Another – 11

Oh god. This is NOT okay.

God, this past week was just death. I had Calculus and Biology exams back to back, ugh. And next Friday I have another Organic Chemistry exam. But after watching this I feel like I can’t complain because, seriously?  Oh my god. This was just…insane. Like, literally a blood bath. AND a barbecue, for good measure. Everything that could go wrong in this episode happened and it FREAKED ME OUT, OH MY GOD. I definitely shrieked at one point…

Episode 11 begins where Episode 10 left off, with Teshigawara busting into the room in a state of panic. He had thought Kazami, his childhood friend, was the “extra” and had supposedly killed him in a tussle. Kouichi, Mei and Teshigawara go to find Kazami’s body when they run into another student who had been stabbed. Kouichi goes and check’s the dining hall only to find a fire and the manager stabbed to death. Izumi joins Kouichi and Mei when they hear Takako scream. They rush upstairs to find her, only to find the room covered in blood. Takako then confronts them on the stairs and attempts to kill Mei.

Later, Takako plays the tape over the intercom and tells everybody that Mei is the “extra.” All the students go insane and try to kill her and Mikami-Sensei gets knocked out as she tries to protect Mei. Kouichi and Mei attempt to escape when they are confronted by Yumi who tries to kill Mei as revenge for her brother’s death. However, she falls out of the window to her death. Meanwhile, Mochikuzi and Teshigawara encounter the manager’s wife who has apparently gone nuts. She tries to kill them and Teshigawara gets his leg cut as the two attempt to escape.

Haha! At least she’s flexible? (…I’m going to hell.)

Straight up NIGHTMARE material.

As this is all happening, Nobaru and Makoto sit downstairs speculating as to whether Mei truly is the “extra” student. Nobaru smells something burning and Makoto goes to open the dining room door. Unfortunately, the influx of oxygen into the dining room causes an explosion that burns Makoto alive as Nobaru looks on in horror. Takako then finds Kouichi and Mei and stabs Kouichi in her attempt to get at Mei. However, she ends up tripping and unintentionally hanging herself in some stray wires. Izumi walks up and finds that Takako has died and her rage towards Mei becomes evident as she states that she is going to kill Mei. Mei then runs off.

My god, this was seriously straight up crazyassbatshit INSANE. The Another that we’ve grown to love and appreciate was always slow, doling out no shortage of suspense while simultaneously giving us gore in consistent dosages. This episode veered straight to the opposite end of the spectrum – straight up manslaughter of the more terrifying sort. The students of Class 3 were reduced to their base-most desires; instinctual fight or flight mode. It was survival of the fittest where all the competitors were desperate, carnal, cruel and operating on limited information. After finding out that it is possible and how to stop the phenomenon, the students want blood. And they want it now.

Unfortunately, Misaki Mei is the focal point of this bloodbath. She’s been the center of attention the entire time. Her role in this storyline is invaluable seeing as she was ignored in place of the “extra” and has the key to outing the “extra.” Not to mention the fact that her twin has lead people to believe that she IS the “extra.” This girl is just loaded. The end of this episode suggests that she is after the “extra,” possibly to kill them. Though she appears to be rather cold on the outside, Mei is in fact a warm and kind individual. It definitely kills her to see so much carnage and, hopefully, she’s finally mustered up the willpower to do something about it. So now the question remains…just who is the “extra”?

I’m still inclined to believe that Kouichi is a prime suspect, but this episode is pointing us in other directions. First of all, Kazami, despite his near death at the hands of Teshigawara, his childhood friend, was conveniently missing for the entirety of the episode. Where did he go? And what is he doing? Finally, if we’re considering all possibilities here, Kouichi’s aunt is also quite suspicious. I’ve always been rather skeptical about her, but the circumstances surrounding her are, frankly, just weird. Kouichi’s grandfather is always going on and on about his poor “Reiko-chan” and that annoying-as-hell parrot won’t shut up about “Rei-chan,” either. What’s going on there?

This begs the question – what if our entire understanding of the phenomenon is wrong? The students of Class 3 seem convinced that the “extra” MUST be in their actual class. One of the students in that class is dead. However, what if just has to be somebody from any Class 3, past or present? For instance, Reiko or anybody from a past Class 3 could be an extra and the repercussions hit the current Class 3. I wouldn’t put it past Another to lead us in the wrong direction and drop a bomb like that on us, seeing as it’s already been quite good at doing that.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely somebody who needs ALL loose ends tied. Doesn’t matter if one of them isn’t necessarily consequential to the plotline at hand – I need it touched upon, if only barely. Exhibit A: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL MISAKI?!?! I’m sorry guys, but I need to understand how this phenomenon truly started. Speculation isn’t enough for me here. Obviously the “extra” is a key issue, but that will be addressed in the finale. If you remember the very first episode, with the introduction of the Class 3 curse, there was a series of images that foreshadowed the subsequent events. Not all of these have been taken care of yet, so I’m hoping that it all comes together in the end. I’d hate for Another to have a lackluster ending, so here’s to hoping!



