Brave 10 – 02

Breakdancing on ice is totally normal in Sengoku Era, yo

The times during the wait for a Brave10 release is really torturous. Every two hours I’ll google for the newest episode, check MAL, and things like that just to see whether the sub is out or not. Same goes for my twitter, every two hour I will tweet something like “WHERE IS #Brave10!?” because I just can’t wait for the newest episode. But that’s a normal reaction if the anime is full of bishies right? RIGHT? Thank god that my internet was fast when the second episode was released, so it took me less than three hours to get it.

We get our usual Tokugawa/Hattori moment before moving on to the Sanada household. Our EXTREMELY BLACK Ieyasu has been lacking sex for the past few weeks, hence he was so mad to the point of throwing his daifuku sweets when he found out that Hattori didn’t capture Isanami. Of course, he tells Hattori to capture Isanami again, but now he has a friend…

You know you’re evil when you appear in the beginning of the episode as a shadow

Now let’s go back to the Sanada territory. Saizou is not feeling the festival mood, so he sneaks out of Isanami’s room, takes a walk in the woods, and… sees a gaijin taking a bath in the river. The gaijin was about to freeze Saizou with her weird Ice no Jutsu until she realizes that it’s her childhood friend Saizou! Guys, meet Ana, our male protagonist’s childhood friend who happens to make Isanami jealous a lot. Her master is Yukimura, so that’s why she’s around the Sanada territory right now.

Isanami decided to take control of Saizou’s outift

There’s something hot on the ice

Saizou’s mood is somewhat still cranky as the festival starts, so he sneaks out (again) with Ana in the middle of Isanami’s dance to search for the rumored snake. Isanami tags along of course, but thanks to her, Saizou is able to find the snake and defeat it, until it explodes as soon as Saizou stabs its left eye. Yep, the snake is just a doll that’s triggered to explode once it’s killed. Saizou and Isanami are stuck under rubbles together, and they have their “d’aaawww” moments. Well, more like Isanami telling her past and how Saizou is the “light of her life” for saving her where nobody was there for her. Awww Isanami. They managed to get themselves out from the rubbles, but they were too late from preventing the attack to the Sanada castle.

“Vote for me and I’ll let you get drunk on the street!”

How to Set Up a Romantic Mood: 1) Get yourself trapped with your crush 2) Tell your crush your deep dark secret…In the dark

Meanwhile, our Sasuke is having some trouble thanks to the slutty doll controller and got himself poisoned. Thankfully, Ana helped Sasuke, and Sasuke defeated the Medusa chick with the help of Mother Nature…er, animals in the forest.

It’s a frozen dinosaur!

Chew Dentyne everyday and you’ll be like Rokurou

Rokurou and Yukimura were captured for a while, but they defeated their enemies thanks to Rokurou’s powerful breath. I suspect that the unnecessary scene was there for the sake of homolust. Anyhow, Saizou is having trouble with Hattori to the point where he’s leaking blood everywhere because of the excessive amount of injuries he got from Hattori. However, Isanami’s unconscious figure releases Saizou’s “hidden” power (as usual), and he somehow injures Hattori (although Saizou fainted after that). Both way, backups (Sasuke and Ana) arrive, and Hattori escapes because he was cornered. Once more, Saizou saved the day.


Group OTL

Sengoku Gallery:

“Is this my child?”

Isanami can do things I can’t. This is one of them

Yaoi bait


Originally, I had more than thirty screenshots for this episode. That, obviously, is just too many. I had to delete some of them, but it was hard for me to choose which one. Sudden realization. I love the fighting scenes in this episode. Obviously the animation is still not the best, but the fighting scenes have lots of its awesome moments that I knew I need to have. One thing I know though, and it’s the fact that I love all of these stabbing and bizarre moments. You think the horses in Sengoku Basara are weird? They can’t be compared with the silliness of Ana’s Ice no Jutsu. The ice was practically sticking on her legs! Wondering how Masamune can hold six swords with both of his hands? Forget that and start wondering why there are snakes inside the Medusa chick. How about Rokurou’s minty breath? It gives a whole new definition to a “cool breath.” Seeing these things animated made me realize how crazy those things are.

