Mirai Nikki – 16

Yuki’s sexual frustration is starting to show

Who knew, Yukiteru’s dad is a DILF. He shows up at the hospital where Yuki is recovering and Ninth is still playing Nurse, and brings the awkward levels up ten fold with his horny antics and Yuki asking him to remarry his mother. Ninth attempts to train up the Amano family (while Yuno watches from the bushes) with little success. After an 80s worthy training montage Ninth sets the boys a challenge; a race. Ninth gives a pep-talk, Dad bails on Yuki, and Yuno is still stalking.


I always feel like sombody’s watching me…

Yuno sees him looking through Yuki’s stuff and overhears his worried phone call revealing he’s working for the enemy and trying to sell out Yuki in exchange for money. Yuno bursts in ready to do in daddy when Yuki stops her. They get a call from Seventh and go to meet them to get Yuki’s diary back. Seventh, dressed for their wedding, challenge Yuki and Yuno to another couple-off. During, Yuki’s Dad breaks his phone.


Unfortunately Yuki doesn’t get sucked into oblivion, it turns out the phones were only decoys and Yuno snatches the real ones. She tosses Yuki back his phone just as the building starts to explode. Yuki falls through a hole as the floor starts to collapse, and as both Yuno and his Dad reach out a hand to him, Yuki has to decide just who to trust.


I’d chose death, personally, Yuki


Well, this was one of the most boring episodes of the series. Hardly anything happened, and when it did it was about as interesting as sour cream. Yuki’s Dad was pretty underestablished, Seventh still do nothing for me and Ninth’s trainee subplot was long, drawn out and unnessesary. God, what is it about this show; it’s awesome arcs are always bookended by the lamest shit I’ve ever seen. It’s like Pandora Hearts all over again, or Hitman Reborn. It’s as bi-polar as its characters. Oi Vei.

Hopefully this new conflict of trust will lead to something badass and exciting. I can’t say I’m overly confident since this trust Yuno or trust someone else who is blatantly evil senario has already been done to death in this series, but at least this time Yuki has a reason to trust said blatantly evil guy. Anyway, this episode was so nothing that I don’t have much to say about it. Until next week~


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6 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 16”

  1. Overcooled says:

    I can tell you realllllyyy didn’t like this episode by the length of this post. XD I didn’t hate it, but it’s certainly not one of the better episodes. I really can’t stand when Mirai Nikki tries to use humour. It just falls flat on its face. Having lighter moments to contrast the DARKANGSTMURDER stuff is fine but dear god, stop trying to make jokes.

    I’m curious who Yuki will choose in the next episode though. I want to hear his reasoning for whoever he picks too :3

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, I felt like it was totally wasting our time as an audience. It was so full of padding that if you dropped me on it from a great height I doubt I’d feel a thing.

      I do wonder who he’ll pick. Though they could both grab him, which would negate the cliffhanger entirely. Or he could pick his Dad, just so Yuno can prove him wrong and they can fill out the series with even more stuff we have already covered.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Well this episode was severely lacking. I feel that it could’ve been so much better if a little more effort was put into it.

    Ninth’s trainee subplot really was long, drawn out and unnessesary. I don’t understand her. Why’s she so adamant about helping him when eventually she, Yuki and Yuno are going to kill each other?

    You’ve got to be kidding me!!! That pervert and masochist is Yuki’s dad? I’m beginning to question genetics. If they’re father and son, why hasn’t Yuki inheirited his father’s extreme perversion? Too bad he turned out to be a backstabbing bastard seeking to clear his debt unknowingly at his own son’s expense.

    Yes, we get more Yuno, the yandere queen!! So being pyscho gives you glowing eyes, superhuman agility, accuracy and knife fighting abilites? Or does she just practice this shit in her free time?

  3. skylion says:

    All I can add is this: When I was a teen my Dad was a pretty decent perv. Now, normally he was laced like an army boot. But, when I, the last of four kids grew up, he let his naughty side out a bit to play. This looks much the same.

    Still, this guy is not father material. Hime, I would drop him off on the padding, and hope he misses.


    I still love our Yuki thou. He’s getting to a point where handling his yandere girl-friend is becoming a bit second nature. “No, No, No Yuno, we just don’t go around killing my Dad.”, “But Yuki, Yuno loves killing your Dad almost as much as she loves you.”, “Yunoooooo”

  4. Kitty says:

    Wow the music video was crazy awesome. I reserves comments till the blog of ep 17. But I would have chosen death too…

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