Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi OAD

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi & Legend of the Legendary Heroes join their evil forces together

 And here I thought I escaped it. Nope. Kuro Usagi claws its way back with this quaint little OAD. With the promise of Jun voicing TWO of the characters at once though, I can’t ignore it, can I? #Masochist

Chibi Mirai is being attacked by some…vikings? I have no idea, I just know they are lusting over her loli-flesh, about to ravage her innoccence (or whatever it is loli-fetishists get off on) when an unsurprisingly Gekkou like savior jumps in to save her. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for her, it’s all a dream. Back in the real world everybody is chilling; those two sexy-voiced brothers are playing cards, Gekkou is trying to forget his name will forever be attached to this show, and our resident #FailCouple are nowhere to be found.


Hey guys, nice pointless cameo

Mirai drinks some evil concoction left by Cross and gets high as a kite, while our main character actually decides to show his face, or…well…Mirai headbutts him in the crotch pretty much. This somehow ends up with them switching bodies. Hey, it’s like Freaky Friday! only much more lame…Seeing Taito “kitty face” all the time is pretty disturbing, and we having even got to the crossover part yet. Himea shows up and glomps Taito, but glomps are more revealing that you might believe and she notices that Taito isn’t quite Taito (the fact he was posing like a spaz a few moments earlier was no hint at all, apparently).


I disaprove of all the panty shots too, Gekkou.

The two bump heads and this leads to them switching bodies now. So Himea is inside Taito (an idea I’m sure she’s indulged in on a reclinging seat with the lights off) and Mirai is in Himea’s body. Himea bumps into Taito and the two try and figure out how to change back. They reckon that since they ended up that way via headbutt, it should work again…it doesn’t. So Himea preposes they kiss instead, cause hey, she’s horny. Why not? So as Taito is about to make out with himself, so to speak, Haruka spots them and runs away in tears.


That face…hnng

While running she bumps into Mirai, which means they switch bodies, too. So Haruka is now inside Himea, while Mirai is inside Haruka. Then, the first actually interesting switch occurs when Mirai, now in Haruka’s body, bumps into Gekkou. Oh god, the face he makes slays me. Anyway, Taito, Himea and Haruka figure out a way to get at least Taito and Himea back into their original bodies. Either way there is going to be a yuri kiss, so brace yourself for it. It fails anyway, and therefor becomes pointless fanservice. Sigh.


Mirai starts opening random portals and the gang chase her through them in stypical Scooby Doo fashion. Anyway, after the sickeningly cute credits we FINALLY get to the only realy part of this OAD I’m interested in; double Jun. Oh, yes. Wait for it though, prepare your body. We switch to Legendary Heroes world where Ryner and Ferris are hanging out eating Dango, as they do, when the Kuro Usagi lot come crashing through and squash Ferri’s precious Dango! The fiends! Thus, a vendetta is born.

Are you ready for it? Well, Ryner and Ferris come across Hinata in their wanderings, and Ferris decides to exact her revenge on him (despite the fact he didn’t do a thing, other than be sexy). This doesn’t go so well as Hinata uses his magic, so Ferris calls in Ryner. He activates his Alpha Stigma and copies Hinata’s attack. The two are at a stale mate – they are also both voiced by Jun, have I mentioned this? Ferris runs at Hinats shoving a stick of Dango down his throat, when she gets him to admit it’s good she takes off with Ryner in toe. Another misguided civilian enlightened to the wonders of Dango, I think she decides.



The most inappropriate thing you will fap to this year


Okay, that is cute. I want those as plushies~

Some awesome expressions


Well, I’ll put it this way; it was as good as the best episodes of the series. So, really, that isn’t saying much. Still, I can think of more painful ways to spend 20 minutes, sure I can’t think of any right now, but it’ll come to me. The animation is still nice though. They successfully blur the style line at the end so it can at least pretend these two shows exist in the same universe to make the crossover work. The crossover was the only real reason I was interested in this, and it was only a poxy five minutes at the end. Not even worth it.

The actual content of the OAD was pretty harmless though. It had its funnyish moments and it was relatively entertaining to see everyone behaving so out of character. Gekkou and Taito especially as their expressions were very cute. The yuri kiss though, urrrrrg. I want some yaoi, dammit! I suppose I got my double Jun, I can’t very well complain about that. To be honest that was the bit I was most surprised about. It was awesome! And not just from a fangirl point of view; it was cool to see the Alpha Stigma used in this universe.

I do actually kind of miss Legendary Heroes, it was god awful and everything but I liked the characters for the most part; they were goofy and fun, and Ryner and Sion had so much blatant homolust between them that it kept my interest even when the story completely dissolved into just directionless garbage. In fact, I just realized. You know what this special should have been about, don’t you? Ryner Lute VS Tentacles. Sigh~ if only the writers had come to me…


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6 Responses to “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi OAD”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I didn’t know they had one more episode in line. Well, it’s great seeing Himea, Taito, Mirai, Gekkou, Yuuichi and Hinata one last time. And I’m surprised Haruka actually became a little fun in that body swapping mess. But still hate her for always getting in between Taito and Himea.

    YES!! That yuri kiss was pure win even though no one was their right body. I needed to see that because I was suffering from yuri withdrawl and it was not nice. Whoo!! LOL.

    I’ve never seen Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Is it any good? From what I saw in that fight, it might be a little funny. I can totally understand Hinata’s confusion when those came out blathering all that nonesense. Even monacle wearing badasses can get thrown off guard. If there’s a second season, I hope they put as much Hinata as they do with Himea and Taito.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Legends of the legendary heroes is meh I hated the censorship it was so dark in some spots, but the probably have better versions out there! I loved how the main characters have this love/hate relationship between them.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Body swapping in a magic themed OVA? NO WAY! That is totally original…right…oh wait never mind! That yuri kiss? Damn very nice! xD

    I have to say those expressions were amazing to watch, and the Legends of the Legendary heroes crossover was so lame and short…I was wanting something more from that.

  3. Sabine says:

    I watched this only for the Legend of the Legendary Heroes, so happy I got to see more about series again, even for.. 5 mins, because I love it and the characters, the whole anime from the bottom of my heart and I don´t understand why it does not get so much love when it´s so right on the spot ; DDD But yea, watched a few episodes of Usagi when it started, the whole idea to do a oad like this was so much Fun X3

  4. anaaga says:

    I’m kind of pissed because the crossover was like only 5 minutes, but kudos for them for making the crossover works somehow. I guess the fans do have brains

    But the whole medicine thingy is so stupid. I didn’t even laugh until Ryner and Ferris appeared. Then I had fun

    And lol FukuJun

  5. feal87 says:

    The best part was definitely the crossover! I was laughing hard there…:P

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