Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 05

“Wait guys … I got this.”

Now that we have that little training montage out of the way, can we expect a much tougher Hibiki? I really hope so because without Tsubasa she can’t do much of anything unless she goes berserk …

Punching bag-kun. :<

Now that the training montage is over Hibiki proudly shows off her new found power, taking out an unsuspecting punching bag from its holder into a pond. To Miku’s dismay, she doesn’t get to wake up to the face of her lover best friend who always seems to be busy.

Over the phone a naked woman speaks to an American man about the Nehustan relic, using extremely accurate American phrases no less. (pfff) Anyway, they discuss their deal, which is left pretty vague. She then wanders over to Chris, the Nehustan Symphogear from last week, who is chained to an electric wall. She has some kind of wish that the naked woman probably told her she could fulfill, explaining why she works for her.

Miku covers for Hibiki who didn’t go to school because of a “cold”. Turns out all that montaging left her worn out, and she takes refuge at the second branch. There she, Genjurou, and two others discuss the politics behind their division and the relics. Apparently the US and EU are waiting for a moment to strike and take the relic technology for themselves. We also learn that Ryoko is away visiting an important government official to talk about security.

I hope you find your happiness Tsubasa. D:

Meanwhile Tsubasa has a dream with Kanade where they talk about the meaning of life for a Symphogear. Kanade reminds Tsubasa that it’s up to her to decide how close they still are despite being so far apart in the physical world. Tsubasa gains consciousness after the dream. (Forever OTP.)

Two government officials, one Ryoko was supposed to be visiting, are attacked and killed by Americans. They take a briefcase with them with unknown contents. Later, Ryoko arrives at HQ carrying that very same briefcase and the contents are revealed to be orders from the government. The orders are to deliver Durandal to a vault underneath Parliament.

Familiar, no?

I wonder which is Ryoko’s …

On their way to delivering Durandal the group is attacked by Noise who easily destroy the many underling’s cars. Ryoko and Hibiki, who are riding together, are also attacked, flipping their car upside down. Chris appears and attacked the two, however Ryoko manages to activate a barrier that protects them. Hibiki transforms and easily takes out the Noise around her.

It’s about time, Hibiki!

Durandal escapes it’s container, and Hibiki manages to grab it before Chris has a chance to. The relic activates Hibiki’s berserk mode and she destroys the remaining Noise and defeats Chris. Oh, and she pretty much obliterates the entire surrounding area in the process. Hibiki passes out and Ryoko protects her from the debri. She makes a call and tells whoever is on the other side that the delivery was not a success.

Creepy, creepy, creepy …

The face of evil!

WHAT!? I didn’t see that coming at all! Ryoko you sneaky lesbian. D:< Gah, I hope they’re not just trolling us. Seriously though, everything adds up to Ryoko being the mastermind behind the Nehustan Sypmhogear, and also the evil intermediary between the US and the second branch. Let’s see, she has almost the same hair as the naked woman from the start except with a different color, they both have yuri tenancies, there was the blood mark on the case, and their voices were VERY similar, like they might even be from the same VA, but I don’t want to assume. (If the Ryoko we know ever tries to speak English, it’ll be even more obvious.) Her cheeriness feels a lot creepier now too.

This episode was surprisingly enjoyable! I feel like I’ve been lowering my standards week after week in hopes of not getting too hyped, but this episode for the first time felt entirely entertaining for all 23 minutes. Usually I have to rely on one or two scenes for some excitement, but even the dialogue this week felt more inspired. (The dream Tsubasa had of Kanade for instance.) Plus there are the added bonuses of the plot finally coming into focus and Hibiki finally not being annoying! Without Tsubasa around, Hibiki is so much more tolerable, and now that she finally has some power any upcoming battles will be even better.

There was plenty of action this week for those of you still holding on for that aspect. The car chase was … weird at times (eg. cars breaking the laws of physics and soaring off into the distance), but I thought it was a nice break from the usual Noise battles. The fight scene towards the end gave us some insight into the results of Hibiki’s training, and she really kicked some butt. No more helplessly skipping around punching things randomly! The berserk mode with Durandel had to be my favorite part of the scene though. I might have nightmares of that face tonight …

I still have plenty of questions bouncing around in my head, such as where Ryoko’s and Genjurou’s powers come from, and why Chris knowingly attacked Ryoko, so hopefully we’ll get some answers next week! I might be making a biased prediction here, but it seems like the series will get 10x better from now on with Hibiki being able to stand on her own, Tsubasa having some confidence, and another villain being introduced. Now I have little to complain about!

Also, when the woman speaking English said “As reported” I almost died laughing. I’m not sure why I found it so funny. That entire scene in general was just … weird. =_=


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14 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    That entire scene in general was just … weird. =_=

    I wouldn’t know for certain as I was far to busy involved in the advanced task of HEAD DESKING.

