Inu x Boku SS – 02

What do you mean you didn’t fall in love with me at first sight?

I find myself looking forward to it so much every week ( ̄▽ ̄) Ever since the school term started I haven’t had the chance to visit the library for my weekly dose of fluffy romance books, so this is a perfect substitution! (Add in a sparkling heterochromatic bishie, and everything becomes so much better. HOPELESS ROMANTI–*shot*)

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to have someone so dedicated to you, he’d be so unwilling to leave your side? Souji’s your (actually, Ririchiyo’s) man! He won’t even let her go to the toilet by herself xD And that’s why when Ririchiyo and Renshou decide to go on a joyful shopping trip together, Souji follows behind faithfully. Renshou introduces himself to Souji as Ririchiyo’s beloved onii-sama, bringing up many embarrassing childhood memories at the same time and causing Ririchiyo to enter full tsun mode xD Souji does, though, decide to do exactly as Renshou says. Loyal dog is loyal indeed~ As Ririchiyo shops for necessities she hasn’t gotten since moving into Maison de Ayakashi,  Souji’s little actions of care and concern strike a thought in her – although she is unable to recall ever saving Souji, in what way can she show him her gratitude?

Do you see the resemblance? Yeah, I know, WHERE CAN I GET A SOUJI TOO?

When they get back home, Renshou leads them towards the lounge for some ~mysterious~ reason… and then gets smacked in the face when Nobara slams the door wide open, announcing that *gasp* Karuta-chan is missing! Sunset is approaching, and apparently that is a daaaangerous time for half-humans like them. The trio then leave the house and decide to split up and search for Karuta.

Oh look, a bird.

Unexpectedly, Ririchiyo runs into trouble almost immediately, getting trapped within a massive, invisible wall. This sends Souji into utter panic as he requests Renshou to fly up above the wall to Ririchiyo (being the black flexible scroll-thing he is), while he transforms into his fox spirit mode, preparing to break the wall from the outside. Renshou manages to get across the wall and finds Ririchiyo, all safe and sound as she explains that the thing that trapped her was just a nurikabe, which simply creates an invisible wall at night, trapping you in it. She also states, rather unconcernedly that even if they did nothing, the wall would disappear by morning. She stays unfazed by the entire situation until she hears from Renshou about Souji’s extreme worry for her. This seems to pluck a string in her heart as she transforms into her youkai form, preparing to break the wall from the inside. This results in a miraculously coincidental moment when both their swords strike the wall, dramatically breaking it.

Please crash into each other and accidentally kiss please crash into each other and accidentally kiss–

Souji then embraces Ririchiyo, literally brimming with tears at the sight of Ririchiyo, unharmed in any way. DERE MODE UNLOCKED! Ririchiyo tells Souji to “stop being so melodramatic” with a blush on her face. She stays lovingly enveloped by Souji, until Renshou’s phone rings anticlimatically – Karuta-chan is back home!

…And then his phone rang. )<

Back at the mansion, Ririchiyo and Souji have a pleasant surprise – a welcome party in the lounge! Decorations, cake, TURKEY (which turns out, was what caused Karuta to be late in returning home) and all things nice, who could ask for more? Ririchiyo accepts the invitation, albeit in a seemingly reluctant manner, and Souji naturally joins in the fun too! What a sweet ending for the episode.

The first thing I notice when looking at this image is OH SHII– THAT TRAP.

Um, Karuta-chan, I’m pretty sure that’s for a different occasion…

Well actually, not really. We get a post-credit scene of Ririchiyo fiddling with her phone, clumsily typing a text message to Souji in the night. It’s all worth it though, as that sweet smile of his is probably the most endearing thing I have ever seen. And she wonders that maybe, that’s just how she can repay his kindness.

Ririchiyo – “OMG I CAN WATCH PORN ON THIS THING.”  Souji – “Ah, I can watch Ririchiyo-sama watching porn on this thing.”


So which one of us was the mom again?

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Ririchiyo – “PHONE CALL, Y U INTERRUPT OUR LOVEY DOVEY?” Souji – “Hehe, I’ll get you later, Renshou.”

That was such a DAWWWW episode! Although nothing terribly important happened, I felt that that little bit of character development for Ririchiyo was great – deep inside she’s actually as insecure as any teenage girl would be! She was obviously happy about the two new contacts in her phone, although being a tsundere, she’d probably rather die than show it, but that was so adorable! Everyone needs friends after all~ We also got to see her youkai form this episode and that was cool, she looks awesome in that outfit xP And Souji! Other than his HNG-worthy bishie qualities this episode, we also got to see his anxious and worried side for Ririchiyo (still as hot nonetheless) , and his undying loyalty also brought lots of laughs xD

And excuse me for a moment my inner romanticist has to fangirl— AHHH THAT EMBRACE WAS SO SWEEEEET!!! -melts- It was so pure and sweet and just. so. cute. I’m really hoping for this anime to have some real romance in it and not just vague hinting, because I’m really liking the two of them together at this moment, despite the ridiculous height difference… Love knows no boundaries. <3

Also, my bad, what I thought was the ED last week was actually the OP! It sounded a bit strange at first, but after listening to it a few more times it slowly grows on you xP I really, really liked the ED though. The lyrics are kinda silly, but it has that innocent, playful feel to it and the fact that it was also sang by Yuichi Nakamura (Souji’s VA) makes the whole thing so much better – it made it seem like it was sung for Ririchiyo (even if it was stalkery).

