Mouretsu Pirates – 06

Announcer-“Previously on Gundam AGE…”           Marika-“Oh I love that show! HEY! WAIT A MINUTE…”

Sailing right along this week! Before I comment on Mouretsu Pirates I want to say Happy Valentine ’s Day! I hope you get some chocolate from someone special or flowers whatever the case may be. Anyways, last week was soooo good! Thanks to Marika being her usual awesome self, I still grin when I think of her using the sails to blind the Lighting 11 crew… So, plot this week follows Marika training and working hard to become an official pirate and she takes part in her very first raid for some phat loots.

Marika-“The guys are demanding some pool scenes…”            Mami-“Oh? Good thing I packed this string bikini.”

Starting things off with Marika meeting her close friend Mami as they head to the pool. Prepare yourself some good old fun in the sun…However before any of us can say SUPER VOLLEYBALL TIME! A few black suits arrive with Kane and Misa to get Marika ready for her role as a pirate captain. This involves Marika traveling the world signing papers, stamping them, buying new clothes and finally getting a real Letter of Marque… Damn that sure was a long quest huh, Marika? At least you saw some fantastic clothes and nice locations on the way.

Marika-“Wait what did I just sign over?!”                Misa-“Oh nothing special, just your innocent soul…”

Washington D.C. 2050 version…better learn to swim.

After the fun ride around the world, Misa and Ririka explain to Marika that the letter of Marque allows her a grand total fifty days or seven weeks and if she doesn’t do some pirating the letter will be rescinded! So can Marika balancing work, school and captain duties at the same time? Sadly Marika didn’t have much time to second guess her choice, because Misa and Kane rush her off to the Bentenmaru for some really intense training. Marika learns all kinds of new stuff like physical training, VR simulations and computer stuff… Hell she even builds a small model of the ship! Why? Because they might need that skill for…something…right? Thankfully Chaiki arrives on the ship to learn a few things and gets glomped by Marika. Oh these two girls, why are they so cute together? I guess that is the power of MOE.

Ririka-“Well…Good luck and have fun, Marika!”                   Marika-“I thought video games were fun…”

Misa-“We are all dead now congratulations…”                      Marika-“Dead people don’t complain…”

Marika-“Fall over…will you?! DAMN!”                 Schnitzer-“Wake me when you actually knock me over.”

Marika-“Chiaki-chan!! ATTACK!”                                     Schnitzer-“HNNGGGGG…so..c..c.cute!”

While Chiaki takes part in the training and learns the history of space pirates from Misa and her lovely arts and crafts posters, she doesn’t feel that Marika is talking anything serious at all. In fact she tells Marika to drop the whole ditzy act soon, because it just makes her really mad and creates problems for everyone around her. Whoa Chiaki-chan, you need more hugs from Marika or more chocolate parfaits to cool you down. After the girls get back on board from the trip, Misa gets Marika ready for her first raid against the Princess Apricot. Hooray, time for some phat epic loots! I sure hope Marika rolls high on those legendary weapons…

Misa-“Alright it’s time to RAAAIDDDD!”        Marika-“Sweet! I love raids, can I dps?”         Chiaki-“…sigh..I hate my life.”

Chiaki-“You can give me a book! I can totally read.”                  Marika-” YOU CAN READ TOO?! AWESOME!”

Raids are fantastic! Even when they blow up your ship afterwards.

Before the big raid, Kane heads off first to prepare things. Shortly after Marika gets on the loudspeaker and informs the crew that the Bentenmaru is ready to take their valuables. Shockingly, the passengers are so excited to see actual pirates…I know, strange right? Kane did mention to some girls the BANK will reimburse them for any stolen items. Anyway Marika arrives after giving a speech and she has a short battle against Kane. Basically they have a somewhat scripted “duel” that gives Marika a quick rundown on what she might actually do on real raid one day! Kane you crazy bastard…but we love you for that. After the raid Marika crashes hard falling asleep in the captain’s chair, the episode ends shortly after Chaiki and Kane have a chat and she leaves the Bentenmaru! D’awww she didn’t even say goodbye to Marika….

