Mirai Nikki – 11-14

To be fair, this is how I used to play “house” too

Episode 11

Our crooked cop goes to Ninth with a request; he wants her help him eliminate Yuki and Yuno since he feels that the reward of this Survival Game would be wasted on them. They don’t want to become God, so what’s the point? I kind of see where he’s coming from. He believes Ninth would create a better world if she were to become God, (well she would rid the world of moe-blobs I’m sure) so Fourth summons Yuki and Yuno to the precinct where he calls Yuki in for questioning. Yuno’s diary confirms her suspicions that Fourth intends to kill them, so she bursts in and interrupts their little game of Russian Roulette. She blows off Fourth’s ear and puts a few dents in his bullet proof vest. The two escape to the roof, pursued by all the police officers (Yuki even shoots one, has he finally grown some balls?) and share a kiss before leaping off the rooftop.


It would be sweet if it wasn’t followed by *splat*

So they become fugitives from the law, lamenting over Fourth’s betrayal and peeing in warehouses. It’s Ninth’s turn to play her part now, she nabs Yuki but things quickly descend into comedy. It’s actually pretty funny for a change though, but Ninth’s involved so that’s probably why. She gets predicted a “Dead End” though after she sort of betrays Fourth, but not really since she’s not one to follow orders in the first place. In the warehouse/hospital they find Fourth’s ill son.


Yes, eating a doughnut is often frought with danger and moral complications

Episode 12

The newly formed alliance of Ninth, Yuki and Yuno deck out the hospital in explosives and ready themselves for Fourth’s counter attack. Yuki gets a grenade and starts patrolling, while the girls hold Fourth’s kid and wife hostage. Fourth doesn’t comply with the demands and Yuki gets pasted as embarrassingly easily as you would expect. But the most epic of all epic stalemates ensue when both Fourth and Yuno come racing down opposing corridors, guns blazing! Fourth grabs Yuki, putting the gun to his head, while Yuno nabs the grenade and says she’ll blow em all to hell if he shoots! Fourth does let Yuki go, but Yuno still pulls the pin! OHMYGOD. Oh, wait. Lol, it’s just a flash grenade. Way to troll us, guys! Well played.


Well, there is an explosion anyway, and in the aftermath Fourth finds Yuki while Yuno is still out cold and starts wailing on the poor little bastard. Until he reaches for the gun…now Yuki has to choose, shoot Yuno and live, or don’t shoot and die. With a final confession that he loves Yuno he aims to shoot – the diary changes – the bullet hits Fourth! After admitting defeat Fourth commits suicide by breaking his diary. Things return to normal, and Yuki and Yuno plan to go on a proper date – with star gazing and everything! Yuki thinks everything is fiiiiiiiine. Why wouldn’t he? Yuno is back to being bright and cheerful, why would he suspect what’s really in her goodie bag?


Episode 13

In the previous episode, while Yuki was in the bathroom, Yuno read and deleted a message from Akise warning Yuki that the police were after her and that he’d be better to stay away. Unfortunately Yuno’s already whisked him away, and with the help of a drugged can of soda, has him completely at her mercy. On an unrelated note I’m sure…Akise invites Hinata, Mao and that brat with the long hair on an onsen trip…Oh, I’m sure these two plot points won’t intersect at ANY point! Oh, of course… Akise is on a mission! To find his boytoy, er, I mean friend, Yuki and save him from certain death….or rapeage. Most likely it’s the rapeage.


What this episode is really about

The gang find a hotel that is booby-trapped to high heaven, and figure that Yuno must be holding Yuki there since they would need both power and water to survive. Hinata gets suckered into a trap and is taken care of easily, as do the others. Yuki is indeed being held captive – in his pants, and the room now holding Akise and crew begins to fill up with gas. Yuki stirs into life as Yuno watches on – also in her pants, from her self made throne, her hands resting on the skulls of her parents that sit either side of her…..



Episode 14

Akise and crew figure they have about 30 minutes until they suffocate from the gas, and meanwhile Yuno is playing house with poor unresponsive Yuki. Akise challenges her through the monitors, talking about a third corpse he found. His blackmail attempt fails though. That doesn’t seem to matter however as Kousaka’s mobile diary suddenly becomes a Future Diary. Using this Kousaka is able to escape through a vent, and breaks in on Yuno’s little underwear party. Yuki comes to enough to finally register what’s going on, but chained to a chair there isn’t much he can do.


Yuno sets a challenge to Kousaka, and while he is able to set the others free, he gets shot in the leg with a crossbow for his trouble. While distracted by Kousaka Hinata frees up Yuki, and he slaps some sense into Yuno. Well, okay, he just slaps her, and leaves her there while the gang escapes. Oh man, who knew that drugging guys, tying them to a chair and holding them hostage in a cold dark room for days wouldn’t get them on your side? So THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong! Dang! Unsurprisingly, Yuno doesn’t learn from this encounter and merely collects her stuff and leaves, still claiming that “Yuki needs her”. Yeah – like a hole in the head.




