Brave 10 – 08

The harem is complete

Howdy guys, I’m back! I hope I was missed. This post wasn’t supposed to be done until tomorrow due to laziness, but then a job came up. Yesss I got a jooobbbbb!!!!!! Moneeeehhhhhhs.

Continuing from last week’s episode that Kyokai covered, Yukimura and our Braves are still running away from Date Masamune. Honestly, what’s up with him? I missed him by a week and his face turned into some twisted weirdo instead of a bishie. Seriously, his pedo smile… Ehm, even after the Braves kick the asses of Masamune’s minions, they still end up being cornered at the beach… Until a ship appeared out of nowhere and carried the Ueda household to the Neverland. Before the rescue ship arrived, Saizou was having some flashbacks of his reputation as an assassin when he fought two of Masamune’s ninjas. Thank goodness Isanami told Saizou that he’s “her light.”

Even Yukimura thinks that Isanami’s clothes are too sexy

Masamune, that’s not hot… ><

“Welcome aboard, my harem!

Aboard the ship is the tanned Japanese pirate captain named Jinpachi who happens to be Kakei’s sworn brother. It was Kakei who persuaded him to help Yukimura and the rest. I think… Is it? God, I can’t even remember anymore. Ugh. Anyhow, Kakei became Jinpachi’s sworn brother when Kakei was able to pass a drinking competition with him. Why did Kakei meet Jinpachi? Because he heard that he had some of the finest guns in Japan. A pirate sworn brother plus the finest guns? Not bad, Kakei! Because of some, um, little misunderstanding about Isanami’s chest, Jinpachi makes the other Ueda household members have a drinking competition with him. Not that Yukimura minds anyway.

Flawless logic bro


Free drinks and guns, it’s happy hour!

While the others are drunk (except Saizou because he’s not human, Yukimura because he’s also not human, and Rokurou because he’s definitely not human), Jinpachi kind of makes fun of the Braves. Not really, but he thinks that the Braves are following Yukimura because of his moneh, and as a free man, Jinpachi refuses to be tied down just like the Braves. However, Jinpachi changes his mind when Yukimura tells him that money is not the reason why the Braves are with Yukimura because he’s broke. There’s an invisible bond that ties them together. Don’t believe Yukimura? Just look at Saizou when he was stargazing. Saizou mumbles to himself about how he needs this kind of place, where he belongs! Aawww Saizou.

Yukimura: “I offer them my body for their loyalties. You want?”            Jinpachi: “OH HELL YEAH!”

After all that, Jinpachi changes his mind and decided to join Yukimura’s party. Still with his panther though. Isanami counts that there are ten of them now, and that makes them the Ten Braves. Like, whoa. TEN MEMBERS OF THE HAREM, FROM A SHOTA TO A JIJI! Even tanned Japanese! Yukimura is so lucky.

“Hey, let’s count our guild members IN CASE THE AUDIENCE CAN’T COUNT.”

“For Yukimura’s body!”

Extra Harem Members:


You know it’s bad when Saizou’s SHAFT is glowing…

This anime is officially yaoi now

Guess what he calls his THING? A SHIP….

Welp, I guess this is the last member of the Ten Braves. Not even one full episode and I already like Jinpachi. Not that I’m biased about Nakai Kazuya or something… I’M LYING… I SO EFFING LOVE HIS VOICE. I was all squealing and NNGGHH-ing when I watched this episode. It’s like listening to Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara) and Hijikata (Gintama) all over again! His character is somehow the most likeable among the Braves too (excluding Saizou and Rokurou because they’re perfection).  He’s definitely not a husband material because of his “free” thinking, but somehow that womanizer characteristic of his just makes him more likeable. Does this have something to do with the myth saying that women are more attracted to bad boys? Probably…

Either way, his conversation with Yukimura was interesting, and I can feel the invisible bond between Yukimura and Jinpachi, thanks to their conversation. Their conversation was short, but it was meaningful enough to change Jinpachi’s mind about samurai’s way of life. I can see why Jinpachi decided to follow Yukimura. To be honest, I don’t feel this strong bond among Yukimura, Yuri, Isanami’s brother, and the shota. Maybe it’s because their reasoning to stay with Yukimura isn’t as deep as Saizou’s, Isanami’s, Kakei’s, and Jinpachi’s?

This episode didn’t leave a deep impression on me, but it sure was entertaining just like the other episodes. Jinpachi was hella interesting, and it’s nice seeing Saizou accepting himself as Yukimura’s minion. Now that the Ten Braves is complete, I expect the story to focus more on Isanami and the Kushi-mitama.

Preview: Internal conflict in Ueda! It seems that Anastasia is rebelling against Yukimura. Did she just stab Rokurou? That biiiiiii-


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15 Responses to “Brave 10 – 08”

  1. Alynn says:

    Watching this episode gave me a headache (in a good way). It was basically, “Why does someone else have Date Masamune’s voice…?”

