Weekend Party for the second Trio of Senpais

Another first-year graduation is in order! This time to celebrate and give some love to the second trio of senpais~

There are times that I marvel at the time that has gone by and how fast it just flew away. It feels like just yesterday I started aniblogging but it’ll soon be two years and I haven’t looked back since then. I started solo but slowly and steadily, the Metanorn team has grown and strategically so. If you have been following the site for some time, you’ve seen our Team growing and what it is today. We already have two writers who have successfully completed their first year (Hoshi and Overcooled) and it’s now turn of another lot of senpais to graduate their first year! You know them well but let me take a moment to reminisce and shed some nostalgic tears. Seriously, I can’t help much when I’ve gotten the flu… *sniffles* Jokes aside, I’m very possessive about my team and they are like my extended family even if I haven’t met any of them in RL. Distances apart, these boys and girls are very special and they are first friends than team members, constituting the fun fiber that is Metanorn. It seems like every new hiring brings a new perspective to the table and change is better than being rigid, right?

To celebrate this big milestone for Fosh, Ness and Hime, I took a trip down the memory lane of how these three have grown and their contribution towards the blog. Like their predecessors, they have built examples for the ones who followed and for this special occasion, I literally went back many pages for highlighting all of their posts and awesomeness. The entire team also pitched in their thoughts as congratulations are in order with some very personal messages. Weekend party, GET!

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Words from the Boss: This trap is one awesome trap. A key team member of Metanorn, who has contributed more backstage than onstage and let me tell you, s/he has worked hella hard many a nights to meet internal deadlines for posts and what not. You can see how extensive the Anime NTM’s Cycle 3 has been, not to mention the blood and tears we pour on our season reviews. Ness has been involved in all, diligently working and even poking others whenever necessary to get things done. Not to mention, s/he has rewatched so many shows that s/he can knock anyone’s socks off with ’em. You can send him/her mohnnnes to win graphic favours. And yes, the trap joke never gets old and if you listen to our promo, you would laugh like crazy hearing, “I’M A BOY!” I wish her best of luck for moving out in January and some vacation because she definitely needs it after balancing work and study.


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Words from the Boss: Our very own Hime-chan with hobbies bordering on everything dangerous~ No, she isn’t involved in bank heists! Her interesting-quotient comes from her sharp and witty tongue that gives way to some very interesting editorials and episodic summaries. We share many common interests like mystery and horror genre, seiyuu fixation, drama CDs to name a few and there have been many days that we have fangirled over stuff we love. The fangirl-bonding is the best, lemme tell you. If you haven’t already, listen to her awesome Scottish accent and get bowled over. We had lots of fun on the BL podcast and don’t get her started on ero-guro because she will give you examples that will make your head spin. Yep, she’s a knowledgeable this one and I wish her all the best in studies and papers, which are half killing her right now. Christmas vacations? GET!


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Words from the Boss: This post is filled with key members of the team because everyone just IS. Fosh has come a long way and has contributed a LOT to Metanorn. You can see his dedication from the number of post count and special features he keeps on thinking about. Not to mention, the many tag team posts and backend work of finding pictures and arranging many a posts is just one of the things he does. He’s definitely one of the most active anibloggers I know and he always has something positive to say. He’s the cool bro you can always hang out with and never get bored. He will add his brand of humour and make something unfunny, funny; check out his awesome screen caps for a ride and I can bet you would more than just chortle. Ready for almost anything, he’s literally fo’ shizzle my nizzle, a true bro to be your wingman~ I won’t be kidding if I say, I want to trap him forever in Metanorn~ xD


Wishes from the Team 

Fosh: One year at Metanorn! ONE YEAR! That’s a long time! If you were a baby you’d be talking and potentially even walking by now! You’ve done so much for Metanorn…editorials, special posts, fanart, episodics, and those freaking long season previews. Not only that, I swear you’re never late for writing a post or getting stuff done. I mean, just look at your post count. You’re a writing beast! You’ll probably surpass all of the senpais and we’ve been here longer! XD You have deserved this rise from noob to seasoned blogging pro. WELL DONE!

