Kimi to Boku 09 – 12

As I predicted, Kimi to Boku finally took it to the BL level…

~Okay I’m kidding, no it didn’t. Stop fujoshi mind, stop it! Anyway, I’ve actually been excited to write about Kimi to Boku these past weeks because it just keeps bringing out more and more great episodes. Now onto the cultural festival silliness amd first love memories!

The cultural festival is fast approaching and student council member Kaname has been stressing over preparations and budget calculating. Things don’t get any less stressing for him as Yuki and Chizuhara skip out on homeroom for some box train shenanigans with Yuta and Shun, fail to make simple copies for him since it’s their first time (*snort*) using a copy machine, and then put him down as a ghost for their class’s haunted house. The two decided to hide from Kaname’s wrath under Yuta’s and Shun’s skirts, but he quickly catches on and asks to see under Shun’s skirt. While struggling to look under, Masaki sees and starts beating him angrily with a pile of papers, thinking he’s a pervert.

Kaname’s numerous duties get the best of him as he forgets to get blackout curtains for his class. When he does try to get some, the supply room is all out and he’s almost forced to switch his class’s haunted house into something, but then Azuma-sensei comes in, saying that he can ask around for leftover curtains since some classes took too many. On the way home, Kaname gets his final revenge of Chizuhara by whacking him hard in the stomach with his backpack.

Episode 10 features the cultural festival, where Kaname, Chizuhara, and Yuki become famous ghosts for their class’s haunted house. After scaring Yuta, Shun, and Masaki, Chizuhara and Yuki skip out on their duties to hang out with them throughout the rest of the haunted house. Masaki, despite acting tough, ends up getting scared and has her hand held by someone she thinks is Shun. When they exit however, it was Chizuhara who had grabbed her hand. She gets mad and punches him, leaving him confused (especially as to why he grabbed her hand in the first place…). Meanwhile, when Kaname goes to scare another couple, it turns out to be Hisako and her older sister, who ask if he could show them around.

At Yuta and Shun’s class’s café, Masaki is seen again, where she’s practicing her lines for her part as the Mouse in her class’s rendition of Cinderella. Shun promises to her that they’ll see the play, but they first find Kaname and pull him away from Hisoka and her sister. At the play, poor Masaki messes up and runs away from the group out of embarrassment. Chizuhara manages to find her in the Girl’s bathroom, trying his best to cheer her up. He’s successful in the end while at the same time successful in realizing his feelings for Masaki.

Episode 11 starts off oddly for the boys, who are forced to eat in the cafeteria while the roof is getting repainted. When ditching their homemade lunches for cafeteria food, the boys discover a pretty woman working in the kitchen. The idea of eating lunch inside for now on (thanks to ‘Cinderella’ and the warm food) doesn’t suite Yuki, who’s trying to collect stickers by buying bread at the convenience store. As they discuss a plan to help him, two guys start bugging ‘Cinderella’ for free food. Chizuhara goes to save her, but she gives them a good (scolding). Later in the day, Chizuhara and Yuki go to the Cafeteria Store and spot her again while she eats lunch, as well as spot a 4 point sticker on her bread’s wrapper. Yuki asks for it, but she says no since she’s collecting them herself. The next morning at the convenience store, Yuki runs into her when trying to buy bread. They start discussing how many points they have and about the yakisoba bread from the day before. As Yuki starts leaving, he notices bread without a sticker. ‘Cinderella’ confronts two girls leaving the store about the missing sticker and demands them to hand it over. After settling the sticker fiasco, she finds Yuki outside claiming not to know her because of her embarrassingly yelling out about the sticker.

At lunch that same day, it’s the usual bickering until Masaki comes along looking for help with her homework. Chizuhara quickly gets a bit annoyed and jealous at Masaki hanging out with Shun. When he tries to ignore her and put ketchup on his food, he accidentally squirts some on Shun’s uniform. The two go to the bathroom, where Chizuhara, trying to prevent any stain on the uniform, asks Shun if he has someone he likes. He admits he doesn’t at the moment. Meanwhile, ‘Cinderella’ asks Yuki for some help when he comes by the cafeteria store. He declines, but when she offers him free stickers, he helps wipe down the tables until late in the evening, talking with her about various things. In the end, he’s only able to get a 1 point sticker from her.

A new character is revealed in episode 12 as we learn that Shun has a younger brother, Fuyuki! Shun needs to give him his English notebook, so the other tag along to visit their old middle school, while Chizuhara wants to see if the two siblings look a like. However, much to his dismay, the two look nothing alike and Fuyuki is much cruder and perverted than his innocent older brother. A little curious questioning about girls has Fuyuki admitting he has a girlfriend, and the group definitely wants to see her. He takes out his phone to show them a picture, but it unfortunately gets confiscated by a teacher passing by. Fuyuki is forced to take them all to the Kendo club, where they do finally meet Mamiya. When she tells him she’ll call him later that day, Fuyuki starts to worry that she might call his house instead since he doesn’t have his cell. Chizuhara and Yuki decide to help and form a plan outside the Faculty office.

