Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 06

Prepare yourself for the next Tiger and Bunny hero! PAPER BAG MAN!

Babababa rarira ba, babababa rarira ba ba~ ♫♫♫ Welcome to the Nichibros tag team and we’ll be covering for Miyu for a while as she gets over her exams. Yeah, kids, (in Ted’s voice), concentrate on your studies to get degrees so that you can earn loads of moneehhs when you grow up. xD Anyways, get ready for the lowdown on the current episode. Let’s hear it, Fosh~
Hello Nichibro fans! Miyu is out for this review due to exams, but I hope you enjoy my tag post with Kyokai for a few weeks. Anyway time to get right into the fun this week. Stories this week brings several girls to the boy’s student council room seeking help with various problems, because the guys are awesome at helping…or so the girls think.

You have angered the older sister! PREPARE TO DIE!

First story follows our trio getting chased down the street by Yoshitake’s sister after Hidenori said something to her about always being home on Christmas Eve… Wow, you asked the girl a very wrong question… So, she proceeded to kick all of their asses and chases after Hidenori who ran away from her.  She finally arrives in an area filled with lots couples and suddenly starts to feel really embarrassed, until Hidenori touches her shoulder and says he can just pretend to be her boyfriend… Of course, she plays along and throws her fist right into his face. Ouch! You got owned hard there, dude.

Hidenori-“I must run at the speed of light to get away!”                     Older sister-“RUN LITTLE BOY RUN!”

Hidenori-“I have always had a crush on you, older sister character.”

Older sister-“How about I just crush your face and we call it even?!”

After that we join Yoshitake talking video games to his friends, and their teacher informs them there was an error with the last print out she gave them and while trying to spread the word to all the class members… she forgot to tell their group about it! And of course, she leaves a message on the chalkboard of the new term starting tomorrow with a sorry. She quickly bolts out of the room and the boys give chase. I would be so pissed if that happened to me… isn’t she the WORST TEACHER EVER?!

If Kyokai was a Teacher… “Enjoy being stuck in school forever bitches! I got more important things to do…like ANIME!”

The next set of stories follows several girls stopping by the boy’s student council room seeking help. Starting off with Tadakuni’s little sister, who wants them to follow her to meet a guy that hit her…but they turn her away…because they felt it would be bad if high school kids went to scare off some middle school students. However, they do follow her and find that there were no serious issues…along with Motoharu, Hidenori, Yoshitake and Toshiyuki. Too bad guys you don’t get to play the hero who saves the little sister from danger! Better luck next time.

Little sister-“I want to start my own harem, and I want you two to be in it…”

Who is next?! Well Ringo-chan arrives to ask the guys if they think she is short, but they play it smart and cool just telling her she is completely normal. Ringo on the other hand does not believe them and seeks out the student council president. The other guys try to distact her with a few questions and Toshiyuki even makes some cat sound effects…nice try! However Ringo is smart and gets away to find the president. He replies quite indulgently, “You are you. I think you’re wonderful just the way you are.” After hearing this, she slaps him hard! I guess Ringo was looking for a simple answer and not a mini confession…

Haruhi Ringo-“Attention! I am claiming this room for the SOS  Brigade to spread excitement in the world!”


President-“You are…something special to me, Ringo.”         Ringo-“Special? Hmmm what kind of special?”

Ringo-“ANSWER ME NOW!”                             President-“I…can’t…when…you…beat…me…up…”

The final girl to visit the student council is a very mysterious girl who lost her dog, but at this point Motoharu is tired of always helping people and gets annoyed putting the blame on Toshiyuki’s shoulders. The mystery girl just watches them with her strange expression on her face…seriously she looked cute in the beginning but then turns creepy. Eventually the vice president arrives with the missing dog… Motoharu and Toshiyuki both demand the girl to pay them! YES MONEY! Wait did Ness come up with this plan? I think she did.

I just can’t stop staring at this girl’s face… (Kyo: She reminds me of Fu from Tamayura)

Vice President-“Can we keep the dog and the girl?”           Motoharu-“I hate being in this student council…seriously.”

