Meta Jump Issue – 13

New jump image for you to enjoy! By Foshizzel this time.


Gintama 236

Gintama math problem here, trust me do not solve or your head will explode.

Oh boy, I bet everybody was trolled hard. I knew that Elizabeth is going to stay in Gintama, and Soraichi will have to pull his troll joke just to make him stay. But I totally did not expect the whole Monday Elizabeth thing. I wasted my tears for nothing! Overall this arc is pretty all right, I totally don’t get why people said it’s the “worst Gintama arc.” Sure, it’s basically a repetition of things, but IMO that happens in every Gintamaarcs. Maybe they don’t like it because there’s LOTS of Gundam and GaoGaiGar references in this arc. NotGintama’s fault for having fans that don’t watch Gundam and GaoGaiGar. And it’s obvious that there’s more effort in this arc. The animation is still a typical Shonen Jump animation, but I love how they used Char and Amuro’s voice actors. You got to pay a lot just to get both of them, they’re pros! These fans should start watching Gundam


Bleach 350

DEM PLOTS! So much development, also hamburger cell phone so moe for Orihime.

Hooray! Ichigo has his powers back, but he is still quite weak! Well I did not expect him to run around slashing people with his new powers. I still don’t like the Look of his new powers it’s like Ichigo uses a boomerang as a weapon! Ahaha oh well the visual effect is amazing reminds me of his old bankai especially the black and red colors. Anyway the episode follows mostly Tsukishima and his sudden “attack” on Orihime, Tsukishima’s ability is very quite overpowered. It allows him to re-write your history, meaning he can place him inside key points in your past and make you believe you are his close friend. That might not sound like much but it is very effective later on in the manga. Now for a moment with Chad! This guy finally has some damn speaking parts; usually he is on the side being the quiet dude. And Urahara is being sneaky behind Ichigo’s back..So things are getting interesting again with lots of sneaky background stuff going on.


Sket Dance 35

Bossun has entered the number zone! My worst nightmare….oh…god….the…numbers….

This week on Sket Dance, is allll about quizzes. The first half of the episode, the quiz club (led by Enigman and his assistant Quettion (…Quecchan?)) lock Himeko’s Pelorin Doll in a chest and challenge the Sket Dan to a quiz showdown. This is then followed by a painful 15 minutes of the quiz club asking questions, Himeko failing miserably, Switch ALMOST getting it and Bossun being useful for once and answering correctly. They win thanks to Bossun. The second half of the episode, a timid ikeman shows up at the Sket Dan wanting help with his love life. The guy likes this girl from his club but he doesn’t know what her name is or what she looks like. Why? Because he’s Enigman from the quiz club. So yeah, Himeko and Bossun tell him to go for it and after he confesses, it turns out that Quettion has a different personality when she takes off her mask too. And that personality has no interest in Enigman without his mask. Oh and during this entire thing, Switch has been on the roof quizzing the Student Council. So I’ll admit that this episode was somewhat boring…. Until Enigman and Quettion started singing that is. I laughed SO HARD. I was made even better by Switch’s rendition in the second half (he is by far the best Sket Dan member). So yeah, overall, not a bad episode. I have to say that Himeko’s character is starting to get a little bland since it seems all she does now is tsukkomi, beat people up and complain. Wait. Isn’t that what she’s done from the beginning? …Anyways, I hope the anime does something more interesting with her character soon (or maybe gives the Student Council more screen time).


Hunter X Hunter 10

Leorio-“Whoever designed this area loves Minecraft…seriously.”

The examination continues! The psychological battles take an even more prominent role than the last episode with Leorio’s battle, which has absolutely no fighting whatsoever. It takes more creativity to think of matches that pit intellect against intellect than super powers against super powers. I always feel like I’m learning so much when I watch those sort of battles. Now I know how to emotionally manipulate people even more! But seriously, I liked how one match started to bleed into the next instead of just each match being completely separate from the next. I think Fujiwara Keiji needs to work more on his loud and obnoxious voice though. He’s great voicing him during serious moment or when he’s being sarcastic, but as soon as he starts raising his voice, I don’t feel like the role suits him as much. I’m loving Namikawa Daisuke as Hisoka though. I love Hisoka so much, he’s such a total CREEP. I loved his brief fight this episode as well. You know the man is a beast for making it through the tower in less than 7 hours. Wow. I’m starting to get into this show a lot more now that we’re nearly done the examinations!


