Mouretsu Pirates – 07

Marika just got through watching Ika Musume today.

More adventures with Captain Marika headed your way. Lately with Mouretsu Pirates, it seems like they are following a basic “training to become a pirate captain arc” and I am fine with that. I also worked on some pirates fan art and I plan on drawing more. Anyway time to get started with this episode review.Plot this week continues with Marika learning the ropes of pirating from Misa, Kane and the other Bentenmaru crew members; however, a mysterious girl sneaks aboard their ship while on an important mission.

Marika-“Pew pew pew! I just destroyed those lame ass aliens yo!”

Starting off our pirate adventure this week, we start with Marika sliding down some tubes to start a dangerous mission, but something seems off about this quest. Everything goes quite smooth for her until she gets attacked by a massive group of ships. She begins to panic and tells herself to calm down…and magically wakes up in the classroom with Mami shaking her. Oh man don’t you hate when you are having a dream about being a pirate and someone wakes you up? I know I do.

Marika-“Damn I was having a blast in that dream, maybe I should smoke some more space weed.”

Mami-“Dude, stop stealing my stash of space grass.”                  Marika-“Sorry bro, can I borrow some?”

After that amazing dream, Marika talks with Kane and Misa about her failing grades. While they chat, Kane almost tells her she should just drop out, but Marika protests and tells them she has no desire to drop out. You go super cute space girl! She also continues to work at the maid café… Yes, she wants to keep working and stealing from the rich on the side. That leaves me wondering how much money does she actually have right now? Or does she even get to keep any of that money they steal?

Kane-“It’s time you admit you have a problem, Marika.”             Marika-“I know right? I totally have a problem with math.”

While Marika works, she gets a message from Misa to prepare for a new mission, but she is technically taking a break from her pirating. However, this is a high paying job and Marika decides to go ahead with the raid. Back at the café, Mami gets a visit from Chiaki. Ku ku ku…does someone miss their crazy pirate partner? It is clear she misses something about Marika or she’s just spying on her? While Chaiki visits, she goes on a short “date” with Mami and learns some new details about Ririka and Marika’s special relationship.

Chiaki-chan is ultra moe today.jpeg                                  Mami-“Ice cream for dinner tonight! Wooooo!!”

Marika-“What am I even looking at? I am so confused.”               Misa-“Shhh, I am trying to sleep.”

Enjoy the date, you two, but we have to go back into space with the Bentenmaru and Marika “leading” the crew through battle. They take on three small ships aka “giant purple floating swords” and one large ship full of more rich-people-excited-to-be-raided, but Marika has a hard time keeping up with everything going on all at once. The three attacking ships ignore the warnings from the Bentenmaru two times and magically after they fire on three ships, they stop fighting and surrender. I guess they got scared and decided “Fine! You can totally raid us now because we are bored.”

Marika-“EHHHH! Don’t start the super fun time explosion without me!”

Marika-“Maybe if I dream about winning, I can actually win.”

Marika is tripping hardcore this week.

Kane-“Yarr, I loves a good laser show during battle!”

Back to Chaiki as she talks to her father for a moment and quickly stops talking to him as his daughter and jumps to Captain sir! It seems like Chaki was given orders to stay where she is. I wonder what that was about… hopefully, we learn more about that soon. Anyway, after successfully raiding another ship, Marika takes a short break and prepares to study, but gets called to the bridge learning someone decided to sneak aboard the Bentenmaru… Who could this mystery person be? None other than a princess character of course! The episode ends shortly after Marika hears a girl’s voice.

Marika is tired from her wacky space adventures

Marika-“Are you squidding with me? I was about to watch more anime.”

Misa-“I think it wants a hug.”                      Marika-“Forget that! I don’t hug radioactive children.”

Extra pirate fun

It is a hard life for an ex-pirate.

Marika-“I totally cleared that box! AH CRAP! Is that a pit of snakes?!”

The face of a hardcore LoL player. Watch out! She is deadly.

Mami-“We are going to be best friends forever!”         Chiaki-“Unless we are surrounded by zombies…you will die.”

Marika is the best Jedi…

Marika-“Being excited and hyper all the time is tough work, time for a cold one.”

So this was a strange episode this week, especially with that dream start. It was amazing and and I totally thought it was all real, but something seemed really off about it like Marika being all pro on a solo mission? I was waiting for it to turn into a whole time jump thing; like she was doing the pirate stuff for months… Thankfully this was a small peek into how she will eventually changes into a professional pirate captain. I loved that Mami had more lines this week! Yeah most probably hate that girl’s voice…every time I hear her I can’t help but think about Maka from Soul Eater. It was odd to see her hanging out with Chiaki-chan. I would think those two wouldn’t have much to talk about.