You got this Mei!


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27 Responses to “Another – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    So which one gave you guys the most cringe per frame? The sidewalk diving (unintentional) or the hung megane (unintentional)?

    For me, it was the first. Graphically intense, and the pantsu shot was…well, it was what it was…

    • Zabobinator says:

      For me, the most cringe-worthy death was that of Makoto. He was so…normal. He kept calm through everything and seeing him die, just like that, was very jarring.

      They were all awful though. Straight up TERRIFYING.

  2. Overcooled says:

    YOOOOOO THAT THEORY. Yooooo. Never thought about it being someone from another year. Saying that they killed a dude and fixed stuff isn’t exactly concrete evidence that they’ve got the inner workings of the curse sorted out. Especially if his name is bleeped out. You can tell all I focus on while watching this is the bloodshed. It was like a carnival of death 😀

    Good luck on all your exams, Zabo!

    • Zabobinator says:

      I know right? I was rather proud of myself for that one. Hope I’m right, for once. All my other theories were wrong… T_T

      And I KNEW you’d enjoy this episode! xD

      Thanks! ^_^

  3. Alynn says:

    Oh my god this episode was nightmare fuel EVERYWHERE. The girl getting hanged OH MY GOD I freaked out.

    That’s a really interesting theory. Yea I wouldn’t be surprised if Another was leading us in the wrong direction.

    FFFF I am so excited for the last episode.

    • Zabobinator says:

      Yah, the hanging was scary but I didn’t feel as bad for that one. Takako was pissing me off, dood. 😛

      I KNOW. I can’t wait to watch! xD

  4. Joojoobees says:

    Wow. Things certainly broke loose this week. I was expecting a little more than the attempted murder, because we are heading into the climax, so when the fire was discovered, I thought that was pretty much it. *SURPRISE* Things just kept getting worse.

    On the plus side, it doesn’t look like they will have to worry too much about killing a classmate, since just about everyone will probably die at this rate.

    • Zabobinator says:

      HAHA! You’re right on that last point! At this rate, nobody’s going to survive…

    • skylion says:

      I was a bit upset about how the cast handled the information surround the fact that the damn hotel was in FLAMES. I mean, they could have been even more blase….

      • Zabobinator says:

        Yah, seriously. I don’t understand how the fire didn’t spread any further…

        • skylion says:

          That was actually rather well explained, the fire was contained in a large room, and it was slowly chocking on it’s own smoke. It lost the capacity to spread. Until that brilliant student said “herp, wat fier?” and opened the bloody door. I’m just surprised that when they heard of the fire they reacted as if was happening in another hotel across the country.

          • Zabobinator says:

            Ah, that’s true. However, even if it was contained in a large room, it could still spread. I suppose the material that the room is made out of would play the largest factor in it’s spread.

  5. Hawthorne says:

    I was freaking out while I watched this, oh my god the girl who fell onto the sidewalk … *cringes* I felt so bad for luscious hair-kun, but really, why would you open that door! Did you not feel the heat? *facepalm*

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely somebody who needs ALL loose ends tied.

    I completely agree with you on that! The bloodbath was terrifying and a very scary, entertaining watch, but I really hope they take some time to bring everything together involving the plot. D:

    • Joojoobees says:

      A lot of times you wouldn’t feel the heat by standing next to the other side of the door. Sometimes you can feel the heat, but you have to put your hand on the door. I have heard that you can also feel the heat sometimes when you put your hand on the handle, but that depends on the type of door handle.

      In sum: it isn’t completely ridiculous for him to not feel the heat, but if you smell smoke, put your hand on the door to check for heat before opening it.

    • Zabobinator says:

      LUSCIOUS HAIR-KUN~ *sob*

      They better bring everything together… T_T

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Damn, I watched this episode in the freakin dark! What a rush!! All hell has broken loose this episode. What made this more terrifying is that everyone trying to kill Mei is someome who lost a loved one. I really enjoyed the students’ descent to madness. When Takako played the tape, that was pure icing on cake. Life shows us time and again that in these sorts of situations, we go all Lord of the Flies.

    If you’re going to keep a secret from the class do a better job of preserving it. Kouichi and friends had a choice last week: destroy that infernal tape, or play it for the class in a controlled situation, like the dining hall earlier that night. Instead, they did neither; the tape fell into the wrong hands at the wrong time, and boom…High School Blood Festival.

    Ooh, I felt sorry for the kid who turned into a crispy critter from the backdraft in the dining room. I do admit to moments where I wanted to say to them “Guys, there’s a fire, remember?” No matter, the fire made sure it was not forgotten. Heh.

    • skylion says:

      I always watch this show in the dark. This, Mirai Nikki. It adds so much.