Kane-“Avaste ye!! OUCH! that really hurts…”            Misa-“Stop being so dramatic! Just fall over.”

Marika-“I will become the pirate…..king….zzzzzzz.”

Chiaki-“What? This says kick me? DAMN YOU, MARIKA!!!”

Extra space pirate adventures

Just punch every red button at once Marika.

Marika-“How does this make me a captain…? Maybe I can stab someone with the model?”

Marika-“Do you want to be a magical girl? Hey, who gave me this Madoka light novel?”

So ya! Give all your epic loot to captain Marika.

Marika-“Soooo when can I get that toast?”            Schnitzer-“I swear I will throw you into space if you ask again.”

End thoughts

Great episode this week! And finally we got to see Marika in full pirate gear, how cool was that? Before we get too far into that subject, let us talk about the first ten minutes. Watching Marika sign papers, stamp them, buy new clothes and get practically dragged around by Misa? I had no idea how much work it was to actually become a pirate…let alone the captain?! That was almost like going through the steps to getting a tag for a car, but we don’t get any cool stamps or get to fly space ships…I really loved all of those great looking locations, while Marika ran around with Misa. They did remind me of some Aquarion EVOL areas; it left me wanting more “scenery porn” oh yes! I can’t wait to see some other planets in the future.

Finally we got to see the rest of the crew and boy is there a list now…we have Hyakume, Luca, San-Daime, Schnitzer and finally Coorie. All of them look fanastic. So far I liked watching Schnitzer the most… Yes, he is the most “mecha” looking of the bunch, and it looks like he is the brute-fighting-bodyguard character? And then I had my eyes on Coorie; another “scientist” looking girl with those thick glasses… She had few lines and I already know she’s voiced by Horie Yui. Now Luca next; she seems to be strange and mystical…maybe she is a space magical girl!? Anyways, SPACE RAID! Whoa that scene with Marika reading out of the book…I died laughing! Especially around the WAHAHAHA…I can’t imagine Chiaki doing that ever, in fact NOW I WANT TO SEE IT.

So, Chiaki spoke her mind at last towards Marika, huh? I guess the tsundere hates the ditzy girl act? True I can see why Chiaki might hate that side of her…probably because it is unfitting of a captain to be an airhead? I do agree with some of her points and some of them not so much. Maybe I like that style of captain? I know I compared Marika to Luffy once before, but those kinds of captains are the most fun to watch. What about you? Do you agree with Chiaki’s statements towards Marika? Honestly I think this whole episode was just about Marika finding herself in space and her role as captain. I did like that comment by Schnitzer to Marika about being herself and not trying to be like Ririka…SO HA! TAKE THAT CHAIKI OOH SNAP! Anyway this was a great episode and one last thing…Marika is dead sexy in her pirate uniform or maybe cute is a better word for it? Hey at least she is not a loli girl… Thank the space gods for that.


Marika-“Well, this does not look good…there sure is a lot of flashing lights.”

Marika continues her pirate training and what’s this? Best friend drama?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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35 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 06”

  1. Ying says:

    This is my favorite episode! I don’t even know why but it is. Marika’s home world looks so pretty, and the training was hilarious. I especially loved the part of where they were teaching her electronic warfare.
    Coorie (I think?): Press this, press that, press that…

    My favorite Bentenmaru character is Kane but that’s probably because I’m partial to the bishies. He looked so sexy in that suit *_*

    Lol I think Chiaki had a point. I know that being a ditzy airhead in an anime doesn’t matter, but in real life? I wouldn’t be able to respect that kind of captain ever. With that having said I like Marika and her personality since even though she is that way she is still an amazing strategist.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah great episode! And yes finally Marika wears her pirate outfit <3 the training bits were great thanks to Chiaki showing up. Ohhh I can't wait to see more of Coorie! Hopefully she gets some more screen time later on.

      Yeah Kane is a great character and perfect for the girls to fall for <3

      Right in anime world a ditzy girl like Marika is perfectly fine, but irl you wouldn't want a ditzy commander or just doesn't work! Agreed Marika might be a bit of an air head but personality wise it is perfect.

