Fate/Zero – 11

Behold, the POWUH of Broskander.

I’m kinda feeling sad that I’ve been unable to conduct our usual live watches of Fate/Zero. You can blame my busy schedule and packing. Lots of stuff happening around here but I specifically take out time to blog my favourite show of Fall and even with lots of dialogue, this has become my favourite episode as of now. Skipping the OP didn’t even bother me; this kept me at rapt-attention phase throughout its running.

As hinted in previous episode, the three ‘Kings’ literally have a long dialogue over their beliefs and even share their reasoning for taking part in the Holy Grail War. There’s really not a big summary needed as Rider simply bursts in the already dilapidated Einzbern headquarters. Though Saber and Iri weren’t expecting guests, Rider still invites himself in with Waver to have a drinking match with Saber to see who is more of a king to their chagrin. He simply wanted to pull rank and compare who was more determined to get the Grail but it all ends up as a very revealing dialogue about their motivation and wishes. As it’s a King’s banquet, the invitation was also given to one golden haughty king, Archer.

This is not the REAL stuff, bro! THIS IS.

Grail is MY treasure because I look awesome in golden armour. Suit up!

As expected, Gilgamesh didn’t like the wine bought by Iskander from a local store and he pulled out a very fine wine from his every cavernous Babylonian treasure, wondrously liked by both the kings even if Arturia didn’t voice it as well as Iskander. Coming down to business though, we find Gilgamesh’s reasoning of taking part in the Holy Grail War so that he can punish whoever plunders his treasure. As he’s of the opinion that ALL world’s treasure belongs to him to begin with even if he doesn’t know how the Grail looks like, anyone else trying for it deserves nothing but his smite. On the other hand, Iskander wants to be human rather than a corporeal body of a servant. He wants to be rooted to this time and make it his conquest. Who knows he might just start that world domination that Waver mentioned but his wish is the simplest of being human even if it means defying what is already written.

Rider: “I want to be a Magical Girl…”                      Saber, Archer, Iri: “…………………..” 

alone.jpg…. QQ

Out of these dubious wishes however, the most interesting is of Saber who wants to change fate of her kingdom, which receives nothing but an awkward silence from the other two kings and then different retorts majorly of ‘little girl’ and not understanding the concept of kingship. Iskander and Gilgamesh share one ideal of tyranny and that is the way they had led their men, Iskander even more so because he spent his life for a dream that he couldn’t accomplish till the end and laid waste to many a dreams (of troops that followed him). Though, whatever happened, he would never like to change the history as if regretting what he all did or even trying to take its entire burden onto himself. In contrast Arturia is basically a Saint, who threw away her humanity when she pulled Excalibur from that rock and always worked for just laws and rights for everyone in her kingdom.

Assassins barked up the wrong tree


Iskander’s explanation of displaying the extremity in living, loving and conquering shook the very bone of Arturia’s values. And by the arrival of Assassins, she even witnessed the power of his kingship that a king never stands alone from the Reality Marble that he created from his own imagination. A Noble Phantasm of that scale was definitely of a very superlative degree. The way the Assassins were used, I can bet Assassins it was Kirei’s doing on the urging of Tokiomi to gauge Rider’s strength.  What ensued was nothing short of epic with thousands upon thousands soldiers materializing to help their King Iskander when he called for them. It was literally his will taking physical form, turning his long gone army into his personal servants in this Holy Grail War. The numbers of Assassins looked puny in front of this amazing Noble Phantasm that wiped out the masked servants with simple blows. The music, the animation, the vigor flowing through the soldiers’ cries literally reverberated out of the screen; this was indeed perfectly done.

Pop goes the weasel~

This time, I’m sure Assassin(s) are done for because the Great Iskander’s army doesn’t leave their prey. This is what you get for not accepting a king’s gracious invite to a banquet and laughing meaninglessly. Of course, it was an experience for everyone who was part of this and even if Gilgamesh simply sat around and looked pretty. His arched eyebrows were a dead giveaway at the acknowledgement of Rider’s power. But the thing that really hit home is the acknowledgement that Rider took away from Saber for no longer thinking her as a king as her ideals are too foreign to him.

