Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 12 [END]

So who is the World’s Greatest First Love (Sekai’ichi Hatsukoi)?

And so Sekai Ichi comes to an end, AGAIN. Where did the weeks go?! One week I was complaining about the extreme censorship about that glorious car sex scene and now I’m suddenly weeping over Takano’s final sentences. -sigh- It’s been another glorious 13 episodes, but of course, we need to make way for winter…
Hello guys! How was your Christmas? Apologies for the late post because us Meta peeps took some days off from animu to PARTAY with family and friends~ Anyhow, here it is, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season two – the last episode! Fluff and sweetness overload!

Our guess in the previous post was correct; the last episode is about Takano and Ritsu’s high school days… In Takano’s PoV! *squeal* Back then Ritsu wasn’t, um, jaded, and Takano was just a child with ignorant divorced parents that were too busy to even give their only son a simple greeting. Anyhow, the episode starts with Takano recalling of Ritsu’s confession and Takano’s reaction at the confession:

Takano’s kind of mean, eh? Thankfully, his “game” didn’t last long because his parents frustrated him to the point where he shouted at Ritsu, insulting him for his idiocy innocence and stalkerish behavior. Not to mention the fact that Ritsu has a happy family, unlike Takano, makes his mood worse.

Takano thought Ritsu wouldn’t talk to him anymore because he was being such a mean ass to him when he did nothing wrong, but guess what happen? Like any other stalker in yaoi, Ritsu didn’t get angry at Takano! Heck, he even ran back to school when he saw the rainy weather, just to give Takano an umbrella!

Then Takano realized that there’s nothing wrong with Ritsu. His personality is like that because of his upbringing, and he just really really likes Takano.

When some random girl (ew) confessed to Takano, he rejected her because he liked someone else. Suddenly his eyes followed Ritsu everywhere, and Takano’s heart went doki-doki because of Ritsu. The stalker victim fell in love with the stalker. His first love, if you want to be more exact about it.


 T-Totally didn’t cry at the end *sniff* So obviously the notable thing about this last episode was that we FINALLY got Takano’s point of view and the full story of their relationship back in high school. All we had been getting was Ritsu’s side/thoughts, so this was an incredibly great way to end this second season. Takano was a lot more…cynical than I would’ve thought. It totally popped that sweet bubble the OVA’s created about their relationship for me, yet it wasn’t a bad thing seeing as we got all the missing pieces, both unbearable and ridiculously sweet. It was just so nice to see how his love for Ritsu grew. Also, I commend young Ritsu for sticking by, and the whole talking ‘talking about it just to make you feel ever a little better’ made me want to cry a little. Also, I didn’t realize how much of a stalker Ritsu really was. You know he could’ve just changed his name periodically if he didn’t want to be found out—Wait, why I am suggesting better stalking tips?

Anyway, I liked that the ending wasn’t overly cheesy or brought out my extreme fangirly side. There wasn’t that last sex scene or kiss scene that would’ve flushed my face and had me giggling like a crazy women. It brought some serious points along with a more serious Takano and gave a subtle, sweet last minute scene of the two together. I was definitely surprised. As for the second season as a whole, it didn’t feel as mismatched as it had last season. The other couple episodes were IN ORDER and actually a lot more interesting! Kisa and Yukina grew on me the most, heh~ Well, I had fun fangirling over all the couples in Sekai Ichi, and I’ll definitely be missing this series. This is that point in time to say ‘THERE’S STILL THE MANGA!’~

Beautiful. The season finale is just so beautiful. Studio DEEN made the right choice by using Takano’s PoV for the last episode. Although, let’s be honest here, this episode looks more like a bonus episode instead of the last episode. It’s like some extra early OVA because it’s obvious that the season was concluded with Ritsu admitting his love for Takano in the previous episode. And unlike NuraNoMago, Studio DEEN didn’t attempt to improve the animation even though it’s the last episode. I laughed at some of Takano’s postures because they were just so awkward and out of alignment (So totally didn’t take that line from Tenkai in Sengoku Basara: The Last Party. Seriously). Yaoi is so underrated in the anime world.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy this episode. The story, I mean. It’s nice to know what Takano is actually thinking about Ritsu. Takano is one of many kids who suffered from lack of attention and a divorce (he ended up as a playboy in his college days until Yokozawa’s ass came to the rescue), so I can understand why he wasn’t so fond of Ritsu at first. And Ritsu is like a fresh breeze in Takano’s life since he’s not used to attention from someone who actually cares about him. I used to think that Takano’s breakdown over Ritsu in his college days was pretty stupid since it’s just a guy, but now I realized that can possibly happen after all. It’s such a surprise that Takano still loves Ritsu even though Ritsu ditched him at the worst time of his life. If I were him, it would take me forever to get over the ditching. So I guess even though Ritsu ditched him, he still gave Takano a permanent mark by making Takano optimistic, even though it’s just a little bit. I’m pretty sure Takano’s old-self (before Ritsu butting in into his life) won’t love the person who ditched him.

So the Greatest First Love is Ritsu? Or Takano? My guess is both are the greatest for each other. Without Ritsu, Takano won’t have that big change in his life. He’ll just be the same Takano who doesn’t know how it feels to be loved. And without Takano, Ritsu probably won’t be like how he is now, jaded and stuff like that. I actually prefer this kind of Ritsu instead of the innocent Ritsu in high school. Poor guy will be duped every day if he stays innocent like that. Man, I love how the title fits both ways.

SIH isn’t the best yaoi in the world, but it sure made my days fun. I see it as nothing more than yaoi that let me fangirl with my fellow Meta friends. Those days when I used to take SIH seriously are gone. I’m not too keen with the idea of a third season, but I guess a little bit of fun won’t hurt. I do need Yokzawa’s arc to be animated though.

Gay bishies are the best


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3 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 12 [END]”

  1. I’ve been lurking and reading and enjoying your SIH posts. This last episode was different than I was expecting, with Takano’s POV and going back into the past, but it worked well enough.

    I would love a third season, as I’m now really into not only Takano and Ritsu but the two other couples, especially the love triangle with Chiaki/Tori/Yuu.

    And I also want to see more of Yokozawa! =D

  2. anaaga says:

    Glad someone likes me Sih posts ^^ I think they’re just trying to squish in some random episode just to make it into a twelve episodes anime series, but knowing what Takano is thinking is pretty nice =D

    Oh, and did I stole your first comment? 😉

  3. Knighttou says:

    love ur commen ! hope it’s not too late to reply now becuase i just saw it today. i watched sekaiichi several times more than u can imagine. Anyway, it’s so good to know that there are someone else on earth that love this anime and manga like i do …^ ^

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