Hime: Congratulations!! Does it feel good to have been here for a year? Well, hopefully, because we want you to stay here forevvverrr and everrrrr~~~~ Okay, let’s turn the creepiness meter down a bit there. What I’m TRYING to say is that it’s been fun having you here and I absolutely adore reading your posts. I love your sarcasm and writing style so much, you don’t even know. But now you do! This is the beauty of anniversary posts, you get to let all those mushy compliments out that you’ve kept inside for so long since you don’t wanna sound like a creepy fan! …Which I kind of sound like right now! …….Right, so, uh, congratulations, again!

Ness: You’re always working in the shadows, secretly doing so much for Metanorn. I don’t know how you find time to do all of those amazing graphics…or even how to do them period, let alone with a time limit. Of course, you’re not only our amazing graphics person (I always get excited when Metanorn gets new banners~) you write awesome posts as well! Thanks for making Metanorn more awesome and for convincing just about half of our readers that you were a guy for most of the time you’ve been working here. You’ll always hold a place in my heart as Metanorn’s number 1 trap. Congrats!

Hime~ Now where would we be without our perverted princess? …We’d probably be someplace safer and much less knowledgeable about hentai. But what fun would that be? I don’t think I’ve ever talked with you EVER on msn (probably because I’m never on), but podcasting together and the occasional First Impression post has been fun! So yep, happy meta-birthday! Let’s hope the next year of blogging brings you lots of Jun and those amazing NSFW posts!

Fosh! You were the very first person to welcome me to Metanorn (…aside from Kyo), and you will forever be awesome because of that! Ahaha, but even without that, you’re still awesome. Tagging Mayo Chiki!, Guilty Crown and then Meta Jump with you has been fun (though I have no idea how you manage to keep up with so many anime at a time XD) and your screencaps are always hilarious. So long story short, happy one year at Metanorn! Let’s hope that we never have to tag another …thing like Higurashi Kira EVER AGAIN.

Ness!!!! I’ve told you before that my respect for you has doubled, but it’s tripled again since then!!! Graphic design is a pain yet you still manage to come out with amazingly sexy graphics EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. Amazingly, without fail. Aside from that, I’m not going to lie. I was surprised to find out that you were a trap XDDDDD. Aaaanyways, happy meta-birthday! Hopefully we can tag something sometime when you’re not too busy earning your monies!  (good luck with that, by the way)

Fosh: W00t Fosh is one year old today! Blogging-wise, of course. Congratulations, Fosh! You’re probably one of the very few harmless and evil-free Metanorn resident here. What can I do without Fosh senpai guiding me until now? You’re probably the reason why my mind is still pretty sane instead of 100% corrupted in this harsh animanga world of Metanorn. Thank you for your guidance until now, especially replying my short and stupid emails, for answering my retarded and rhetorical questions. Last but not least, thank you for being such an awesome aniblogging friend. Once more, congrats! But don’t slack off just because you’re one year old! Keep writing because I love your writings! At least, if you want to slack off, make sure you tell me so we can slack off together >:3

Hime: Yo there, my ero friend. Congrats on making it into your first year. One year of watching ecchi! Teheh, just kidding. If Fosh is the one that keeps me sane, then you’re the one who balance it out by making me insane. All of those tags and ero talks are precious. And epic. Thank you for being such a great listener too, who happens to have so many things in common with me. I still remember our one-on-one Skype chat, teheh. Thank you, thank you so much for being a friend I can share things with.

Ness: I still can’t believe that you’re only one year old in Metanorn. Look at your graphic skills! You’ve decorated Metanorn with awesome graphics like a pro! I never knew that you’ve been in Metanorn for 365 days only… Anyhow, congratulations for making it into the first year! I I’m kind of ashamed with the fact that we’ve never done any tags before =( But I can understand why because you’re so busy. It amazes me how you still find time for Metanorn even though you’re busy with work and school. Ness-senpai is so amazing! Congrats and make sure to stick around Metanon for a loonnggg time. We still have to do a tag team after all =)

Fosh: My first commentor on my first post ever here on Meta, and now not only did you become my co-worker, but I’m here congratulating you on your first year! I honestly had no doubt that you would reach that one year mark because of the enthusiam and dedication you have, and all the work you’ve put in. Saying that, I’d also like to randomly thank you again for joining in and helping with the Exorcist mini-podcast. I really appreciated that ;~; It’s always a delight to talk with you (and confuse you with Kpop heheheh) and I wish I could more often! Congratulations on your first year and let’s continue with a second!

