Inu x Boku SS – 05

 You don’t say?

And this week’s episode of Inu x Boku is here! In all honest truth I read Wikipedia so I already know about the new character being introduced this week, and I’m sure he’ll be shaking things up a bit 8D

The Ayakashi Manor is definitely getting rowdier with the addition of Watanuki and Natsume, both of whom are loud in their different ways. Ririchiyo seems to be having even more problems though – lurking in the shadows, silently sending creepy text messages, is her very own stalker. When Renshou finds out about it, he tells her to seek Soushi’s help, but Ririchiyo brushes it off, claiming that she’s already used to it. That’s what you get for being a pretty, rich tsundere since young. xD

Looking that cute when you were young Ririchiyo, I would’ve pedo-ed you too! >D

Being the adorable tsundere she is, Ririchiyo is still thinking of a way to show her gratitude to Soushi. Taking up Renshou’s suggestion, Ririchiyo decides to write him a heartfelt letter, like she used to when she was younger. As she writes with an endearingly happy expression on her face, a thought strikes her, and she heads out to shop for some new letter papers.

She ends up spending a long time, and begins her journey home after the Sun is down. She then receives another text message from her devoted stalker – “the dark is dangerous for people like us”. As someone creeps up behind her, Soushi suddenly appears out of nowhere and defends Ririchiyo… only to find out that it was just a drunken hentai jiji. Soushi though, has found out about Ririchiyo’s stalker and is extremely upset that she had not confided in him. He once again proclaims that his life has no meaning if he is unable to protect Ririchiyo, and this is when Ririchiyo starts to deny that, trying to voice her thoughts that he does mean something to Ririchiyo – “I want to find out more about you”, but the words are stuck in her throat.

Of course this is the moment our new character decides to dramatically introduce himself, effectively killing the touching moment. Looking eerily like he just came from Venetian masquerade ball, Kagerou Shoukiin flamboyantly announces his identity. Oh, and he also happens to be Soushi’s former master and Ririchiyo’s fiancée. Looks like things are beginning to get complicated…

Upon returning back to the Ayakashi Manor, Kagerou once again dramatically proclaims his arrival… with Karuta-chan collared and dressed in a provocative maid costume. Watanuki is scared shitless when he sees his most hated childhood “friend” and recalls all the “fun times” they had together at his expense. Everyone is shocked when Kagerou introduces himself as Ririchiyo’s fiancée, but Ririchiyo is seemingly nonchalant, stating that the engagement has no meaning.

Following that, Kagerou somehow ends up dragging them on a tour of the Ayakashi Manor, exaggeratedly determining whether the residents and staff are S or M-type. Why do we even need to know? T_T It gets even worse when he starts stamping types even onto inanimate objects. Oh spare the carpet, will you, Kagerou? After that very strange detour, Kagerou reveals that he was only dropping by for a short while to visit his fiancée, and although he had an important matter to discuss with her, but that would have to wait for later. And thus, the residents of Ayakashi send him off with mixed feelings (but honestly most of them are just weirded out)

Kagerou’s very own classification of humans… whatever happened to the rich and the poor?

*giggles* -insert dirty joke here-

Well goodbye to you too!

After the ending song, we find out that Ririchiyo did indeed enjoy exchanging letters with Kagerou every day when she was younger; however, it was only because their letters were her solace from her utter loneliness, as she was always alone whether in school, or at home… I want to cuddle you Ririchiyo ;_;

MOAR NEW CHARACTERS! Kagerou is an… um, interesting character so far, albeit being dramatically over-the-top. I’m starting to realize that we will probably never ever get any normal characters in this anime, but in all honest truth, that’s fine with me. xD We didn’t get to know much about him this episode, other than the fact that he’s extremely narcissistic (everyone other than himself are “pigs” and “animals”?!), has an unhealthy obsession with S & M (Karuta-chan’s costume!!! And who says goodbye with “farewell, my sex toys”?!) and is connected to most of the residents in the Ayakashi Manor in one way or another.

Despite the limited information we can gather about Kagerou right now, I’m guessing he’ll play an important role in the development of the story and the relationship between Soushi and Ririchiyo. Considering that his past with Soushi stretches wayyy back, and recalling what Soushi said about making sure his childhood doesn’t “say too much”, I do think that Kagerou might be the one spilling the beans. Somehow I don’t think he is as shallow as that overly exaggerated ego he shows… I’m thinking he’s going to have a rather evil side, and in addition he actually has a motive since Soushi is a potential rival for Ririchiyo’s love. Inu X Boku’s first love triangle has appeared! Although it is pretty much clear who Ririchiyo is fonder of at this point, in future episodes when he returns, there might be some serious competition between Kagerou and Soushi. That’ll undoubtedly raise the tension up a notch and give rise to new problems – heck, we have a high chance of seeing some fierce fighting between the boys. And maybe by then Ririchiyo will already understand the feeling of love, but I have a nagging gut feeling that she will be forced to marry Kagerou due to her familial obligations. *complicated Taiwan dramas in mind now*

