Brave 10 – 09

Wait, this is a hetero anime?

Ah, Brave10, I’ll miss you next week. Since I won’t be in the city next week, so someone else has to cover Brave10 for me. All my anime, all my manga, all my junk foods, I’ll miss you! ;_;

Sasuke the Puppy welcomes the party as they arrive at Ueda Castle, while Ana’s on guard duty, so he’s the only one who gets introduced to Ben-chan and Jinpachi. Time skip to nighttime where everybody’s preparing themselves to LaLa Land, while Isanami and Anastasia have a pajama party. Aww, so cute. Even Saizou was smiling. Wait, Saizou, why are you listening to their conversation?

Having the need to fulfill his sex drive, Saizou stalks Yukimura
Saizou the night owl, decided to hang around inside Yukimura’s ceiling but is unfortunately caught by him. Saizou is curious about the real reason of the Ten Braves, so Yukimura tells him. It’s been written in Ueda text that gathering ten people representing the elements in this world can change, obviously, the world. After pointing out who is which element (Yuri is wind, Kakei is metal, etc. etc.), Yukimura finally tells who represent the light in the Yin Yang sign: Saizou, which, of course, makes Isanami the Darkness. Saizou thinks that Yukimura is making things up but then it is revealed that that is how it’s written in the burnt text many episodes before. The one that Rokurou transferred in his eye.

“I-it’s not like I’m guarding you or anything like that!”

It’s posing time!

Speaking about Rokuru, does he know that Yukimura is cheating with Saizou?, he’s suddenly ambushed by…Anastasia! She wants the record inside Rokurou’s eye, but alas, that record is destroyed because he stabs his own eye. Anastasia is found out by the rest and runs away. Of course, she didn’t leave without spurting nonsense about being a “true ninja” and stabbing Sasuke. Saizou was so close in capturing her, but she managed to escape.

Rokurou likes it rough

Isanami is shaken with Anastasia’s betrayal, and this causes the Kushi-mitama to act up with her legs blackening. God, she’s even emitting a black aura now. Black gas? Gas? Hmm, Gyo? LOL GYO.

OH SNAP, ISANAMI IS RELEASING BLACK GAS. Was she injured by a metallic rotten fish?

Ehm, anyhow, as Saizou and Yukimura are about to continue the conversation, Jinpachi butts in and demands to know what they are gossiping about. So, Yukimura tells Jinpachi an additional story about Isanami. Turns out that Isanami was special since she was a baby… When she cried, she literally surrounded a priestess in darkness and made her disappear. The priest found the Yin Yang sign in front of the temple emitting black aura when this happened. Sudden realization, the Yin Yang sign was connected to the underworld! And who’s the goddess of underworld? Isanami. So yeah, Kushi-mitama isn’t really the one that’s emitting darkness, but Isanami is. Kushi-mitama is nothing but a tool that seals Isanami’s power so that she won’t be a danger for this world.

anaaga approves

Suddenly Saizou realizes that there’s someone eavesdropping, and he opens the door… Only to see Isanami outside the room.



They’re the same person

“I’m dumping you for Ben-chan because he’s a shota and I LIKE ‘EM YOUNG”

New OTP: Sasuke x Veronica


It’s Kyokai

MY MIND IS BLOWN. Well, not really. I half expected Isanami to be connected to the goddess Isanami, and it seems that I was right. Such an obvious hint. The whole alter ego and kushi-mitama suppressing the goddess Isanami is not surpring too. Somehow everything about Isanami is not a surprise anymore. Still, after seeing how the goddess Isanami looks like, I have more respect than before for Isanami now. She’s still a useless crybaby, but that personality of hers makes sense: it is to balance out the goddess’s personality, which is obviously the opposite of the crybaby’s I think. Now if the crybaby Isanami was a little bit more useful… Anyway, however her personality is, I feel bad for her (a little bit) because she lost the only female friend who’s like her own sister, Anastasia. Additionally, Anastasia gave Isanami the final blow by telling her that everything she believes is false. Telling an orphan who considers you as a family that the bond between her and you is a lie is NOT a good thing to say, Anastasia. And thanks to you, the world is in danger now.