Ness: First off all, congratulations on completing your first year! *throws confetti* You’ve managed to create so much wonderful eye candy with your gorgeous banners and other graphics while at the same time working to get the monies. I’ll admit it inspires me quite a lot xD We haven’t gotten to talk in a long, long, LONG while, but one of these late nights we shall, and hopefully get into a long discussion about Kpop or dramas like we’ve had in the past. I’ll be looking forward to more of your great drama reccomendations (which I will one day watch and finish, ONE DAY) and seeing you continue for another year~. NESS FIGHTING!

Hime: My lovely Exorcist buddy, congratulations on completeing your first year~!! I know I’ve said this before, but it was really fun working with you on Exorcist; from getting to read your awesome, hilarious end thoughts, to just fangirling and conversing with you in general. Thanks to you it’s become one of the funnest series I’ve blogged. Maybe one of these days we can tag team again; on what series, I have no idea, but whatever catches both of our interests. Hopefully this time you won’t have to deal with my delayed emails or posts, hahaha. All in all, I hope college doesn’t eat you up and that you’ll continue to grace Metanorn with your witty critiques and Jun fangirling. Again, congrats!

Fosh: My main man Fosh! I wonder how much Kyo knew this time last year that she was bringing in such a funny, clever, loyal and all-around cool dude like yourself onto the team. For me, it’s been a fun time to chat with you on MetaVerse and the occasional tag post here and there and also to have another One Piece fan in my circle. You might actually be getting tired of this next line since you hear/read it so much, but your captions are golden! You are indeed the shizznet, so cheers to an awesome first year at Metanorn!

Ness: What would Metanorn look like without you? It might look just alright, average, typical… ordinary. With your talents in designing super awesome graphics and also being good with HTML, the season previews are really cool to flip thru. It makes all the researching and writing we do pay off in such a neat way with that extra bit of bling bling, and all the banners for both the site and each of us on the team are really cool to look at. I was also relieved when you were able to step in during the Summer Preview and save the day after some of us had issues with WordPress and copying all the text in. So trap treasurer, I wish you a happy anniversary, I love what you do, and I hope you get the raise you’ve always wanted! 😉

Hime: Let’s see… I’ll avoid mentioning of your ability to be very humourous in your posts and at the same time analyze and critique episodes of w/e show you cover. I’ll avoid mentioning your awesome hair and the many different colors that all look terrific on you. And I will also avoid the fact that you’re anything but pants. Alright, with that stuff out of my system, I wish you a happy anniversary here on Meta as I’m sure it’s been a fun year and that I don’t want to know what Meta would be like without the Perverted Princess!

Fosh: Selamat pagi (or not, if it’s not morning..), my mecha bro! Happy first Metabirthday! Congratulations to a year of Gundam, Squid girls and Hakase! Not to forget dream eating demons, cross dressing butlers and electrifying tsundere! Thank you for spending the year blogging some of my favorite shows (and all time favorite comedy, Nichijou, in particular). Looking forward to another year of aniblogging, artwork and general all around good times.

Hime: Dear lovely person who blogged one of my all time favorite shows the year (Kamisama Dolls): Congratulations on making a whole year! Well done on blogging Mirai Nikki and some of the heavier, more intense shows without loosing your sanity. And I will admit, the ‘Not fit to fap’ editorials are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read. No one has ever made hentai sound so entertaining, ever. Cannot wait to see what else you bring to Metanorn in the coming year.

Ness: Congratulations on a full year or blogging, graphic making and casually confusing the general public as to your gender. I’m sure everyone is thankful for your vivid graphics that really bring Metanorn to life. I for one am extremely thankful for your Asian drama reviews (Yankee-kun to Megane-chan FTW) and coverage of the painfully hilarious Level E. I hope to see Metanorn graced with more of your drama reviews as Metanorn grows, and can’t wait to see how your graphic work helps develop the Metanorn image further, from now on!

