Guilty Crown – 11

Krizzly would be so proud! Clouds, Desu shout out!

 Enjoying the holiday season, everyone? Holidays means no school or work (I would hope) so lots of time to watch anime! Oh, what’s that about spending time with your family? I guess now’s a good time to convert your parents into otaku. That’s what I did, and that is why I ended up watching Guilty Crown with my mom on Christmas eve.
 Welcome back readers! Sorry this episode is late but Christmas time and lots of festive time, I hope you had an amazing holiday filled with lots of gifts, food and had time with your family and friends. Agreed OC! One day I will convert my family to anime fans!! I got Ika Musume season one DVDs to share with them or my sister, but yeah review time enjoy our thoughts on the latest Guilty Crown episode!Plot continues with Gai and the others as their mission fell apart on them, in the meantime Shu calls a few favors from his fellow classmates with that amazing void power flowing inside of them. Inori runs into Haruka and she helps set up Inori with creating a concert! Because Inori’s song cures people with void cancer, with the help of his friends Shu arrives to help the team but someone else appears to screw things up.

Gai- “Stop licking my face! Inori..seriously.”      Inori-“That isn’t candy? I will have to kill some bitch for lying.”

We jump right back into things with the Funeral parlor members after they all got WTF-PWNED by the sneaky Anti-bodies, yes the team is scattered and broken over this latest development. However Inori still has hopes that Shu will arrive on his white horse to save them. She is right about Shu snapping out of his emo funk because he calls for a few select friends at school to meet him, his main goal is to explain the voids to them and talk them into helping to save Inori and the funeral parlor. Oh and Shu uses Hare’s void which is basically a giant long band aid! It even repairs robots! That sure is a useful void; unlike a few others out there I shall call it the void-aid.

D’awwww Daryl so nice to his father, wait where are you pointing that thing?!

Shu- “I shall call you my special void-aid.”

Yahiro-“It’s not like I want to save Inori or anything! stupid OH MA SHOE.”

In the meantime Daryl goes all rage mode and owns his dad and new girlfriend with his machine! Totally awesome, but he feels pretty bad about it later. While Daryl takes a nap Shuuichirou takes over as the new commander of the military and he proceeds with his plans to use the power of the voids to cleanse the world!! Someone give that man a hobby like collecting stamps or something. While Shu heads over to save the team Haruka sets up Inori and she sings her song! This song magically cures anyone with void cancer, and it interrupts Shuuichirou from progressing. That is right! Inori’s song is soooo powerful it causes old guys to get angry…damn kids and their songs that save people.

Inori-“Bitches love music so LISTEN TO MY SONG!!”             Haruka-“Damn girl you crazy! Sure I will help..”

Haruka the pro at multitasking.                                                          SING ON INORI!!

Arisa-“D’awww I want a robot driver.”      Hare-” Did we just run that guy over??”      Yahiro-“SWEET ten points!”

Shu’s team of students race over to join Inori after surviving bullets, missiles, mechs and jumping off bridges and arrive at the base. That hummer sure can take a beating! And everyone survived getting smacked by Daryl after hitting a wall really freaking hard. Shu then jumps out and defeats Daryl and runs up a wall to join Inori I have to ask what kinds of shoes does OH MA SHOE wear? Before he can hug Inori a strange person arrives and rips Inori’s void out using that super cool sword. Sadly Gai jumped in the way taking a hit from the sword saving Shu’s life, yes you may shout at Gai for doing that…the episode ends afterwards with Shu screaming for Gai as he bleeds all over Shu.

Soldier- “Sir we have…a team of teenagers headed our way!”      Rowan-“FUUUUU! DAMN Those teenage drivers!!”

Yahiro-“DUDE WERE FLYING!!”          Souta-“DUDE I JUST PUKED!”         Hare-“Oh look the moon is out.”

Yahiro-“Dude! some hot yuri action going on in the front seat…”

Shu-“OH HELL NO! That is my woman!”

Shu-“OH HELL NO That is my man!”                            Gai-“Shut…the…hell….up….”

Extra Crowns

Soldier-“I could go for of that pink glowing coffee….”    Rowan-“Back off that is my coffee…it’s made of magical girls.”

Ayase giving us some fan service like always.