Finally we take a break from the student council boys to watch some extreme soccer with Hidenori and Mitsuo by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Accelerator and Rin for those not familiar). Mitsuo tries to score some goals against Hidenori, but every powerful kick is blocked, which causes Mitsuo to get angry, forcing him to pick up the soccer ball turning the friendly game into a rugby match…and still Hidenori defended the goal!? At least we got to hear that famous frustrated “scream” Nobuhiko Okamoto is famous for.

Hidenori-“REJECTED SUCKER! Man you suck so BAD.”

Mitsuo-“I hate you! LEAVE ME ALONE!!”                       Hidenori-“YOU CAN NOT DENY OUR TRUE LOVE!!”

After credits we get more Daily lives of high school girls. This time Ikushima and Yanagin are both chatting about anime characters with glasses, alright more like screaming at each other…Habara cracks a comment about Yanagin having no one to show her eyes off too. That comment sets Yanagin off causing her to in turn make fun of Habara’s flat chest, hitting her where it counts, huh? The three girls leave the house and try to ask Takahiro to go out with Habara, but he turns them down offering to pay money to leave him alone… The reason is simple, he was abused by Habara in the past and he still has hellish memories of it. Oh damn, I guess poor Habara can’t get a boyfriends because all the guys she knows are afraid of her.

Violent twin-tail girl is moe.jpeg

Girls, don’t fight over your true yuri feelings for each other!

Extra daily lives of awesome dudes.

Leaning on a table… LIKE A BOSS.

President, hard at work.


End Thoughts:

So, clearly, no one remembered our good ‘ol Ayumu as a Magical Shounen? Sure, he was a zombie but wasn’t his transformation bitchin’? Just saying. Though that Harry Potter comment hurt me… Let me tell you *puts on Hermione voice* Yoshitake wears panties on his head not the round-megane-kun! Now someone quickly make fun of Twilight THIS INSTANT. Sparkling vampires… Pfft. Coming back to NichiBROS, weren’t there TOO MANY GIRLS this episode? I’m not sexist but since when the daily lives of high school girls took over the boys?! Gimme back my gags and DOH faces! I want to see them suffer through MOAR! *coughs*

Also, I’m pretty sure not ALL high school girls are this scary. I mean, punching the students’ council president just because he was nice?! Punching Hidenori just because he wanted to empathize with the older imouto? Girls aren’t that scary… Not that my gang was fearfully called Talibans by the boys when I was in high school. Seriously, we just used to have sword bottle fights during recess climbing over our desks. Uhhh…. B-BUT… No girls I know are THAT physical with their girlfriends and never take revenge on each others’ past… (remembers watching some real catfights on youtube)… OKAY, I GIVE UP. I guess, this is the REAL portrayal of girls. They do whatever the heck they like to, so be afraid, be very very afraid….

I’m liking how the crew is keeping things fresh every episode. The switching to different characters helps too and most of them are pretty interesting. Though, if you ask me, I’ll say GIVE ME SUGITA and I’ll be happy (I was delighted with his recent cameo in Inu x Boku SS as a complete Sadist). Every week, I’m loving the cameo appearances by different seiyuu (Yuki Kaji and Nobuhiko Okamoto this time), and I hope they rope in some famous female seiyuu too (I’m sure HanaKana would jump on the offer). A word of advice to Habara, if you keep beating every boy around you, you’ll end up being a sad, sad DFC without any admirers. Yes, Karasawa just airily spit on your visage. There’s still time to redeem yourself from that Akiha-like (from Tsukihime) image! Anyways, another good episode and I can only hope Sunrise maintains the consistency.

OH MY GOD! This episode was great! Lots of hilarious events with our main trio at the start…I thought for sure Hidenori was going to have a pretend-date with Yoshitake’s older sister. Wait who am I kidding?  I knew she would eventually punch him somewhere. I almost forgot that beginning part with the guys playing with that ball? Why aren’t there magical boys? Oh man… also that Harry Potter comment was the best ever! But we all know the only magical boy out there is Takuto from Star Driver. He does count right? Who can forget his transformation scene?