    Still I have to admire a girl that like a bit of pain.

    Creepy, creepy, creepy …

    Yes, odd perspective there. Am I supposed to pay attention to the red eyes creepy, or to the disproportional crotch creepy?

    Wait, she can carry two Symphogear? That’s just crazy, man.

    Hibiki, dear, you best wise up or your gonna lose that Miku. Oh, she went to your grave site. NVMD.

    • Hawthorne says:

      lol That scene. -_- Hopefully that’s the last of the english for Symphogear!

      Poor Miku, whenever I see her I’m reminded of that grave scene. Oh, and I was talking about the eyes, but that too! XD

  2. Karakuri says:

    Pfft ahaha yes!!! That was the best English I have ever heard. Anyways, hopefully Tsubasa and Hibiki get along better now (I still don’t know why Tsubasa is still alive).

    That ‘evil’ girl (I think her name was Chris or something…? Kurisu?) seems like she has a few screws loose if she’s hanging out with that naked blonde lady by her own free will. Either that or she’s a masochist. And Ryouko! What is even going on there?! Lol, I can’t wait until they start giving answers~.

    I’m glad that they’re giving Hibiki extreme power ups but they should really do something about her hair.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Me neither, but I’m kind of happy about it … can you imagine 23 minutes of Hibiki every week? *cringes* And that blonde lady is insane! I feel bad for Chris.

      Hopefully one of the Noise next week will take the form of a comb! >__<

      • Karakuri says:

        ….23 minutes of Hibiki. Do not want. This show is impressing me so far though. More so than I thought it would.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Nice twist adding creepy elements to this episode. The show’s still average but I like it a lot more than Sacred Seven and points to the seiyuus for attempting to bring in a little english dub.

    I’m calling it now. It’s official. Winter season is yuri season. The amount of it I’ve seen so far is mind blowing.
    There’s something I don’t understand in anime. Whenever someone is having a conversation about another person, the person of interest sneezes and somehow realises that people are talking about them. Like Ryoko while she’s driving her car. How does that happen?

    Looks like Hibiki’s short training period have paid off with amazing results. Her battle with the Noise was great but got better when she went berserk with sword in hand and leveled the entire area with one swing. I’m looking forward to the next episode since there’s suspiscion that Ryoko might be a huge traitor. She walked in with same blood stained case the politicians were killed over. Definitely can’t ignore that little detail.

    • Hawthorne says:

      With BRS now airing, I have to agree, the yuri is strong this season. XD About the sneezing, I think it’s just a common myth, or whatever you want to call it. I personally think it’s overused. -_-

      Same! I’m excited for next week too. I just hope they don’t string us along for another couple episodes though, I want some answers!

  4. Gecko says:

    I haven’t been able to watch this yet (the subbed version was hiding from me ;.;) but this makes it sound great. I’m glad to see that Hibiki was able to get stronger and determined to fight and be useful. That alone makes me happy.
    I did try to watch parts of the episode without subs (and without success) and all the English just evaded me. I barely got a word. XD Or maybe the naked woman was just confusing me too much for me to care.
    As for Ryoko being a traitor, I would be just fine with that. It would be a nice twist, honestly. Since there isn’t exactly a Kyubey for this show, there definitely needs to be more than just a normal rival type of character. And this whole battle over the relics will probably come into play. Perhaps Ryoko is a secret smuggler and gets huge profits?

    • Hawthorne says:

      I’m okay with it too, since there aren’t that many opposing forces for Hibiki so far. For some reason I’m imagining Tsubasa fighting Ryoko in an epic battle and that seems pretty awesome to me. XD

  5. tatsuya says:

    why i cannot found this episode with sub and OP-ED
    somebody please give me link for this episode

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    That whole English scene at the beginning was just LOL, the dude on the other line spoke better english! God thing they had subtitles.

    But yes development or this week! I really enjoyed the scene with Tsubasa thinking about Kanade. And Hibiki’s action scenes were pretty cool. Ryouko is starting to go up on my suspicious characters list as well with this episode. Especially introducing us to the blond chick at the beginning (which might I add that whole scene made a really weird thumbnail when I firs saw it 0-0).

    But I really REALLY want to know how Ryouko and Genjuro have those powers that they showcased. It really ponders a thought >.>

    But anyway, still a pretty interesting episode overall. At least Senki Zesshou Symphogear isn’t going downhill so far.

    • Hawthorne says:

      That’s one of my biggest questions too! I don’t understand how they could have those powers unless they were attuned as well and had their own relics … but I can’t picture Genjuro in skin-tight battle gear singing … >__<

      I agree, this episode was definitely a step up from the last few mediocre episodes. ^^

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