First Impression – Amagami SS+

Another round of romance with the harem of Amagami SS

Whoa! Is it time for Amagami SS+ already? I am so excited to see this series finally get released, so which girl does Fosh like the most?! Damn there are so many to stalk err I mean so many to watch! I always liked Haruka’s crazy mind and Kaoru’s sex hair…I should stop right there before this turns into a Metanorn shipping war…on with the review! With my awesome buddy Jrow and the always fun Anaaga we are an insane team.
I had a +1 invite for the premiere of SS+, so I invited Fosh once again to join me. I think me and him might be the new Tag Team champions of Metanorn. Well anyways, Ayatsuji is the first lady up in SS+.

First Route (Continuation): Ayatsuji

It would seem like Junichi is rounding the bases with our first girl, the very popular Tsukasa Ayatsuji. They’re bathing with each other, Ayatsuji slips and hurts her bum, losing her towel in the process. Thanks to a mirror, Junichi might get a nose bleed out of curiosity for her curvaceous body, but Miya appears naked and he was just dreaming. That dream was on a path to the promised land and made a wrong turn at awkward.

Nii-nii! Quit with the wet dreams, and make sure I’m not in them!

Get used to this Junichi. As long as you continue to be a doofus…

The election for student council president is happening, and Ayatsuji already has the full support of her class. Sae’s running in hopes of curing her shyness in the progress (with Miya as her VP), and Ayatsuji is planning ahead for uni, seeing Junichi as sufficient enough to help her out. There’s some random dude also, but Kurosawa is a unique challenger. She plans to take Junichi as her VP president, which surprises everyone.

Ayatsuji – “Kaoru, wait till episode 7 before you start taking my man.”

Interesting turn of events. How do you combat that? When you’re Ayatsuji, you simply know that you’re better than her and you expect the pre-voting to go your way. She isn’t feeling all that comfy after seeing the votes. Placing 3rd behind Kurosawa and Seiji, she’s actually got her work cut out for her.

“Thinking, thinking…”                                                                           “Got it.”

This is when you need to start dipping into that campaign budget. Print fliers, be out there with the people, kiss a baby if there’s one in the area. Wear a swimsuit to get the male vote.

Sometimes your staff will give you good advice. Other times, Junichi will open his mouth. The idea of expanding upon the flier into making a poster is good, but people will likely see thru Junichi’s attempt to get votes as a “sex sells” approach. Junichi’s getting her into a really tempting pose, but once you start asking for clothes to be taken off, your luck’s gonna run out.

This leads…

to this. Not like she needed to do any more to earn my vote.

The Ayatsuji campaign has ran a pretty good effort so far, narrowing the margin between she and Kurosawa to the score of 241-220.  Uehara might’ve been a big part of stealing Seiji’s votes by stuffing his bookbag with naughty magazines, but the fact is 21 points are left to be made up. The Kurosawa staff’s last resort is to lure Junichi in and fake a confession that Ayatsuji will see. Well timed, she plants her chest up against Junichi and goes in for a smooch right as Ayatsuji arrives.

The 2012 Harem Election:

“Let me leave you with this. And I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie…”

Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad…

Gotta love the confidence of both these girls

What was I watching at the start? I swear if felt like I was watching the start of a Amagami SS ecchi themed episode for a second there. I was waiting to see something NSFW stuff on my screen, however  it was all a dream…but seriously damn you Junichi you are either one lucky bastard or possibly mentally insane? Of course I mean all of this in a nicest way possible. Besides the first few minutes and random sighting of Miya! I missed that girl…but where was the Nishishi?! I guess we will hear that soon.

The best part of this episode was the fact Junichi was still “dating” Tsukasa, last time it was all about Junichi being alone forever and the build up to the final date. I guess no one would watch if they decided to repeat that lame cycle. Anyway we got to see Kaoru, Sae, Haruka and a new girl named Kurosawa Noriko…damn that girl had some of the best evil glares in the episode. However no one glares better than our very own Tsukasa…her glares of hers are both sexy and dangerous!  I kept waiting for Junichi to get a nice boat ending with season one if he pissed Tsukasa off.

Sexy glares are nice and all but we got lots of feaking drama this time! Junichi running for vice president against a new rival damn Noriko played him so easily at the end. I remember shouting at my computer like DUDE WTF ARE YOU DOING?! Tsukasa is going to murder you! But it wouldn’t be as fun without the drama right? That is one reason we love to watch Amagami right? Well having lots of cute attractive 2D characters helps. I was shocked to see little to no fan-service this time; well we did get that private photo shoot for Tsukasa which was nice… So be on the lookout for more random fetish stuff from Junichi this season.

All I have to say to Kurosawa is this: mess with the bull, you get the horns. Not sure if she thinks that “stealing” her man away will cause Ayatsuji to fly off the handle, but she (and everybody else besides Junichi) doesn’t really know just how calculating a girl Ayatsuji can be. At least Kurosawa is proving to be an interesting new character by posing a reasonable challenge to our first girl. Given the personalities of both girls, it made this first episode and I’m pretty sure next week’s to be a fun watch.

Fanservice was pretty good. I wouldn’t peg Ayatsuji as a girl that could match Sae and Haruka (and even Ai) in the sexy department, but it opens with a great bath scene with her, and has a photoshoot scene that you normally would think she’d shut down right away. Would’ve made a great poster, but anyways… her facial expressions are in full effect and is a small part of what makes watching her so much fun. She really is the most unique from all the other girls in the series. I didn’t fully realize it until now just how much she outclasses the other 5.

After seeing this first episode of SS+, anybody that enjoyed Amagami SS really shouldn’t be concerned any about a new 12-ep series ruining the fun they might’ve built up. Everything from the music to the animation and more are left just as they were. We know how the Ayatsuji route ends and also Haruka’s, but it’s nice to see her (and eventually the others) actually date Junichi. He’s still as awkward as ever.

Episode 2 Preview:


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4 Responses to “First Impression – Amagami SS+”

  1. Samantha Zan says:

    Woot it’s here!!! Oh Junichi you lucky boy!!! X0

    With the whole election thing going on, I really honestly don’t think this new girl (Kurosawa Noriko er whatever) has really any chance of pushing down our Ayatsuji! Even with the whole thing at the end, (which did have me going AHHHHH CRAAPPPP), I still think they will just make it up next episode XP.

    Anywho, not a first bad episode I would say. Though I think Sae as another candidate was kind of random for me lol XD

  2. Reaper says:

    Yes yes yes! Amagami awesomeness is here! And the first contender is Ayatsuji! (Plus Miya, yeah I was said I didn’t hear the Nishishi moe too…:()

    I wondered how they were going to continue the series since Ayatsuji and Junichi had a happy(?) ending in the first series, but I’m content with what they’ve done, picking up after the Founder’s Festival, and Ayatsuji having lost no iota of her darker self, to Junichi’s pleasure/horror.

    Still that Kurokawa girl has balls to not only go up against Ayatsuji, but also try to take Junichi as VP for the sake of beating her. At the moment, I have no idea who will win between Ayatsuji or Kurokawa as SCP (though I could see Nakata getting it as a troll to the two rivals), but I’m glad the Nosebleed King is no longer a contender when he dropped that bombshell of himself…

    Next ep, Ayatsuji teaches us how to choke a guy with his own necktie! Maybe I should stop wearing them as a precaution…

  3. anaaga says:

    I am sad. I want Hibiki and Miyu. Or whatever Junichi’s sister’s name is 🙁

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