Ririchiyo was so adorable this episode too, buying pretty paper and thoughtfully writing her feelings onto letters. It reminds me those love letters we always see Japanese students shyly giving to their crushes, which I personally think is very cute. IT NEVER HAPPENS HERE IN SINGAPORE. ): I really like how she’s trying so hard to express her true feelings within that tsuntsun of hers – this is a tsundere that’s actually putting in effort to help others understand her ;_; and with each bit of Ririchiyo’s past that is revealed to us, I feel like I’m able to relate with her more and more and her situation is just so…!! T.T She’s really lucky she has Soushi, and that he’s shown her that people can come to love her despite her seemingly cold personality, and that can become her motivation to try harder to change. :’) This anime touches upon the seemingly insignificant topic of self-esteem and confidence, but truthfully many people do face this problem every day. The anime has handled this issue very well so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing Ririchiyo grow in many ways and form heartwarming relationships with the people around her 😀 It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. <3

Preview: Looks like we’ll be seeing Ririchiyo, Watanuki and Karuta-chan in daily school life! >D This will be fun.


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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8 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 05”

  1. Teabie says:

    Aww, Miyu-san, I have to agree. Exchanging love letters NEVER happen in Singapore. Who writes, even? 🙂

    I’m definitely chasing this anime series now. 5 episodes into it, and I am enjoying their sense of humour. It just cracks me up! Sugita does a good job once again, being totally blase and random.

    If they ever create a nendoroid of Soushi, I am a goner. Hehe.

  2. Samantha Zan says:

    Love letters in the USA? Not heard of either..only in movies do we get that haha XD.

    Kagerou is a pretty…..unique chracter. Sadist or Masochist? XD That was pretty funny lol. I feel so bad for Watamuki lolz.

    But now that a love triangle has appeared, I’m pretty sure Ririchiyo still likes Soushi more (THESE 2 MUST SHIP 0^0), though I see Kagerou being more of a close friend than a lover entirely >.>

    Anyway, yes Ririchiyo is soooo MOEMOE Kawaii as a child AHHHMYYYGGGAAWWWD 😀

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Just when I thought this anime couldn’t get any stranger and pleasant, here comes a crazy new character with a warped mind about everything. And he’s the same species of demon as Ririchiyo. Kagerou’s definitely a sadist after putting Karuta in that outfit along with the collar and chain, his unique brand of wordplay and giving out those insane gifts.

    Soushi is a sadist?! Nice cover. I’m impressed. If you ask me, Nobara is both a sadist and a masochist. And I guess I also fall under both categories because not only did I watch everything to the end without changing the channel, I also read the small text beneath the bigger text. Now I won’t be able to see anyone the same way again since they’ve been classified. Moreover, some of them got the unexpected classifications.

    Having Kagerou around now makes grounds for an interesting love triangle, especially when two out of the three were master and servant. But I still think Ririchiyo will choose Soushi.

  4. skylion says:

    If Tiny Tanuki is a masochist, than I am most obviously going to be a sadist. Yeah, I’m complex.

  5. Gecko says:

    Love letters… yeah no. Never seen one. Ever.
    Oh man, that poor light that was turned off got stuck as the only masochist out of them all. So depressing.
    And I read the small text, without changing the channel, so I guess that just goes to show how fail the S&M categories actually are.

  6. anaaga says:

    I will never write love letters. People who see my handwriting will think I’m a Frankenstein. NO THANKS.

    Kagerou is my favorite character already. Not only he’s a sadist, but he’s voiced by Sugita NNNNNNGGGGGGHHH SUGITAAAAA <3
    He has a similar power with Ririchiyou (that's her name right?) too it seems.

  7. Joojoobees says:

    Kagerou sure knows how to hijack an episode! One moment we are slowly building to a sweet little moment between our cute couple, the next we are on a tour of the whole damned building with Kagerou giving his nonsense opinions about every random object he sees.

    I see him more as a destabilizing force than a potential rival for Ririchiyou’s hand, though. He might have secrets from Soushi’s past that can cause trouble, but Ririchiyou has much better taste than to get involved with Kagerou romantically.

  8. Rakuen says:

    Last week we had the tour of the tower. This week we have the tour turned completely on its head. This show is the light bit of fluff for me this season, especially with Miketsukami’s sheer existence. But I also have to admit, it has an ability to pull at least one thing I love out of its rear in every episode.

    Also, needs more Chino drinking juice. Just saying.

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