As for Anastasia, I don’t feel anything toward this cup-Z character. Whoops, she’s a spy. It’s been hinted anyway. I’m actually happy that she’s gone. Somehow this woman got on my nerves, don’t know why. Maybe because of her chest and her name? Anyhow, I’m going to celebrate this moment when she’s the evil spy because obviously she’ll return to Ueda sooner or later. Grrr, why can’t she die and disappear forever?

Know what really blew my mind? Yukimura’s basis of the Ten Braves. I did not expect anything so solid like that. Yukimura seems as if he got this operation going out of a whim, but he actually inspected their abilities and how the abilities are connected with the nature they represent. Like, whoa, this man is actually doing his work properly! I see Yukimura in a whole new different light now. This man is actually serious. He really can cover up his serious side well.

Saizou is also in the spotlight as well for this episode. I’ve been wishing to see the assassin side of his, and I finally see it! He’s just so awesome in this episode, with his air walk and his other ninja stuff. What’s better, the caring side of his is also shown too. His smile when he eavesdropped on Isanami and Anastasia, his concern for Rokurou, and his momentary denial when he found out that Isanami is actually the Darkness… NNGGGHHH Saizou! He’s getting more and more expressive in every episode, especially when it’s about Isanami. I ship Saizou with Isanami so hard right now.

Now that everything is explained (almost everything), I’m expecting episodes full of actions now. My guess for the future is that the goddess Isanami will resurrect, and Saizou has to calm her down. I’m also curious of what Jinpachi is going to say about this case. He’s the group n00b, but he’s experienced enough to be asked for opinions. I can’t wait to see the goddess Isanami in action!

Preview: Hattori Hanzo found Isanami and Saizou! A talk between Mitsunari and Hidenori!? Ben-chan is in danger! Gah, a lot is going to happen next week.


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18 Responses to “Brave 10 – 09”

  1. kaon says:

    noooo T.T

    • Snowley says:

      That is highly interesting comment. I think you thought about the topic really hard and did some proffesional research. I can see so many emotions you put in there and that’s very clever use of emoticons, thanks to them your opinion is easier to understand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hard work!

    • anaaga says:


      • Snowley says:

        Snowley used >irony. It’s not effective…? (this all is towards kaon, not you, anaaga, so you know).

        • anaaga says:

          That’s a real comment? Oh LOL sorry I thought it was a spam using your account because I’ve come across spams with similar context before. Sorry =(

          Except that, yeah I do notice that. The question marks are for her too because I don’t get why she said “nooo”….

          • Snowley says:

            I don’t know if that’s a real account, how would I know? 😀 I haven’t thought it could be spam. Meh, whatever. I’m dragging an off topic.

  2. Alynn says:

    I’m actually quite glad that Ana is gone too. I never really liked her that much.

    It was refreshing to see something structured for once. The whole ten elements thing made me happy.

    • anaaga says:

      YYeesss I’m not the only one! =D

      Yep, now the whole Brave10 thing doesn’t look that ridiculous now

  3. Jrow says:

    Man, Anastasia is really hot.

    Besides that, I’m thinking of starting the manga soon.

    • anaaga says:

      I-i-i-i-is she now? *///* I mean, of course she is! Look at her Z-cup boobs!

      The manga is waaaaayyy better than the anime. The characters are rougher, and there are some extra arcs there. Do read it =D

  4. Karakuri says:

    AHAHAHA “We have to find out who Anastasia is working for” “It’s Kyokai.” best lines ever. Very clever xD.

    I was impressed by Yukimura’s criteria for his 10 as well. I didn’t think that he put that much thought into picking them. …Now if only Isanami would do something. That other version was just so much more badass.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Ana! Nooooooooooo! Lolol I laughed at the line “We have to find out who Anastasia is working for” LOLOLOL I was like what the hell she works for Metanorn Derrrrrp.

    • anaaga says:

      LOLOL right? He could’ve emailed me or something and I’ll tell him where I am. Sending a stalker is not necessary xD

  6. tatsuya says:

    like the effect on the sword

    • anaaga says:

      The sword reminds me of Cloud of FF7’s sword, but I guess all big swords reminds me of Cloud’s sword.

      The writing on it is cool though

  7. Sabine says:

    Poor poor Rokurou-!! It was so heartbreaking to see him stabbed and poisoned, to see in my opinion Finally some more scary/dark elements in a bishie anime,the real deal starts here I hope, but I shall still be crying for Rokurous sake, so painful to watch-!

    and Isanamis goddess side, all hail :O Badass.

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