It seems like captain Marika is having a tough time balancing her school, pirate, work and social life with her friend Mami…I do like that Mami is sticking beside her best friend. In any other show the best friend would cry and bitch that her other friend is out doing stuff without them. Thank god Mami doesn’t appear to be the super attached type, or will she?! But she did look alright hanging out with Chiaki for the afternoon. Speaking of Chiaki, she had a parfait and ice cream with Mami? I guess that girl has a weakness for ice cream? And another girl that loves to eat forever is the super hacker Coorie aboard the Bentenmaru? Whoa that girl can eat anything! Luffy, is this your daughter?

Enough Mami and Chiaki going out on the town, the whole Marika running around in her pirate uniform! So was she taking a short cut to the bridge? And what is in all those giant boxes? I assume it is the loot from all the raids… I did laugh watching Marika, when she just started to relax and suddenly got the call to return to the bridge again. The “battle” scene was cool and it was also kind of dull at the same time, but I hope Marika learns how to be more aggressive in those situations like Misa told her. However, she is still learning new stuff every day.


I swear if she has elf ears I will laugh…

Princess girls make great transfer students….


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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29 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 07”

  1. HannoX says:

    Well, I was wrong last week when I thought Marika wouldn’t return to school, but get her HS diploma by the future equivalent of corespondent courses. Still, she is taking her textbooks with her on the Bentenmaru, so I wasn’t totally wrong.

    I think there’s been enough staging raids for the entertainment of bored rich people with too much money and probably too little brains. I suspect that will be the case and the princess stowaway will offer them a job that will involve real privateering with actual battles. At least I hope so! I can’t imagine they keep privateers around in their society solely to entertain passengers on luxury liners.

    Perhaps a story arc where they’re trying to restore the princess or her family to their rightful throne? That would make a good arc where Marika has to make decisions in real space battles.

    I want to learn more about Blaster Ririka’s backstory!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh no worries there I wasn’t expecting her to be back in school so fast, but it is kind of cool to see Marika continue school and try to balance her pirate life and work.

      hahah yes that part is a bit strange huh? All those rich people getting so excited over the pirate raids! I guess they just need some type of entertainment. Oh yes! The new princess character will definitely start a new arc for some actual pirate battles…hopefully.

      Yeah sounds like the new Last Exile to me, there is a similar story going on.

      As do I! More story on Blaster Ririka please…

  2. Ying says:

    Yeah I think I’ve got the perfect song to describe these luxury ship raids these guys have been going on, and the Bentenmaru’s role in them ->
    Seriously what’s wrong with these people o_O

    It was nice to see how Marika dealt with the pressures of being a captain and how she still has a lot to learn. I don’t like when the characters magically know everything right off the bat, but lol she didn’t want to threaten anybody. That was pretty cute ^^

    Mami’s voice is annoying but she is a great friend like you said. I think the reason she is so okay with Marika being a pirate is because she already knew her mother was one. So maybe she was expecting this?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Perfect song right there! Damn those rich people getting all excited for those raids, I keep thinking they are just really bored and have money to throw away? Something like that. At least this new princess character opens the door for real pirate battles for the Bentenmaru!

      Agreed it is so nice to see that side of Marika’s life and how crazy it has become. Yeaaaah that is also true most characters balance it quite well like Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange…

      Yes! Mami is a great character I have grown to like her voice <3 Yeah I was waiting for Mami to complain that Marika wasn't spending time with her! Thankfully nope! Mami is a better friend than that <3

  3. Joojoobees says:

    That awkward moment when your homeroom teacher and the school nurse tell you they think you should quit high school and concentrate on being a pirate… o.O

    Hey, I love Mami’s voice! I’m so glad they cast Chiaki Omigawa in this. Her voice has this great combination of earnestness and bubble-head-edness (I think that’s a word).

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Yeah! You should quit going to school and totally become a pirate! Oh man why can’t I become a real pirate? xD

      Yes! I don’t mind listening to Mami talk and you are correct she does have that bubbly personality xD

  4. Rakuen says:

    Marika has got to lose the makeup on those raids. Yeah, it’s a stage show, and the “victims” don’t really take it seriously, but on seeing her they’ll really not take it seriously.

    I think the whole Mami scene was a “changing of the guard” as it were. Mami herself says Chiaki is her analogue in space. Hopefully they’ll focus more on the space aspect for a while, without getting themselves too muddled down with the politics of high school life.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that make up has got to go! I did not like it at all on her…YES! Those guys are like raids? OH MY GOD YES! Take my money you pirates. True Marika is very cute looking so I can’t see anyone ever getting terrified to see her running at them with a gun.