      I probably would not like Mouretsu Pirates if Chiaki was the main character and Marika was the secondary! Cause yeah Chiaki would sink this series so fast.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I get the feeling that we are going to get background info on Chiaki in a future episode that will help to explain why she takes things so seriously. My guess is that she wants to respect Marika, and that she is worried that people won’t take her serious for some reason. Marika acting like a ditz makes Chiaki feel like she can’t respect Marika and still be taken seriously herself.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth right there I can see a possible flashback episode all about Chiaki soon! After all we need to find out why she is so up tight about being serious all the time.

      Yep! There is a certain level of respect Chiaki has towards Marika like you said she just can’t take Marika serious right now until she changes her “ditzy” ways.

  3. HannoX says:

    Random thoughts and comments: I loved the scenes of their world. How great would it be to live on a planet that looks like that? Blaster Ririka? Just when you thought Marika’s Mom couldn’t be any cooler! I hope she joins her daughter’s ship in the future. Was Marika reading from The Pirate’s Handbook or was it Pirating For Dummies? I can see how bored rich people, especially those who inherited their wealth rather than worked to make a fortune, would find a pirate raid fun and exciting when they knew they weren’t in any real danger and an insurance company would cover their loses.

    It was fun seeing all the stuff Marika had to go through and the stack of papers she had to sign in order to get her letter of marque. And of course the training sessions on the Bentenmaru were fun as well.

    It makes sense that Marika’s first act of piracy would be an easy one carefully staged and scripted. It was a confidence building measure and one to help ease her into the role of a pirate captain. And it ensured she could beat the 50 day deadline. I imagine there’ll be some more serious acts of piracy in the future. Next episode looks more serious, but it might just be another elaborate staged ritual. Or the start of a more serious arc. Perhaps the government wants the Bentenmaru to attack someone that the government does want to attack themselves for some reason?

    I assume that Jenny and Lynn and some of the other girls from the space yacht club are seniors and will be graduating soon. I hope some come looking for jobs on the Bentenmaru.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I loved the city shots of the various locations in mouretsu so far! I WANT MORE! LOLOL Yep Blaster Ririka, I like that code name it sounds awesome! Well she did shoot guns with Marika. I was thinking the same thing about the book she was holding…aren’t those dummy books yellow? But yeah that totally fits <3

      Yes those rich people were like RAID? AWESOME YES STEAL OUR STUFF PLEASE! Thankfully they have high insurance so that was probably why Misa choose that ship to hit.

      Marika's arm is probably so worn out! Stamping and signing papers? They did a good job showing how long it takes to become a real pirate and I loved every moment of it.

      Baby steps! Lots of baby steps to build up Marika, I assume it has to do with that? Stage the first raid so she can adjust to harder raids in the future. Yep next episode looks to be more of the "OH MY GOD IT IS GETTING REAL" and no more staged shows for them.

      Jenny's ship could either A be friendly or B rivals!? I would love to see Marika and Jenny go head to head, or possibly Chiaki against Marika in the future? Either way YES!

      • HannoX says:

        I doubt Jenny will have her own ship. This episode made it pretty clear only Letters of Marque from a hundred years ago are still good with no new ones issued. And a letter has to be kept active by passing it down through the decendants of the original captain.

        Jenny’s father is mentioned as an industrialist, not a pirate. Of course, he could be a financial backer of the Bentenmaru. That’s the way it worked with historical privateers. Merchants and others with money, even government officials (which didn’t work out too well for poor Capt. Kidd), would put up the money to outfit a privateer and post the bond that was required in the later days.

        I suppose she could have a grandparent who’s a pirate and get a letter that way, but I don’t think so. I was thinking that Jenny, Lynn and some of the other girls sign onto the Bentenmaru.

        • Foshizzel says:

          True that…I still would love to see Jenny take over the Odette II <3

          Oooh yeah that could work too! If Jenny's dad supplied money to the Bentenmaru.

          I was thinking the same thing about those girls joining the Bentenmaru eventually, that would make things interesting.

  4. Kitty says:

    I would say Marika is cute. Chiaki is totally the sexy one, those glasses LOL!

