Amagami SS+ – 03 & 04

In an unexpected turn of events, Scale-chan wins Rihoko’s affection.

Hey all! I’d like to let you know that my current plan for blogging Amagami SS+ is by the arc instead of by the episode.

Rihoko, you’ve got two extra episodes to get with Junichi. Use them wisely.


The alarm clock. We hate it, but we also need it. I have an iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch and iPhone 4 with different times set in different places. Eventually, I’ll wake up… anywhoozle, Rihoko’s sister checks up on her progress with Junichi, which as we know from last season, didn’t progress far enough.

“When we become bf & gf, you’ll be paying me back for this!”

Junichi’s pretty insensitive, suggesting that Rihoko’s gotten fatter since Spring. They go to nurse’s office to check some measurements. As they check their height, weight and bust size, she thinks back to when they did the same thing as younger kids; the origins of his fascination with breasts probably started here. He takes the proper “extra” amount of time measuring her bust, and there’s no shame in losing to her on that one.

I uhhh… was kinda hoping he’d say the number 😐

With Junichi’s parents out of town to help his uncle, seems like a great chance for Rihoko! She asks to cook for him and Miya, so she goes to get some groceries (but not before putting on a cute dress). She walks across her old Tea Club friends, who are now in the Seafood department at Uni. They also find out that Rihoko hasn’t made progress, so they sell her some roasted eel and recommend a recipe to help “cure” Junichi’s heat fatigue.

So are we helping Rihoko make dinner or is something else in play here? 

On her way to Junichi’s house, Rihoko crosses path with Makabe in the midst of his girlfriend hunt. Taking notice of her nice body, he leads her into an alleyway and corners her, hoping to score himself a lady friend. Junichi spots this and follows them. Not giving in to Makabe, she tells him that she likes Junichi, but the sound of the train wouldn’t disrupter her words from reaching Junichi’s ears.

When asking a girl out, do not make her feel threatened by you


Luckily for Rihoko, Makabe doesn’t press any further and leaves (his next target ends up being Haruka, who’s too much of a challenge for him). She arrives at the Tachibana household before Junichi does and after an awkward moment between the two, Rihoko prepares dinner. He wants to ask her about what happened on his way home earlier, but asks in too roundabout a way. She almost confesses, but pulls back.

“Junichi… tonight, this is me and you” <pushes food together>

She’s a pretty good cook, wouldn’t you agree? Dinner chatter includes the former Tea Club member, and after everybody’s filled up, Nakata calls Miya on the phone. Another opportunity for Rihoko to confess is trampled on by Miya’s excitement over going to a festival with Sae and Ai the next day.

Always room for dessert, especially when it’s free! Since the ice cream Junichi bought melted, they settle for shaved ice. The weather takes a wet turn as it starts pouring down, so Miya invites Rihoko to stay the night. Looks like mother nature is trying to bring these two kids together as well! After Rihoko bathes and Junichi flips thru old photos of the two of them together, she borrows some of his clothes and it’s time to sleep on her soft boobs. So soft…

Junichi – “When you’re done with my clothes, don’t wash them, ok?”

I’m sure we’ve all had that friend from our younger days who was annoying to spend the night with. Miya sleepwalks and is about to make a transaction in Junichi’s bedroom, but he’s able to stop her. A bit later, Rihoko gets up and goes downstairs, noticing Junichi is already chilling out. They talk about their love of fireworks as children, and they light sparklers. She has an accident with her sparkler which leads him to fall on top of her. If we’re on a scale of how close they are, we must be at 9. Will it get to 10!?

Junichi is the one to confess, and the new couple kiss each other. They enjoy tea the next morning as boyfriend and girlfriend. The End.


Congrats, Rihoko-chan! 

Porn Bros 4 Life!

If this were Jennifer Aniston, she’d be wanting us to come in

Rihoko looks so cute right here…

…but Makabe was probably imagining this at the time

Hooray for Rihoko-chan! Of all the girls, she had the most to gain from her arc in Plus, and it’s great that she got her feelings through to Junichi. Although, it’s actually he that starts realizing his feelings for her through the arc and confesses first, which he finally started to pick up on after seeing Rihoko cornered by Makabe in the alleyway. I think it probably would’ve been a greater experience to have seen Rihoko be the one to confess considering how much the arc is told from her perspective, but either way, they’re together… cue the Full House “kissing” crowd reaction…

First order of business for the new couple: go play tennis. Later, they’ll measure each other’s bust size without a shirt on.

Whereas Ayatsuji’s arc had a conflict with an outsider character like Kurosawa, there really was just that one speck of conflict, and after that, episode 4 became a “you seriously better confess or else” situation. Junichi didn’t have an internal struggle with his emotions, Rihoko’s sister and Uni friends provided some sideline support; all the pieces were slowly falling into place, so it was just a matter of time. And even though Miya disrupted one of the attempted confessions, I always like her being around; she might be my favorite imoutou in anime. She’s just so cheery and fun, and she doesn’t totally put the breaks on the romantic situations; she actually is more likely to help out, be it intentional or unintentional.

Next up is Nanasaki Ai. I enjoyed Ai and her route in SS. One of my favorite moments in all of SS was Junichi jumping in the pool to comfort Ai after she cried about not being picked for an event. Junichi manages to pull through in each of these girl’s routes, but that was my favorite moment of Junichi’s in season 1.

Nanasaki Ai Preview:


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    OMG, no more friendzoned! Child-hood friends can win!

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    When asking a girl out, do not make her feel threatened by you

    Or so you claim.

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Yay!! Success!! Though I wish her arc would last a little bit more, but that full house kiss moment was just so d’awww :3

  5. Gordon Brown says:

    Interesting episode.

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