      Yeah more focus on space would be very nice, but I don’t mind Mami hanging around for a bit. Just like Black Rock Shooter! I hate the school stuff and I want more of the battles, the same thing can be said about Mouretsu! Less school more space please.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It was obvious something was going to change once Marika decided to become a pirate captain. That was an awesome slide to her space ship. I laughed when Kane and Misa actually tried to imply that Marika should drop out and be a full pirate.

    We get more of Chiaki surrendering to her irresistible weakness. It’s a chocolate parfait, who could turn that down? Points to Mami for underhandedly getting info out of Chiaki by giving false info to begin with. I guess what Mami meant about Chiaki taking over when she’s in space means that it’ll be her job to watch over Marika.

    The Bentenmaru’s crew may be a bunch of oddballs but they’re experts at what they do, especially the one who’s always craving food. Is she in any way related to Index? I wonder what the stowaway wants to negotiate about.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yes! Misa and Kane were both like…yeah you should totally drop out and become a full time pirate! They are doing some great…Space tubes into that small ship were so awesome xD

      Yeah in a way Mami hinted towards Chiaki to look out for her friend in space! And Chiaki is sooooo lonely without Marika she just does not want to reveal those feelings.

      LOLOL Coorie! She is awesome and reminds me of that fan fiction girl from Ben-TO minus the addiction to BL novels…and yeah a relative to all food eaters! Index is the queen and Luffy from One piece is the king.

  6. Gecko says:

    I’m confused about the “raids.” Honestly, why do people want a pirate to show up like that? And with that makeup? Really? But I guess that it’s a good way to make money.
    Even though I really do think school is important, honestly, Marika’s future is in space pirates. I think she should do independent study or something, so that she can focus on what should be the more important aspects of her life. After all, she needs to be her own person. Following in the footsteps of her mom isn’t doing that.
    As for Mami… what the heck was she saying? I was so confused the entire time when she was talking… Not to mention I got a little headache from her voice.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here those raids seem to be nothing more than a form of entertainment for those rich people! Seriously why would anyone get excited to have their stuff taken away? Eww to the makeup! That has to go…

      True the school stuff is getting in the way of the overall theme of Mouretsu Pirates, but I would take a stab saying they are passing a message to the viewers? Stay in school! Or become a pirate…LOLOL seems a bit crazy.

      Ahaha yeah most people get annoyed by Mami’s high pitch voice much like that short chick from Amagami SS? She is just as bad…anyway after reading other bloggers the whole speech Mami gave was related to Marika wanting to impress her mother or live up to her mom? Something like that…Marika wants to be somewhat like her.

      • Gecko says:

        Yeah, obviously school is just a message to get viewers to stay in school. But they could have made Marika just out, or something… I don’t think she needed to be a first year high school student…

      • akagami says:

        Actually I like Mami’s voice. Maka!

        My interpretation of Mami’s ramblings is how Marika pushes herself to the limit, and her reason for doing so is her mom. She wants to be able to stand on the same stage having followed her own path rather than follow in her mother’s footsteps (i.e. climb the mountain).

        As for Amagami SS, are you referring to Sae? I couldn’t stand her voice at all. But after having to suffer through SHOE, I’ll take Sae’s voice any day of the week over hearing SHOE whine.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yayy Mami!

          Ahh great thoughts on Mami’s speech! And you are right on the money <3 Yeah probably wants to be somewhat "like" her mom as in not giving up on anything! School, work and pirate stuff.

          Yep Sae! I will admit I hated her voice so much! But I started to get used to how squeaky it sounded...LOLOL Yep Shoe has the worst whiny voice.

  7. tatsuya says:

    all their episode is awesome ..~~make’s me want to watch it again !!

  8. Moni Chan says:

    lmao Marika finished watching ika musume. She wanted to ink out her feelings

  9. akagami says:

    So the princess is a super-hacker?

    Actually when I saw the heat signature I thought the “visitor” was an alien. I thought the headdress was part of the head. Then I heard “child”.

    • Foshizzel says:

      It would seem so, I guess princesses are the new moe hackers?

      Yeah I thought it was an alien too! I just hope she isn’t a bitchy kid…

  10. HannoX says:

    I guess the princess is their way of introducing a loli character to the show.

    A thought regarding the Gallactic Empire. The visual aid Misa showed Marika and Chiaka when she came to the part where the Empire intervened to stop the war depicted one of the classic “flying saucer” types. So is the Empire aliens who absorbed the human worlds into their orbit?

    • HannoX says:

      Oh, and bring back the other girls from the Claudette II!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Haha yes because we need one or the fans demanded it?

      Hmmmm yeah you could be onto something there, they haven’t really showed many “aliens” yet but I am waiting for some! You have that “mecha” lookin guy on the Bentenmaru I guess he counts as an alien right?

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