    I’m so not used to somebody other than Masamune having
    Kazuya Nakai’s voice.kfgjkdfjhkdshkhd
    Sengoku Basara left a huge impression on me.

    That being said, I really like Jinpachi’s character. (Am I biased because of the VA? maybe)

    • anaaga says:

      Me tooooo it feels really weird NOT seeing Kazunyan as Masamune. Every five seconds I expect him to say LET’S PARTY, but it never happened =( Morevoer, the dude who voiced Sasuke in SenBasa is the one who voiced Masamune here. SO WEIRD xD

      • Alynn says:

        YES OMG I noticed that when Masamune started talking. It was weird I still am not used to it at all. ‘_____________’

  2. Karakuri says:

    I’m finally caught up! I have to say, Yukimura has a pretty badass harem going on.

    You’ve read the manga, right? …Give it to me straight. Does Isanami ever do anything significant or should I just give up any hopes of seeing that happen?

    • anaaga says:

      Kind of jealous because of his harem. It’s really diverse, all kind of fetishes available.

      Nah, I don’t think Isanami is going to be useful any time soon. Actually, I never find her useful until the end no matter how relevant she was to the plot…

  3. tatsuya says:

    hahaha LOL

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Best screen cap comments ever Anaaga!

    That purple haired guy totally a chick! I mean come on you keep blushing around the guys…or he is a dude that is into other dudes! Either way stop reminding us every episode xDD

    I spammed watched 5-8! All these characters running around makes it so much fun to watch, and Jinpachi!? Electric attacks? Sooooo cool! However every time he spoke I heard Zoro from One piece and of course Date from Basura…

    Isanami! She actually said Biri biri and I couldn’t stop laughing! Gotta love dat Misaka voice over <3 <3

    • anaaga says:

      LOL Fosh, the whole point of them pointing out his gender is so that the yaoi homolust can be strong-er. You’ll be seeing this kind of anime often, so use this as a practice? xD

      The episodes are not that complex, but they’re fun to watch. The characters are entertaining with their gags. and LOL I know what you mean. I want to hear him saying ARE YOU READY!? again =(

      She actually said that? I didn’t notice it. I guess… Index reference? xD

  5. Skyrae says:

    Biri biriiiiii~~****

    I can’t agree more on Masamune’s face xD its just creepy, I thought of him more arroganty elegant..maybe it’s because he went into yandere mode since he couldn’t get Yukimura 8D

    I like Jinpachi too. He’s so cool, especially when his method of battling is through wine. He’s so easy to be friends with, wouldn’t mind having him as a drinking buddy ;D
    In general, I like all the characters in Brave 10 xD I don’t dislike any of them although some can be pretty annoying. Veronica is so cute too :3 I’m liking Kakei-san more too xD especially at the preview for next episode when Saizou wondered if Kakei-san really called Ana a hot sexy lady (is it that? Can’t remember..) and that he might not be as uptight as he seems LOL

    I’m just disappointed that they didn’t show the part when Kamanosuke “showed” that he was a guy..I know it’s not significant but in my opinion it’s still better than him shouting out loud that he’s a guy : / oh well.. I’m glad that they included Jinpachi’s misconception though xD and well..I guess by now it’s quite obvious that Kamanosuke is my favorite Brave 10 character @[email protected]

    I wish I can read Brave 10S..but the scanlations aren’t out you happen to know where to see the raws? o-o
    Recently, I stumbled upon this rather shocking spoiler about Rokurou in Brave 10S when I was in I’m even more eager to read Brave 10S now x-x

    • anaaga says:

      Sorry I just replied!

      Yeah, Date Masamune is distorted sometimes in the anime. I don’t like how sometimes the anime makes him look ugly. The art is not as smooth as the one in the manga =(

      The characters I don’t like are Yuri and Anastasia. Yuri is because he was rough on Isanami, and I don’t like that. I prefer characters who are gentle with girls
      As for Anastasia, I just don’t like her. Don’t know why. Maybe her boobs or something, but I just don’t like her.

      LOL we’re the opposite xD Kind of disappointed with that scene too, but I guess they’re toning it down since it’s anime

      Shocking things about Rokurou? REALLY? What is it? OMG LINK PLEASE I CAN’T WAIT

  6. Skyrae says:

    Sorry for the very late reply >.<

    This is what I saw on pixiv..

    I don't really know what they're saying, but that isn't the main point. The main point is..Nanakuma! 七隈海野..

    I think they're from Brave 10S, because apparently even Sanada Yukimura has siblings too..and there are more new characters *-* ahhh can't wait to read it..

    I see. Well, Anastasia's boobs are irregularly huge LOL They tone down a lot, especially for Anastasia's ecchi parts xD I don't really expect much now, and the anime is nearly ending T^T
    They didn't include the extras about Ichimaru and Niko too xD they were pretty funny.

  7. Mushyrulez says:


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