Brave 10 – 05

The Force is strong with this one

Nothing is better than bunch of bishies for me right now. Not only I’m sick thanks to the rain last Saturday (stupid taxi didn’t pick me up), last night wasn’t the best night for me. Really, I need my mindless homolust bishies right now. Stupid rain.

Saizou starts the episode with his inner monologue. Young Saizou had a male best friend who was stronger than him. He always admired his best friend but everything changed when his best friend found a master. Saizou’s friend was killed, and his master just tossed his dead body into the lake (if not, then river). Saizou’s mind was tainted, and from then on, he believes that ninjas are only used by their masters. He made up his mind not to have a master since that day. After this, Saizou wakes up from his dream. He was about to ditch Kakei until he tells Saizou that he’s not like him and will report his failure to Yukimura.

Uke Saizou, confirmed!

Genre: Yaoi, Tragedy

Choose, saving Isanami or drinking!

Yukimura reads the message that was sent by Kakei and commands Sasuke and Anastasia to rescue his friend. Meanwhile, Yukimura’s friend is being interrogated by the sexy BAMF Date Masamune. Trying to please Isanami, Masamune tells her that she can get whatever she wants except going back to Ueda. Remembering Ueda, Isanami’s emotion is shaken, and the Kushi-mitama reacts to her emotion. Thankfully, Isanami calms down along with Kushi-mitama but right hand receives the side effect of the Kushi-mitama.

“It’s ok, you’re just a bait so that Yukimura comes here. I miss him.”

Obviously Isanami doesn’t wash her hands

In his room, Masamune explains what Kushi-mitama is. It is created when the people were in trouble. They created four mitama instead of asking god for help, and Kushi-mitama is one of them. It has the ability to disrupt a person’s mental or physical stress, which triggers the Kushi-mitama’s power. Kojurou suggests the idea of killing Isanami, but Masamune is smart enough to know that she was given the Kushi-mitama for a reason. Overly ambitious Masamune wants to gather all four mitama(s?) to become god and revolutionize the history into what he wants.

Talk about being complicated

While Anastasia tries to distract Masamune’s ninjas, Sasuke goes to the window of Isanami’s room. She refuses to go back though, so the captured Anastasia has to take matters into her own hands. Isanami was moping because she thinks that everybody’s in danger because of her, but Anastasia’s words changes Isanami’s mind. She decided to be brave and face the danger, just like what Anastasia said. I’m so awesome. And thus they head back to Ueda.

Peeking on a depressed gurlz, there’s no privacy in the Sengoku Era

“Listen to your boobs-er, heart”

In Ueda, Saizou’s and Isanami’s relationship is strained because of the kidnapping. Seeing Saizou refuses to talk to Isanami, Sasuke kicks Saizou’s ass. His speech was awkward, but the point is that Saizou should accept his weakness and try to overcome it instead of moping about it. Isanami overhears and hugs Saizou while saying, “Welcome back.” Saizou replies with “Yeah,” making their relationship back to normal. Aaww.

Sasuke: “How dare you reject Isanami! If you don’t like her…”

“…Then choose me.”

In Oshu, Date is not amused with Yukimura taking his stuff (Isanami). He needs to get Isanami back no matter what, even if he has to go to Ueda.

“I’ll go to Ueda and grab Yukimura’s ass muhuahahaaaa”

Saizou etc. inform Yukimura that the writings can’t be read, but Rokurou’s eyes absorbs the writings and automatically translate it (writings are seen in through Saizou’s memory). Yukimura refuses to tell the others and shoo them away, while truth is that the writing is involved with Isanami. The big question now is, what will Saizou do?

I’ve figured out what Rokurou is. He’s a computer!

The sexual tension is very clear here

Everybody x Everybody:

Kojurou, Y U NO SHAVE?!

Even the other characters know how useless she is

Rokurou: “Bitch don’t touch my seme!”

“I-it’s not like I confess to Saizou or anything like that!”