Naruto Shippuden 238

Sai-“Damn this is going to look horrible in my new house…”

Oh hey, looks like we are in store for more FLASHBACKS GUYS! This time were following Sai for a while, remember him? He was brought in to be Sasuke’s “replacement” The only thing I ever liked about Sai was his ninja skills; I would love to use my own drawings to kick ass with I do like that skill seems awesome to me. So this time Sai is left with a bunch of children? Thankfully they are easily fooled with those ink animals; they should pair Sai up with Ika Musume they would own together. This whole episode was basically about Sai learning what Naruto and Sakura really mean to him. So you could say he needs to learn friendship! That isn’t such a bad thing because Sai is very cold and emotionless, that seems to be the theme of any character that joins Naruto and Sakura’s team. So yeah it looks like Sai really misses Naruto and Sakura! And he really wants to help bring Sasuke back for them.


Fairy Tail 108


Moar fighting in Fairy Tail this week. This time, it’s Loke’s turn to be awesome in his showdown with Capricorn. After deflecting Capricorn’s summoned human’s arrows, Loke reveals that Lucy inherited Capricorn since Layla used to be his master. Capricorn explains that he just wanted to screw the rules. Meanwhile, Natsu runs into Ultear and Zeref. Also, Juvia and Erza start their battle with Merdy (…whatever happened to Juvia causing rain all the time?). Merdy summons blades and since they attack the sense of pain directly, they can hurt even Juvia. Back with Loke, it turns out that it wasn’t Capricorn that wanted to screw the rules, but a human who took over Capricorn’s body. The human then takes control of Loke and while he’s figuring out how to kill Lucy, Capricorn reverse Falcon Punches him to separate Zoldio (the evil Grimoire Heart human guy) from Loke. Zoldio then disintegrates and Capricorn explains that Layla gave Capricorn’s key to Zoldio for safe keeping in case Lucy wanted to be a Wizard and then Zoldio wandered off and found a forbidden technique to fuse his body with Capricorn’s….somehow. So Loke returns as a key safely with Capricorn, Gray loses his S Class partner and Cana proposes to split up. So back to everyone else who’s had the crap kicked out of them, they’re all still alive, but Levy gives a speech about how Fairy Tail has to start working together since the test divided them. …Too bad that Cana knocked Lucy unconscious and left her in the bushes since Lucy figured out where Mavis’s grave was pretty quickly and told Cana. So yeah, next episode, Lucy fights the Grimoire Heart member that finds her in the bushes. Extra incentive for the guys to watch: there’s ripped clothing to be had.


One Piece 526

Sorry Jrow you have to wait for the x rated episodes later on, until then enjoy this extreme close up of  Nami.

And we’ve made it to Fishman Island, aka Sanji’s burial grounds! The man is having a hard enough time with the women on his crew, how can he possibly handle super hot mermaids at every turn? Fishman Island was incredibly detailed in the manga almost to the point where details were difficult to make out, so I’m anxious to see this new world and how it looks in color. Getting back to episode 526… after praising the animation last week, this week was slightly a setback, though the closeup shots were in good detail as well plenty of shots of Nami. It was clever of Luffy and co. to return using Kraken (or excuse me, Surume) to ride them all the way, it was awesome that Usopp got to shine for a moment, and Robin’s “He runs awful” line was odd even for her in such a dire situation.


Beelzebub 45

A shot from inside the Metanorn gaming room.

So this week we take a trip to Himekawa’s house or “hotel” to play some games, I always forget this guy is actually very rich and owns several floors that he rents from the family. Damn I wouldn’t mind his lifestyle and all those computers and video games? Very nice! This episode seems to be about Furuichi and Lamia searching for Prince En online. I found it really hard to believe none of those characters knew a damn thing about online games! Then again why would they? Most of them are into real world fighting and being bad asses all the time. Chiaki randomly chooses a game to play and ends up fighting against a player named Enko aka Prince to a game called Streaking of Fighter four. I did get a good laugh at the name it is kind of hilarious, it seems like Beelzebub has been hanging around Gintama lately? And you win by making the other lose their clothes by hitting them with attacks. After a few rounds Chiaki finally looses and we find out it wasn’t En playing at all. Instead it was Izabella all along, who knew maid demons could kick ass at video games? Other video game parodies the END of WAR 4! Call of duty or modern warfare? You can let me know which game they were poking fun at. Anyway enough video games! We want to hear about Oga right? Well he is finally getting some training from Zenjuuro to master his demon powers.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 13”

  1. Kitty says:

    Sket Dance: Made me feel like I got a double dose of Phi Brain. Also WHY was Bossum answering all the questions and not Switch. So confused! Who knew that guy was so smart! That ending was amusing. Switch confusing the student council had me laughing for hours. I can always count on SD for a good laugh.