    This episodes rocked! I was rolling around laughing as the raid. That speech! Then again we have something like that where I live. You ride this train and bandits come take it over XDDD its totally a gag but awesome! Yes I have done it. This episode was a fun time! And I loved Kane’s pirate outfit and I loved that mock duel! Is it wrong this is better the Gundam Age right now!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Marika is very cute! And Chiaki rocks her glasses very well, but both of them have some nice designs <3

      Yep exciting episode at last, the previous five have been more "world building" to get us used to everything around Marika. Ahaha yep! Kane is looking sharp in his pirate gear, not really the new AGE arc is slow and steady...I want to see the new AGE unit!

  5. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was awesome! Like Kitty said, Chiaki is totally the sexy one with those glasses. Go MEGANE!!! You can totally see she’s trying to become friends with Marika as long as she grows up a little.

    I had laugh at the part with Misa’s lesson about the colonies and pirates. The pirates were basically about to be outlawed when the upcoming war was avoided but got off easy as long as they have a Letter of Marque. Claiming that they’re not pirates on the surface and are treated as military forces. Talk about a easily exploited loop hole in the legal system. That’s legally getting away with all manner of piracy and using the Letter as a legitimate shield.

    And toward the end with the raid at Princess Apricot, is this some kind of rich people game they’re playing? There are pirates docking in, they’re about to rob them of their valuables and accessories but the liner company’s insurance will cover the loss? Kane, you crazy bastard!! If it wasn’t a test to raise Marika’s confidence, the whole thing would have left a sour taste in my mouth.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooraaaaayy Chiaki and those glasses! Yeah she wants to be friends with a “smarter” Marika not this ditzy girl, but I have a hard time dealing with that…I like Marika the way she is T___T Ah well I can bet money she will be like her mother eventually.

      Oh man Misa! Such a fun character and she was more in control this week actually pushing Marika along. Getting a letter of Marque looks like it takes some serious dedication and it only lasts for 50 days? Wow! It really reminds me of One Piece, because you have several bad ass pirates that actually work for the marines/government.

      That raid was a bit crazy for me those rich people were so damn excited weren’t they? Sure the insurance helps but what happens to the loot? Do they keep it? Give to the poor? I assume they keep it for repairs and food?

      LOLOL Kane he is so awesome <3

  6. skylion says:

    The Letters of Marque, historically speaking, had limits that were established before issue. The fifty day time limit is unheard of in my research, but it doesn’t seem unlikely. They didn’t speak of renewal options, so I wonder what sort of concession it is. Using articles of war such as this does have some precedence; talk was that if the Southern States during the US Civil War had continued to fight, then the Union would have scaled down offenses (men and material being very diminished south of the Mason-Dixon) and used privateers and more common, raiding. Jesse James had served as a Confederate raider prior to the South’s surrender. In fact, he considered his after-surrender career of bank and train robbing, pretty much a continuation of raiding. Piracy by any other name, eh?

    Quite the uneasy peace that these people “enjoy”, makes me want to fathom the background a bit more. After, all, peace was, for all intents, forced upon them. There very well might be some not at all legal piracy happening somewhere.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it seems crazy to have a 50 day limit, maybe they are doing it just to have a reason for Marika to return to her world and attend school? I think its a way to see how she balances everything in her new pirate life.

      Ahh right I remember learning about privateers! I still have my comparisons to One Piece with some high rank pirates working for the marines aka the “warlords” Yep! You are right.

      Ahahah I have thought about doing the same thing! Researching more background on pirates.

      • HannoX says:

        I don’t think Marika will have to return to her planet to finish school. Remember the trip to the Dept. of Education? I assume it was to pick up texts (probably on computer disks) and lesson plans she has to complete. And I’m sure Misa and Kane (he does assert in an earlier episode that he is a teacher) will supervise her education with help from the other crew members.

        Poor Marika! Instead of one of twenty or so students to a teacher, she’s one student with probably a dozen or so teachers!

        • skylion says:

          Poor? How on Morningstar is that poor? I would kill to have that student:teacher ratio.

          • HannoX says:

            Would you really want to be the only student in class and have a dozen teachers? Most students would consider themselves unlucky to have that ratio!