Whoa there Daryl what are you doing to the truck back there?!

Arisa-“I think we should have taken a train instead.”   Hare-“Do we have car insurance?”  Yahiro-“Ohhh a quarter!”

End thoughts

I’m still very, very perplexed at the sequence of events that are unfolding in this show. It’s not that I don’t understand what is happening, it’s that I don’t understand why it’s happening now. In the last episode, I think most of you echoed my sentiments (and Fosh’s as well) that this felt like the ending of the series. It still does! It feels like all Shu has to do is chase down Inori’s kidnapper, get her back, and then make her sing again to nullify the Apocalypse Virus effects. I don’t mind having some exciting peaks every now and then, but then you have to ask “…what comes after this?” After this ‘arc’ is done, what would posibly be left for Shu to do that spans until the final, 22nd episode? More beach episodes? Flashbacks? I feel like this show has no real grasp of proper pacing or the ability to slowly build up tension. This makes me very worried for the ending. For now, though, things are pretty damn intense!

 I’m really starting to doubt Inori is human. Sure, we’ve joked that she’s like a robot before, but what if she’s a clone or something? She not only has the incredible power to cure cancer with j-pop, but she has an insanely powerful Void and an alternate personality who seems to be tied to Shu’s past. Long story short – she’s a huge enigma. For someone with such a mysterious past, you’d think I would be more interested in her…but I’m more interested in Gai. I’m more interested in Gai, and there’s a 60% chance he’s dead. You can’t say anyone is ever 100% dead in anime, even if they are dead. If he is dead, then I’m going to be a bit pissed off since they killed off the best character and left us with someone worse than Shinji Ikari. At the very least, Segai and Daryl are still there, so that’s good. I’m glad they killed Dan as well as Daryl’s parents, since they were just jokes at this point. Even their deaths made me laugh. SERVES YOU RIGHT!

With one character potentially killed off, it’s good that they introduced a new character. He looks like an annoying brat, but at least Shu has a “rival” of sorts now to directly focus on. I never really got into the Funeral Parlour vs Government thing – I just liked the specific missions where they rescue people. The whole politics behind it all interests me not in the slightest. This new Void User interests me though. Instead of fighting Endlaves, Shu can fight someone in hand-to-hand combat! Sweet! I hope they use this new character to their advantage to make Shu grow more out of his shell and become a leader like Gai was.

Whoaaaa things are getting really interesting! This episode had a lot going on at once, like Shu finally getting out of his sad and depressing funk…about time I say! But was it really that fast for him? I guess a dying robot with the voice of Tsugumi was enough to motivate Shu to help them. How about Hare’s void? That was really amazing! I am curious to see how that can be used? I am thinking Shu will use it on Gai! I am sure everyone out there is thinking the same thing. I am curious to learn about that other “Shu” Who the hell was that?! I swear it looks like an evil clone of Shu…I swear if that is the case I will just have to laugh.

Yeah I am with OC here on Inori, I am starting to think she is not human at all! She can use her own void powers to amplify her voice and her blood is a small cure for void cancer. Just what the hell is she? I really hope we learn the truth about her soon; then again we have a whole eleven damn episodes to go! But really thou this episode felt so out of place for me. Usually end of the world with an evil leader calling the shots you would think we were watching episode twenty. Another amazing event! The Anti-bodies members are going through some hard times, like Daryl killing own father and Segai killed Dan! NOOOO!! NOT DAN WHY!!! I guess he did not show enough guts? Did you see Segai took a picture of Dan’s body…wow creepy I wonder if he put that on his Facebook or Twitter?

Shu was actually kind of “cool” this time, why you say? I guess it was great to see him man up and help the funeral parlor out. I was shocked that the other students went along with his insane mission, it was funny watching that hummer take that beating what was that thing made out of? I will go with rubber yes lots of rubber all over. And everyone managed to live I was waiting for Daryl to kill everyone in that hummer ah well maybe you can get them next time? Inori’s singing was great! I think the creators of Guilty Crown like Macross using the power of song to cure people is always made of win, so good job Inori. Speaking of the pink haired singer anyone else feel she got violated by that guy? In the world of Guilty Crown nothing says rape like ripping out some ones void with an angry face…


Tsugumi wink is a instant heart attack.