    Fairy Tail: For this ARC I’m still loving ep 106 Natsu’s battle with Zancrow was beyond awesome. I enjoyed the Leo screen time. Not interesting in watching Lucy flaw her arms around but I AM looking forward to Natsu showing up in the same picture as her. Yay for more Natsu x Lucy time!

    • Foshizzel says:

      FAAAIIRRYY TAIIL! Damn this arc is starting to be really fun and the best part not everyone is kicking ass and actually getting beaten, most shows would have the main guild own every one xDD

      • Bob from Accounting says:


        • Karakuri says:


          • Foshizzel says:

            Well I am only 20-30 chapters behind! But not ready to progress because I am still in this current anime arc…or should I bite the bullet and move ahead? xD

            • Bob from Accounting says:

              Move ahead. Preferably with a camera handy so your face when you read Dat Ending is recorded for posterity.

      • Kitty says:

        This is one of the main reason I actually followed Fairy Tail passed 50+ eps. Because there is no one character who is a power house. They work better in pairs or as a guild in a whole. Even the S-Class Mages are having a hard time, which is nice to see. I wish I could join Fairy Tail ;_;

  2. Toori-chan says:

    Sket Dance: I laughed my ass off when they were singing that stupid song. Switch’s tries to copy them but failed hilariously with that straight look. Still, it’s funny.

    Fairy Tail: I can’t wait to see the fight between Erza and Juvia against Merdy. Juvia lost her main trait (water body) and her rain isn’t showing any signs of returning (someone depress her!!!) Either way, LucyXNatsu have to come first. Looking forward for it.

    HunterXHunter: Leorio was really smart this time for a person who has such a short temper. Hisoka’s short battle was nice for a change of pace during the examination. Wait, he cleared the exam in less than 7 hours?!!! That guy’s a bloodlust nutcase!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Fairy Tail I can’t wait till I get to see more Erza and Juvia fighting together again, I can’t wait to see more of Lucy and Natsu <3 they are good together.

      Hunter X Hunter I like the fights and damn Hisoka killed that guy so fast...

    • Karakuri says:

      Lolol yeah that song XD. It was so stupid that it was hilarious. I don’t even know.

      Juvia hasn’t had a good fight in a while, so I’m quite looking forward to the fight too.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Naruto Shippuuden: Now Sai is a character worth getting some insight on since he’s a total mystery because he has no emotions. He almost looks like a different person with the change of clothes he has. The interesting thing is that he’s actually developping emotions.

    Yikes, Sakura really is Tsunade’s apprentice. Same short temper, same monstrous strength. And she knows how to put on a fake smile as well.

    But sometimes Naruto can be a real idiot following Sasuke, who wants nothing to do with him or the village. There’s no point in saving someone who doesn’t want to be saved. It will only make you regret it more when he tries to kill you.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I was never ever a fan of Sai, but I love his ninja skill if I was a Naruto character that would be the skills I would use xD

      Yep! Sakura is a dangerous girl..

      • BlackBriar says:

        Whether it’s Sasuke or Sai, Team Kakashi always get a member who’s always burying their emotions. Sai does have some awesome ninja drawing skills. I wonder if he drew full sized people, that they’ll come to life the same way as they do with his animals.

        If had to go with a power, it would either be having the Nine-Tails with being able to do the Rasengan attacks or Sasuke powers with the Sharingan. Sasuke and Itachi’s powers are just as badass. The Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu are great but the power that tops those is the Susano’o. Even though it has a steep drawback if overused.

        • Foshizzel says:

          True! Sai isn’t a robot like Inori from Guilty Crown lolol and he can draw!!! Yeah what would happen??

          Id go with Rasengan attacks cause you can copy other peoples attacks! Ah ya that is sooo true…

  4. Jrow says:

    What I would do to be an animated drop of sweat…

    HxH – Hisoka’s scene this week was really cool, and even though I’m worried Leorio is gonna lose, the approach is quite admirable.

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