Mouretsu Pirates – 02

Chiaki must visit the planet Hanazawa.

YARRRR! Are you ready for more amazing space pirates?! I know I am! Out of all the new shows from Winter I am so in love with Moretsu Pirates. What is not to love? Cool setting filled with interesting characters like Marika and her kickass mom Ririka! So I hope you look forward to more pirate reviews here at Metanorn.

Plot continues with Chiaki pulling Marika away from the battle at the café, where the two of them have a short chat about why there are so many people after her. The following day Kane prepares himself to join the space yacht club and joins them on a pre flight check of their ship, which happens to be a legendary pirate ship the Odette II. While aboard the ship, Chiaki and Marika discovers someone trying to hack into their systems forcing Marika to take part in her first electronic warfare.

Marika-“Awwww man, they threw a party without me…”

We start our pirate adventure with Chiaki pulling Marika to safety and they have a short chat before Marika returns to work where she is picked up by Ririka. The two of them share a nice bonding moment between mother and daughter and Ririka decides to take Marika out for a little surprise. As in shooting some high powered laser guns! Awww Ririka, I will say she is the BEST ANIME MOM EVER! Also who wouldn’t want to shoot awesome future weapons with their parents? I know I would love to. After Marika fires her first shot, Ririka teaches her the importance of gun safety and responsibility, because she has to learn how to deal with the aftermath after making the hard choice to pull the trigger.

Start your Awwwww in three! Two! One!

Ririka-“Surprise! Happy birthday, sweetie!”                      Marika-“Oh wow…awesome guns…hooray?”

Ririka is the best anime mom ever!

Awesome moms aside, Marika goes back to school and finds out Kane is now going to help out with the space yacht club and with Misa’s help Kane finds out the school actually has a ship called the Odette II, which is one of seven “legendary” ships. I wonder what counts as legendary, maybe it has some super weapons? So Kane joins the club on a pre flight check of the systems, this gives him a good idea how these girls operate as a team together. While the girls prep the Odette II for flight, Kane inspects the ship and begins to get a few ideas of his own. He probably wants to take parts or swap them out for the bentenmaru? The Odette II just needs a new kickass paint job! I recommend they go red…because it makes you go faster…

Keep at it girls! Use those awesome tech skills.

Kane-“Wow…that is a lot of pink….”                     Chiaki-“Yeah…needs way more black, like my soul…”

While the other students sleep or work elsewhere on the ship, Marika is left alone with Chaiki who is typing away like a crazy person on her keys as she deals with some random hackers and a few virus programs. This suddenly sparks Marika to prepare for Electronic Warfare, which I can only assume is a way to fight back via computer? However Marika changes seats and prepares to enter the fight. But she has no idea how the whole electronic warfare actually works…Same for Chiaki who decides to help her out even though she has a few personal issues with Marika to work out still.

Marika hard at work practicing her shadow boxing.

Yuri is in the air! Either that or something is on your face Chiaki.

Marika-“Yellow is a horrible color, now I want a Twinkie…why?”

Extra pirates in space!!

Chiaki-“Sup, hit me with another one of these NOW! I HUNGER…”

Ririka wins for hottest mom so far! Sorry OH MA SHOES MOMMA you have lost.

Kane-“Hmmmm let me stare at your chest… err, I mean massive monitor…”

Marika-“Dude…we… are…like…in…space…and…stuff.”

Now Imagine a rock guitar in the background.

Second episode done and I have to say damn I WANT MORE! This was such a great character development episode. I loved the whole mother daughter bonding scene with Ririka and Marika shooting those high powered laser guns together. And Ririka managed to squeeze in a few pirate lessons for Marika to take to heart, such as the whole gun safety and taking responsibility for pulling the trigger. I have never fired a gun before in my life, but I can tell it takes a right mindset to use a gun for protection or for saving lives. I also thought it was so true about how a large weapon can be used without actually firing it, the way I understood it was people will see your weapon and get intimidated by it. I wouldn’t dare screw with anyone if they had a massive gun pointing at me…

Besides Ririka being a fantastic mother, we got to see more of Marika slowly pick up on becoming a captain. Sure she might not learn everything instantly about being a pirate captain without experiencing it herself, but she is getting there eventually. I really enjoyed watching Marika when she was alone with Chiaki, because it gave Marika the chance to take charge just like a real captain or leader would do. And Marika is not a know-it-all character, she doesn’t know anything about electronic warfare, yet she decided to wing it instead. Marika reminds me of another great pirate captain and that would be Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece; before you call me insane let me explain. Both of them take charge without really thinking too much about the finer details and trust the crew to back him up in any fight.  However, it might be too early to say such things about Marika when she is not a real captain yet…

And Chiaki, what is wrong? I think she has some issues with Marika. Where does all that anger come from? I can’t help but think that Chiaki might be jealous over Marika’s future role as the new captain of the bentenmaru? Another twist could be that they are really sisters? That might be super freaking cheesy though…so I won’t say much on that…but still WHY SO ANGRY? What if Chiaki likes Marika in a yuri way? That might work for some out there. Did anyone else notice that we did not see a single up-skirt shot with all the girls floating in zero gravity? Then again I am really happy to see that Mouretsu Pirates decided to avoid doing that and stay somewhat classy.