Shu lost Inori! What will happen to Gai? And did Hare really get car insurance on the truck?! Find out next week on Guilty Crown….


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24 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    Well, this week is saved from Episode Fail only by the two minutes of some of the best Tsgumi service in the series so far. All I.G. has to do now is expand that two twenty two minutes and all will be well.

    A Tsugumi OVA would be priceless.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmmm yeah we got some decent Tsugumi screen time! But like always we need moreeeeee xD

      bring on the OVA! xD

      • skylion says:

        How Tsugumi gets into and out of a Plug Suit: The OVA.

        It would be a license to print money….

        • Foshizzel says:

          Best idea ever! and the second ova? Tsugumi getting into the suit xD

          • skylion says:

            Tsugmi OVA 3: Explosion in the Honey Factory.
            OVA 4: Hadaka Apron: Virtual Iron Chef.
            OVA 5: This time…it’s Robots


  2. Reaper says:

    Last ep ended with Inori crying (for OH MA SHOE!)…this ep ended with OH MA SHOE crying out (for Inori and to a lesser extent, Gai). Safe to say, they’ve run out of endings to put in (next ep, it’ll be Eyebrows crying out for Inori!)
    JK, but gah, OH MA SHOE manned up (when he should have a long time ago…needs to learn a few lessons from other male protagonists; bitches love them determined protagonists, hence the harems ¯\(º_o)/¯
    Poor Daryl, I felt sorry for him…until he went overkill with the massive mecha-designed rifle in the face of his father and his manipulative mistress…at least there will be no more children like Daryl in the near future…
    AND GUTS!!!!! Dan’s the man! Takes on Scarface without fear, sacrificing his…guts…for the fair maiden! Oh, he will be missed very much…
    PS I just realised, with all the picture *enhancements* and label *corrections*, the possibility of Metanorn spawning new memes is becoming a serious…threat(?) :D. I mean, that Merry Christmas from Rika floored me…god, if she was real, she’d be the Photobombing Master…and as for Eyebrows…”Sorry OH MA SHOE, but your Princess is in the other castle!” XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeahhhh Inori was missing Shu a lot this episode, or was she missing his powers?? I think ill go with the other instead…Maybe Inori does have some “feelings” for him, not that I care hahah Shu X Inori is meh.

      Yes! Hooray for OH MA SHOE!! He is finally manning up and taking charge for once, but what about Gai!? Son of a bitch! I did have a feeling he was going to do something crazy like that.

      Rest in peace Dan! Seriously great character towards the end, but it needed more GRIT THOSE TEETH!! Quotes from TTGL.

      Metanorn creating memes? Nooooo way! I would love that 😉

  3. obladi05 says:

    This ep was really interesting! I enjoyed it a lot. I think it would be stupid to kill Gai having Hare’s Void, right? Inori’s song sounded extremely beautiful (I had Departures stuck in my head all day long 😀 The girl singing a romantic song for the guy she loves while saving the day was a Macross moment 1000% hahah), and everyone joining Shu on his mission was funny to watch as well.

    The appearance of Mr Eyebrows proves being the “King” (of God only knows what) is more than just pulling voids out of people. It’s good that Shu gets a rival apart from himself.

    I read the show is going to take a break of 2 or 3 weeks, does anyone know when next ep is being aired?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right I agree! Then again if Gai did die it might make things interesting, well maybe not? I would think Shu would use Hare’s void and patch him up.

      Yeaaahh that whole singing thing was great! I have grown to enjoy that song a lot <3 Yeah that was totally a Macross moment using her song to "cure" people, she might not be as popular as Ranka or Sheryl but go Inori! xD

      Evil OH MA SHOE!! That is what I shall call him, he was a bit rough with Inori wasn't he? D:

      Yes I was told via Twitter Guilty Crown will be on break till the 2nd or 3rd week in January! Really lame but ah well maybe something good will happen? lolol or people will forget about it.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Why did it take so long for things to get so sweet? Shu has set a record for weak male protagonists by quickly getting out his whiny bitching state while Inori goes yandere and pulls a Yuno knife move on Haruka. What took so damn long?

