Mirai Nikki – 20

Crash and Burn.

So, I finally caught up to this mind twisting, killer-spree of a series just so I could review this episode, while Hime tours Austria. Yeah, still have some free time before that first March, work starto. It’s also interesting how I’m covering and reviewing random series but somehow or the other, they all line up. Chihayafuru’s Karuta to InuxBoku’s Karuta episode, then Nisemonogatari and now a nisemono Yuno, HUH?! Don’t worry, I’m just feeling delirious from lack of sleep.

And just when you thought, shit got real; we take a detour with Minene and her stalker Nishijima. I actually applaud Yukiteru to accept “Yuno as Yuno”, because whatever forensic science proved as per Akise’s finding, he doesn’t care. I’m just glad he didn’t do his batshit girly scream with weird gesticulation and I’ll get to my Yuno-theory later. Though, it’s still sad that Yuno couldn’t off Eleventh when she had such a golden chance.


So, Eleventh forms an alliance with Eighth and transfers her Server Diary to the super computer HOLEIN HOLON III with the plan of making every citizen of Sakurami City a future diary user. Yeah, be afraid, be very afraid of his new generation. Ninth tries to foil his plan but being the very resourceful guy that he is, he forms a security web around all escape routes to trap Minene. If it weren’t for Nishijima’s help, her ass would be pretty much fried.

Doki doki tsuruuuuu~

Of course, Nishijima had been holding a torch and then some for her since they met but their relationship leveled up with the progress of episode and he finally throws the big question of marriage at her in an opportune time. However tsun Minene got, it’s clear she had feelings for the poofy-haired guy as well. Together, they manage to destroy one part of HOLON III; with two more remaining (it couldn’t have been more obvious with that name), at a different location. This also means that a considerable part of Sakurami City population has acquired future diaries, which is kei kaku doori per minx Mur.

So many nikkis, so little time

With Eleventh’s plan climaxing, we finally get some intel from Deus as well on the types of diaries: Radar (predicts surrounding), Searcher (predicts certain people’s action), Organizer (predicts an organizations’ activities), Supplier (bestows others ability of prediction), and Watcher (watches and records other diaries). This is the clue that helps Minene execute an operation to destroy the remaining parts of HOLON III by tricking the Watcher diary in reading overwritten entries. The filler friends trio (Hinata, Mao and Ouji) help the new couple with distraction on Akise’s direction but not for long as Eleventh wises up and uses his uke’s Secretary’s diary in predicting their exact location and destroying their plan.

Break me. Shake me. Hate me. Take me over.

This ensues some more mindless killing with Minene losing her right hand and Nishijima his life in process. He was more than her right hand and proved it by covering her with his own body from the fire of bullets. Sorry, Nishijima, your love was never meant to be because this is Mirai Nikki and only Yuno survives to orally rape her Yukki in most of the episodes. The couple arrives with quite a grandeur using Minene’s uproar as a blanket.

Yukiteru: “Let’s get this party started.”                Yuno: “Aye aye, YUKKI!”

Extra Future~

Eleventh: “Macedonia, Rome, Germany… ”         “Dude, be very afraid of Broskander. I heard he’s coming back in Spring.”

Eighth: “It’s not like I want to seduce you or a-anything….”

I swear there was a time I thought she was Mur’s mom. What is up with that whacked out proportion?! 

You are doing it wrong!


Meet Sunbeam-chan and Blackie-kun

Perfect wife material?! >.>

This seemed like a filler episode just to prolong the whole ‘who the fuck is Yuno’ question. I mean, people who have stuck around with this went crazy over their heads discussing the probabilities last week but what do we get to resolve that? Yuno is Yuno. Though, this statement was to my liking but I wanted this bad boy resolved. In my opinion, I would treat this as Gasai Yuno still but from another time plane or part of herself due to a special kind of MPD (multiple personality disorder), where the opposite personalities became so conflicting that in order to kill the hateful part of her, both solidified and the survivor of the killing game ended up protecting her precious Yukki, while the other a corpse. Seeing the craziness of this series, this theory is definitely not farfetched and same goes for a future Yuno coming to correct a past where her Yukki gets killed in the game.