    • Zabobinator says:

      I didn’t watch it in the dark. I watched it while Skyping a friend. I can’t handle this stuff, omg. xD

      Yah, they definitely didn’t handle the tape business too well. I blame Mochikuzi, even if he is a cutiepatootie.

      • BlackBriar says:

        They need better methods to keep things on a low profile, otherwise, you end up with bloody results like this with people acting like rabid wild animals.

        I guess the innocent ones get a little sympathy despite being responsible for stupid mistakes.

  7. Tofu says:

    The students of Class 3 seem convinced that the “extra” MUST be in their actual class. One of the students in that class is dead. However, what if just has to be somebody from any Class 3, past or present? For instance, Reiko or anybody from a past Class 3 could be an extra and the repercussions hit the current Class 3.

    Well… it’s definitely an interesting idea that’s for sure but it can’t be anyone who isn’t in the camp residence thus Reiko can’t be the extra as she’s not at the camp place (Misaki Mei herself said the dead person is in the camp place) so unless someone OUTSIDE of the current class 3 is in the camp area, it cannot be them. I’m still point fingers to either the glasses boy who didn’t die from falling at 2 stories high or the two guys who are desperately trying to escape the crazy OBA-SAN ;D

    But BUT! What about that creepy smile in episode 1 we saw? Could there be an ever bigger twist? Is the end we’re think about the actual end? Another has gotten quite interesting int he last few episodes, can’t wait to see how they conclude everything ;D

    Other than that do excuse me for not commenting till now ^^ Just like to say that I do read your posts and they are very well written (better than I can ever do… please teach me ZAB!)

    • Zabobinator says:

      Verrryyy good point. We’ll have to see, though! Maybe she decided to take a day off and come to camp. xD

      And YES. DAT creepy smile! It looks like Kouichi. Wonder how that’s going to end up…

      No prob! Thanks so much! xD

  8. Bob from Accounting says:

    This episode was fun, hilarious stuff. Definitely the best episode so far. Sure, all the main characters kept their plot armour but I’m hopeful that at least SOMEBODY of note will die in the final episode. But either way, the random murderous housekeeper was a delight, as was psycho megane (if only her character had been given any attention prior to this, seeing as she’s clearly meant to be in sime way important).

    If we’re talking about loose ends, I’d like a satisfying explanation for WHY having a fake eyeball gives you magical powers. Just saying.

    • Zabobinator says:

      Hilarious is one way to put it, yah. xD Yah, somebody important is going to die…I hope. It would be rather satisfying. Oh god, what have I become…

      Haha, that is DEFINITELY on my list of things I’d like to know. How the hell does a doll eye give you any sort of mystical voodoo powers? Then again, how does a curse like that even exist in the first place?

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        Well, given that this is a story about a curse, I think someone would have to have very poor willing suspension of disbelief to not be able to stretch it a least that far. The eye on the other hand just felt like a cop-out. It doesn’t really seem to relate to anything. I mean, if in the final episode we discovered that Mei’s mother was the villain and her dolls were in some way related to causing the curse (a doll made for every extra?) then it would make sense. But that seems unlikely, and it looks like we’re going to be left with “It’s magic, guys. Deal with it and move on because we can’t be bothered to think of an actual solution to the problem we’ve created.” It’s lazy, and frankly crap writing.

  9. Yippy says:

    They really want to end this with a bang, don’t they? Can’t believe those students would just blindly trust Takako though, it’s just sad. Must be because they’ve lost so many friends, I guess. I really hope Mei doesn’t die, she’s too moe to die! Anyway, Zabo, what makes you think that Mikami-sensei is not dead yet? I’d say from the blood-soaked carpet and still body that she’s not going to be teaching any time soon.

    Nice theory about Reiko, I hadn’t noticed her father talking about her before-too many names to remember at the start. I assumed he was talking about her Kouichi’s mother.

    Moving on,
    1.Where is Kazami? And is he the dead one?
    5. Why is the innkeeper suddenly deranged and killing people?
    6. Who did Teshigawara leave Maejima with? And what happened to both that guy and Maejima?
    7. Whose bloodstains are whose? And most important of all, who killed who?

    Some of the questions I thought of in my post. Any thoughts you’d like to share on these questions?

  10. The_Magus_Killer says:

    This is how Another should end: Kouichi remembers that in a certain scientific anime his right hand had the ability to negate and destroy supernatural powers. *cough*Kamijou Touma*cough*

    He and Mei then go back to his room, he gets hair gel, and changes his hairdo into a spiky one. Then he confronts the Another and launches into a long monologue about friendship, right vs. wrong, etc. After that, he says, “I’ll break your Illusion!”, and punches the Another in the face with his right hand.

    Problem solved. He and Mei then leave Yomiyama and get married after college. Happy Ending. =)

  11. Moni Chan says:

    “One of the best anime episodes i’ve seen im my life” one of my friends said that to me. To think he was an anime noob last year, now his so experienced

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