Yuki goes in first to distract the teachers, while Chizuhara and Fuyuki go under a teacher’s desk to grab the phone. However, Fuyuki needs to put Chizuhara’s phone to replace his as a decoy. The two fight over it and the decoy phone slides across the room. Fuyuki goes to grab it, but gets tripped by Chizuhara and accidentally touches an older woman’s…breast as he falls over. The phone gets picked up by a male teacher, and is subsequently confiscated.

Meanwhile, Mamiya accidentally sprains her ankle during Kendo practice and as she’s leaving the Nurse’s office with Shun, she runs into Fuyuki, who’s worried Shun has said something about him being a pervert. However, Mamiya is constantly worried about the odd smell coming from her armor. Once he mentions a smell, she takes off and Fuyuki tries to stop her, but falls back. With some encouraging (?) words from his older brother, he goes after Mamiya and manages to catch her before she falls. Fuyuki clears up the misunderstanding of the smell and shows his concern for her sprained ankle by offering to walk home with her~.

End thoughts: Me and my occasional filthy, crude mind are laughing so hard at all these dirty jokes in episode 12. I laughed so hard I cried. CRIED. I have NEVER cried while laughing during an anime before. It was just so many jokes shot out together that I couldn’t stop! Even episode 9 seemed to have a lot of dirty jokes. I mean, the whole thing with looking under Shun’s ‘skirt’ and those little, hilarious, comedic bits thrown in made it a pretty hilarious episode as well. These two episodes have proved you can’t have a show about high school boys without some sort of dirty jokes. I’ve noticed Kimi to Boku has been skillfully sneaking in a lot of their jokes into the dialogue lately and not using just a funny situation to give more laughs. I find myself having to look twice at the subs to make sure I’ve read them right, then crack up at the sneakiness of its placing. Anyway, I’d like you all to ignore whatever episode number I said was the best episode ever and replace it with episode 12. Not only was there the hilarious amount of dirty jokes I mentioned (I’m sorry, I do have a spot for crude humor), but I got to see Shun’s big brother side! Being so used to his cute, feminine look, it was nice to see him get serious and have a bit of a mature look when he talked to Fuyuki. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of that. I love when characters break their mold.

So the Chizuhara-liking-Masaki is definitely becoming a recurring staple? Even though I was against it in the beginning, it’s become quite fine with me seeing as they’ve pulled it off nicely from Chizuhara’s point of view. He acted so cute during his slow realization to the fact he likes Masaki, and his mini monologue at the end of episode 10 was lovely. It was just so simple and sweet and I fell completely and absolutely mushy-gushy over it. If you spoke to me at the moment I watched it, I’m pretty sure I would’ve barfed out a river of sugar (There’s so many little gold gems of excellent writing that pops out from this series!). And if you hadn’t noticed about this from me already, I also love couples who have different personalities. While this unnoticed crush goes on, it seems that in episode 11 we might have Yuki being paired up with someone now? I highly doubt this will go anywhere though, seeing as Yuki is the way he is and she’s an older woman! (Wait, shouldn’t I be rooting for this then?) I had a feeling he would be paired with someone tsundere-ish. He’s practically tsundere himself, except he’s calmer, indifferent, and his inner feelings are even more indifferent it seems.

Now basically everyone in Kimi to Boku has someone they have a crush on/person they could potentially fall in love with, except Shun, at least so far. From a loving fangirls point of view, he seems too innocent to me to have someone paired with him. All he needs is the fangirls’ love! *shot*~


It annoys me at times when I am given absolutely no clue as to what the next episode will be about. Then again, I love surprises, especially from Kimi to Boku. Until next week then~!!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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4 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 09 – 12”

  1. Kyokai says:

    This has been such a cute series to follow. And I agree, the current episode is hands down the BEST episode because the jokes were awesome and Shun’s brother came out as a total surprise. I’m definitely going to miss this series in Winter. =3=

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think I literally let out a loud GASP when he told about Fuyuki. Shun didn’t seem like the older brother type, but of course the episode proved me wrong. -sigh- I’m going to miss it too! Thankfully it’ll be back in April ;~;

  2. Hime says:

    I love the moments where they slip into Wandering Son artwork. /WatercolourWhore It just brings it to life.

  3. Great thoughts as always, Hoshi.
    I wasn’t actually that surprised to hear that Shun has a younger brother since, although he is really sensitive, he has the mother type personality. He’s always telling his friends to stop their shenanigans.
    It was really nice to see Fuyuki and the difference between him and Shun, plus Shun’s older-brother side. Take charge Shun was reallly HNNNG. Fuyuki seems like a combination of Yuki,Shun and Kaname, it seems because he has both the tsun exterior but super soft interior.

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