Amagami SS+ – Kaoru Tanamachi

For a limited time, Kaoru’s love can be yours <3

Hey! It’s time for another arc of SS+. Kaoru and that delicious hair of hers is up next.

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1ST HALF – The Travelling Sex Show

Not exactly sure what her relationship is with Junichi, her friend suggests going on a trip. To earn money to go on said trip, they join this troupe that does some Power Rangers actiony stuff. Kids and chicks love it. Junichi doesn’t want to lose a fake fight and unleashes his evil tentacles on a wet Kaoru………. and I’m there. They get kicked out, but do earn a few bucks for their efforts.

Kaoru’s drawing technique is quite pleasurable

A bus tour. Alright, certainly Japan might be a better place to take a bus tour of versus Santa Fe, NM. I’ve heard bad things about New Mexico, but anyways… the couple gets on the train and Kaoru buys a bunch of “limited-time”. Oh no, I thought of something that’s usually available for a limited time, but a meme that I hate would start again.

Junichi – “…whatever it takes.”

Junichi puts a piece of chocolate in his mouth to challenge Kaoru to a game. Touch his lips and he wins. As the two struggle in a rather promiscuous sounding way, the fellow passengers are thinking “Hey! Free porn on the bus!” The show ends abruptly.

This bus ride just got a lot more interesting~

When girls want something, they will get it and it will cost you. And even when something goes bad from them missing the bus because they wanted to eat at a restaurant, it will be your fault. Even all this considered, Junichi, she’s totally worth it!

2ND HALF – How Junichi trained an animal to steal Kaoru’s bra

We haven’t even rounded the bases yet and were in arguing mode, but the truck driver (whose used to drive Truck-chan from Guilty Crown) puts things into perspective for Junichi and Kaoru. Companions and compassion. Truck driver is taken them to a Hot Springs Inn, and since there’s a high probability Kaoru will be naked here, Junichi’s excited again.

…and then the truck driver asked for a handy

Maybe they’re light on business or we’ve entered Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Kaoru’s all tsun about not being scared, but they eventually get a room. Junichi wants to get a condom in hopes the magic will happen, and he and Kaoru walk the halls and notice a woman chopping dongs off. Nervous for his little willey, they both jump in fear at the sight of a knife. Turns out she’s choppin broccoli.

It wasn’t agreed upon, the “Show me yours, I’ll show you mine” deal, but now they know. Kaoru liked what she saw and was almost gonna unleash her love on him, but a monkey steals her bra and now Junichi gets even.

After a night’s sleep in which Kaoru tried to figure out what their relationship is, the two bicker until they hit a split path. It’s a symbol. Kaoru goes left and because he can’t think for himself, Junichi follows. Rain pours and the two find a bus stop to find cover. Wet with a white dress shirt and no bra, Junichi sees the perv gods smiling upon him. They can only promise a meer peek; not protection from the oncoming slap.

With the bus stop no longer in use and a sister who seems to only talk and not listen, the two find a beach. They do a little splish-splash in the water and kiss each other on the beach, now knowing what level their relationship is at. Of all guys, Captain Umehara finds them and saves the day.

Sex Hair:

Can anybody see me? No… good. *goes to looking at below pics*

This currently stands as my favorite arc in the + series to date. Kaoru’s concern of what her relationship with Junichi was far less overplayed than Ai’s separation from her boyfriend or Tsukasa’s campaign wars. And unlike any of the previous arcs, this had a couple moments where I actually laughed out loud, something sorely missing from the previous arcs. I like the other girls, but watching Kaoru in her arc was far more enjoyable, and Junichi was at his most perverted-ness thanks to the situation at hand. I think this is the only arc so far where Junichi didn’t do anything to redeem himself. Kaoru basically did the driving, and I think that’s what I enjoyed so much about watching it.

While Miya continues to not giving Junichi run support, Umehara is on fire! I feel like I remember Miya being a bit more helpful in the original series, but especially here and in the Rihoko arc, she was but a mere speedbump in helping her big bro out. On the flipside, Umehara has helped Junichi twice in the last two routes and should definitely be recognized as a quality anime wingman. The anime is going to include a bonus episode with Miya on Blu-ray, but I think Umehara needs a little SS+ love.

Next up, Nakata Sae, a girl who delivered my favorite line in the first series, maybe in all of anime for 2010, “I don’t wanna be your little sister!” Yeah! I’m a huge fan of those implied lines like that and also the end of the Karen Bee arc in Nisemonogatari. I believe she ranks #1 on the Amagami bust chart. I really enjoyed her arc in SS, so I’ll see you all in a couple weeks to highlight Sae_x_Junichi.

Nakata Sae Preview:


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8 Responses to “Amagami SS+ – Kaoru Tanamachi”

  1. Karakuri says:

    Ahahaha I don’t remember Kaoru being this awesome in the original. Yeah, this is my favourite arc so far as well (though we have yet to see Haruka xD).

    …I’m no so much looking forward to Sae since the original ended in a penguin suit, but hopefully SS+ does better than that.

    • Jrow says:

      Yeah yeah, I think her personality shined thru more here than in the original series. I liked her, but this arc left me liking her more.

      Oh yeah, the Penguin suit, I forgot about that. XD

  2. tatsuya says:

    hahaha !! it this hentai ?

  3. Kyokai says:

    I never expected sexhair to get through so much fan service. Plus is sure plussing on it.

    • Jrow says:

      And I love the series for it. I do like an Onsen scene over a bath scene, though the end card is amazing. 😀

  4. The_Magus_Killer says:

    SEX HAIR!!! I did a double fistpump when she exposed herself to Junichi in the onsen. Damn that hotspring_monkey. All of my jelly, hotspring_monkey, ALL OF MY JELLY! XD

    Okay, now that we got that out, I’m going to say something not smeared by fanboyism of the Amagami girls: I think Kaoru’s arc is the most realistic; since they actually argue a lot and then reconcile, and come out as a stronger couple in the end. I saw lots of that during my daily life as a highschool boy back then.

    • Jrow says:

      Haha. Ya know, if Junichi is a good drawer, maybe he could draw a picture of what she was like. XD

      It’s also realistic in the sense that as high school kids, it’s sometimes tough to understand what exactly the relationship is. So much focus is spent reaching the point that these two did in S1, then after that, you go on a couple dates and you’re at a loss as to what new stuff you can do.

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