Gil: I’ll be stalking you now, Saber-yo~

Though, someone enjoyed this confessions way more than expected. Gilgamesh has now taken more than an interest in Saber and he believes her ideals of putting the complete burden of saving her people on her own shoulders is umoshiroi~ (I’m literally reminded of Izaya here and how he voyeuristically enjoys other people’s sorrows). He doesn’t want her to change and keep at her ideals even if it looks too extreme to Rider. Over Rider’s harsh words, Saber is reminded of a Camelot knight who left her just because of this reason, branding her in the same way that she doesn’t know human emotions because she has literally taken off that skin and has become a protective deity rather than a leader. You can guess on the who, quite easily here.

Extra EPICZ~

Saber: “WTF are you doing, Rider?!”                     Rider: “Delivering the weed you ordered!” 


Why so moe, Broskander?!

Bros protect each other’s back…. in Waver’s case it’s always the other way around

The moe-moe-kyuuun Waver-chan~

When things got really EPIC


End Thoughts:

HNNGGG, this EPISODE! I promised your mind being blown and ufotable sure delivered and oh so beautifully! That EPIC Reality Marble was FTW. Rider completely overshadowed the other two ‘King’ servants by a long shot. But, you still haven’t seen the complete glory of the Gates of Babylon and Excalibur; so, I’ll save it for later and you should too. These three are definitely the top contenders for the Grail, even if Rider doesn’t acknowledge Saber’s fate-changing wish and there’s always that looming upset of Berserker.

Anyways, it’s easy to pass a judgment when you’ve lived life so fully, enjoying food, sex, sleep and war, quoting Rider. Their beliefs are extremely opposing; Rider’s point of view of leading by the nose to Saber’s eternal salvation. Both warred but one for the nation and the other to see the end of the world. I’m just glad that at least Gilgamesh became a median between these two and acknowledged the sacrifices of Arturia. You’d expect him to just sit there looking pretty or spout some haughty comments usual for his character, but that is the visage he has been wearing for all to see. Actually, he sees and hears all, each and every action of his ‘interest’ is noted and saved in memory as this is his form of ‘entertainment’, observing people and their motivation. That is how this golden-haired and crimson-eyed Treasurer of all time is. Pay close attention to his interest towards Saber, which is not as stalkerish as Caster but somewhere near lascivious where he can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. You can say, her nobility and the overburdened youth she has spent is highly amusing to him.

This time finally, Assassins are done for and let me rejoice the passing of one servant finally! SOME DEATHS AT LAST. Call me a sadist but damn, I did rejoice at the slaughter of Assassins by Iskander’s army and it was overwhelming indeed. I see him riding on top of being one of the best characters of 2011 easily; he’s definitely likeable and exudes leadership from every pore. Thinking back, that scene was not that long but left the biggest impression with his troops and even his old horse turning into a frikkin’ servant, was just awesome.

Kiritsugu, sure failed for the first time, leaving the girls behind that is. Good thing, it’s not Rider’s style to attack from behind and without announcing, not that Saber and Iri are helpless in any way. Amusingly every king taking part in this war has honour but different degrees of it. The mixture ends up being absolute rule, tyranny and promise of salvation, all of which left the respective nations in different forms of ruins afterwards. So, what have they been really working for? I agree with Rider for not trying to change the fate because what happened happened and it’s better to let it be rather than squirming in grave and even after death (Saber, get over it!). No wonder, Saber’s too honourable for her own good and doesn’t look at the grey in everyone rather than extreme of right and wrong. Like Rider, I empathize with her and already see the repercussion of this war in the fate/stay night route.

With Assassin finally dead, I’d be interested to see what Tokiomi would do for the ‘second stage’ of the war and will Kirei just sit quietly? I doubt it. His obsession over Kiritsugu can’t die as we have already seen and as he’s a fighter himself, he won’t be resting easy. His form of ‘reason’ and purpose are still undefined because he still doesn’t know why the Grail chose him. I guess, we’ll find out by next season.

Preview: Tokiomi seems pretty happy after witnessing Rider’s Noble Phantasm; he should definitely be scared right now. On the other hand, Saber and Iri are on the move, while Gilgamesh has another chat with Kirei agitating him further. Even from the command seal floating about, Kirei simply looks like a speck in front of Tokiomi’s strategies but overshadowing his master shouldn’t be much of a problem for this dude.

And can you believe only two more episodes left? Damn it! Till next time, ja ne~


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18 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 11”

  1. Kuro says:

    Here’s much I’m gonna say. Show ▼

    Though, I’m really liking how ufotable delivers thus far.