I was taken aback when the snake’s eye was stabbed, Saizou’s hand was stabbed, and when Sasuke slit the neck of the Medusa chick. Usually, in anime, they don’t show the flesh-stabbing moment, god knows why. When a character is stabbed, the scene usually focuses on the character’s eyes/face, or the blood that drips on the ground or the spectator. Seeing the assaulting process without any censor whatsoever is definitely something that I haven’t experienced in a while, and I like it. I am satisfied with the fighting scenes.

There’s not much development since it’s just the second episode. But thanks to this, I’m 1000% sure now that Saizou is a total tsun. Thank god that his VA is Ono Daisuke because that makes him a sexy tsun since Ono Daisuke makes one of the best tsun voices EVER. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same with Sasuke’s VA (I don’t know who). I don’t think I’ll ever like Sasuke’s voice. Somehow he sounds really girly, and not in a good way. As in Anastasia, I can’t say much about her since she’s new, but I have a feeling that’s she’s awesome. Awesome chicks have awesome names. Such as Anastasia. HEH. I’m torn when it comes to Isanami though. She is extremely tolerable in the anime, so I like the anime Isanami. But I will NEVER like how she clings with Saizou everywhere. Man, they’re not even together. Yes, Saizou saved her, but this is just TOO MUCH. If she’s less clingy to Saizou later on, I might like her more. It’s not that she’s bad. She’s cute, sweet, adorable, and innocent (not really). Thanks to her, somehow Saizou has more meaning in his life. But…Damn it, stop being so clingy!

Not much to say here because there’s nothing much going on. It wasn’t boring though. Although there’s little development in the story, the fighting scenes were cool enough to make me forget about the story. This episode wasn’t disappointing, and I hope they’ll keep it this way until the end… which is ten more episodes.

Preview: “Yo yo yo, I’m that awesome redhead with sexy scythes as my weapons. I’m an asshole since I’m rough on Isanami, but I’m a bishie so it’s all good. And I have sexy tongue.”


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10 Responses to “Brave 10 – 02”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    I actually watched the first episode and this one! Whoaaaa I really like this series so far, especially the characters good god they are awesome! I can’t wait to see the next “Mini boss” character…I was like oh wow he looks like a gender bent Yumekui Merry cause of his purple hair/white outfit.

    But the best is Isanami! She is so cute and sexy…not to mention her voice actress for my favorite electric railgun Misaka <3 <3 <3 Between this and Amagami SS I have two shows with her xD Thank god she is not voiced by Kana Hanazawa...I like Kana a lot but I do need a beak from her...

    Anyway great series I like the flashy fighting moves, it is like watching a fighting game 😉

    • anaaga says:

      Meh, the characters are so-so for me so far, but it’s only the second episode, so I shouldn’t expect much. They’re all hot though, so I don’t hate them 😉

      Man, Misaka. Everybody loves her. I should start watching Railgun.
      Though I have to agree that Isanami is adorable in the anime. Too bad she’s more to the annoying clingy side in the manga instead of her adorable side.

      And yess the fighting scenes were actually awesome! I thought they were going to go all JUMP with still images, but it’s actually the opposite!

      Whoo another male liking Brave 10!

  2. obladi05 says:

    I was also looking forward to this episode a lot! Don’t know why but I enjoy every single second of it. I picked so many dramatic series from this season and the last one that Brave10 and Phi Brain, the silliest ones, ended up being the most enjoyable shows for me. Plus, having all these bishies with Ono Daisuke as the main character makes it a +10 😀

    To tell the truth, if I were Isanami, I would be clinging to Saizo all the time too!

    • anaaga says:

      Somehow I get what you mean. I was surprised with how good the anime is (so far). I didn’t put that much expectation when I heard about the anime-adaption, but I’m actually liking it more than the manga (though I do like the manga Saizou better).

      I’m not into clingy characters, that’s probably why. If I were Isanami, I would STALK Saizou 😉

  3. Kitty says:

    hehe I can tell this anime I going to be tons of fun, even if the plot is lacking XD Can’t wait to meet the pink? haired guy next week ^_^

  4. Jrow says:

    I like some of the others find myself looking forward to Brave 10 a lot, also. The action’s been quite impressive in the first couple eps, and the two main are a pretty decent pair together.

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