That green haired girl loves to wave…

Electronic warfare with moe hackers!? Stay tuned for more MOE GIRLS IN SPACE!!!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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14 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, gangs, police, mafias and special ops guys sure don’t waste any time when news gets around. And they all stormed Marika’s cafe at the same time. I’d be scared if there was a contract on my head and they had to carry it out. And just like Guilty Crown’s Shu, Marika adresses her mom by her first name. How did these people raise their kids?

    Yikes! A graveyard of of rockets and space ships in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place for a trigger happy ex pirate like Ririka to let loose and have gun training classes. Her daughter is one lucky girl. I want in!!

    Chiaki is awesome. It must be the side effects of the Hanazawa virus. She’s very serious and somewhat gothic but she loves her sweets. Hence she didn’t leave her parfait behind when she took Marika.

    And last but not least, we have a huge lab run by moe scientists and staff. That part feels like Sacred Seven. If so, we’re gonna need Hellbrick for comic relief. LOL. So far, this is pretty entertaining.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? Seems everyone wants a piece of Marika! Yeah not sure on the whole calling your mom by her name thing but its cool! Marika’s mom is totally awesome.

      Indeed! That whole scene was so fantastic <3 the guns.

      Yeah Chiaki is a interesting girl she loves sweets but has a tsundere attitude about her, just why is she so angry? And what is her main goal?

      Lololol yeah instead of moe maids we have moe high school girls, yea we need a hellbrick character maybe that is Kane's role in this series? Or we will get a mascot chara soon xDD

  2. anaaga says:

    My guess is that Marika was a candidate for the captain role? I don’t think they’re sisters, they don’t look alike at all. Though there might be a chance that they’re sisters since the father was gone for a looonngg time. Heck, I think that might be it… Man Fosh, you’re making me paranoid!

    I don’t really like that how Marika just jump and try to do something she doesn’t know about. Sure sure, she’s magically manage somehow, but that decision was not a rational one. As a future captain, I expect her to be wise and logical. Oh well, she’ll grow up eventually.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Marika is next in line to take over as captain of the Bentenmaru, well eventually…Yeah there could be a chance for surprise siblings! After all pirates are known for sleeping around so you never know! Either that or some bs revenge story as in Marika’s dad killed Chiaki’s dad? But that would be silly.

      Right some prefer the charge in and punch people and ask questions later captain,while most like the sit back and plan ie lelouch “chess” style captain.

      I am more CHARGE!! Type of person lmao <3

  3. Kitty says:

    Whose mother takes them out to show off guns 0.o I was expecting a cliche background story scene, with your father blah blah and your a pirate blah blah blah. Nope gun training! awesome! Also the internet warfare bit was pretty kewl. I have yet to see an anime pull something like that off.

    *praying to the anime god* Please keep this show awesome!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Only the most bad ass mothers! Wooooo! I loved that scene sooo good <3 Lolol ya well I have a feeling Marika will learn all kinds of things from the other members of the Bentenmaru as in old stories and things like that. Yeah I want to see more about the electronic warfare!

      Lolol I have faith it will remain awesome! It could be a lot in lol-pantsu-shot-every-ten-minutes! So thankfully it is great 😉

  4. Gecko says:

    Gosh, I’m hooked too.
    And I have to say, I’m proud of whoever decided on how some of these shots were going to be laid out, because there were skirts there, and so many opportunities for ecchi, and not a single one was taken. It completely avoided fanservice, which I like a lot, because hopefully that will continue and this show will be itself.
    As for Chiaki, she probably just doesn’t like the idea that someone who didn’t even know what space pirates are could take over a ship.
    As for those twinkies, Marika should hurry, they’re bankrupt. (Or maybe in the future a company bought them out and saved them…?)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great! muhahahah hooked another fan! <3

      Yep! There are lots of chances for ecchi moments and thankfully they decided to not include such things and it is a great change.

      Yeah you are probably right about Chiaki...I can see her hating the fact Marika has zero experience at the whole pirate thing.

      Mmmmm want...

  5. Ying says:

    Still no fanservice? YESH *_* It is keeping itself classy

    And Ririka appears to once more show off how awesome she is as a mom. Your kid on the fence about inheriting a pirate ship and being it’s captain? Just let them shoot awesome futuristic laser guns at random ship parts and everything will be okay.

    Although I still don’t like how Marika just calls her mom by her name. It’s weird o_O
    Or how Marika seems to think she can take on what must be a skilled hacker in electronic warfare just because well because.

    I think the ships are called legendary because they were the first pirate ships to be stolen made.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray! I like the non fan service <3 Very classy indeed.

      Ririka is awesome! Such a fun mom hahaha xD Those guns?! SO GOOD! I want one...

      Yeah true, I don't mind her take charge style as a future captain! It fits her quite well.

      Lolol yep I think you are correct! I wouldn't mind a legendary ship of my own.

  6. Joojoobees says:

    I’m definitely enjoying this show. I was hoping that it would turn out well, and so far is exceeding my expectations.

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  8. Mushyrulez says:

    True fact: hackers cannot be moe girls, and moe girls cannot be hackers.

    This is a true fact because not only is it true, but it is also a fact.

  9. BetaRho says:

    Suddenly I’m wishing I had a giant laser rifle and some derelict spacecraft to fire at long into the night, because that looks like serious fun.

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