Brave 10 – 10 – 11

The fanboys finally got their yuri scene.

I’m back!… And I’ll be gone again after few weeks. *sigh* I’ve been going out of town a lot these days. I’m sad because I wasn’t able to do the whole “Brave10 episode 10” pun. And gosh, writing about two episodes in one post is such a pain. Ugh. Thankfully, I missed the episode where the Brave spent their time fighting for their lives, so the summary won’t be long. Yippy!

Episode 10

Nothing much happened. Well, actually it did, but it can’t be described in words. Everything happened so fast. Isanami was sulking somewhere in the forest, being all depressed over her doomed life and… dirty hands, while Anastasia and her team had a secret meeting for the plan of attacking the Braves. Each of the Braves (except Kamanosuke and Jinpachi) were busy with their own thing for distraction, but it didn’t work since each one of them ended up thinking about Isanami. Meanwhile, Yukimura got a surprise visit from Mitsunari and Katsunaga. Them bishies were not amused with how Ieyasu was acting even though he’s not a bishie like them, so they plan to declare a war on Ieyasu. It seems, Mitsunari is desperate for power, but Yukimura tells him that too much power will only bring pain… *hintIsanamihint*

“We can’t let some ugly character underestimate us bishies!”

Suddenly the Braves were attacked one by one. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side that day. Isanami gets tied up while having to watch Saizou being attacked simultaneously by Hattori. The Braves were unable to fight the freaky but powerful Iga ninjas. What’s worse, Hattori decided to attack Isanami mentally by blaming her on the supposedly-dead members of the Braves (they’re all lying on the ground by this time, but I’m sure they’re not dead yet). Hattori’s tactic worked, and Isanami power slowly acted up.

Gross gross GROSS

Episode 11

Now it’s time for Yuri to be attacked. He follows a suspicious figure into a small alley but ends up falling for the stranger’s illusion where… Yuri is a lady and Saizou is the butler… LOLOL. Lady Yuri somehow ends up in this Victorian drama where people are badmouthing “her” hair and tattoo, but she doesn’t mind since “her” beloved “butler” is there for her. “Lady Yuri” injured herself though, and the smell of blood reawakens his killer instinct. Unfortunately, Yuri did not last long in real life since the enemy attacked him with his own blood. He should’ve stayed in the illusion and make Victorian babies with Saizou butler.

The Reality Marble cracked!

Meanwhile, Jinpachi is fishing when Anastasia comes out and confront him. Jinpachi’s words weakens Anastasia’s determination to kill the Braves, but remembering her past makes her strong again to the point where she manages to freeze Jinpachi. Anastasia was some kind of princess who got lots in Japan? Anyhow, Hattori has her dead parents’ memento, and Anastasia is willing to do anything to get it back.

“Please fish me!”

Now, we know what happen to those ships that didn’t make it to Plymouth.

As for Isanami, she’s not making any progress AT ALL. She just cries and cries and cries while saying stuff like how useless she is, etc. After eleven episodes, ELEVEN, Isanami is finally doing something. Wanting to get stronger, she accepts the “help” from her other mold-colored self. Like an Asian hulk, she releases herself and walks toward Hattori and Saizou, emitting black aura while smiling like a psycho. Uh-oh.

Oh gee, how come I didn’t know about this after eleven episodes?

Sengoku Hulk

Somehow, all the excitement for Brave10 is gone now. I feel lazy watching it instead of squealing in excitement before I watch the newest episode. This cycle of Isanami being kidnapped and while doing no shit frustrates me. When will this cycle end? It won’t end no matter what, even if Isanami transforms into the badass Isanami. Yes, she’s going to turn into the badass Isanami, but that won’t change anything. Let’s face it, she won’t be the badass Isanami forever. She will revert back to her old self. She will always cry and do nothing. Why? Because that’s all she can do! Of course, it’s common for women to cry and panic when there’s danger, but this is just pushing it. Damsel in Distress is not appealing now; it’s just an annoyance. I’m more than happy to see Isanami drop dead right now.

Okay, it wasn’t as if these episodes weren’t entertaining. Seeing the Braves being defeated was definitely a treat for the eyes. Except Sasuke and Kakei. All of those insects were just gross… Anyway, I had a good laugh at Kamanisuke’s illusion too. The homolust was really strong in that illusion. It was refreshing to see Anastasia as a confused character since she always has this know-it-all aura, so I definitely loved how Jinpachi messed up with her feelings. About Jinpachi, he’s probably the only character I’m confused about. He was doing all this telepathy awesomeness, but the next thing you know he got his butt frozen by Ana? Is he strong, or is he not? As for the new enemies, I just don’t think anything about them. They just popped out of nowhere without any introduction whatsoever, so they look more like a characters that are just there for the sake of the plot.

Unfortunately, the supposed fighting scenes look more like the Braves conversing with the Iga ninjas. There’s more talking and less fighting. Even the fighting scenes look more like a child’s play since it’s only about the characters jumping around, while being injured by the other party. I prefer more battle scenes, but it seems that the studio decided to cut them for the sake of saving the budget.

Oh lord, I ended up babbling about the episodes although I complained about it two paragraphs before. I wouldn’t complain if ISANAMI IS BEING USELESS. But noooo she’s not. All she did was got tied up on a tree and cried her ass off. She could’ve gone all Hulk before Saizou was stabbed gazillion times. But did she do that? No. She had to cry first. Damn it, all my enjoyment for the past two episodes is all gone thanks to her. Badass Isanami better make it up to me next week.

Preview: Obviously Isanami went all berserk because she took off her hairpin. I don’t get why Sasuke’s skin is all smooth even though ants were gnawing at him though…


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