Nishijima’s death was almost inevitable from the moment he took Minene’s side. It’s just a thing with this anime; no couple, however endearing and adorable they are (Ai and Mar anyone?), survives except for the Y2K (YunoxYuki KAPOW!) couple. Their moments were cute and Nishijima did good, I’m definitely sad for him, not finding a wife in a terrorist but oh well. Though, Minene has been the SURVIVOR since episode two. Imagine, even after losing an eye and now a hand, she’s still rolling around. I have a feeling; she would be the last one to go before Yuno. It’s interesting how every character has a twisted past and have genuine reason to participate in the game. Of course, unless you develop some connection with the character, how else you would be affected by their deaths? Though, my iron heart doesn’t get swayed so easily.

Now, what is Deus up to and what was that slashing of Minene while he met her in his private hole? Yukiteru being his favourite tells you a lot and the her he mentioned definitely has to be Yuno rather than Minene. The latter could be a messenger or even a catalyst for a good end for Deus and his favourite player but he definitely has something special up his sleeve (like another Yuno?), for his dear Mur’s downfall. Why do I have a feeling that cherie Mur wants the God seat for herself? I definitely want to know more about her powers and her responsibilities because she’s not just a lackey and seems to have a big agenda.

And, Yukiteru-kun, you sure have changed. Not that you were normal to begin with. I mean, always depending upon others to save your ass. It’s a long shot from being used to using others but everyone knows who had been the biggest influencer: the one and only Gasai Yuno. Her murdering skill knows no bound and I almost laughed out loud, seeing her usual I love you, Yukki, expression in place while bulleting and hijinksing. With the way the Y2K couple has blazed into the scene, they definitely have a plan. Though, I’m not sure if few of the evolutionary prototype diary users would work. Now if they have a bomb fixed to some public areas like Minene would do, Y2K can use it to counter against Eleventh and we might just see the end of him in next episode or two.


Seems like Yuno and Yukki have a plan to finish off the Mayor. I hope they hurry it up because this oldman sure has pissed everyone off.  He’s a big player, having built the concept of Future Diaries; a deadly foe who needs to go soon.


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19 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 20”

  1. Karakuri says:

    Pfft I dunno, Kyo. That whole baby from a cake thing looked legit to me.

  2. Tofu says:

    Why does that baby look so similar to Pride from FMA:B O_O SOMETHING’S GOING DOWN!!! xD

  3. tatsuya says:

    damn !!1 I like this EPISODE very much =V=
    especially when the dude ask to marry her ~~
    who knew the scary tsundere will get married~~

    • BlackBriar says:

      Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be in this insane survival game. And she was actually starting to fall for him, which made it worse for her loss.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was really a sad moment when Nishijima died. Oh man, so I had to put some Savage Garden to heal those wounds. :3

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Nishijima x Minene is an odd pairing but it could work out. After all, opposites attract. When he proposed to her, I was a bit baffled. I mean, can you possibly find an even worse timing for that? The policeman and the terrorist… how romantic. I couldn’t help but laugh when Nishijima wasn’t beating around the bush when he was answering Minene’s questions (“You’re only after my body”; “Pretty much”; “YOU EVEN ADMITTED TO IT!?”). Getting her arm severed like that with little reaction reminded me of Claymore.

    Mirai Nikki’s Yukiteru has done what Guilty Crown’s Shu has tried and missed and that’s being badass without overdoing it. The difference what sets Mirai Nikki apart from Guilty Crown is: Mirai Nikki knows full well that it’s supposed to be over the top, and to its credit: this was exactly that. And I have to admit: Yukiteru’s appearance in this episode was excellent, with a machine gun in hand, no less and revealing that he was using Minene as bait and a distraction. To think Yuki will use civilians when his original goal was to save them.

    LOL. Yuki’s other friends became diary holders and Mao’s turns out to one based on Hinata’s road to womanhood. There’s no denying it now. Mao is in love with her!! Go Yuri!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      It was an unlikely pair but since the episode they met, it was clear as day that Nishijima liked her and her body was a big part of it. xD She’s definitely been used in many shower scenes already. Their parting was definitely pretty sad even when short-lived. But we should get used to it as Mirai Nikki does go THAT fast.