Fosh: OH MY GOSH! FOSH! You will forever be dear to my heart because, well, you’re Fosh! You’re so cool, especially with your huggability. And your penchant for mecha. And your awesome artwork. I’m pretty sure everybody loves you because there’s no way anybody could not! I feel like I’ve never really been able to tell you properly but I’m really glad that you’re my senpai. You’ve always been super reliable and if I ever need help with anything you’re always there to pick up the slack and show me the ropes. HAPPY ONE YEAR!!!! Congratulations, you’ve done epically. 😀

Hime: Ah, dearest shark whisperer. How’s it feel to have been around here for a year? Awesome eh? I agree! I’ve always enjoyed your posts, even way back when I was but a wee lurker. Therefore, it only makes sense that it’s been super awesome to get to know you! You’re so edgy and funny and cool and also…I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOUR HAIR! …Ahem. Clearly, I adore you. xD Also, I expect to have more hilariously brilliant conversations soon! If we don’t it would be so very, very pants. Super pants! Haha! I hope I used that one right. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SUPER-ONE-YEAR-SHARK-WHISPERER!!!! YAH!

Ness: WOOH! All I can say is that you’re awesome gurl. Like, seriously. You’re the graphics queen over here at Meta and I’m completely awed at your prowess. You’ve definitely got a good eye for things and I humbly bow down to your greatness. I haven’t been able to talk to you as much as I’d like to but I’m definitely going to drag you into a tag-team with me sometime soon. Don’t even try to resist. I won’t allow it. xD But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS on making it through a YEAR! Party hard and take a break, you busy lady! <3

Come on and join in the partying to wish the senpais many such more years~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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73 Responses to “Weekend Party for the second Trio of Senpais”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    Awww, congratulationseveryone!Seems like just yesterday you guys were just joining. Keep up the great work!

  2. Overcooled says:

    Congratulations again to everyoneand WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT CAT PICTURE?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Those cats are random! But the cats look like they are preparing the other for a sacrifice or worshiping him as a all powerful god…

      Thanks again OC!

    • Ness says:

      Thanks very much!

      Yeah… what is up with those cats hahha. Poor kitties :3

    • Kyokai says:

      That’s a Kimi to Boku joke for you senpais~ xD

  3. Junko says:

    Senpai-tachi, omedetou gozaimasu! irorio oshiete kureta arigatou, ne! Kyou kara mo, youroshiku onegaishimasu!

    Or in non-weeb speak:

    Congratulations, senpai! Thank you for teaching me many things. Please continue to look after us!

    Seriously guys, job well done 🙂

  4. Kitty says:

    Congrats to you all! *hugs and cookies*

  5. Foshizzel says:

    D’awwwwwww so much love! I feel all warm and fuzzy after reading this post <3 everyone here even our lurkers.

    @Kyokai- Ahahah yes! I will forever live inside the Metanorn headquarters, at least the view is nice from way up on top <3 I remember when I got the email for joining Metanorn! I was so shocked and amazed at the same time. So thank you for bringing me on board and using my ideas for posts I always have a blast with every series I end up taking on and every Tag team I work on even if some of those series crash and burn.

    @OC- Ahaha yes lots of shows and series, it is funny to see the random list of anime from hardcore ecchi all the way to Nichijou and now Guilty Crown. Which I am having so much fun with well even if 90% of that "fun" is making jokes about Shu and everyone else. You inspired me to tackle an editorial post for the first time! And I always enjoyed reading your posts and editorials and your cap comments are great too! I always die laughing reading the Phi Brain reviews. Oh and of course the hilarious podcasts too 😀

    @Kara- Ohhh man I remember that week when you, Jrow, Anaaga and Zabob joined up! That was some exciting stuff and you are always fun to talk with over MSN. And tagging Mayo Chiki was the best ever! Thanks for joining for that last bit as we were left with soooo many unanswered questions. I love doing the cap comments, usually it is something random that I run with, and I like tagging with you! Just wait for Kore wa zombie s2 we will team up once again.