I don’t know why those girls kept visiting the boy’s student council room! Does this mean the girls student council members are horrible? Either that or the girls love to see what the guys are up too. I liked watching the story with Ringo-chan, she is one of my favorite side characters. Anyway they finally revealed the vice president’s age…I was thinking twenty just like Ringo! And then she asked her question to the president? Wow that reaction of hers was priceless. The final visitor was great aka the girl with the missing dog. I swear I could not stop staring at her face. It was like she was seriously stuck in Nichijou expression mode even when she was drinking tea; it was all in THOSE EYES… they still haunt me…

Soccer time! It took me a few minutes to figure out the new guy’s voice until you hear that famous scream, you instantly know it was Rin or Accelerator. I swear I heard OH MA SHOE in there somewhere, just listen to the glasses dude when Yoshitake is talking about video games. And finally the daily lives of high school girls!? Those three girls… I swear I look forward to seeing them every week…as much as Habara needed a hug I don’t think I could survive around her. Out of those three girls I like Ikushima, those short twin-tails…reminds me of Mato from Black Rock Shooter, only more violent.


Shadow eyes are so in this year.

Many more high school adventures next week…


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18 Responses to “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 06”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    What I most admire about this show is the accurate portrayal of the ladies. Do not ever try to do something nice for a woman; she will CUT you. Don’t think you will be safe in your own home; they will find you and threaten you will everything from death to worse. And by no means should you believe what a woman says, because holidays aren’t really over until tomorrow.

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Sexism aside, the overblown portrayal of the female sex in this series does a hilariously accurate job of presenting the FEAR they represent for the average socially-maladjusted teenage boy.

    • Kyokai says:

      Aww, JJB, don’t miss out on the excitement of life~ Women do nice things when they are feeling like it. xD

      And yeah Bob, this is all TRUE! High school boys should definitely watch this and take lesson. :3

  2. Justin says:

    Someone needs to stop Hidenori from talking…near women in general.

  3. Hawthorne says:

    Oh wow, this episode. So many hilarious moments! The one that made me laugh the hardest though was the skit with the girl and her lost dog … that laugh … XD I can’t wait to re-watch this series once it’s all over.

    I agree, Kyo, I love all the seiyuu cameos. Having Hana Kansawa would definitely be awesome! And Fosh, I thought the same thing when I saw Ikushima, but that faded away once I realized how different their personalities are. >_<'

    • Kyokai says:

      This is such a laughter fest! Btw, if you haven’t watched Gintama, I suggest you start now, the same director and some of the same VA. It’s more than just hilarious.

      It’s definitely fun every week to catch, the cameo seiyuu out of the usual lot. :3

      • Hawthorne says:

        Hm, I think I will! I’ve been looking for another comedy and I hear so many good things about Gintama, plus I love that it has so many episodes.

      • Kyokai says:

        Go go! I’ll cheer you on! I’m at episode 91 myself and the last I checked, it has gone above 250+. It’s like a laughter injection after a long day. :3

  4. tatsuya says:


  5. The_Magus_Killer says:

    That lost_dog!girl looks like she was ported from “Kill Me Baby!” XD

    And Accelerator from “To Aru Majutsu no Index” is now in Nichibros? Looks like losing twice to Touma really damaged his pride. XD But even here, Hidenori cancels out his vector control powers! Poor Nobuhiko. XD

    I was expecting him to scream: “HHHIIIDDDEEENNNOOORRRIII-kun!-yo” like how he pronounces “KKKIIIHHHAAARRRAAA-kun!-yo” in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8PEqI-YVvw

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      Also, don’t all the girls in Nichibros have flat chests? It’s kinda unfair for Habara to be called “flat-chest”-chan by her close friends, right?

      • codenamestrike says:

        Nah, for the most part they’re noticeable. For a tomboy Yanagin has… uh, quite a nice pair. *coughlecough*

      • Kyokai says:

        Well, Nobuhiko played Rin, Eiji and Ryohei recently so his hero points balanced out. xD

        And yeah, like codenamestrike said, not all girls are DFC. It’s all in the angle I guess. xD

  6. Myssa Rei says:

    Incidentally this episode showcased how OLD I am, since I recognized the VA of the teacher immediately: Kotono Mitsuishi, more famous for her role as Usagi in Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi in EVA, and Murrue Ramius from Gundam SEED/DESTINY (among many other roles).

    • Kyokai says:

      Good catch there as I have watched only few of the mentioned, I couldn’t catch his voice. I’m better with the recent VA who have been appearing in the last 10 years. ^^

  7. Rakuen says:

    We actually do have magical boys. We just call it tokusatsu instead. 😀

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