Mirai Nikki – 15

Well, I believe it’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes…

So this episode starts out with Deus explaining what the deal is after Kousaka’s impromptu diary-gaining. We also get a sexy new Opening. Yuki smashes Kousaka’s phone and as Akise predicts, it doesn’t kill him. Kousaka’s dairy is pretty shit anyway, but in terms of the survival game it’s not a real diary, more of an apprentice diary. Yuki starts regretting bitch-slapping Yuno when his diary reveals that his house is going to be attacked in three days. Of course the guys reassure him that they’ll protect him, although the only remaining problem is how Yuno will react to Yuki’s betrayal.


How many mobile phones would sell if Akise were the spokes model? Honestly. Millions.

She seems to be taking it well! Cooking him dinner…without his knowledge. That’s not creepy at all. The guys formulate a plan but get sabotaged by Yuno who is still trying to protect Yuki undeterred. The bad guys, named Mar and Ai, arrive to get Yuki while helpfully explaining their diaries. Mar’s tells him his opponents moves, allowing him to counter attack, while Ai’s seems less useful as it predicts who she will be flirting with in the near future. They chase Yuki and Yuno down while disabling Hinata and Mao.


Yuki’s in high demand, everyone is chasing after him. Must be the shorts.

Mar and Ai reveal that they aren’t what they seem and that in fact they are BOTH seven, and their diary is the Exchange Diary. Reluctantly Yuki frees Yuno and she takes her place protecting him. The two couples face off, and Yuno unsurprisingly beats them in a knife fight, but after the two Sevens set the place alight the fight gets split up. Yuno faces off against Ai but gets injured and as a result Yuki is forced to confront his patheticness, and gets tossed aside shamefully by Seventh. In hospital afterwards Ninth shows up to investigate the new diary owners – cue new ending!



After the amazing past few arcs this one fell a little flat. I couldn’t help thinking Seventh was just a rip off of Isaac and Miria, and their fight with Yuno was very short. I liked the emphasis on teamwork, though. Maybe it’ll give Yuki some incentive to become stronger instead of just relying on Yuno to save him all the time, because really their diaries could be used together like Seventh. Actually, come to think of it, they haven’t really utilized that fact since their battle with Ninth. Yuno uses her primarily to stalk Yuki, but he hasn’t even used his in a while.

Yuno had a great range of expressions and creepy activies this time around. Yuki finding out about the dinner she made was especially unsettling. I’m starting to wonder why they keep Hinata and Mao around, they don’t really do much but get in trouble as of late…it’s pretty lame. I can’t say much for Seventh as bad guys, they just seem like your generic flamboyant bad guys to me. There isn’t really anything memorable about them aside from Mar’s Himekawa quiff.

I like the new OP & ED but not as much as the first ones. The new Ops blue theme is a nice contrast to all the red in the first one but the music seems too swamped by itself if you know what I mean. Also, I never really got the point of including characters that are dead and we will never see again. Out of the 2 I probably prefer the ED, it flows nicely and all the animation of Yuno is really well done. I can’t really see myself humming any of these but despite that it’s still nice to change the Ops & EDs.



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7 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 15”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    It’s gonna take some time to get used to the new OP. It’s not as creepy or ominous as the first one but the visuals are perfect. Insane people with weapons is what this show is all about.

    Akise is just as vital to Yukkii’s survival as much as Yuno. Akise is the brains, Yuno’s the shield and sword. At least Kousaka’s sorry ass is safe but loved it when Mao knocked him over. Yukkii is still pathetic but what makes him pathetic is what makes him unpredictable.

    Flirting diary? And Yukkii’s on the list. LOL. If Yuno sees that, she’ll go berserk. I can still remember what happened to Sixth after she was flirting with him.

    At least they aren’t TOTAL bad guys. They were somewhat considerate for the bystanders. We need more Ninth in the other episodes. But something’s off. Did she get an organic eye replacement after Yukkii stabbed her?

  2. Karakuri says:

    Thanks, Hime. Now that bloody song is stuck in my head.

    I really need to catch up with this, I think I left it around episode 11. I thought this arc was kind of flat in the manga, so I imagine it would be flat anime wise too. 15 seems like a weird number to change the OP and ED, but I’m not complaining. At least they put in the effort.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Hooray! DA POWER OF LOVE <3

    So fake diary users? I can get behind that...but that chick with the giant head OMG WUT THE? I am terrified...and I figured as much freaking Yuno cutting the power = True love in her unique way.

    New OP is cool! ED is a bit weak, but I will grow to like them xD

  4. Zammael says:

    I don’t think Seventh are rip offs of Issac and Miria any more than they’re archetypes of a classic couple perfect for one another. After all, they both seem more competent at what they do than Issac & Miria, who were more of a running gag in Baccano. Issac was the one with hair-brained ideas and Miria did nothing but praise him.

    While Seventh, Mar and Ai are skilled killers who outsmarted First & Second, and overpowered them.

    Good call about Yukiteru. In fact I suspect the perfect couple is a foil for Yukiteru and Yuno, and that they’ll learn from this match-up. Round two in a couple of days!

  5. tatsuya says:

    man …what the point of this episode !?..if i had the diary ..i could be like KIRA or something mysteries ^~^…back to the comment , this episode is worth to watch 2 time’s only…gome but ,it ‘s the truth

  6. Snowley says:

    Thi anime is stange. First 10 episodes made you bite your nails and kept you glued to the sceen. But then you have two lame episodes, two awesome, one lame. Why is that? Are there two directors or scripts or what? Not to mention a big drop in amination quality.
    I don’t really like 7th too, they seem quite boring. And everything was badly paced, too much babbling, no suspense.

  7. Alynn says:

    Oh man, I remember this part in the manga. Honestly I didn’t like it as much as the rest of it either.

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