    @Anaaga- I am glad I can keep you sane! But together we are all mental and I wouldn't change that, well maybe? LOL I always have fun talking to you over Twitter and MSN! Hell you were the reason I actually tried that Yaoi series and you even pulled me into a chat/episode review. That night I was laughing so hard so thank you Anaaga for bringing me along <3 hopefully we can tag something over again and laugh together. True! We can slack off together one day.

    @Hoshi- I remember that, I think it was on K-ON? Or something like that. I do enjoy the types of shows you review even Kimi to Boku is actually fun and interesting! I remember I kept watching A Channel, because I wanted to read your thoughts and reviews! I think everyone needs some moe series they can wind down with. I had an amazing time with that EXorcist podcast with Hime of course, thanks for letting me ramble on with you it was a good time 😉

    @Jrow- Sup my main bro! I have to say damn it's always fun to read your One piece thoughts, I really got into the manga after plowing away through the anime. Not to mention the awesome podcast editing and general topics and themes, you have lots of amazing ideas. We have to find some ecchi series to review together, even if it is just boob shots for all 25 caps LOLOL one day we will find something that is not horrible. The best part of any review even if it is a shitty series are screencap comments I love that part.

    @Junko- Yay! Mecha <3 <3 <3 I wish we could all have real giant robots that would be so amazing, Oooh yes! Nichijou I will always remember that hilarious series damn I will miss it. I have to practice drawing more one day we can do a colab picture, I do love you artwork so good.

    @Zabob- D'awwwww -hugs- Thanks bob! I always have a good laugh with you on twitter, Msn and Skype you always make me smile. Well I am glad you are equally awesome, we have to work on something together one day.

    Thank you everyone! I always think of everyone here as my second family and it is always a pleasure to work with everyone, even for ones I haven't had a chance to tag with one day we will! <3 <3

    CONGRATS Hime and Ness! Hooray we survived a whole year on Metanorn ;D

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Has it already been a year for you guys? Wow, that was really fast. Add that to your list achievements along with all those covered posts because you deserve it.

    I should have known Hime would go with a picture of Mirai Nikki’s Yuno. A sadistic, murdering, strawberry blond yandere. Overcooled has competition in the sadistic department now.

    The cats picture looks freaky and out of place but somehow it manages to work out.

    • Kyokai says:

      Even the new team mates are like they have been part of the meta family forever. There’s a lot of love here~ xD

      And this post was a surprise for the senpais so they didn’t know about the picture selection or even titles. You can say this is my appreciation to them and their individual qualities. :3

      • Hime says:

        Kekekeke…moi? Sadistic? I’m quite sure I have no idea what you mean.

    • Foshizzel says:

      D’awwwww thanks! It means a lot <3

      YAY CATS! xDDD

  7. Reaper says:

    One year? I guess it’s off with the Freshmen and on with the Sophomores? I’m not that great with them terms not being American but who cares! Omedetou Metanorn Sophomores! Awesome Motoko pic from Ness, the Major! An awesome year of work and passion from all of you, may it keep on coming!
    PS They should have thrown up the Nyan~ cat for that pic XD

    • Ness says:

      Motoko is awesome XD

      I can’t believe a year went by already, man how time flies and it’s already December! I still sometimes feel like it’s summer.. even though it’s cold out.

      Thanks much~!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks!! Wooooo hoooooo <3 <3

  8. Toori-chan says:

    Congrats to the Trio for one-year achievement. Kyokai should give a certificate of some sort. Do continue to make Metanorn a wonderful blog.

    I never actually notice that you people had been here already. It feels like all of you had been here for more than a year. Fosh had always been around the web to reply people’s comment. Ness had also been making awesome graphics while working her ass off. Hime’s posts had been interesting and also filled with erotic captions.

    Aratamete, sanin tachi omedeto gozaimasu. Itsumo no youni ganbatte kudasai. The three of you, congrats once again. Please do your best as usual.

    • Ness says:

      Thanks very much! Ah, there’s no certificates but lots of love floating around. Kyo will one day hire me to work for her IRL when she moves to the US XD

      Yep, every Meta Team member has something awesome to bring to the site. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Why thank you Toori-chan!