Not pictured; Yuno’s hand

Admit it, if you weren’t a fangirl before you are now

Yuno’s S&M sex dungeon is now open for business (BYOC)

(Bring your own chains)


Okay – WOW. These episodes were definitely something. I marathoned these to do this post, it wasn’t like it was a case of watching them the week they came out but just not writing about it. I was sick, then Christmas rolled around, then I got sick again, then I had exams. So it was a new experiancing marathoning a show like this. And I’ve gotta say it was a pretty damn good one. It gave all the tension and insanity time to build until I got so submersed in what was happening that the end was kind of jarring. And that’s the tell of a good show, and I’ve always said this show has great atmosphere and tension. And I’d go as for to say that it’s not just a good show, it’s a great show.

The first arc, taking place between episodes 11 and 12 felt like the weaker story. I stopped being a fan of Fourth when he decided to go bad. I just felt it was lame and he never quite possessed the same threat as say Ninth or Sixth. His sob story didn’t help, it was too cliché. Also, after he was given the Zabuza treatment I just couldn’t take him seriously. Ninth is far more interesting because of how diabolical but also how fun she is. She steals the show more often than not and I really enjoy how much she looks like the lovechild of Revy and Roberta from Black Lagoon. I hope she keeps making those steller expressions. They slay me.

13 and 14 were far more interesting from a psychological point of view; this is where we dip back into stalker territory. Real stalker territory. Yuno isn’t saving Yuki, or protecting him, or treating him right – well she does at first but it’s a ruse to get him to let his guard down. She goes fucking horror movie psycho, drugs him, ties him to a chair and lives completely in her own delusions. THATS WHAT WE WANT TO SEE. These moments are so uncomfortable and unsettling; it’s what Mirai Nikki is all about. Just having her there, lounging about in her underwear while her respective boyfriend is in a depressive coma, and there are skulls sitting about is genius. It’s this hellish senario, played down to a frightening level. How chipper and unphased by this Yuno is only cements it in our heads how wrong we know it is. It’s just fantastic. The deus ex machina with Kousaka getting a diary was pretty lame, but hey, at least he got shot in the leg with a crossbow. I’ll forgive it as long as they continue to cause him bodily harm. Man, I hate that guy.


Meet our new antagonists!


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17 Responses to “Mirai Nikki – 11-14”

  1. tatsuya says:

    I don’t know about this anime but the manga SUCK /CRAP …!!! but the op Küsö Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku is really epic !!
    By the way 花澤かなはいつも素晴らしい

  2. skylion says:

    I think ep13 was more about wishing for an underwater camera than it was just the oppai.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Fourth’s betrayal was more than expected. After all, the desire for power corrupts even the most noble of people.

    More love to Yuno the yandere queen. Spiking your lover’s drink with a drug? That can pass. Strapping him down to a chair in a bondage-like way? Acceptable. But setting deathtraps in an abandoned building and watching the victims suffer as you sit in between the dismembered skulls of your deceased parents? How sickly derranged can you get? I missed Yuno using knives and other blades but the crossbow was a nice touch.

    If Yuki was being punished by Yuno, I doubt it was as depraved as the punishment Kanbaru gave Koyomi in Nisemonogatari.

    Mao is definitely into yuri. She is in love with Hinata and would do anything for her. Muru Muru waterproofed her phone just so Mao can take naked pictures of Hinata underwater.

    • Hime says:

      Fourth’s motivation was the most paper thin, cliche rubbish. I was so dissappointed. But at least we have Yuno to make everything better! DAT CROSSBOW. How hilariously random!

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Yuno so awesome! I loved episode 14 Yuki finally told her to go to hell! Lololol he got soooo lucky she did not kill him…

    lol house with Hime sounds funny, did you bring skulls and hide in a dark room? xD

    Glad you are feeling better Hime! I have missed seeing your posts <3

    • Hime says:

      Only Yuki could get away with saying that to Yuno XD

      My version of house scarred many a child in my youth. Kekekekekeke….

  5. Toori-chan says:

    It’s been so long since this post been left out. Welcome back Hime~

    Ninth was sort of cute in a way when she sort of screw up.
    Kidnappings been happening since Winter in anime. http://bit.ly/A0wkID.

    • Hime says:


      Kisnappings are all the rage this season, didn’t you know?

  6. Kitty says:

    Mostly just happy Yuki is not a crap character anymore! The new arc look wicked!

  7. Overcooled says:

    Glad you feel better, Hime! I missed your Mirai Nikki posts :3

    Yuno has reached new levels of creepiness…She really has no limit. Watching her week to week is by far the best part of the show.

    • Hime says:

      Thank you :3

      I hope Yuno keeps getting more crazy, I don’t know how they can push her the extra mile after that but here’s hoping!

      • skylion says:

        I’ve been watching Mirai Nikki with two sets of eyes. One set views Yuno as complete guano in the (stairs don’t go up to)the attic insane. Just like all the viewers.

        The other set views her as acting completely and utterly necessary for the circumstances that she is in. She isn’t just a Diary owner, she is deeply in love with another owner. This means her home address in smack in the middle of Contradiction City, Love Make Your Crazy State. Somehow, this makes her even more frightening. I’ve lived with crazy before. It’s not how the stories make it out. Crazy is tedious, unhygienic, un-motivated, direction-less, and cannot take care of simple tasks. Yuno is not that. She is needful. Scary stuff.

  8. mo00odi says:

    yaaaaaaaah slap that bitch and tell her to go to hell

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