            • skylion says:

              …the way I learn, it would be awesome, even at my age.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hmmm I am pretty sure Marika goes back and forth from space to the Bentenmaru in the next episode, she might not finish school on time but I can’t picture her skipping out completely.

          LOL Yeah the reverse of the Odette II xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          Well, I guess you can’t become a full-fledged space pirate without the proper education that’s required.

          Maybe the dozen or so teachers won’t be such a bad thing. You’ll get the knowledge in fine detail, especially where making an entrance, swordfighting and looting are concerned.

  7. akagami says:

    Finally. Finally!!! I was getting tired of seeing the girls laze around on their “sailing” trip. Time to build the Marika fleet!

    @BlackBriar – they’re covered by their travel insurance, and it’s a small price to “pay” to see an endangered species. No different than China loaning out their pandas – China loans pandas, recipient countries quiet down about human rights abuses. Actually, it’s not right in this case either, but that’s the way the world rolls.

    Also in Marika’s time pirates rarely go into battle and fight, as most of it is posturing and intimidation. So as a passenger I’m not really afraid of being harmed.

    • BlackBriar says:

      That sounds like a bunch of bored rich people with too time and money on their hands looking for an excuse for an adreanaline rush. And you’re right about the pandas and the stuff about China. It’s just a bribery technique like paying off crooked cops to keep quiet about an operation of any sort, to make something serious go away or bribing someone to gain their “trust”. Like you said, that’s the way the world rolls.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same I was getting a bit tired of the whole “sailing” with Jenny and the others! Thankfully were on the Marika is a pirate in training arch.

      LOLLOL Well moe pirate girl raids your ship I am sure none of us would have any issues xDD

  8. Gecko says:

    Anyways, I’m glad someone was thinking about how much work it should be to become a “legal” pirate. Some of the departments they visited (ie Education) didn’t seem like they would make much sense, but perhaps it’s only because Marika is still in school.
    As for that speech, oh goodness it was great. I’m happy to see that there is indeed a book to help her out. (Although it was pretty silly. Those tourists probably like the idea of getting raided by pirates and living.)

    • Foshizzel says:


      True they did bounce all over the place thanks to Misa, but still they did a great job showing the various steps they take to become legal pirates.

      BEST QUOTE EVER! And that laugh/cough? LOLOL I died laughing xD

  9. anaaga says:

    Jeebus, scenery porn in space. I love all the backgrounds.

  10. HannoX says:

    Rather than the Confederate States, I think a closer analog to the legal pirates here would be the American privateers of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Technically, the Confederate raiders on the seas were not privateers since their officers held commissions in the Confederate Navy, even though most of the crew weren’t Southerners, but English and other foreigners and the ships themselves were enrolled as vessels of the Confederate Navy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Whoaaaaaa all that info, but great information <3 I remember some of the privateer stuff in school...then again I have forgotten quite a lot of that xD still thank you!

      • HannoX says:

        I have a big interest in privateers (let’s hear it for legal piracy!). I have a couple books on the business side of privateering and a book on the naval side of the War of 1812. The latter is mostly concerned with the actual navies, but there’s also quite a bit on the American privateers. The most successful was the Yankee out of Bristol, Rhode Island, earning $1 million (in 1813 dollars) for its owners and crew. Since it only cost about $40,000 to purchase and outfit the typical privateer, the returns could be fantastic, although most never took a prize. The average was 2.5 per privateer, but of course a few wildly successful ones took most the prizes.

        I even have a book on American sailing ships with a chapter devoted to privateers with the hull and sail plans of several actual ones. Really beautiful ships, especially the topsail schooners out of Baltimore with their sharply raked back masts. There was a ship whose sight would make a British merchant captain pee his pants in 1812-14!

        Let’s hope under Marika’s command the Bentenmaru emulates the Yankee!

  11. Mushyrulez says:



  12. Rakuen says:

    The training simulation reminded me of the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek. It’s a scenario where no matter what you do, the computer will continue to generate failure conditions until you lose. I kind of hope that’s actually the case in this show as well, and they try to revisit it at some point once Marika has more experience.

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