      Indeed it seems like just yesterday I got that all important email from Kyokai about joining! Brings back so many memories xD

  9. amado says:

    congrats to all. i’ll hang out more once Christmas vacation starts.

  10. Ness says:

    Thanks much for putting this post together. I was at work taking a break and seeing this post brightened up my day (despite the horrific stuff happening in my workplace).

    Kyo: So, how about that raise? XD Man, now everyone keeps thinking that all I do is work for that monehs. It might be true but it’s for a good cause. BUWAHAHAHA. Anyways, I applied to Metanorn out of boredom.. really. After quitting the life of a hardcore vid-gamer, I picked up anime again and just so happen to see a hiring post here. So why not give ani-blogging a shot. It was well worth it and being able to make graphics for everyone along with their appreciation.. makes me happy. But yeah, working with you is very enjoyable and I look forward to more awesomeness together in the future.

    OC: I’m trying to move away from being a trap haha.. thus I now dub myself THE TREASURER! But really, it was very amusing to let people wonder about my gender. XD But with that aside, thanks for the inspiration you’ve given me for posting. Well, your editorials are always interesting reads which makes me want to do some cool posts too (if only I had the time hah). As well, your sense of humor is da best (despite our disagreement on Fireball Charming). WE BELIEVE IN DA HEART<3 OF THE PUZZLEZ~!

    Hoshi: Yeah, it's been a while since we've talked><; aside from MetaVerse. But we're busy peeps yo~! But when we do get the chance, you should have that chat on K-pop and Dramas. I need some good K-pop recommendations from you XD As well, when I catch up on Bakuman, we should totally tag-team again haha. Karakuri: I don't find graphic design to be a pain but more of a time consuming job because of the need to pay attention to details. Or that's what my instructors say about details. Yeah yeah, I'm working lots to make that monehs and man how it's tiresome! We spend maybe 75% of our lives working and oh how I wonder if it will pay off. But lets not forget to have fun and paaarrtaaaaaaayyyyy~! Thanks:3 anaaga: Finding time to do Meta stuff while having to work and study is only challenging when I think about it. But most of the time, I try to designate days to do Meta work unless we really need a post to come out soon.. then I end up pulling late late night/mornings hah. I'm almost nocturnal because of my work schedule. But it's all good. I'm enjoying the work I do for Metanorn and working with you all. Now if I could have time for animanga XD Junko: You're one of the very few who appreciate the dorama, that I know of XD I remember when I was blogging Yankee to Megane and you would comment. Thanks much for that. Yep, I hope to bring more dorama fandom to Metanorn and there's many other things to come. Jrow: I'm actually really glad that you decided to join Metanorn. Aside from your awesome work at Anivision, working with you here is enjoyable. Though we haven't been able to catch each other online much, whenever we converse, it's always cools (as with everyone) and especially doing MetaVerse. I haven't given up on that impossible (really it is not possible) raise but it's a good joke I use around work to my managers. Zabo: Zaboooooo~! Thanks much. Yeah, you can try to drag me into a tag-team.. if you can catch me. BUWAHAHAH XD But really, we should (one day :3). I can't really partay until the end of the year because man the holidays are busy for me. But when it's party time, I'll party hard and get my due of rest XD If I take another break from school, I'm gonna leave the country on vaca~ woooo. Fosh and Hime: Wooo we made it through a year! Doesn't feel like it's been a year but I guess time just flies by when you're having a blast. Fosh and I have our Nesshizzel Tagteam going on, it's on break this season but maybe it will be back in the winter. As for Hime, oh how I enjoy your unique taste in things... anime... yeah XD Plus, I love your accent and how you live in an airplane (with that bg noise). But yeah, CONGRATS to us~!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Congrats Ness! My internet little brother xDDDD

      YES! We shall revive Nesshizzel in the future <3

    • Zabobinator says:

      No worries. I’ll catch you somehow. xD Good luck with everything! Congrats! ^_^ <3

    • Kyokai says:

      I’ll give you a raise when I hire you for real~ xD
      It’s been fun knowing you and fangirling some of our common hobbies. I feel I’ve learned more photoshop with you around. xD

  11. Karakuri says:

    HAPPY ONEYEARAVERSARY GUYS~! What are you talking about. That’s totally a real word.

