Amagami SS+ – Morishima Haruka

Getting Kinky with Lovely Haruka (and also her hot, blonde sis)

Time for Haruka! Maybe we’ll revisit the shed, maybe will get some role-play. This arc stars Haruka, so I was pretty confident that this arc would at the least have some fun stuff in it.

Part 1 – Marriage Rehearsal

Junichi’s happy to be with Haruka, but rehearsing the whole process of marriage and family is a little scary. Why not just go the whole 9 yards to the restraining order and the court fight for custody? Or even further, awkward dinner with the guy’s new fiance and that weird moment where you sneak into the bathroom and hook up again. True story: 90% of divorced couples engage in post-marriage intercourse at least once.

Pick your flavor

Hibiki says “too soon!”

Junichi – “She should be on Page 3.”

Part 2 – Role-playing & How to confess like a boss

Junichi’s the pizza guy and Haruka is the single housewife whose husband is out of town on business. She takes a shower just before the pizza arrives and answers the door wearing just her towel. After some playful teasing, she goes to get money and realizes she only enough just for the pizza. Without any more money, she drops her towel and says, “how about this for a tip?” Junichi obliges, and while things get hot and steamy in the bedroom, that pizza is getting cold. Oh, and they forgot to lock the front door and robbers walk in and steal their TV and PS3, and because why not, grab the pizza too.

Censoring some beavage

So she’s going to England? It reminds me a bit of Lilly’s arc from the game Katawa Shoujo. The difference is that manly tears were shed while playing/watching that game unlike here, and also that Hisao would’ve at the very least got so much more action than Junichi would’ve. I mean cmon, what does England have? Alright, the music that’s come out of England is as good as it gets. Junichi totally wants to be Haruka’s sledgehammer.

A couple eps late, but Sae fanservice is very welcome anywhere in the series

How do you get her to stay? First, don’t sit back and hope that the man upstairs doesn’t magically pull some strings in your favor. You gotta take action, and it has to be big stuff. So for Junichi’s case, I recommend this. Somehow convince Ayatsuji to let you speak at the ceremony. She’s not gonna give it up so easily, but persistence is the key. When you’re called up, walk straight forward and don’t look at your girl. Your speech shouldn’t jump right into begging her to stay; she’s expecting that all things considered, so make her wait a little longer. Talk about how it must be an honor to graduate and how this is the first day of the rest of your lives, some BS like that. Then, it’ll be time… single out your sweetheart

The series’ best confession

Junichi owes Umehara in part for his success with Haruka. What better place to set him up with girls than a wedding? Things go alright, Umehara’s dancing with a girl and then during a break, he notices Miya from across the room. Several years later, the two guys are officially brother-in-laws.

Miya Pic Spam

Beaver Three Kingdoms. It’s bad enough that she has it, but she’s also sharing it with nii-nii.

Forever Alone Umehara

For those of us that answered “No” to Question 50.

I’m with ya, teach!

I love Haruka. Besides her simply being her beautiful self, I really enjoy the enthusiasm (and the kinkiness) she brings to Amagami. We kind of saw a bit of her dere-dere side in the first series, and I loved seeing it much more in the first episode of this arc. It’s crazy to think that she’s as nervous as Junichi is about the relationship, but I love all those scenes at her house when she kind of shows some vulnerability. Jessica was a nice addition to the cast for this arc. She’s kind of a fanservicey character in a sense. “You know that brunette girl you made a folder of filled with pics? Yeah, there’s a blonde version of her for you now!” I even enjoyed how she was very similar to Haruka and how she was leading Junichi to solve the whole “going to England” conflict.

The confession scene ranks as one of Amagami’s all-time best scenes in my mind. With all of Junichi’s other ladies present along with Jessica, to somehow convince Ayatsuji to speak alone is an achievement. Every other confession scene has been a very private moment with Junichi and the love interest, so what Junichi did here feels pretty grand considering it’s the final Plus arc and that he worked up the courage to do it in front of the entire school! Haruka’s got hops for sure, so the boys in the audience got a pantsu shot. I loved seeing Miya cheer her brother on and the teacher getting all jelly over young love. It was such a great conclusion, and the marriage scene was icing on the wedding cake.

How I’d rank the Plus arcs: Kaoru > Haruka > Rihoko > Ayatsuji > Ai > Sae. I feel Kaoru’s arc was the only one that had 2 decent episodes while all the others had a couple good moments. I wish some of the arcs would’ve been more fun, because the conflicts in the Ayatsuji and Sae arcs were just uninteresting in my opinion.

I found out a bit before ep. 12 aired that we’d get a 13. I didn’t know what was coming, so I was admittedly not looking forward to it… until that preview! Take our main girls to the hot springs. For the guys out there, think of it as our reward for watching Plus.

Hot Springs Preview:


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5 Responses to “Amagami SS+ – Morishima Haruka”

  1. tatsuya says:

    (T▽T)i sad but happy at the same time ~~~ don’t know why ~~

  2. Kyokai says:

    For those of us that answered “No” to Question 50.

    Ow man, stop making it obvious! =P

    I agree with the Kauro part, I always liked her more than the other girls. Now the big question is with all girls dealt with, will we get another imouto special?

  3. lvlln says:

    What a great way to end the regular arcs in this sequel that so surpassed its predecessor. Episode 2 of Amagami SS, ie the infamous kneepit one, was where I realized the show was crap, and I can hardly believe just how good Haruka’s Plus arc has been. The continuation of the kinky roleplay, with Hibiki dragged along (I’m sure she’ll eventually get dragged along all the way to something that is better skipped on broadcast television), was very enjoyable. And to finish on such a cliché yet beautiful note, the marriage proposal in front of EVERYONE at graduation, was the perfect move. That scene was what this franchise was created for.

  4. anaaga says:

    I’m rather conflicted with Morishima’s Arc because I find her personality (and family) to be disturbing – and yet fun. Though I prefer this arc than her arc in the first season because there’s no knee-licking whatsoever, plus that proposal was actually pretty hilarious + cute

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