    I wonder what is Daryl’s story. You can’t read him or his motives at all, completely unpredictable. If anything, I say he has Schizophrenia. And Dan died like a champ in the service of lady. You have earned my respect, sir. But even though he’s evil as can be, Segai still rules!!

    Gai might actually start to rub off on Shu. Even though they were small in number and have no military trainig, Shu made his army/rescue unit. How convenient each one of his friends have usable voids to counter everthing they come across. I like Hare’s chain-like bandage void. He even took out Daryl’s Endlave in style.

    Who’s this new enemy who has kidnapped Inori? He has the same powers as Shu. And the city’s facing worse kinds of hell since Inori was stopped from singing. I can’t imagine how high the death toll is seeing the massive amounts of crystals flying around in the air. They better not disappoint now that it’s finally getting good.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I have no idea why but yeah it is funny how things have started to get fun and interesting! So far I am always having fun. Yandare Inori would be amazing!! But ya she saw Haruka as a threat to Gai and jumped at the chance to defend him…seems crazy.

      Daryl is a odd character but easily one of my favorite guys! Next to Segai and Dan! Rest in peace….Segai still rules! Woooooo hooooo!

      Yeah Shu is probably trying to be all like Gai, but Shu adds his own spin to things. Shu is lucky to have such great friends even thou he put all of their lives in danger. Shu is starting to get the hang of voids at last! I hope he uses Hare’s Void-Aid to save Gai.

      I have no idea! For now we shall call him evil Shu…well you have to wait three weeks for episode 12…due to them taking a break.

  5. Miyu says:

    Yaaaaaay OUR SHU IS FINALLY GROWING UP ;_; The entire vehicle scene was awesome. He has become someone who saves instead of someone who needs to be saved xD

    But still, he lost Inori to that ~Strange Person~ OTL. I suppose he’s going to become stronger through trying to get Inori back, and I’m just glad he’s slowly becoming more courageous. :\

    Dan was dead way too fast for me to begin appreciating his sacrifice for Haruka. To me he is still that hyper-active over-enthusiastic commander haha.

    Loving the captions, guys xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      High five for OH MA SHOE!! He is growing up, but he was still late…Yeah that vehicle scene was great it made me think of Halo for a bit.

      Yeah! Who was that mystery person?! Taking Inori’s void a bit rough eh? Shu will have to have an epic fight to save her <3

      Poor Dan he will be missed, but he went out a hero helping Haruka run away.

      Thanks! I always have fun with them xD

  6. anaaga says:

    If Gai is dead, I’m dropping this

  7. Gecko says:

    Eyebrows dude is creepy. I would trade Gai to get rid of him. Actually, I would be ok with Gai going away anyways. He’s hindering Shu’s character development. A lot.
    Daryl continues to be more interesting than everyone else… first his awkward birthday party, now killing his dad and that girlfriend. I didn’t like her anyways- she was just kissing up for a raise most likely. (Overcooled- she’s not his mom. Daryl’s mom is elsewhere.)
    Hare’s void-aid is awesome. Not only does it heal robots, it heals bridges!!! Shu needs to keep her around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! THOSE EYEBROWS…so furry… Yeah we all want Gai to survive this, but we have to possible scenes! Shu saves Gai with Hare’s void or Gai just dies saving Shu? Either way.

      Wooo Daryl! Such an interesting character, yeah owned his parents and that random girl…

      YAY! Hare!! Yeah I want to see if Hare’s void can heal people…

      • skylion says:

        No way. Such a magnificent bastard cannot die like this. Shame on you for even entertaining that option.

        Gai will bite the big on facing a huge hoard of enemies. Said enemies will be utterly destroyed. But no zero sum game here. Advantage Undertakers is the key.

        What can I say. His lawyer impersonation gave me the hots.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Best lawyer cosplay ever! Gai has a future in that if this whole world defending thing falls apart.

        • Gecko says:

          Okay, so I do agree that the lawyer cosplay was great. But I don’t think that he has to die all magnificently or anything. After all, most deaths are not magnificent.
          And plus, I would like to entertain the idea that Guilty Crown will do random things and avoid many clichés.

  8. Berde says:

    It definitely wasn t the worst episode Guilty Crown has offered though. My vote for that would be the previous episode. This episode was merely pointless, it didn t make the plot much more ridiculous.

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