  12. Kyokai says:

    Congrats, my teammates, yet again~ <333

    And everyone who has been thinking about the random cats, you guys are not watching Kimi to Boku, right? Such a shame. =P

  13. Miyu says:

    Congrats!! 😀 It’s only been a year? I can’t remember the times when I didn’t to read your posts every day. *w* Yayyy have fun celebrating and I look forward to seeing you guys here for a looooong time ahead~ :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know it seems insane that a year has already passed since I joined, but it has been one of the best times ever xD Thanks again!

  14. Tofu says:

    It seemed like yesterday that the older senpais had their first anniversary but hey, time flies by fast so we gotta make the most out of it. ;D

    I hope you guys are enjoying your new lifestyle writing for Metanorn and participating in discussions you wouldn’t normally do in real life (unless you live with otakus and have like anime conventions or clubs near your area…tch…) ^^ Well that’s a stupid question ey? Metnorn’s full of life and potential with such a friendly and vast community who will converse with you xD

    Ness and Hime, though I don’t hang around Metanorn as much as I used to in the pass and of course, I really haven’t had much opportunities to really get to know Hime all that much but the most important thing is that if you’re a friend of a friend of mine then you’re my friend as well :3 Yeah, I’m quite the emotional guy, though you peps might not consider each other as good friends I do and I really do want to congradulate your first year girls ^^ Oh wait, sorry Ness you’re a guy huh 😛 kidding~ Metanorn isn’t Metanorn without it’s writers and readers and everyone in between ^^ As much as we celebrate this time, I’m sure most of us will agree that there’s much thanks going out to everyone in the Metanorn team for you hard work and the continuous effort to mix things up innovatively!

    Woah that’s long but hey Fosh, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you mate ;D It might just be because me and Fosh are guys but hell, I think of you as a mate of mine and yes a good friend of mine of course ^^ Those msn chats on many things, even the stuff with Hato about certain people (positive things guys~ we don’t say bad things, we’re good people ^^) but I think you know what I mean mate. Well there’s the time where we both blogged Kore wa Zombie together… *sigh* good times man good times… well other than the general stuff up top, let me say that, I enjoy our time we comment on each others posts or even just those short chats at times ;D Make sure you don’t overwork yourself man like in the past – blogging like… 4 shows in a season? dayum~ well I think this is getting too long so I wish you, Ness and Hime a great anniversary and hopefully a better year this time around ;D

    Guys! The ani-blog tournament is going to be held in 2012!!!!! FRICKEN AWESOME!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks Tofu, I remember all our awesome MSN chats either about anime or even real life stuff they are always great times! We should skype again sometime with some Metanorn and SJ peeps! It would be amazing.

      Hell ya! KORE WA ZOMBIE! I can’t wait for the second season hahah it will be great <3 Ohhh yes! It will be so much fun xD

      • Tofu says:

        ahahahaha! yeah I totally forgot about Skype ^^;

        Also a message to Fosh down below:
        Show ▼

  15. anaaga says:

    Late here, but congrats!
    I-it’s not like I love you guys or anything like that!

  16. Yippy says:

    Congrats on completing your first years. Hope to read many more quality writing from you guys. (^O^)/

  17. Hime says:

    Congratulations to my other graduees, Fosh & Ness! 1 year at Meta, it’s fantastic! And Fosh, holy shit, man; LOOK AT HOW MANY POSTS YOU’VE DONE?! That’s insane. You are so dedicated, I feel like such a slacker next to you! And Ness, your graphics are always so beautiful, I’m always staring at them and trying to figure out how you do it. I feel really lucky to have joined at the same time as you guys <333

    @Kyokai- Big Boss Lady, Y U SAY SUCH NICE THINGS? Ahaha, I remember our fangirling, and me and Anaaga recommending naughtry drama CD titles for you xDD It was awsome, and we need to find time to fangirl intensely again after Christmas. I was totally surprised to get that email from you saying I'd been accepted into Metas blog family, surprised and exstatic; I think I made the most derp face ever. So thanks for taking me on last year and allowing me to inflict my opinions on everyone here.