      Yukiteru has become quite an interesting protagonist, who is not miserable as Ganta and not lameass like OH MA SHOE. The balance he has found, even after being fake (and influenced by Yuno), was still pretty badass.

      As for fanservice characters, Mao is one hella obsessive lesbian. >.>

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Whahahahah sunbeam-chan and Blackie-kun! I am glad we are embracing the light and dark side of the censorship family <3 don't forget I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING WITH SHADOWS-Sama...

    Great episode and I knew Yuki would not care that this Yuno is a fake! After all he fully intends to use her till the very end...

    Awwww bomb girl was feeling da loe! Poor dude had to die, but he went out like a boss protecting his girl <3 TRUE LOVE RIGHT THERE...minus the whole death thing >.>;

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL YES! How could I have forgotten about Shadow-sama completing the censor family?! xD

      And yeah, Yukiteru has woken up to the fact of using others as tools. I mean, now he has literally no one to depend on except for Yuno so why not? Now I just hope, Minene kills the idiotic Eleventh before getting offed herself for revenge.

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    Wait, what the hell? This Eleventh dude designed the Future Diaries in collaboration with Deus? How do you even do that? How do you find God and tell him you have a business proposition for him? What the actual hell?

    And as for Yuno, it’s pretty obvious at this point that she’s come back in time (probably by winning the Survival Game).

    • Kyokai says:

      If you see all of the diary users, Mur collected them by banking on their obsession. Unless they actually did those things (like Yukiteru noting everything down, Yuno obsessing over him, Minene being a terrorist, etc.), this game wouldn’t have work with the future added. Eleventh wanted evolution in humanity and was working on making super beings who would go ahead in evolution like the big nations in history so he had an idea, which Deus made reality with his power. As Deus himself saod, he had the play in place while Eleventh provided the tool or you can say concept on which Deus made the prototypes of diaries. So, this still works.

      And let’s see if we are right about Yuno’s identity.

  7. lvlln says:

    Future Diary just keeps on bringing the hits! I knew the manga was popular, but I had no clue that the anime adaptation would be this good. Week to week, its craziness is consistently fun and funny. Minene all flustered was possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen this season. To think, she was the 2nd antagonist, making an appearance in just the 2nd episode; I never expected her character to make it this far. When she dies, she better get an epic death scene; she is more than deserving of it.

    I wonder if Yuno was an impostor from the start, as in, just a random girl who killed Yuno and took her place. In which case her not being the “real” Yuno really has no meaning. It’s like how Yuuji in Shakugan no Shana is a mistes, and the real Yuuji died in the very 1st episode; the person who experienced everything in the episodes is still the same person, even if he or she is not the original.

    • Kyokai says:

      Catching up has been pretty fun. I never knew the pacing has gone this twisted. It sure dishes out shock every other episode and in a good way too. Minene has played such an important part by now that she definitely deserves an awesome end and not like Hirasaka at all!

      If Yuno was an impostor from the start, it would be very disappointing because the fact of her continuously ‘obsessing’ over Yuki stands from the time she told him to be his wife in one of their future career surveys. If a random girl just came to replace her then where does all the obsession come from? There has to be a reason for all the secrets and her rewriting her own memories.

      • Zammael says:

        There is a reason and it has zero to do with a “random” girl. I have spoiler-ish speculations, and you mentioned them in your blog.

        Therefore, Yuno cannot be some random girl who replaced the original. Scamp from thecartdriver offered this speculation: Yuno vomited out her own bones and replaced them with hand­made ones with Yuki’s name inscribed upon each one.

        Moreover, the first 20 seconds of Episode 1 is rather telling, a gigantic clue to who “Yuno” really is.

  8. Hime says:

    I love that song by Savage Garden, now it’s in my head forevers. Orz.

  9. Rakuen says:

    To keep the chess metaphor from the episode going, a pin occurs when an attacked piece is unable to move without exposing an even more valuable piece. Assuming that’s the intention, I wonder which role Eleventh would actually be in…

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