Amagami SS+ – Nanasaki Ai

Not spoilers for how the arc ends. Just them practicing CPR.

And we’re back with another Plus arc, this time with episodes 5 & 6 featuring Nanasaki Ai. Ai is one of my favorite SS girls, perhaps my most favorite of all the girls in Amagami SS.


Ai and Junichi don’t get to spend much time together with cram school and swim club activities. But when Junichi gets some free time from Cram School, he checks out Ai (and the other girls) during swim practice. Not being a cool sis, Miya outs him. Wouldn’t you want to have Ai as a sister-in-law? You should probably cut your brother some slack.

Junichi’s sick, resting in the nurse’s office. Ai pays him a visit, next thing you know, these kids are banging like crazy! The kids in the nearby class are all like, “what the heck?” The nurse comes in and pulls open the curtain at the most inopportune time as the couple “complete” the deed. Ai’s shocked and she falls on the floor; Junichi’s still in euphoria and doesn’t even know other people are in the room.

The Christmas Eve date is in trouble because Junichi are dumbo-roo. He’ll have to start a training camp that happens on the 23rd, so they try to schedule for earlier. To make matters worse, the dumber ones get kidnapped from their homes and taken earlier. Ai’s very concerned about not being able to be with Junichi around Christmas time, but does make him a lap blanket, a terrific gift considering their relationship. Junichi walks buy a department store and sees a coat that would look really nice on Ai.

My nose is gonna bleed so bad when we get to Haruka’s bath scene


As water works start to take over Ai’s eyes, Junichi works away at training camp. The thought of being away from her wears on him just as much as Ai feels sad about not being with him, so Junichi decides to sneak out. He’s able to find her at a sex toy store where she was just about to buy a… oh wait, they went to a regular, kid-safe toy store to buy her little brother a present. Jeez, if only they let me write for Amagami SS+, then nobody would watch that crap…

“I must leave, my woman needs me!”

Now that they get to have their date, they stop by the clothing store where Junichi saw that nice coat. He buys it for her as a Christmas gift and takes her coat to keep warm.

Looks like the camp police are after Junichi. Even with Umehara feeling sad for himself, he doesn’t rat out Junichi, who he had just seen earlier. Please Amagami, reward this fine young man, how perverted he may be, for preserving the night that Junichi and Ai would spend together.

Junichi almost accidentally stumbles into getting some action. Ai was actually alright with the sudden turn of events, but running into Jun’s teacher scares them away. Umehara, stuck in a foreveralone.jpeg state, hits on Takahashi-san and moments later they… oh man, again I’m writing my own anime. This anime needs doesn’t need my yukky ero-crap.

Haha beat you Junichi! No lap naps for you for 1 month!

Junichi and Ai go to the main area where the magic happens in Amagami SS and he talks about getting his own apartment and wanting to give her the extra key. Ai will be waking him up, but instead of running over, she’ll just have to give him a little nudge when she wakes up next to him.

Fireworks make me horny. Cmon Ai, let’s do it again.

Surface of the Pool:

Kagerou Shoukiin’s thoughts… “S!”

Umehara – “Man I just wanna squeeze some tits”. Junichi – “Watch High School DxD. Great tits, er… tips there.”

Please don’t cry Ai. 

Whose position are you more envious of? Junichi’s or Miya’s?

Umehara has just unlocked the Ultra Secret Great ending

I figured out in this arc what it is I like so much about Ai’s character. When Ai cries, my heart hurts a little. That’s one thing. More importantly, Ai participates in the relationship unlike any of the other girls do (granted we’ve only seen 3 girls in Plus). Haruka is definitely the most flirty and Junichi had to keep up with her a lot, but while Ai only displayed the slightest bit of that at the very beginning of her arc in the first series, she has such a caring and innocent air about her and her relationship with Junichi is very cutesy, which I absolutely adore. Ai can put her foot down, but her Tsun defenses seem so easy to break down that even Junichi can get her to do the most awkward of things, like rest between her legs inside the school nurse’s office.

The primary conflict during this arc was time apart and not being able to spend Christmas Eve together. It could be construed as a little overdramatic, but these are high school kids and the love that this couple has is a little puppy dog like. And it’s not like the conflict was going to be heavy anyway like family issues or something. As I mentioned earlier, Ai’s tears made me care for the moment when her knight in shining armor would arrive and whisk her away. If anything, the distance/time away from each other should be more helpful than cause harm. There’s very few times that you hear a married couple were high school sweethearts. I also really like that we got a time skip with her arc where it’s basically implied that boots were knocked.

Our next arc in the series features Ms. Sex Hair, Kaoru. Of all the girls, I must admit that I remember her arc the least. I remember her confession at the top floor of the hotel was especially sweet considering Junichi’s fear of heights, and I think there was a bit of story about her parents. Either way, she’s been hanging around quite a bit in the Ayatsuji and Ai arcs, so now she gets her moment to shine in Plus.

Kaoru Tanamachi Preview:

Sex Hair arc is go!


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9 Responses to “Amagami SS+ – Nanasaki Ai”

  1. The_Magus_Killer says:

    AI IS LOVE!!! XD

    If I were the writer of Amagami SS+ Plus, i’d have Junichi and Ai have their lovey-dovey moment with fireworks on the surface of the (school’s) pool. XD

    I am now supporting the Sae x Miya and Umehara x Takahashi-sensei pairings. Umehara is the unsung hero of this anime, and he is a true bro that we should all emulate.



    P.S. Miyu from Metanorn should watch this show too, I think she’d like it. =)

  2. anaaga says:

    goes to metanorn > see the front page > look at the cover for Nanasaki Ai’s arc > I hate you Jrow

  3. Karry says:

    Uh, Ai’s lines are simply the worst. She also happens to be the worst actress of the six. NOT HELPING !

  4. SPIRAL says:

    That awkward moment when you’re in front of a love hotel and you run into your hot teaching coming out of it.

    /O_O/ “…why hello there Junichi.”

    “WTF IS GOING ON?????” (O__________O)

    Even more awkward moment where you’re flirting with your teacher and your teacher secretly liked it.

    But on the more serious side, Ai was one of my favorite characters in the game but the anime made her boring and gave her the worst lines. She laughs at the moment random moments that annoy me and things hopefully set up better for what I predict to be the best arc coming up.

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      It was actually a salon that Takahashi-sensei came out from, not a love hotel. Although putting a salon in a red light district seems “shady” enough.

  5. Umehara_fanbase says:

    Umehara?! you had a “gordu chancu” there, man!.. oh well, back to the big fish waifu :/

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