In short? I’m loving this anime to bits.



A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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18 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 02”

  1. Liza says:

    I’m completely in love with this anime. Souji is just so daw worthy and I just want to give him a huge hug. <3. I even got a bunch of my friends into it and we all agree that we want our own Souji. XD I'm also really hoping there's some real romance. There has to be. It's just so cute!

  2. Samantha Zan says:

    I am just fangasming all over this anime!!! Kyaaaa!!! So many cute moments!!!! XD

    Okay, this episode was pretty cool, after all seeing Ririchiyo as a demon was just pretty sweet. She looks so cool X3. Oh and Soushi! So many sparkles ne? XD He’s just so adorable!!! Like a cute little dog as they mentioned in the episode X3.

    This episode was really nice, with all the nice moments, and more demon action from Soushi :3. Though I kind of want to more about the demon’s past and stuff. Oh well, that’s for another episode. None the less… I approve this episode ha XD

  3. Muse says:

    Ahahaha, so I’m not the only one who noticed the trap! XD

  4. NIKI says:

    I have read most of the manga

    This is mostly a romantic anime (with some “spice of life” elements) between a 16 years old Loli with an insecure characted and a 20-22 years old butler type

    It has little supernatural-action and it has a bit of comedy but this is mostly a romance/relationships anime above anything else…

    As the story makes a progress some new characters will show up (not going to spoil) and secrets will be revealed about the past of the characters that will make you understand about their behavior…

  5. skylion says:

    i don’t care if he doesn’t do anything else, other than being himself. Renshou is the best supporting character of the year. If he were any more laid back, he’d be a Lay-z-Boy youkai. I’m not going to be able to make curry, with the potential for stains, the same again.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I agree. Renshou is one of those laid back cool characters that make certain animes great. What’s more likeable about him is the brother-sister relationship with Ririchiyo.

    • Kyokai says:

      Bonus points for him being voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya. Man, I love his character so much, even the un-bishie/floating one.

  6. Tofu says:

    “…She was obviously happy about the two new contacts in her phone, although being a tsundere, she’d probably rather die than show it…”

    Actually, she would like to show it but due to her having a bad habit of being tsun, she can’t help but act all tsundere xD Like in the welcome celebration. She told herself she didn’t want to upset or ruin the mood but her bad habit was just about to do just that when she said “I’ll pass” then got interrupted ^^

    This is definitely a hidden gem of the season and for those who haven’t tried it out yet, you really should before knocking it off. All these characters deliver the genre’s they have incorporated really well in the setting they were given ;D

    I like my loli youkai transformation <3 The funny thing is that her character design artist also drew Yamada from Working!! So it's ironic seeing the two contrast and imagining them two being in each others shoes. xD

  7. BlackBriar says:

    This anime is amazing. Ririchiyo is an acceptable tsundere and that’s saying something. I laughed everytime she compared Souji to the dogs she sees on screen. Her true form is really cute for a half demon girl. Maybe now that phone will do something about her constant worrying about not being able to communicate with other people properly.

    Souji certainly has a complex for his master. He’s loyal that he waits on her hand and foot, blindly obeying her and protecting her with his life if the situation calls for it. But I hope he refrains from sparkling so much everytime he pours his heart out to Ririchiyo. Any more and he’ll reach Edward Cullen territory.

    Beware of Nobara the perverted lolicon and I think she’s into Yuri since she fancies girls and stated that she is attracted to Ririchiyo in a sexual way. She was constantly stalking Karuta and probably has porn on the brain since she mentioned Karuta and tenticle rape in the same sentence. Nice!!!

  8. skylion says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb; I don’t think Ririchiyo is all that tsundere. Her tsuntsun is rather mild, and her deredere is more subtle than radiating.

    I think she may be hiding something. I haven’t read the source material, but, when a character admits a ‘bad habit’ I get the feeling the are confessing the lesser of two bad things, or they are admitting it first, so no one else gets to fully judge them on it.

    She resembles an Oni, which can be a devil or demon, but is often something more ogre like. Our sweet thang is far far far from being an ogre. But Oni are often related to bad luck or disasters. Might be a clue as to what she is hiding; cause there is alot she isn’t telling herself, and so not telling us.

    Wonder why such a being would save a kitsune.

  9. Ying says:

    This is my favorite show this season so far. Every episode makes me laugh XD

    Ririchiyo’s transformation looks amazing and I thought it was cute how she reacted to sending her first text message. Renshou is just awesome and he doesn’t even do much. Soushi made me laugh with how loyal he is to Ririchiyo to the point were he isn’t letting her go to the bathroom by herself.

  10. Hime says:

    I hope Souji gets his tails out every episode.

  11. kaon says:

    thanks youu¡¡¡

  12. Kyokai says:

    I WANT a personal megane-kun, youkai-inu as well!

  13. Joojoobees says:

    A very cute show. Silly as hell, but quite likable.

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