    • Kyokai says:

      This has been definitely THE anime of the season for me. Kudos to ufotable.
      Show ▼

  2. Reaper says:

    Argh, when is this communal watching time? Must get at least into the last one before the long drought until next year…
    Ahem, now, what can be said of Broskander but he is truly the Boss of Bros? Gilgamesh might have all the treasures in the world, but Iskander has all the awesome that Gilgamesh will never get 🙂 When he just pulled that Ionian Hetairoi, having that sea of men (no homo XD, though that guy decked in black might have been Iskander’s supposed lover…yes, he was that much of a bro! 🙂 Imagine if there were descendants of Iskander…too much brosome!)
    As for Saber…forever alone. Seriously though, the whole dialogue between the Kings was great to watch, especially between Iskander and Saber. Too bad Gilgamesh didn’t put his two cents in (apart from supplying the alcohol and insisting about his preciousssss) otherwise it would have boiled down into a drunken headbutting contest of whose crown deserved, uh, the crown…:D
    And Assassin…why didn’t they give up the moment Iskander started to drink? Didn’t they know his Noble Phantasm of Drunken Awesomeness would just demolish them? 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      This is usually anytime on Saturdays during 4-6pm GMT. Though, due to packing I’ve been unable to conduct it after niconico starts streaming it. =3=

      Broskander is the MAN for sure and he proved his worth quite brilliantly. Gil and Saber both should take a page out of his book of awesomeness. xD Aah, so that’s Hephaistion? There’s so many hints in the history; no wonder people always pair him with Waver for a reason. xD

      The Drunken Madness would be a sight to see these three drunk because just look at that hunk of muscle, can he even GET drunk? Gilgamesh imbibes wine so it’s no problem for him, it’s like water anyways. Though, I’m sure being slight-bodied, Saber can’t hold it as long as her male counterparts.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Even though there wasn’t much fighting, this was great. The fact there was mostly talking was actually entertaining for a change. But I wasn’t expecting this. Since when do opponents in war sit down together and have a drink?

    I don’t like how Rider describes how a king should be, how they should live their life. His point of view on life and kingship is completely skewered. Nothing but the traits of an insufferable tyrant. I more go with Saber’s point of view on how monarchs should be. They’re pretty noble. She’s a good example of how a kingdom should be lead.

    Leave it to Archer to critisize everything, including the wine. He’s worse than Vegeta. Gilgamesh surprised me. With all his arrogance exuding utter narcissism, I was amazed he didn’t agree with Rider’s greedy views and supported Saber’s. And I guess that was his stuck up way of a love confession towards her. I might give him a second opinion.

    • amado says:

      no, rider is right. a king is there to rule and guide his people to their future. saber does not fit as it is.
      sure protecting your people is as a king does but she took it up too far and became a matyr, which isnt fit for a ruler. she became the slave to her ideal instead of the other way around.

      if rider’s ideal was to conquer, saber’s was to protect. no ideal is “bad” but when you take it to the extreme you arent human anymore. which is why rider is great, he still has time to have fun and bond with his people whilst saber stays distant and cold, which lead to the bonds of her people decaying.

      rider’s kingdom fell after his death, saber’s fell before her death.

      he’s right and also gil was actually ok with rider’s ideal. he finds saber’s interesting, not a great one. heck he laughed at it earlier.

      I very much say saber does not deserve king. she may have protected them but did she lead them?

      • Thess says:

        Actually, Rider would be okay with Saber’s way, if she wasn’t filled with regrets, emotionally crushed and wished to redo history/her reign. Aka Post Fate route Saber.

        He only attacked her ideals because they were both drunk and it seemed (wrongly) they took her to that position. He against her wish only until she went self-righteous on his face (and she has been this way for a while, anime doesn’t do justice to her nasty side).

    • Thess says:

      In the Light novels, Rider was pretty damn open minded, unlike Saber (episode 5 omitted an interesting dialogue that cast Saber as a self-righteous person). He even said all ways of kingships are allright even if incompatible.

      He attacked her retarded wish and idiotic regrets Show ▼

      , but she kept on shoving her morals down his throat and insulting him by casting herself as this epic ronery victim he couldn’t take it anymore.

      More like if her way was of a true king, that wish and regrets wouldn’t exist, ja? So he torn her apart in his speech. He did it because he cared with tough love.

