes Kara, there’s a sequel. It’s called Brave 10 S). But if they do, I want something better than this crappy first season. THEY BETTER BE. And more homolust please.


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12 Responses to “Brave 10 – 12 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Poor guy, getting an ugly rape face already in his third appearance

    I think this guy was voiced by MikiShin? I think that is why he gets that raep face! xD

    Good work on the finale girls, this was much less loved show and Isanami sure made it hard to like. But, bishies and OD made somewhat up for it. ^^

    • anaaga says:

      ASSASSIN! Tsubame Gaishi! every time I see Assassin’s name I always remember the bromance he had with the temple xD

      I’m pretty sure this anime can be decent…. If Isanami just DIES

  2. Skyrae says:

    Hahaha I have to agree that the last episode was a letdown. I told myself not to expect much but they really destroyed the battle scenes :/ the end is pretty abrupt but since it was also like that in the manga (since there’s a sequel and all) I guess there might be a season 2..
    I’m glad I read the manga before watching though so I know what is “supposed” to happen in Brave 10 xD if I only watched it, I believe I wouldn’t like Brave 10 as much as I do now.

    IKR. They keep giving those long hair bishies such weird looking faces! They already destroyed Masamune’s image and now this poor guy. I was really happy when there was some YukiRoku at the beginning of the episode, it really made up for the scenes afterwards. I didn’t think they would take away the part when everyone gathered at the sphere when Saizo was facing off Hanzo though. They (the producers) killed off Hanzo so quickly ): lol

    Well I’m still grateful that they did the anime though, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about Brave 10 and went to read its manga at all xD overall I guess the anime was alright, I’m just glad they didn’t stray from the main plot and add irrelevant things in. Thanks for the reviews ;D and lol at your DIE ISANAMI tag xD

    P/s do you happen to know where I can read Brave 10S raws? o-o

  3. Moni Chan says:


    wait I still need to catch up. I’m still sad though

  4. tatsuya says:

    man …i gotta said , the ending SUCKK !!

  5. Skyrae says:

    Yes OnoD *-* and Sakurai Takahiro as Hanzo @-@

    Thanks for the links! (: though..those are for Brave 10..I was asking about Brave 10S xD

  6. an says:

    what is the name of the sequel
    i dont know it

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