    @OC- Thanks, it feels amazing! I will totally stay here forever and ever [as long as I can still make dirty jokes] or until school decides to kill me xD I've been on podcasts with you a few times and it was an absolute pleasure. You're my editorial senpai, and your editorials are insigtful and intelligent. I love reading them and they always make me think a little more about the topic delved into.

    @Kara- We do need to talk more Kara ;_; but I have enjoyed the FIs I've been involved in with you and podcasts and shizz. We should find something to tag in the Winter season xD

    @Anaaga- *lovingly rapes as a friend, I don’t want Zab hating me XD* I’ve loved our ero tag teams, it’s definately one of the most fun experiances I’ve had on this site. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my perverted ways! XD We MUST one-on-one Skype chat again. It was great to find out all the things we had in common, and heart to hearts always bring friends closer :3 You are just a star and I hope we get more chances to tag-team things in the future!

    @Hoshi- Aw man, those Exorcist posts were fun. So much fangirling… xD and the podcast we did with Fosh was great as well. Hopefully we will find something to tag-team on again! And don’t worry, sometimes the episodes had me so dumbstruck it took me days to put into words all the EMOTION D: I don’t know if Jun fangirling is so good for me xD BUT DAMMIT I WON’T STOP! As Jun was the reason I wanted to watch Exorcist in the first place, and the reason we ended up doing that epic tag-team xD

    @Jrow & Zab- I’M NEVER GOING TO LIVE THAT DOWN AM I? Just cause ya’ll don’t get my gangsta speak BD And yes, Zab, your context of “pants” was used appropriately. xD Just for the record it means something bad, or rubbish. I don’t actually know why, because pants are generally a good thing…you would get done for indecent exposure otherwise! I’ve had some awesome chats with you guys, both on and off Skype. I adore you, too, Zabo! And Jrow, I’m not even going to mention how brilliant you are, or how awesomely detailed and interpreted your Penguindrum posts are. Nope. Not gonna say a word!

    @Junko- Thanks Junko, Kamisama Dolls was awesome xD I feel really lucky to have got to blog it, same with Mirai Nikki. It’s not the type of show I usually cover, which makes it quite exciting. I’m especilly grateful to have been here for a year because it meant that when my birthday rolled around I would get art from the amazing Junko! Srsly, I said it then and I’ll say it now; I squee so much at your drawings. Just the style of them is SO FRIGGIN CUTE…I don’t even. Just, …keep drawing and being awesome <33

    • Foshizzel says:

      High five Hime! Congrats on a full year here at Metanorn! It is always a pleasure chatting to you and tag teaming on Working!! Keep being awesome! <3

    • Karakuri says:

      YES!!!! TAGGING! …I had forgotten completely about your pants comment on the podcast! lololol

    • Zabobinator says:

      Yah. We’re never letting you live it down. xD

      …I’ll let your advances on my waifu slide just this once. ONLY CUZ IT’S YOUR ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. NEVER AGAIN! Cuz that’s pants.

      Congrats Hime! Love you~

    • Kyokai says:

      Because IT’S TRUE!
      If only you had recorded your derp face after getting that email. Would have been fun like Hato’s Hattori lips. xD
      Anyways, you girls have made me listen to so much smex, HNNG, my ears! :3

  18. Alynn says:

    Congratulations everyone! Has it been a year really? Time really flies when I read Metanorn.

  19. Namika says:

    I can’t believe that it’s been so long! You guys, are awesome, really. Making the blog not only go, but get better and better. Metanorn changed so much throughout the years, and it’s all you guys )))))) Omedetto~ ^O^ And sorry for being cheezy. But what’s an aniblog without at least one cheezy person ^^;

  20. Moni Chan says:

    DDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN One year in my world is like less then a month when i’m on this website, even thou I haven’t been using this website for a year (or have I)

    Omedetou gozaimazu !!!!!!!!!!!!

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