Everybody’s sulking in this episode. Not that it’s bad since sometimes emotional withdrawal is necessary for the character to develop. Saizou’s extreme reaction over Isanami’s kidnapping caught me off guard. I expected some mushy scene with the I’ll-always-protect-you! Scenario right away when Saizou saw Isanami again, but his ignoring Isanami was…surprising. This really gives a different impression on Saizou. I’ve always thought that he’s the type of person that always got caught in the moment without thinking too much, but I’m wrong. He does thinks of his actions. That story about his lover friend was pretty heart-breaking too. This explains why he doesn’t want to be hired by any master.

Speaking about character development, it’s impressive how Sasuke talked a lot in this episode. Sure, he has a bad grammar structure, but that’s understandable since he barely talks. Sasuke might be Saizou’s enemy, but he’s willing to put that aside and work together with Saizou. He’s great at acting professional for work without mixing it up with his emotion. Some people should learn how to do that, like those teenagers in Guilty Crown.

The plot and the pace of it are getting better. The question about Kushi-mitama is already solved, and Date’s goal is clearer now (lol at being a god. How simple of him). The mystery now shifted to Isanami…and Rokurou. Who is Isanami, and why does Rokurou think that she should be shooed from Ueda? I can only guess that she’s somehow related to Tokugawa or the deceased Nobunaga. Long lost sister? I suspect that her existence has something to do with something spiritual though, based on her name (Isanami) and the damage she received from Kushi-mitama. In the Shinto, mitama are the four aspects/souls of a god, but sometimes it can also be the souls of the dead people. Maybe Isanami is dead already!?… I’m getting wilder with my guesses now. Can’t help it, there’s no hint whatsoever for Isanami’s root /sigh

Now to Rokurou. He never leaves Yukimura’s side, why? Except the fact that he’s Yukimura’s right hand man of course. But still, even Kojurou leaves Masamune once in a while. What about his eyes? Gooddd I’m really curious about his eyes!!! What is it (except that it’s a computer)? How did it get it? Is it involved with Isanami? My newest guess right now is that it’s second second mitama. God there’s more questions than before. What’s worse, this show gives no hint whatsoever, so I can’t make intelligent guesses in this show. Now I really can’t wait for next week.

Preview: HAHAHA… Oh man this guy. Ehm, it seems that one of future Sanada Brave members arrived. Saizou will have some personal bond with Yukimura?


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8 Responses to “Brave 10 – 05”

  1. kate says:

    thanks for cute screencaps >___<
    like the comments as well, there was also tension while saizou's scanning, lol

  2. obladi05 says:

    That was quite an easy rescue, wasn’t it? It’s good to see other characters apart from Saizou being useful, specially for Sasuke, he is so cute! He had the right words for the right moment, the same as Anastasia. Those two are amazing!

    Isanami and everything around her is such a mystery, her power is strong but seems to cause some kind of damage on her. Saizou is one of a kind too; let’s see where this goes.

    PS: Your screenshots + comments always make me laugh so much!!!

    • anaaga says:

      The rescue wasn’t this easy in the manga. Anastasia was actually captured for a reason, and Date caught Sasuke and Anastasia sneaking inside the palace. The anime is just trying to make it short, kind of ruining it T____T

      I like Sasuke the most in this episode. He’s so cute, trying to talk properly when he barely talks xD

      Thanks! (*´∀`*)

  3. Kitty says:

    HAHAHA! Only Date would kidnapped a girl to bait his lover (oh cross overs) As if the bromance in this wasn’t enough they had to kill Saizou’s OTP! No wonder he goes all crazy on people! These episodes are getting slightly better each week 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      The homolust force is stronger each week. Maybe we’ll get some kissing in the last episode!? fufufu

  4. Kitty says:

    Just discovered Date is voiced by Sasuke from Sengoku Basara! Apparently he couldn’t get Date in that anime so he tired again XD

    • anaaga says:

      LOL yeah Junko pointed this out at me before, I didn’t realize it.
      I’m kind of disappointed, I wish Nakai Kazunyan voices Date in Brave10. But oh well, he got another role instead. Booo.

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