  4. anaaga says:

    I really enjoyed the conversation of the three kings. There I can see the three most common ideals of most kings. All of them are correct and lacking at the same time.
    Iskander is right, people shouldn’t be “babysit” a lot because they’ll be too dependent on others. His idea of how everybody should live their own lives make me cringe though. If that’s the case, then this world will be nothing but chaos since people are too busy with their own lives.
    While Saber is also correct on how a king should protect his people, no matter what, but she forgot that iron fist is also necessary when it comes to leadership.
    And Gilgamesh… Meh. I don’t know whether he agrees with Saber or no, all I know is that he basically confess his love to her in a tyrannical way. I ship them though, since Fate/Stay Night.

    Surprisingly, both Iskander’s and Saber’s ideas can work out IF their ideas are combined.

    • Thess says:

      Actually Rider’s opinion used to be all ways of kingships are fine, even if incompatible (unlike Saber’s narrowminded views), he knew she was different from him.

      However, Saber’s wish and regrets are the proof to him that her way was a failure to be a king… That’s why he changed his mind.

      Gilgamesh shares Alexander’s ideas, but he likes Saber because Show ▼

  5. amado says:

    after this ep, I am officially in broskander’s boat now. before I just thought he was a hammy, fun and friendly guy but now he made me put him in my fave list.

    screw saber, she is not a king. notice how her knights rebelled against her? she was too much distant to her people and didnt lead them.

  6. TheVoid says:

    I like how the female assassin accepted her fate and chose not to fight back instead of fleeing like a coward like the other assassins did.

  7. fathomlessblue says:

    If that’s truly the end of Assassin/s, I’ll be disappointed we never got to see their back-story. I was looking to see the history explained more than any of the other servants. I suppose one could be fitted in posthumously, but it would probably come across rather awkward to me.

    As sympathetic as Saber’s ideal were in this episode, just couldn’t relate to them in a practical sense. I may not completely share Rider or Archer’s beliefs but at least they made sense in real world context. The only path I can see for Saber is complete failure, or that to keep everyone happy, she morphs into something akin to a politician. Not that such a thing is necessarily bad, but it isn’t the behaviour one would expect from a king.

    Oh, and in this episode Iskander manages a last minute victory over Stein’s Gate’s, Okabe, as my favourite anime character of the year. I have a feeling that guy lives more in a single day than some people do in their entire lives. He’s frickin’ awesome!

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Broskander FTW!! Damn this was an amazing episode, we even got some action <3 <3

    LOL Waver was awesome as always 😉

  9. Kitty says:

    I want to comment, but its hard when an episode is so perfect. Thou when I realized King Arther, Alexander the Great and Gilgamesh were all sitting down from a drink I burst out laughing.

    And was it just me or did anyone else notice the slightly lower graphics this episode?

  10. Overcooled says:

    Lots of talking, as per usual when dealing with Fate/Zero…but I found the king talk to be interesting enough despite that. I’m glad that Rider gave Saber a good talking to, because her wish comes across as more selfish than even Rider’s. While it’s hard to define one, correct way to rule a kingdom, my ideals would situate a lot closer to Rider’s. Saber is surprisingly naive to think it would be alright to completely change history for just one victory.

    Also, HOLY CRAP that is a sweet Reality Marble. I can’t see anyone beating that in a head-on fight. I can’t wait until Broskander gets a real opponent to compete with~

    Oh man, just wait until the new season starts, you’re less busy and I have my new laptop to Skype with…THEN I CAN FINALLY WATCH WITH YOU GUYS AGAIN!

  11. Sherlock says:

    Well, to be honest, neither Saber (Arturia) nor Gilgamesh ever existed, and the ideal of kingship of Arthuria probably would not work in the real world itself. You may say a lot about Alexander, but tyrant is a big word. He was indeed selfish, still that was another kind of selfishness. He united the ancient world and conquered many territories, he’s been mad yet generous and although at some point his subjects were tired and unsatisfied about Alexander’s attitude, he made them proud of being Greek. At the end, Alexander was loved by his people and he loved them. What was intended to be a revenge against Persians for their humiliating actions over Greece, ended up being the road to reach his greatest dream, to see the extreme limit of the World, dream that has never come true. Certainly he would not be remembered today, if it was not for his greatness as a King. The Greek culture spread out to the rest of the world thanks to him, and that is, indeed, something far beyond greatness.

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